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Dead Space 2 :D

I love it! I've beaten it on normal and now i'm going through it again on survivalist for the elite suits and so i can get better so i can try for zealot. Bought it pre-owned so i didn't get the codes for multiplayer but from what i've seen...


Shoot the Breeze: So Goddamn Dumb

[As a preface, this isn't exactly a review. At best, it's a collection of thoughts and stories I needed to share. At worst, it's a collection of my thoughts and stories. Make of it what you must.] This weekend, I dove into Two Worlds onc...


I'm over Kinect.(6/14/11)

Happy tuesday internet, I'm Drew and I have a blog. Motion controls originally hit the larger scene with Nintendo�s (at the time) next big console, the Nintendo Wii. Everyone with an attention span has certainly acknowledged at this poin...


A Great Yugioh Burn Deck to Use in Decade Duels

Many amateur duelists have a bit of trouble getting their first deck started. A solid, and deadly card master makes it look effortless and you wish you can have a deck just as devastating as them. Well wish no more because now you can! With...


Just Do What It Say's On The Script!

A lot of games today use scripted sequences or quick time events. The good thing about this is that they normally use it to show you cool set pieces that are extremely memorable for the campaign. Sometimes designers may spend hours or even ...


Hey Canadians! Get yourself a $199 250GB Xbox 360

Just saw this over at CheapAssGamer and it seems like a pretty amazing deal if you're looking at picking up a new 360 Slim. For the next 2 days Best Buy and Future Shop are selling 250GB 360s for the $199. This might be a sign of a new ...


Duke Nukem: Forever Demo Impressions

I can not tell you guys how excited I am for Duke Nukem: Forever. I love Duke Nukem 3D and still play it all the time with my friends on xbox live. So when i found out that by preordering the game I got an early access demo to play with Duk...


In China #1: XBOX 360

Like many products belonging to companies who refuse to enter a joint-venture agreement with a government-owned shell organisation so they can steal 50% of the profit without doing any work - the 360 is effectively banned in China. Like mos...


Halo:Reach Community Tournament - Update

On this Saturday (May 28), 343 Industries and Halo Waypoint are hosting an online Halo:Reach tournament pitting various gaming communities against each other for prizes and internet glory. Destructoid was selected as one of 31 communitie...


DownLoadable Crack (DLC)

Last week, I was in a shop making a very important decision. In one hand, Assassins Creed 2. I wanted to get started on the Assassins Creed 2 franchise (which is going to be its own trilogy once Assassins Creed 2-3 comes out...great.) befo...


Crysis 2

Well Crysis 2 dominated my obsessiveness in games since early 2010. I started searching for Far cry 3 hoping to see a new map editor from my favorite people at CRYTEK. Scrolling through the thousands of posts i come across Crysis 2. It was...


Gears Of War 3 Beta Impressions: Week 1

Hi folks, time for a quick look at the Gears Of War 3 beta. Its been up and running for those who have the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm since the 18th so lets have a butchers. At present, there is 1 gametype (team deathmatch) played over ...


Portal: Can someone explain why its so popular?

So I've been seeing commercial after commercial advertising the new Portal 2. WTF is so dope about Portal? From what I've seen it looks like two semi-gay robots run around shooting holes into walls and then jumping through them. Big whoop. ...


Oprah and the Kenyan Doctor. [A true story]

It all started one night with a ploy by Oprah Winfrey... She gathered as many soccer moms and conservative right wing homo-sapiens in one room as possible.... She yelled out with gusto! LOOK UNDER YOUR CHAAAAAAAAAaaaairs! Every one lo...


Stacking Haikus

Though ye may be small, opportunities await. Cunning will triumph. Hi-jinks are fun to Practice on unsuspecting dolls. Toss your cookies! Need to spread your wings? Stack into a bird and fly. Nests can give insight.



If you atualy like halo legends than you are out of your mined because that thing is a piece of crap because when you think of halo what do you think of,just think for a couple of seconts...............................ok,if you ask me that ...


Point Lookout: DLC done well

A few days ago, my arguments for and against the very existence of DLC crept into the Community Blogs. In this post, I dismissed Dead Space 2�s �Severed� DLC -- a bold move for someone who hasn�t yet experienced said additional content. How...


Homefront vs Call of duty Black Ops

Homefront a game about a occupied Amercia taken over by North Korea and begin a fighter of freedom. As the story is good the campaign needed to be twinked a little before realese. For Example it was a supershort campaign, It took me less t...



Just Aaron

That new Hellraiser movie seems to be getting good Haven`t seen it I don`t have Hulu or whatever streaming service it is I`m glad to hear it is doing well I`ll try to check it out if I


My physical copy of Tales of Xadia arrived Nows my chance to conitinue the tradition of being an elf impersonating a human!

