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Dead Space 2 :D

I love it! I've beaten it on normal and now i'm going through it again on survivalist for the elite suits and so i can get better so i can try for zealot. Bought it pre-owned so i didn't get the codes for multiplayer but from what i've seen...


Shoot the Breeze: So Goddamn Dumb

[As a preface, this isn't exactly a review. At best, it's a collection of thoughts and stories I needed to share. At worst, it's a collection of my thoughts and stories. Make of it what you must.] This weekend, I dove into Two Worlds onc...


I'm over Kinect.(6/14/11)

Happy tuesday internet, I'm Drew and I have a blog. Motion controls originally hit the larger scene with Nintendo�s (at the time) next big console, the Nintendo Wii. Everyone with an attention span has certainly acknowledged at this poin...


A Great Yugioh Burn Deck to Use in Decade Duels

Many amateur duelists have a bit of trouble getting their first deck started. A solid, and deadly card master makes it look effortless and you wish you can have a deck just as devastating as them. Well wish no more because now you can! With...


Just Do What It Say's On The Script!

A lot of games today use scripted sequences or quick time events. The good thing about this is that they normally use it to show you cool set pieces that are extremely memorable for the campaign. Sometimes designers may spend hours or even ...


Hey Canadians! Get yourself a $199 250GB Xbox 360

Just saw this over at CheapAssGamer and it seems like a pretty amazing deal if you're looking at picking up a new 360 Slim. For the next 2 days Best Buy and Future Shop are selling 250GB 360s for the $199. This might be a sign of a new ...


Duke Nukem: Forever Demo Impressions

I can not tell you guys how excited I am for Duke Nukem: Forever. I love Duke Nukem 3D and still play it all the time with my friends on xbox live. So when i found out that by preordering the game I got an early access demo to play with Duk...


In China #1: XBOX 360

Like many products belonging to companies who refuse to enter a joint-venture agreement with a government-owned shell organisation so they can steal 50% of the profit without doing any work - the 360 is effectively banned in China. Like mos...


Halo:Reach Community Tournament - Update

On this Saturday (May 28), 343 Industries and Halo Waypoint are hosting an online Halo:Reach tournament pitting various gaming communities against each other for prizes and internet glory. Destructoid was selected as one of 31 communitie...


DownLoadable Crack (DLC)

Last week, I was in a shop making a very important decision. In one hand, Assassins Creed 2. I wanted to get started on the Assassins Creed 2 franchise (which is going to be its own trilogy once Assassins Creed 2-3 comes out...great.) befo...


Crysis 2

Well Crysis 2 dominated my obsessiveness in games since early 2010. I started searching for Far cry 3 hoping to see a new map editor from my favorite people at CRYTEK. Scrolling through the thousands of posts i come across Crysis 2. It was...


Gears Of War 3 Beta Impressions: Week 1

Hi folks, time for a quick look at the Gears Of War 3 beta. Its been up and running for those who have the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm since the 18th so lets have a butchers. At present, there is 1 gametype (team deathmatch) played over ...


Portal: Can someone explain why its so popular?

So I've been seeing commercial after commercial advertising the new Portal 2. WTF is so dope about Portal? From what I've seen it looks like two semi-gay robots run around shooting holes into walls and then jumping through them. Big whoop. ...


Oprah and the Kenyan Doctor. [A true story]

It all started one night with a ploy by Oprah Winfrey... She gathered as many soccer moms and conservative right wing homo-sapiens in one room as possible.... She yelled out with gusto! LOOK UNDER YOUR CHAAAAAAAAAaaaairs! Every one lo...


Stacking Haikus

Though ye may be small, opportunities await. Cunning will triumph. Hi-jinks are fun to Practice on unsuspecting dolls. Toss your cookies! Need to spread your wings? Stack into a bird and fly. Nests can give insight.



If you atualy like halo legends than you are out of your mined because that thing is a piece of crap because when you think of halo what do you think of,just think for a couple of seconts...............................ok,if you ask me that ...


Point Lookout: DLC done well

A few days ago, my arguments for and against the very existence of DLC crept into the Community Blogs. In this post, I dismissed Dead Space 2�s �Severed� DLC -- a bold move for someone who hasn�t yet experienced said additional content. How...


Homefront vs Call of duty Black Ops

Homefront a game about a occupied Amercia taken over by North Korea and begin a fighter of freedom. As the story is good the campaign needed to be twinked a little before realese. For Example it was a supershort campaign, It took me less t...




I need this Love these models he did, as Neeeeed that pink

Soulbow eh

Say hey to the newest addition to the Were thinking of going with


Really groovy, funky song right Upbeat enough to be a pop song along with hip-hop #musictoid | Terry Presume - Act Up


I still maintain that this is the best Pokemon


NU BRAIK, UM ODENS (solve my anagram, ya fools)


Finished Cris Tales, and Im definitely going to make a video on Its been a long time since Ive played a game that so much right while simultaneously doing so much


Tonight’s Pat brought to you by - Outback wings (damn I forgot how good they are), chicken tenders, and salad for


Just finished up a Grey Knight Terminator Ive had lying around for a


Another gem from the Found this at a garage sale in a bag with a men’s magazine from the 50’s where all the girls looked like pinup I cherish


I really was not pleased with the performance of Kingdom Hearts 3 on I eventually got it on sale for PS4 after getting a I still wasnt happy with it, However, I am really happy with the PC version!


