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Daniel plays - Layers of Fear

I’m joining in the fun of filming myself playing video games and to start it all off, I’m giving Layers of Fear a go. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on the Twitters. Check out Layers of Fear&n...


YouTuber and Live Streamer

Hello Everyone! My Name is F3TUSSTATUS, and I am a YouTuber and Live Streamer on Twitch.tv. I started my YouTube channel quite awhile ago. However, I decided to become very serious about it and the amount of work I put into it. I play new, ...


Destructoid Story R | Let's Play

Good Evening! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Marche100/destructoid-story-r-an-rpg-based-on-the-destructoid-community--296097.phtml A little while ago, this guy ^^^made a game called DESTRUCTOID STORY R..   It was made with RPG Maker ...


Flea Market Finds for 6/6/15

Sorry about the lack of flea market finds last week, but sometimes the flea markets aren't quite the treasure trove that you expect them to be. I found a total of two things last week, and neither was worth writing home about. But this...


Positive Play +: Persona 4

Hello everyone, I hope all has been going well. Some time ago, I made a post about Fire Emblem: Awakening on here and a bit of advice someone gave me was to take my writings and putting them forward into vidoes themselves. I knew this ...


"Game Over" Hyrule's #1 Game Show!

Hey guys! I'm Edwin Joe and began a new gaming discussion kind of show! Here's the first episode, were we discuss the following topics: 1. Fallout 4 Revealed! 2. Batman Arkham Knight is pretty heavy. 3. The Nathan Drake Collection con...


[Video] Laura Kate Dale Interview

This week Destructoid's own Laura Kate Dale gave me a fantastic opportunity to interview her for my channel. I've been a big fan of Laura for quite some time now, so even if my nerves didn't quite hold up and I stumbled with my words i...


GTA Online Has An Infestation of Vermin

Not Lamar. GTA Online has a big problem with hackers. A BIG problem. People who know the inner workings of GTA could be good people. Modders, we tend to call them. Others, the hackers, are just out to be a dick and make you suffer. Be...


Flea Market Finds for 5/23/15

The weather in Cincinnati was absolutely phenomenal this past weekend, which meant that there were sellers a plenty at the flea markets. Even at 5:45 am, there were probably a good 20-25 booths already set up, and by the end of the day...


Will Splatoon be Nintendo's Next BIG Hit?

If you would have told me a couple years ago that Nintendo’s next big IP would be a shooter, I would have said you’re insane. Now, here we are. The full release of Splatoon is only a couple days away, and we’ve gotten...


Hall of Game: Felix the Cat (NES)

For this episode of the Hall of Game, I take a look at a game that's considered by many to be one of the best hidden gems on the NES. I'm also taking advantage of the internet's love of felines by doing a video on Felix the Cat. This e...


Build your own motorcycle game!

You're bored and the idea of playing a free motorcycle game on your tablet or smartphone with graphics that surpass the likes of Forza and Project CARS sounds like something that might interest you? I got you covered! Requirements: A...


Flea Market Game Finds (5/9/15)

What's going on everybody, it's time for another enthralling episode of my Flea Market Game Finds. This weekend was threatening rain all day on Saturday, which usually makes for a pretty pointless venture to the flea markets, but lucki...


Video Game Dance Club + Me (Video)

I was in a Funny or Die video that was all about a cool club, except this cool club happened to play video game music. I don't really get why it's funny because it was just thee coolest dance club I've ever been to. (and I live in HOLLYWOOD...




10/10 face


If Jack Black is Bowser they should have Kyle Gass play a koopa troopa that stays close


Here is the statue that comes with the AI Nirvana Initiative Looks Cant wait for this game


PSA: Dont have a vindaloo the night before youre at work at half 6 in the


Spent this morning at work making a playlist for hiking: Its got music from The Peanuts, The Cranberries, and I call it my Trail


Current status


I cant take I dont know what to do with Shes My feeble human Im printing this out and sticking it on my Hell, Im sticking it on every


After playing a few hours of Actraiser Renaissance I can say its absolutely It only improves upon the original and I personally like the Sabre Wulf/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon art style of the platforming


Just so people know Nitendo dropped a eshop sale after that A lot of the usual sale prices for the usual games but AI The Sornium Files for €16 is a really nice sale


Of course they had to show bayonetta 3 in the only direct that aired while I was asleep! Looks like its nothing groundbreaking on the technical side, but Im very hyped nonetheless


One of those


Taking a 9hr flight in a At least Ill finally see my family after almost 2 years :) Anyhoo, have a great day you lovely people! Also, Bayonetta 3!! And that Square card game, Trigonometry Tactics, and Kirby game look great!


