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FNF - TF2 - Final Map List + RAR Download

Same Info as usual Server IP: Server Name: Destructoid.com - TF2 Server Pass: dtoid Server gets locked at 8pm cst and will undergo a reboot to kick everyone out and start the custom map list. The final map list is as f...


TF2 has issues NOW!

Team Fortress 2 was SAID to be very laggy when it first came out. And then an update came out a few days ago or so. Well just now was my first time playing it with the update and I have to say...it is UNPLAYABLE! I really don't understand ...


Half-Life Movie TRAILER!

Looks like I have to post this since -D- said, I am now "gay for Valve." Well, SO WHAT! HL2 was one of THE best games I have ever played. Here is the trailer, I didn't even know it was in the works. So it is NOT a REAL movie trailer and...


Half-Life 2: Z...

OMG Burritos!!!!111!!! I mean ZOMGPONIES!!1111!!! No, BOTH of them combined can scratch the service of this game. Cereal, if you have no played it, you need to rush out NOW and pick up Orange Box immediatley. This game is pretty much the ...


Team Fortress 2 - Better than Brad Bird?

I am absolutely stunned - these trailers have been more exciting than a Indy 4 trailer or seeing newly bought lingerie in my girlfriends shopping bag combined!!! FINALLY, the dream I had while watching Toy Story that "games one day will ...


Old Man Murray, You Are Missed

(Sorry for bumping this, but the formatting went all screwy when someone made sneaky but not unexpected edits to my post. Being the anal retentive bastard I am, I couldn't leave it alone.) NOTE: Some of the links in this blog are NSFW. ...




Met a new customer who is a 6 yr Afghanistan army I just get along with military dudes so Plus


One To Be Feared (2016): This is somewhat of a sequel song to Corrupt Leader of the Free I like the piano lead, and the use of horror sounds throughout the




Why wont they make more Quantum Leap?!


My mother bought me a Japan Crate subscription box to celebrate me working in Japan this summer and it included a can of Skal, a lovely skim-milk based soda I drank occasionally when I was in Tokyo in Dont knock it til you try it, folks!


The more you know!


I finally played Life is Strange: True I can now rank every entry in the Heres my list ranked from best to worst:




Ive been thinking about Wasteland 3 a lot and hey, the dlc was on So yeah, I bought it and replay has


Acknowledge my mixology accomplishments so I dont feel like I completely wasted my time,


Riot Games emotional guard remains cracked, but not fully torn down yet: Valorant is fun, but I cant get a hold of the shooting, even with CSGO experience; Leage is fine but confusing; Runeterra is fun so far; Arcane is still episode 1 but in my mind


Whats in the box!?


Y’all need to be informed of the real


Remeber the knife/machete man who was supposed to be suspended? Well his suspension is up now, and just came in to see them get suspended for another 90 His old suspension was up last week and he made that week really bad with


Current Status:


Reservoir is easily the worst part of RE8 so far - Felt like it didnt really have a design identity the way the Castle (classic RE) or the Estate (psychological horror) Minimal threat, zero scares, a quick puzzle and a boss fight and its

Anonymous 20

Random thought: is Dodgeball the only movie in which Jason Bateman ever acted? I feel like he plays the same guy in pretty much everything else hes


Started playing SAO:Fatal Digging it so No, Ive never seen the No, Ive never played any of the other No, Ive never Its

Queen of Philosophy

On Sunday, I started a new run on Mortal Shell to try and beat the game without any Since this means everything kills you in one hit, I fully expected to give up before the first Buuut three days later, and the trophy is mine! 🙌🏻🖤


I found a new progressive politics bro that makes me envious of their looks, but also gives me heavy if Jonathan Holmes were gay and not bald


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A NEW DTOID DRAWS! And this around, the time make your own Shin Megami Tensei Demons and/or Angels! More details in comments! BUMP THREE DAYS LEFT

Anonymous 20

The She-Hulk trailer is honestly the first Marvel show that I have zero interest in Even the Ms Marvel trailer looked cool for a certain My hype levels dropped to zero after that


This last week wasnt too kind on my So I ran to Calistoga on Monday, to soak in nature, wine, and good Trying to find some peace and Not ready to leave Also, eat at Phyllis burger stand if you One of the best borgs

sp testure

Oh damn, I want too bad I dont have the funds to buy this right Talk about bad


All burgers should like theyre ready to eat you


If youre caught up on Clone Wars + Rebels but havent started on Bad Batch, definitely do Its way better than I They hide a lot of broader world building behind a really well written cast and conflict that you get super invested in


Ive had my Steam Deck for about 8 hours now and yeah, this is a fucking great piece of Its heavy and bulky but man, so much better to use than a stanky Got Epic linked up (that took a while) but yeah, its great!


The internet is telling me I should play Prey if I want a new immersive sim, even though I never heard anyone say anything impressive about Prey


Whatup, Dtoid community? My latest book is now up! Link in the comments, I hope youll check it out!

Sam van der Meer

After an unintentionally-thematically-linked double feature, I’ve made the discovery that 2005 was the Best Year for Video Games and am now going to chip away at some oddballs from that year for the rest of the

Lynx Amali

Say hi to the new puppy in the Brother picked it Its a pitbull/Staffordshire mix from what he


My local theatre is finally getting Everything, Everywhere, All At Once so I can finally see Going to have to wait til Sunday, but Im pretty


Tried the new fried pickle burger at Its a home run! I loved Ill return again soon to get You can also get the pickle chips as a side dish and they were I dont normally eat at Sonic, but I thoroughly recommend


Today feels like a Monty Python First Kurzgesagt posts something that reminds me of a Monty Python song, then I pay for the privilege of reading how someone will (likely) say my game is bad in (That the someone is right is beside the point)


Someone got tired of waiting for Nintendo to make a new Wario Land and just decided to make their


It feels very late to only just start bringing this game One Shot to consoles but glad to see more people will be able to check it out on Switch at


Huzzah! I’m employed again! I can now rejoin the masses of working folk that toil endlessly and still dread if they’ll be able to afford the necessities for life! WOOOOO!


Goty 2022 coming

Whispering Willow

Getting some fan-made Hades stuff on The Zag/Cerberus is by TheAcedCasino and the Nyx print is by


Is Super Mario 3 the best looking NES game? The aesthetic is so clean sometimes I forget its Always really loved Mega Man as well, the huge enemy sprites always made me feel like it was a cartoon come to


Managed to miss one upgrade station, keeping me from Bioshock 2 platinum :) Ill need to come back to it for a quick run through, but for now its 1999 mode in Infinite


Aw man, Monster Hunter Stories 2 has its hooks in Its like the How to Train Your Dragon experience I didnt realize I




After a few days with Evil Dead: The Game I can safely say that this game kicks ass! Im so happy it turned out well, and its just an absolute blast to play with


Reached the Plateau (without using the lift), but travelled back to the area south of Limgrave where I hadnt set foot yet and seem to be a bit overlevelled Starting to feel the game might be a bit too big? Still, its a good


happy cheese biscuit day


Current status


Seems like all those PS2 games theyre offering on that ps plus sub service are half off right So if Siren, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud 2, Wild Arms 3 etc piqued your interest maybe get them now and skip the sub,


Me when I realize that I dont have enough space on my SD card to download most of the stuff I want for Nintendo