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My New Toy. Don't worry it's VGR.

I'm usually this site's best lurker, but today I got something in the mail I needed to share. About a month ago over at Tomopop there was an article on a place called MetalWorks that made figures from engine parts. Well I ordered the The Bi...


Realization: I might own too many Chocobo.

<p>While I was wandering idly about the office today I looked up at the big bookshelf near my desk and realized that since I don't face it (my desk faces the opposite direction), it's taken me until now to realize I have a lot of Choc...


Video game papercraft. How I spent my Sunday

Well, today has been a truly eventful day. So eventful in fact that I decided to do something I hadn't done in years. Papercraft! Now when I mean "in years", I mean I don't even remember the last time. So thanks to http://www.cubeecraft.com...


My Metroid Plushie...let me show you it!

A little while back, Colette did up a blog post on a cute little Chibi Pitt from Smash Brawl. Since this was a commissioned piece, I took it upon myself to make a request. And what would I request? Well if you don't know by now, unplug your...


The Rise of Toy-based Games

A little revolution is happening in the world of toyland. Slowly but surely, the physical act of play is becoming digitized. Due to the decrease of traditional toy sales and the meteoric rise of online games, toy makers are laun...


My Set-up Part II - Also, my fleamarket haul!

HI EVERYBODY. Alrighty, I said I was going to do this before, and now is the time. I finally cleaned my office. And instead of filling up the clogs with more than enough topics, I'll just put these two together. Respekt Knuckles Coon! Thi...


LEGO Guitar Hero

The song, Impulse, charted in a frame-by-frame Lego Guitar Hero animation! Pretty awesome little project, hope he does more! :D


Media Room Progress Update - WE HAVE DRYWALL

As promised...ages ago....here are some updated pics of the home theater in progress: Here is the wall where the "bar" area will be...sorry, we don't have a sink, but we'll have a fridge and a well-stocked liquor cabinet - Next we have...


Parappa The Rapper Custom Mighty Mug

Hey all! This is a Custom Parappa the Rapper Mighty Mug! Made from a Star Wars C3PO Mighty Mug, with Fixit sculpt for his hat and ears. I really liked doing this, although next time I might try to do it an easier way. This one started out ...


Relive Your Childhood, Pokémon Cards At Burger King

Remember the good old days when everyone you knew played the Pokemon card game? No? Well then you're too fucking old, damnit. For those of you that are cool and played the Pokemon card game I've got some good news for you. Burger King want...


My wife did it again. (Ebay link)

My wife decided she saw enough interest on the innernetz for the LBP sackboy, that she would go ahead and make one specifically for Ebay. This guy is lighter in color than the previous one, and comes with a wig if you like transvestite sack...


Lady dolls for boys - WTF?

It wasn't long after I found Destructoid that I found the awesome Tomopop. If you've not dropped by, go now! What are you waiting for, dammit? Quite simply, it's toy heaven. Amongst the wonderful vinyl toys are some truely scary "lady doll...


Horror day turned into lucky day thanks to toystore

Sometime you just wish you hadn't woken up... I get up, get on my bike to go to the bakery, first one: closed, on the way to the second one it starts to rain like crazy, turns out, its closed as well... K onto the third one... still rainin...


MAGFest 6: Dtoid Suite Time in the making

You want in on the "Suite" Time? Who doesn't? Of course if you want in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, o...


IGN's Dream GI Joe casting

GI Joe is in the works. It has been bastardized though. GI Joe now stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity because the world hates America. It is also suppose to be flashy and high-tech weapons and we have just entered the world...


Kratos goes BIG time!

We all know of the contest going down and all that blah blah blah stuff, right? Well NECA seems to be taking notice. Sure, they released those other Kratos figures but now this is the one that takes the cake. The big daddy of them all...12"...


Do you like Transformers? I do!

But do you like Nike shows? I...uh...if it fits my foot and looks good, I do. Oh and if it isn't like $29802. Sorry, but that is a bit expensive for a piece of "durable" fabric to wrap around my foot. I don't care how much "cushion" it clai...



Dennis Carden

Went to a fancy crystal wares place I just went in to look around, but then I noticed they had a major clearance sale going I now have more beer I also got myself a growler from a local brewpub Good beer, yay!

Kevin Mersereau

Almost finished with season 1 of Mob Psycho 100, and it’s really great! Took a few episodes to sink its teeth into me, but I am now 100% in it for the long This that good


Nailed a co-worker in the bosss office while theyre out for vacation this So how was everyone elses weekend?

