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I've always been a little bit bewildered as to why so many blatantly lost, lonely, unhappy people flock to videogames. I've always found games to be quite cold, sterile, impersonal things. I've found escapism in videogames, but I've never f...




I havent had the chance to play it yet, but santiontanon has rarely disappointed the gameplay video of Westen House looks pretty amazing for an MSX(1) in my


Arbitrary 80s music videos


A local news source posted about a woman injured in a hit and run complete with police car, ambulance and siren I thought of Gajs dank memes and


I miss Trevor


Dark Messiah of Might and Magic really released in 2006, huh? Arkane hasnt missed! Thing plays and runs like a dream--why did I sleep on this? Did I really think this was an Oblivion wannabe when I was a child? I could kick my own teeth


Alright, I watched A Silent Voice because of you Which one of you bastards do I get to sue for emotional damages?


Miramas got some on-disk game settings now! Could be a nice place to hide some easter eggs when alls said and done ^^


I may have found my new favorite Created by

Inquisitive Raven



Seriously, too many So Strictly Limited is going to be rereleasing a butt ton of the Cotton series Im gonna need to check my couch for some loose 🀞🀞 😍😞😍😞 Its like the Futurama Snu Snu episode, Happy and sad


Yo, this song slaps


So Im hearing NTWEWY is coming out on PC late next year?

Inquisitive Raven

Happy 21st night of Sember, everybody!


I just spent 50 minutes trying to recreate the Zelda Dawn of the First Day intro for a new video Im editing, only to realize Ive been everything the hard way and couldve been done in Hows your night going?


I retract a statement I made earlier this month about not enough games coming


Dont forget to sign up to join in the NEW Dtoid Draws! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main You have 6 DAYS LEFT! Details in


Part 2 of my my 15mm buying binge has arrived and not gonna looking a bit


Kena is a lot of fun! Kinda reminds me of Starfox Adventures, the she moves, and uses her So far so good!

Ricky Namara

This is a statue of the Virgin Mary in Santa Teresa Gallura in Italy, and uh, hm, yep, thats all I gotta say about


I know quite a few of you build Gunpla but has anyone tried a Kotobukiya Frame Arms kit? I just saw them announce one that looks pretty cool but I’ve heard the quality usually isn’t as


Its It be like this


I miss Modnation


Not one told me there was fucking DINOSAURS in Age of


Just came back from watching Wow, just I didnt expect to like it as much as I A little bit of pacing issues in the middle but fortunately it I feel very sorry for my friend who didnt know this was only part 1


So after watching a documentary about honey and all the fraud etc that goes on (including hive heist) I pop the next episode on the series about Peanuts (being in food undeclared etc) and the restaurant I used to live behind is in


Is Bowsette still queen of the internet?


Hope yall are having a good week


After my FORTH ps4 controller decided to get some seriously bad analog issues I finally decided to get one of these adapters and just use my xbox 360 pc controller on Should save me money in the long Ive used the switch one so I know it


Hadnt seen this one before, haha

Anthony Marzano

PC Gamer - Sekiro Review (2019)


Do you remember the 21st night of September?


Pup was tuckered out enough for me to abuse their eyesight for a photo


Still waiting on independent confirmation, but if true this would be huge for game preservation on Kudos to Sony if theyve finally done MS needs to follow suit and kill the similar issue of initial online console activations


Whats going on, fellas


If you were one of the people who enjoyed Nexomon: Extinction you might be interested to learn that the first game in the series is now on Only $10, too! I really liked Extinction myself, so Im pretty


Im still dealing with weird respiratory I dont know what the cause I thought it might be allergies, now my ma thinks it might be a mild covid case, I just dont fucking know I just want it


It took 3-4 years but you can now use bluetooth headphones on the Switch with that recent update Maybe in 5 years the Switch can get a web Although in fairness the WiiU/3Ds basicaly had that and oh



CaimDark Reloaded

I finished Much to my surprise, I was hooked from beginning to I highly recommend anyone interested in this type of game to look past the AA production values and give it a


The bar fight scene in Jackass 3 is the best scene anyone ever came up


This is like if Ingmar Bergman made a Dogme95 film, looks dope and it’s Joel Coen so


Good news, I got an interview for the permanent Librarian Now to wait for the virtual Current Status:


Quick curiosity: Should I dive right into Episode Yuffie before, during, or after my replay of FF7R? Also, is hard mode worth it or is it just fuck you punishing?


Blizzard Chief Legal Officer Usually a good sign when your top lawyer As always, I suspect a fat Golden Parachute on the way out - there is no such thing as individual accountability at Big Corporate, (Link in comments)

Inquisitive Raven

Happy Birthday to Derpunkel and Cygnus Rush! I hope its a good one for both of


Current Status:


Something heavy for our