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My drunk call from Tazar

He is the man! Him, Workman, Burling, some asians (koreans?), and apparently Kramer from Seinfeld (who is surprisingly asian) or off getting drunk/smashed/pissed at some outside bar in Cincinatti. Oh man, they love me long time and wish I w...


Chocolate Rain on Mars? That's a new one...

I'm well aware that Chocolate Rain is already so Last Thursday, but I stumbled across this parody on Best Week Ever and had to share it with you all. For those who care, my computer is still pwned, turns out it was my motherboard that di...


WTF is a Tesla Coil? Screw it, it plays Mario...

Now, this video appeared on the front page of YouTube, so many of you have probably already seen it. For those of you who passed it over because nobody knows what in the Sam Hill a Tesla Coil is, prepare to be amazed. These gentlemen put ...


Videogame Downs Airport

Long Beach airport, outside of Los Angeles, was shut down briefly on Wednesday. The culprit wasn't a Middle Easterner with a grudge against capitalism or an adorable orphan hiding in the wheelwell of private jet; instead it was a videogame....


Old Man Murray, You Are Missed

(Sorry for bumping this, but the formatting went all screwy when someone made sneaky but not unexpected edits to my post. Being the anal retentive bastard I am, I couldn't leave it alone.) NOTE: Some of the links in this blog are NSFW. ...




Story This is the save screen to an import copy of the Japanese Wizard of Oz I was going to start a fresh playthrough but I wanted to check the save data Someone loved this game and I dont have the heart to save over that kind of


Got an email from the Sony Gods notifying me that I got picked for a chance to buy a PS5 through their store and lo and behold I made it through the queue and after first being told they recently sold out, some persistence and a few re-taps to add to cart


Square just re-uploaded ff14s first How far its


Daily reminder that Indiana Jones is a sadistic fuck!


I am so close to getting days off for this thursday and friday for Aprroved or not, I am so excited for the


FedEx tried to steal my stuff, but I got it back!! Had to threaten legal The dude forged my name and said it was delivered last Oh well, its taken care Im fully next gen Yeah, I know, I need to do some cable

Spiders For Sale

You seem to have found a storage room-cum-pantry! There are various utensils, tools, cans, bottles, barrels, boxes and other things filling the shelves and Your stomach communicates to you that food should be the first


Pretty late to the party but here my stats Surprised me at first but then I remembered just how much me and my friends used to play Modern Warfare 1 and 2 when they first Funny how I pretty much strictly play single player games

Ricky Namara

Sony, right about now:


Me after I eat a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four-by-four animal-style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it

Spiders For Sale

After a short struggle the lamp finally comes off and with it the automatons The puppet loses its balance and falls to the ground where it pitifully keeps moving its legs in a walking With the lamp in hand you enter the


Awwwwww shiiiiiiit your boy Pat is on Xbox now too Hmu with those friend requests but watch those messages since sometimes my family plays Minecraft on my account Same as my username!


Last nights bout with sleep paralysis was I was fighting to scream awake and move and then all of a sudden, like a needle to a balloon, I was There was a weird dance-y part in the middle that I wish I was good enough to

Virtua Kazama

Progress so Far: 785 Power Its time to head back TO THE AGAIN! Its time to finish the rest of Super Mario Odyssey as we collect the last of the Extra Moons!


Just finished An absolute blast from start to finish, with FAR better writing than I would have thought before The characters, acting, animation, directing, It may be a only due to music

Just Aaron

Forgive me Dtoid for I have I bought Aliens: Fireteam on I know it`s a bad game but I must play


I hope in 20ish years Im watching Halo eSports but theres a league where all the players are in their 50s like I am


I know I said I dont have a schedule anymore, but here are this weeks streaming plans! All ~7:30PM ET | M-W: FFXIV, possibly Halo OR Hunt: Showdown at least 1 day | DK64 | Endwalkers Early Access


I was shocked, but not surprised, when it was listed and sold for I was appalled when it was listed (and sold!) for Now Im at a loss for Ten times MSRP?!? Cmon people! Scalpers cant scalp if no one pays their nonsensical


Headed to Hawaii!


