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Xenoblade Chronicles X: A Double Lariat

Is there anyone reading this that laments the loss of the game’s bust slider? Just before Xenoblade Chronicles X hit store shelves in the west, there was that controversy over “censorship”, i.e. gamers couldn’t raise or l...




Have a great day all!


Went to a wedding this Danced hard, went skinny dipping, after-partied even Slept for 12 hours last Back at work have a nice week everyone!

Dennis Carden

Yay! These just


You know those ink blot tests psychiatrists use? I dont think they work on All I see is that guy from


If JonBenét Ramsey were with us today, do you think she could live up to our expectations?


I BUSTED my ass all weekend long to get this skin! But It finally just Took winning 8 games, no easy (And 2 free Crowns from the season pass track I can say this, I think Im a helluva lot better at this game now than


Who am I kiddin, who am I foolin When they be like Whats up Fatlip?, and I say Coolin


Sekiro backlogged again because I’m back on my Slay the Spire I dont think I’ll have the fortitude to get all the way to A20, but I have Ironclad, Silent, and Defect all up to :P i hate and love this Mostly hate


I studied Latin and I dont remember anything about it except when I see the name Pall Mall when Im getting

Jetter Mars

Behold ma meres baking skillzzz!!! (This is for my Grandmas 96th Birthday)

Voltaic Owl

Ok, I’ve got a little under an hour and a half to play Titanfall 2 before the PS+ weekend Update will minutes to download?? Fuck it, back to


She talks to angels


I jump over or avoid water and puddles in games, and try not to ride through fields with crops Part of my ocd I

A Luigi Fanatic

I cant listen to this song anymore without bursting into Thanks


Why is it that I have double posted about DCs zombie events?


Why is it that DCs zombie events are really good and Marvels are garbage?


found a cute VN


I don’t know what a chad is or how it relates to a virgin (no need to explain, either) but the horror stuff made me smile and Especially “Blumhouse That shit’s played


You asked for it Vesalius! (Mostly) finished at this point, other than Ill do the shoulder pads en masse when I have a lot of models; I want to try making some decal




Gaj of the Rings


Took the pup for a walk, got the new fridge installed, and went on a 16 mile bike Games and movie are my plans for rest of the

sp testure

Estou recebendo molho esta noite! (I hope Google translate did not mess this up too much)


Leaky leaky leaky! (Look closely at the labeling in the bottom right


I finally got a new pair of joy-cons! I decided to go with the purple/orange that came out last The orange is nicer than I thought it would be, but its the deep purple shade that I absolutely Hopefully, this pair will last for a good


Alright gentlemen, here’s your Sunday evening cringe (a new mini series): Have you ever had to pee, then turned that awkward sensation into an orgasm? If you say it’s a good feeling or a bad feeling? Take your

Virtua Kazama

Virtua Fighter Takeover is back with another Bi-Weekly! Time for THE HEATED BATTLE!


Anxiously started up Gears 5 via Game Pass Ultimate in an attempt to break myself out of my depressive funk and encountered a failed to save game error that makes the campaign unplayable on either Today just punched me in the emotional


Playing Wipeout 2048 with the two Man, that game is a Forgot how much I love the


Been a while since I uploaded here, been doing commission stuff, did a sketch recently of my Monster Hunter character Mia

Voltaic Owl

As a Mario Tennis N64 purist for about 20 years, I’m slowly coming to enjoy the added features in It helps that simple mode also exists, in case I’m feeling like a purist


Warm take: Metal Gear Solid VR Missions is highly The stealth gameplay kind of gets overshadowed by everything else in the main game, but the bite-size challenges really explore the possibilities and are rewarding on mechanics


Whats a genre you would love to see a favourite developers of yours to make that is not the usual game they So the way Serious Sam people made Talos Princple or how the Bulletstorm people made the Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Dangus Taargus

Just got to meet Majima in Yakuza this is starting to click but were still not quite there 8 hours and Im on chapter 3 of 17?! I was tripping over sidequests in Chapter 2 so I guess that makes


Hand-made licorice sans colourings, but I messed up the measurements with sugar and didnt add enough flour to make the bits not stick to each


Memory-wipe Or, as the kids would say, Top 3 games you would totally wipe from your memory (playing and preview knowledge) to experience again for the first For me: 1) Bloodborne 2) Super Metroid 3) Super Mario


Apparently all of my dreams are going to incorporate COVID from now chilling with old school mates for a reunion and I realized no one, including me, was wearing a




I had a dream that Rockstar was making a cyberpunk GTA that was simultaneously a sequel to Vice #dreamtoid


Now that the yard is mowed, time to do something Ive not done much of lately: Related:

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Theres a neat little puzzle game with dynamic music that came out yesterday called Seems simple, but neat!




Double feature stream in half an hour after this post goes up! Baten Kaitos followed by Remnant: From the Ashes! Join @ !


Anyone playing a Neon Abyss? If so what is this gun? I do not see it in any wiki and I unfortunately dont have the $$ to buy

Punished Nietzsche

i hope it wasnt


Dear video games, stop making me kill animals for upgrades and Thank you