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Wii U Lacks a Unifying Vision (Ctd.)

The short of it: Cons Friend Codes here to stay Controller sacrifices utilitarian design for innovation No DVD/Blue-ray No hardrive No new IPs No new philosophy No clear vision Pros New system COULD be interesting Mulling over ...


Why I Hate Nintendo

I have been very vocal about my hate of Nintendo. I thought I would point out why. Let's turn the clock back to the 1990's, during the golden age of Nintendo which I would like to attribute to the Nintendo 64. Great games, which transp...


Zelda HD teases Nintendo fanboys worldwide

During Nintendo�s E3 keynote there seemed to be one portion of the video presentation that caught many by surprise, and made us all simultaneously squee on the inside just a little bit. Could it be�? Zelda in HD??? The answer is yes, ...


Rex, PI: The Informant

Rex, PI is a series that I won't blame you if you don't know. With a long gap between every single installment, many people have either forgotten about it, or weren't around for the last one. You can read the story so far right here, and pl...


I Wish I Had Tried it Sooner

Being a gamer is tough on the wallet. Games are a bit expensive and we usually want the best bang for our buck. This has led to us using reviews and the opinions of others to see if we should pick up a game or not. Usually if the feedbac...


Nintendo, Baby Come Back To Me

I know its been a long time girl. I know we haven't talked. But I want you to know that there ain't never been a second that you been far from my troubled mind. I just want to let you know baby, I'm ready to take another shot at it. Reme...


Wii 2?

Wii 2? The news is out there. Apparently there have been reports that Nintendo is going to unveil a new console this year at E3, with the ultimate goal being to recapture the hardcore gaming market. Now, whether or not these reports tu...


What I Think About Project Cafe.

For the past few days, rumors have been rampant in the Nintendo sections of every gaming website. This rumor is pertaining towards Nintendo's sixth next generation gaming home console, supposedly codenamed, "Project Cafe." None of the specu...


Liight finally out on WiiWare

Finally, a worthwhile WiiWare game that doesn't start with the word(s) "Bit.Trip." Liight debuted way back in September of 2009 as one of the PAX 10 finalists, and it seemed interesting enough for me to call it second best among the grou...


RexwolfTrivia: ...yup.

So, it's time for another trivia challenge! Here's a score check: Law: 1 point DynamoJoe: 2 points Occams: 3 points. It's still anybody's game, folks! So, I like Bit.Trip RUNNER. After (fuckin' finally) destroying Non Trotski, the ...


No More Heroes 2 fanart

Sharing some fanart I drew last night. Enjoy. note: Don't mind the different name. Andy Asteroid is my deviantart account http://andyasteroid.deviantart.com/


Nintendo's Next Console

Almost every week I watch Gametrailer�s �Bonus Round�; and every time they mention Nintendo I wonder why I continue to watch them. Either way, this weeks episode got me thinking about the next console generation, and specifically what Ninte...


Hey, Jim Sterling! The Last Story is . . .

. . . in my homeboy Zoel's Wii! ^_^ I bet your grubby hands don't have a copy yet, nor are you playing it! So . . . neener neener neeeeeener! =P Hahaha! I kid, I kid! =) This is my "revenge" for not taking my 3/6/9 Review (last vi...


2010 Sucked: Any objections, lady?

I'm sure I'm one of many people who was disappointed in Metroid: Other M. Although I still enjoyed Samus's latest adventure on Wii, there is a lot of flaws that prevented a good game from being a great game. Call me a fanboy if you will, ...


Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns

A game so good it�ll have you beating your chest and flinging your feces in excitement. __________ In case you hadn�t noticed, in the last couple of years, the Nintendo Wii has been subject to the revival of a number of key franchises in ...


Calling: the hilarity and horror.

On a rather dreary Sunday afternoon, I was itching for a new survival horror game. After trips to several stores, and a good bit of frustration, I found Calling for the Wii in the bargain bin. First and foremost, just because it's a "ba...


Christmas Swag: Exceeding Rexpectations

Hey guys, I�m sorry to keep you waiting for RexwolfTrivia and �Rex, PI,� but in the meantime, here�s a bit of the stuff I got for Christmas, with impressions to keep it from just being a list. World�s Best Mug So, a lot of you folks know...


Countdown to Epic Mickey: The Evolution of Oswald

So my plan for a daily Oswald or Mickey cartoon failed when I got busy. But with Epic Mickey two days away, I've decided to go out with a bang. Today? Three Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons, to show you how the character changed over time...


Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I

Sonic fans are in 4 a treat. __________ The gaming world first learned of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 back in September of 2009, under the code name �Project Needlemouse�. Sega declared a return to the franchise�s 2D roots, promising the Sonic ga...


Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Nintendo and Good Feel weave a wonderful platformer. ___________ Attendees of the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo were witness to many exciting announcements on June 15th during Nintendo�s press conference�one of them being the highly a...


Countdown to Epic Mickey: "The Mad Doctor"

After two days with Oswald, it's time to return to the mouse. And along the way, we'll meet an important character from Epic Mickey: The Mad Doctor. The Mad Doctor only appeared in one cartoon, but he made an impact. Some theaters refuse...


Countdown to Epic Mickey: "Rival Romeos"

Look at that face. LOOK AT IT. I'm just going to be honest here. Probably the main reason that I picked this Oswald cartoon for today was because I wanted to use that image as the header. But I have other reasons, too! First off, I ment...