Pixie The Fairy

I got a Pod Its no porxie, but it will do for




Featured her before and for good Enjoying the electro sounds mixed throughout this Shes fairly new, but one to watch #musictoid | Carlie Hanson - Side Effects

CaimDark Reloaded

What an amazing

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura to celebrate the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts III Link to full-size pic and source below!


Went to the MtG Theros pre release today and it was lots of fun! I won 2 rounds and lost New set is really really fun to play!


That MTG Arena sure is a time sink, isnt it?


Ive been writing these gosh darn awards As it turns out, I crossed the 10k word mark while writing a silly Christmas-themed Pretty happy with myself for not giving up so far! Since I need a break, how about an AMA?


I bought Iconoclasts day one on Steam, and put it down at the Tried to pick it up again after two years and yeah, just fuck the Tower

Virtua Kazama

Oh I had a feeling this was gonna Were going live with the SNES version of Shaq Fu!


I started going to the Gym again for the first time in Fridays workout went pretty good but todays? I wish I were


Just actually finished a run in Hades, first time since they added the final Hoo boy, I hope they actually do something with the ending, since how things are is super, super anticlimactic and kinda


God damn Dont hold Hope its them and the Chiefs in two They compliment each other nicely imo, and should make for a good Not a first half slaughter (so

Electric Reaper

Stuff that annoy me about Azur Lane: memes, meme ships, people using the Oath and ship name change systems to spread memes, and certain ships taking forever to That said, I still like it more than Fate: GO or Fire Emblem


gang! Theres still 12 days to join in on the BoB fun! This months prompt is about Looking Forward : Follow the link for details!


Can you play PAL PS1 games on a NTSC PS3?


I just finished watching Digimon Adventure Tri for the first AMA (about the show or anything else really)



Czar Kazem

Heads up film friends: Target is doing a buy 2 get 1 on games, movies, and books The Target website sells Criterion blu-rays, and usually for around $25 instead of The B2G1 does apply, so solid opportunity to buff up your collection!


SW-2712-2446-2517 friend code me up on switch you sexy Also #SiegeSunday




Purple if just goth


Ammie sketch


Welp both PS3s are The original one doesnt wanna play games via disc drive anymore, and the one I got scammed on Offer Up for doesnt wanna even work half the Shouldve just gone and grabbed one from GameStop with all this hassle


Just got to the final boss in Pillars of I am dropping Pillars of Eternity :-)


Cleaning a 30 year old Delicious

Uncle Arena Fighter

Finished listening to the 7-hour Pokemon Omega Ruby analysis in record-breaking A lot of the points raised still apply to Sword and Shield, so Id say its worth a Dont worry, there are timestamps - and a lovely Scottish


I woke up to a text message from Pats wife containing this It sounds like video games are ruining his We need to have an

Mike Sounders

Finished Jedi Fallen Order last Was a good Thoughts in the


Well, my day has been made a few dozen times better thanks to this tucked away

Dangus Taargus

Considering getting a PS2 Slim (a white SCPH-79001 model - I love white consoles!) and running ISOs from a network Anyone have any experience with this? Should I wait and see what the PS5 does for BC?


Would anyone be interested in a Switch accessories review video from me?I already owned a couple, but I ordered several more last night because I was flabbergasted at all the cool shit people are making for what is becoming my favorite console!


Been really hooked on Slay the Spire this First card video game I like! Messed with Hand of Fate 2 as well, seems pretty fun! And Ive been playing Gungeon again (so good on Guess the rougelite bug has bitten me

Sam van der Meer

Holy MOLY Im late to finally watching this but I NEED THIS GAME FU = ET, and the whole thing is just like Adult Swim acid madness by way of Sudas Hoping for dirty corporate commentary and goons to Oh my GOD!


The number of glitches in XCOM 2 disgusts


Now that Ive nailed my most recent white whale (Nuclear Throne), its time to focus on another Ive not I need to remedy the blasphemy of not having completed Doom


Escaping Area 86!


Must-Have Switch Games? Getting a Switch Lite next week, wondering what games I should get for I have a few in


This week, Ive mostly hated L3/R3 I suppose this is how many feel about tacked-on motion


First time buying something on Offer Up and I got Got myself a PS3 on the site, guy was super nice, but lied through his teeth about the Disc Drive dont work, and the WiFi dongle on the board is shot so no wireless controller

Kevin Mersereau

The Outer Worlds was a good time, but the ending scenes resort to the same bullshit, still-scene montage copout that’s been around since Fallout That super sudden, feed of text, “use your imagination” fluff should have been abandoned back in 2008


Pose and AJ and the Queen has been some of the best television ive seen in my life


Great interview with Hugo Martin, creative director of Doom 2016 and Doom Dude is really down to earth and he has a Last Dragon poster in his office, so hes alright by