Hey guys, so to celebrate me writing Games That Time Forgot, Im asking people for suggestions for Details in the Monday afternoon

Spiders For Sale

You are sick of the dark! When the automaton passes you as it returns from its trip downstairs, you try to take the lamp out of its Like the other automatons musket it is firmly attached; this time you decide to force it off!


Just wanted to share a fun little fake Citypop radio host segment I recorded of myself while I was I loved listening to Japanese radio while I was studying abroad in Japan, so this was


I wasnt expecting them to go back go CG intros! Also, this is being streamed simultaneously in like 7 different And in case you are wondering, yes they did in fact cast Kira Buckland as


So Im supposed to post a picture of the box and go whats in the box?! And then youre supposed to check the replies to see whats in the box? Did I do this right?


As if February wasnt full enough, the unofficial RE4 remaster is out by This project has been going on forever and it looks so good! Cant wait for it to put R4make to shame

Raster Scanline

I may have had some issues with Dreads design but the animation, and really the entire presentation, is fucking Interesting to see broken down how much work went into making it look so effortlessly (Video contains spoilers)

Spiders For Sale

After repeatedly pushing and pulling the door handle there is first a relatively quiet creaking and crunching noise and then an audible, loud clank as the broken lock hits the stone The room behind the door looks packed


Hey dudes, I just wanted to thank you for the love and My life got turned upside down & you guys really helped make me feel Ill likely be doing a gofundme to help unfuck my life (any tips on this would be appreciated)cont comments


Serious question: Does him being there mean he gets songwriting credit? Perhaps production credit?


This level design in SMT5 is driving me mad and isnt made any better with jank and a melting (Im at the end of area Its worse than SMT4s Might put it on the backburner and focus on Great Ace Attorney 2 and maybe start

Spiders For Sale

You shortly observe the automaton entering the room with the bookshelves behind you and then proceed As you reach the next landing you try to open the door to your It is However, the lock is about to come You push

Queen of Philosophy

Started playing Transistor yesterday and while its not my usual genre, Im liking it a lot more than I thought I would, including the story (and sure, Im struggling a bit in some hostile Also, the art is amazing 🤩


“Qtoid” is not a marketable Thus, I propose we change this subset of Destructoid to It’s like Twitter, but with more Here’s an artist’s early concept of an original mascot:


Got my tickets to Spiderman for Thursday the 16th in the early I didnt even realize itd be showing so Its also right after we arrive to our hotel for our short vacation/honeymoon so itll be a great start to the weekend


Also if Clive Barker could finally finish the Art trilogy they could finally make a movie out of The Great and Secret Show and I could enjoy the endless internet debate of which one is the better small town The Great and Secret Show or


Rule 236 of DToid: You spoil You


There is a scene in the It remake where I knew in which direction the kid would turn to run away from something because for some reason I remembered that detail from the book more than 15 years The mind is a curious


Fine folks, I need help with Regarding PC gaming, which one is the best controller, Dualsense or the Xbox? Also, other question: which one is better for someone with tiny baby hands, like my partner and also our son?

Punished Nietzsche

is too early for #Cursedmas?


This is my #PermanentStatus


#Motivational #HeadsUpGamers

Destructoids Very Own Ein

When the chucklefucks in charged killed the ability for sites to run flash, it basically eliminated most of the cool virtual surgeries I used to teach and show my No other options, repeal and NOT


Still no Metroid stuff in I had loads in New Sad


Is there a way to switch off my disqus badges? Pic


Current Status:


Never heard of this game before, its recently launched on Switch and has a 10% discount Even as somebody not really into Resident Evil much a GBA like Resident Evil like game with some pretty nice expressive animations sounds really


Have a great week everyone!