RexwolfTrivia is heating up!

It's time for another round of trivia, but first, explanations. I was planning on doing the week-long series of posts, but I wanted to prolong the contest by skipping the weekend, and the sudden reversion to standard Dtoid ruined my plans o...




Current Status:


I do find that funny that in the latest steam deck update trailer that they speficaly show Yuzu the PC Switch emulator for a Nothing wrong with its legal and requires owning the game to use it but Nintendo would never see it that


It’s been out a month and after playing it quite a bit I stand by my review: Splatoon 3 delivers QoL updates the series needed at the expense of years of content & Playing 2 feels like a more complete & enjoyable, but less fancy,

Inquisitive Raven

Odd glitch, but in this permalink it thinks Im have I been Torch all along? No WONDER I like Megaman and Big O!

Punished Nietzsche

Glad to see the Street Fighter 6 beta allows for these kind of Player expression!


Theres a documentary about the weird hate boner some adults had for


Needed to call off from work Energy felt too drained and I wanted to Its zzzs for me


Just played my first session of this and I have a feeling its going to become a new

Ghost Hunter ScionVyse

The boys put out a new record today, and its pretty Its super weird to know that by time I go to see them in less than two weeks, theyll have released another one


I just realised now that you can enable gyro aiming in any game that has mouse aiming even if it doesnt have offical gyro support on the Steam Deck and it works super nicely from what I tried thats very


Nothing is more fun to waking up to your cat getting chased up the roof by a dog that went after Been trying to get up on the roof since early this Dogs owner was just standing there too, and of course the dog had bo


Enjoying the start of my thanksgiving long weekend by being sick! Dont worry its not covid, just a bad Currently watching some game grumps while eating some breakfast I got Hopefully Im better by Sunday, got family plans!

Chris Moyse

yall i got

Mike Sounders

Is is that you my namesake? Is that you at the Bandai NYCC booth for the Battle Network model kits?


Overwatch 2 is a bit of a mess They literally didnt even bother to re-centre the victory card for 5v5, hot


Shout-out to Calorie Mate for being an excellent last minute breakfast Every now and again I get up for work too late to grab breakfast and two bars of this stuff keeps me full until lunch rolls God bless the


Happy birthday Youre one of the real


I watched 5 episodes of Ideon, not completely sold on it but its funny seeing a kids show this Just having shots in the cockpit as people Also Bes Jordan more like BEST


I was going though my photos on FB and found


Late night birthday status:

Chris Moyse

Hey folkerinos, I got a bit of a brave face on today, but I still want yall to know that it is the weekend, and whatever this one brings your way, I hope that it leaves you happy, content, and Do what you gotta do to make it Love u x


Whats your most wanted modern console ports? Besides FFT Id love to have those Working Designs games on Lunar, Albert Odyssey, Alundra, Arc the Have a great day!


Ive said this once before, and I know its a lost cause, but this man would be about 10,000x better than Krasinski for the role of Reed Richards


I feel like theres too much negativity surrounding Chris Pratt and the new Mario movie and not enough on how its just a minion movie in


Thank you all for the kind Honored to still be here ya know? So onward I To finally prove Mariska Hargitay is in fact the real Pumpkinhead, portrayed (controlled by) famously by Lance Henrikson, and feat TVs Mayim #TheTruthIsOutThere


Finished Dark Tower last On one hand, I get why that ending was so On the other? It was fucking Spoilers in comments

Ricky Namara

If you can send a message to your younger self through a neural link across time, what would you tell them?


Have a fantastic birthday Mike! Youre a truly caring person and I appreciate you being a part of the


Got interested to go and watch the Mario movie next Plus seeing Luigi, which always brings a smile to my


Happy Birthday Mike! Have a Groovy day dude!


At least something good is coming out Chris Pratts casting


Best of birthdays Mike! I hope you are having a chill evening sipping a chilled beverage of your choice :)


Lord I just made a dumb I bought a Only reason why was cause it was cheap, otherwise Id of never even considered


Happy Birthday, Mike! Youre the shit, man! <3 <3 <3


The best trailer Nintendo put out today


Oh Shit happy bday Mike!!!!!! May the gods of Goatse bless you with wonder and horrir


Thanks for the business, This switch lite will get its use soon enough, and the grip feels GREAT,way better for longer gaming sessions


Happy Birthday Mike! Youre a good dude and Im glad to have gotten to know Hope you had a great day!!

Ricky Namara

So THAT was the plan all along!


Please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real please be real


What are some lesser known horror movies you enjoy during the Halloween season? A favorite of mine is the absolutely batshit Tourist


Mario movie was leaked decades ago


Since I couldnt find any images of a shmup I had played (Void Rage) for my quarterly blog, I had to make my Ended up spending far too much time on it, rather than having spent valuable time doing literally anything


Last day at danger They have already replaced me too as they promoted an aide to my position More deets in the


My reward for beating XCOM 2 is not to have anything interesting to do in the evenings


HBD Mike!


Mike if you’re reading this i am free on thursday if you would like to hang out i am free on thursday night when i am free to hang i am free to hang out on thursday night so if you want to hang out on thursday night i am free


Happy birthday, You beautiful anime waifu, UwU