Just got in a huge fight with my family cause my sister is irresponsible and I suddenly have to take care of her Could use some cheering up right now so Ill make this a kitten


Pup approved! Home gym is slowly coming Love having a bag to hit on now! Used to have one years back as a kid and its one hell of a work out and stress Have a mat and some dumbbells Next up is finding a good affordable


Just a quickie for Wanted to try out some of my vallejo off


If that Hot Wheels game turns out pants I will be all kinds of

Inquisitive Raven

New art tomorrow! If you wanna see it early, as well as a timelapse, feel free to check out my Patreon:


Consider this a If you play NES games on the Switch, make a Japanese Nintendo account, go download the NES/Famicom thing, login to your own account and click You can now play the superior disc system versions (aka


Whang made a video for this About damn time, amirite?

Punished Nietzsche

Damn, the last character for Street Fighter V seems to be a glimpse into SF Future, meaning Hes ok, better than freaking Decapre was for

Jordan Devore

New episode,


Theres another season of The Movies That Made Us on Netflix! Back to the Future? I dont think theres ever been a more perfect And Jurassic Park is still just the greatest fucking movie Aaand I love Pretty Woman also,


I am 100% watching this because of Billy Though I do enjoy the


So my best friends basically Piccolo and he grew up playing and one day this lil Gohan mofo became his friend and wanted to play so play they That lil Gohan mofo is Jared Butler and was drafted by the Utah Lets see what


The year is 3492 and the Nintendo Switch still doesnt have a proper Virtual


Current Was dicking around and did this guy last I really like how he turned out, except I didnt thin my green enough, and he looks all too painty Dont paint when youve been up for two+ Gonna get hot pink for the


Just finished this game, it was my first play Did anybody love it? Hate it? Just curious to hear what people think! I thought it was nothing if not


I wonder if theres a science that game devs follow to make their players Because I have no idea how else Gears Ultimate and Bulletstorm Remaster on Xbone make me have to stop playing after a while, meanwhile Im good for hours of


30 hours deep into FF7 now and I have finally made a dent into disc 2 and passed my previous The pacing has been pretty good (despite Fort Condor) and Im enjoying The game is full of a bunch of janky weird stuff


Tonight were getting some golden BAH-NAH-NAAAHS and getting tips from dead grandma kongs, so if you come around my stream around 7:30PM ET you might be lucky to snag a few bites


If there is a heartwarming gaming story I can write about (not really), this song would nearly fit in that


Did anyone here play the New World Beta? Im curious about it and some friends want me to get the game when it Ive never played an MMO and am worried about getting into


Me: Finally saves enough for a down payment on a house and gets a new job that pays well enough to afford Market: Shoots up 20%


Still hooked on Pokemon Unite, playing a bunch with Renaud, Prins, Malthor, Frosty, and Just a bunch of dumb I know its a bit rude to just roll over a bunch of kids trying to play pokemon but its a life lesson that nothing in life is fair


Well look at that, a blog! And it only took (looks at phone) 8 months for me to get around to writing a GOTY blog for last year! And its been more than a year since my last one! Hurray! Read it if you want, or dont!


Ok, I dislike bullet hell mechanics but Undertale has charmed me a I enjoy the Currently in the snow


Finished Metroid last night! It was really fun after I got a few It was a good Next up Samus


Flaming Hot Cheetos Take: Nioh 2 > Sekiro


One of the great Young What are yours?


You know, it’s a tough time and it would be real nice to read some heartwarming gaming That bloggers wanted prompt is a great chance to bring some smiles to the


Wrapped up the original Final Fantasy last Almost forgot how easy it gets from mid to end game (especially after getting items like the Healing Staff), followed by the difficulty spike with Chaos at the Looking forward to starting II


Got to the Warmech in FF1 Pixel Remaster last ran It seems like the game is going to take about 12 hours to 100%, which is much shorter than I expected, and much A little disappointing, but fine


Beat R&C:Rift Apart last First game I ever played and beat on hard Feels 94% Truly a wonderful game; probably game of the year for


If I decide to play Roblox, Ill be vehemently Or I can play it and maybe have some cheap Oh, magic #conchtoid What do I do? *pulls string*


Current Status:


In novels, telling should be showing, and in games, showing should be Or something like --Me, in my recent Pretty sure someone has already said something like that, but -- would you agree?


Games like Euro and American Truck Sim are surprisingly engaging for I get the feeling that the train sim games would be just as engaging too, but the initial cost plus potential DLC costs can be pretty steep, not to mention the time


An Avatar:The Last Airbender TTRPG just launched on Kickstarter and Im super stoked about You should check it out if youre a fan! Click here if you