Current Status:


Current Status

Inquisitive Raven

Thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes on my Birthday!! Its a great feeling to know Im liked, and Im so glad to be here Thanks again!!


Calling it now, the Mario movie is going to be an origin story; how he got to the mushroom kingdom and met Peach, Much like the live action Mario will be younger and is missing either his mustache or outfit or both until the last 15 mins🤔😐


Fire (2021) - Is this track actually fire? Its not for me to say, but it is named Hopefully that makes the track :p


Trading in about $300 worth of Magic cards to Magic cards from the new set tomorrow at This is why I originally quit, Back at it Midnight Hunt has proven so far to be a great set in MTGA though!


Square Enix has made a brand on silly game titles, and the executives have started to worry they might be mellowing down a Anyway that’s probably the widely believed fact of why this game will be called Triangle Looks promising!


(BUMP: Told At least Bayonetta 3 looked pretty Another Nintendo direct, another update without a new Mario

Inquisitive Raven

Birthday dinner! We went out to my favorite seafood place and got fried shrimp, sweet potato fries, and really tasty garlic noodles loaded with shrimp, sausage,


Found this book at the Goodwill that folds out into this Liked it so much I hung it in my


Gonna post a link in the comments of this Quickpost to my Sonic Colors I need feedback on whether its good or not before posting it next If you have time to spare, specifically 22 minutes, Id appreciate Edit: night bump


The Direct didnt do too much for New Act-Riaser looks slick, the Castlevania GBA collection looks great, and dammit, The Rock should have been cast as


Deathloop log: the beauty of pvp is getting killed as Julianna by

Ricky Namara

What is the most messed-up thing to pop into your brain today?


For those that have beaten oxenfree, I wanna know if I understood the ending correctly in the comments


Anyone have any experience buying amiiibo coins? Want a gift for my brother, and thought those could be nice, but there are many storefronts to choose


Do I have a a short memory or was that the best Direct in quite a while? I mean, that was really That Kirby game alone could fill its own


So, they changed Bayonettas voice or?


Winner of the direct? Charlie Day as Luigi


Wasnt able to see the Direct due to work, but Kirby and Bayo 3 make me ugly cry, Castlevania and ActRiser look sick, and not having Charles Martinet voice Mario killed any hype I had for the Mario Also I wanted Dread


This is why you dont predict things You might accidentally manifest it into


Charles Martinet has been cast as Starlord in the upcoming Guardians to the Galaxy

Inquisitive Raven

An interesting thing revealed about Rune Factory 5 today was that it would have same-sex marriage options for the first time in the series:


This is the only casting choice that would make me want to go see the Mario

Cygnus Rush 961

A shadow-drop of the Castlevania GBA trilogy (I can ignore Dracula X) in addition to Bayonetta 3 (coming in 2022) is a good way to cap off the


As awesome as that direct was with those big announcements, I also want to take a moment to appreciate that Ill be able to play Banjo on a Nintendo That was like my dream during the DS days when they made Mario 64 DS, and now itll be possible


Since Astral Chain is stuck on the Switch and runs like dog doodoo on tiny resolutions, I was over the moon when Bayo took hold and debuted her new look <3 Bayo 2 is still my fav so far, but the noise I emitted when she came on screen would scare an ape


Very proud of this purchase!

Anonymous 20

Im actually fine with Martinet not playing His Mario voice, as iconic as it is, really isnt suited for extended Recasting was the right I just hope that if Mario uses a catchphrase like Lets a go!, its Martinets

The Actual Charlton Heston

My phone didn’t ring once while they were casting this Mario What the hell, I bring class, charisma, and undeniable sexual magnetism to any project I’m involved You’ll rue this; you’ll ALL rue

The Whore of Babylon



We can not let Square-Enix get away with calling their game Triangle


That kirby game looks like the right kind of jam for the right




Theyre already casting for Super Mario Film 2 and Im here for it:


Apologies in advance if I freak out over the new Kirby game too Like holy shit I want this game to be released yesterday (yes I have already rewatched the trailer numerous

Damien Quicksilver

The new kirby game looks Been waiting for that Castlevania Advance And I think the Mario movie will be really Wheres the demo for that weird-maybe-good card RPG at? Biggest disappointment? The Sega Genesis

Sweaty Dungus

Andy Dick as Waluigi is an odd casting decision, but I’ll roll with it