Chris Moyse

yall i (edit) This was To clarify: You, are all I have

Queen of Philosophy

How was your week Dtoid? Any fun plans for the weekend? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know in this weeks TGIF!


I played Ring Fit Adventure for the first It was cuter than I Was thinking something more like Wii fit or whatever, but it seems to be having way more fun with the process lol, Im a fan


I have no


Sad post in the




Specials are the same, so heres a picture of the headless horseman: chopped smoked brisket, horseradish cheese, creamy horseradish sauce + fresh Thatll clear your


After my accidental brush with peanut butter a while ago I decided to look for the stuff Its harder to find here than expected when some store isnt doing an America ! I found this one at a supermarket, I love the


Current Status:


I do find that funny that in the latest steam deck update trailer that they speficaly show Yuzu the PC Switch emulator for a Nothing wrong with its legal and requires owning the game to use it but Nintendo would never see it that


It’s been out a month and after playing it quite a bit I stand by my review: Splatoon 3 delivers QoL updates the series needed at the expense of years of content & Playing 2 feels like a more complete & enjoyable, but less fancy,

Inquisitive Raven

Odd glitch, but in this permalink it thinks Im have I been Torch all along? No WONDER I like Megaman and Big O!

Punished Nietzsche

Glad to see the Street Fighter 6 beta allows for these kind of Player expression!


Theres a documentary about the weird hate boner some adults had for


Needed to call off from work Energy felt too drained and I wanted to Its zzzs for me


Just played my first session of this and I have a feeling its going to become a new

Ghost Hunter ScionVyse

The boys put out a new record today, and its pretty Its super weird to know that by time I go to see them in less than two weeks, theyll have released another one


I just realised now that you can enable gyro aiming in any game that has mouse aiming even if it doesnt have offical gyro support on the Steam Deck and it works super nicely from what I tried thats very


Nothing is more fun to waking up to your cat getting chased up the roof by a dog that went after Been trying to get up on the roof since early this Dogs owner was just standing there too, and of course the dog had bo


Enjoying the start of my thanksgiving long weekend by being sick! Dont worry its not covid, just a bad Currently watching some game grumps while eating some breakfast I got Hopefully Im better by Sunday, got family plans!

Mike Sounders

Is is that you my namesake? Is that you at the Bandai NYCC booth for the Battle Network model kits?


Overwatch 2 is a bit of a mess They literally didnt even bother to re-centre the victory card for 5v5, hot


Shout-out to Calorie Mate for being an excellent last minute breakfast Every now and again I get up for work too late to grab breakfast and two bars of this stuff keeps me full until lunch rolls God bless the


Happy birthday Youre one of the real


I watched 5 episodes of Ideon, not completely sold on it but its funny seeing a kids show this Just having shots in the cockpit as people Also Bes Jordan more like BEST


I was going though my photos on FB and found


Late night birthday status:

Chris Moyse

Hey folkerinos, I got a bit of a brave face on today, but I still want yall to know that it is the weekend, and whatever this one brings your way, I hope that it leaves you happy, content, and Do what you gotta do to make it Love u x


Whats your most wanted modern console ports? Besides FFT Id love to have those Working Designs games on Lunar, Albert Odyssey, Alundra, Arc the Have a great day!


Ive said this once before, and I know its a lost cause, but this man would be about 10,000x better than Krasinski for the role of Reed Richards


I feel like theres too much negativity surrounding Chris Pratt and the new Mario movie and not enough on how its just a minion movie in


Thank you all for the kind Honored to still be here ya know? So onward I To finally prove Mariska Hargitay is in fact the real Pumpkinhead, portrayed (controlled by) famously by Lance Henrikson, and feat TVs Mayim #TheTruthIsOutThere


Finished Dark Tower last On one hand, I get why that ending was so On the other? It was fucking Spoilers in comments

Ricky Namara

If you can send a message to your younger self through a neural link across time, what would you tell them?


Have a fantastic birthday Mike! Youre a truly caring person and I appreciate you being a part of the


Got interested to go and watch the Mario movie next Plus seeing Luigi, which always brings a smile to my


Happy Birthday Mike! Have a Groovy day dude!


At least something good is coming out Chris Pratts casting


Best of birthdays Mike! I hope you are having a chill evening sipping a chilled beverage of your choice :)


Lord I just made a dumb I bought a Only reason why was cause it was cheap, otherwise Id of never even considered


Happy Birthday, Mike! Youre the shit, man! <3 <3 <3


The best trailer Nintendo put out today


Oh Shit happy bday Mike!!!!!! May the gods of Goatse bless you with wonder and horrir


Thanks for the business, This switch lite will get its use soon enough, and the grip feels GREAT,way better for longer gaming sessions


Happy Birthday Mike! Youre a good dude and Im glad to have gotten to know Hope you had a great day!!

Ricky Namara

So THAT was the plan all along!