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Afro Samurai Pre-Order Figurine Is Made of Awesome

I meant to post about this yesterday but I couldn't find my digi-cam, but it's been found soooo... Anyone else who got the pre-order figurine surprised by the quality? It's shorter then what I thought it would be (about 5 inches tall) but g...


Lara Croft - The Boob Chronicles

The latest Tomb Raider game royally went down the tubes. Why? Because her chest is getting smaller, that's why! I miss her sandbag lookin' busom. I wrote about this initially in my blog, but a picture means a thousand words.. meet the Boob ...


I received a strange package today.

...What the hell is this? I didn't order anything. So today I woke up to stumble upon this strange package sitting outside my door. A very peculiar shape indeed this package was. Upon opening it I was presented with something that I do...


My World of Warcraft FigurePrint Arrived!!

I've been playing World of Warcraft for quite a few years now, and like most people, I have especially fond memories about my main character. I even made her the subject of a Monthly Musing blog about video game characters that meant som...


Woodworking in gamer land

Being a woodworker(insert gay/penis joke here), I sometimes like to tool around in my workshop. The fact that I am a gamer as well brings me inspiration at times. I decided about a week before Christmas that I was going to make some game ...


Goozex Gift Cards 1/2 Price!

Holy Crap! Goozex known as the game trading site is having a Half Price giftcard sale on their cards. This means that for the price of $27.50 you can get 1000points and 5 trade credits. In non-Goozex member terms that means that you can...


Imported lootz get!

So, browsing through my local comic/game shop, I came upon a stuffed Yoshi. Being a huge Yoshi fantard, I took a look at it. Seeing the tag, I knew it was rather special, given that it was in Japanese. As in, completely Japanese. So I picke...


Make your OWN Longcat as long as you want!

This isn't a trick or a scam. It is the real deal. In this blog you will find the tools to make a Longcat to your desire. And better yet, you can take it with you where ever you go (if you can) cause it is made out of PAPER! That's right, P...


Surprise for the Destructoid Community.

I'll be able to order him soon (as soon as the better half's coat gets returned) I won't post a pic until I have him safe and sound amongst his many many friends made of plastic die cast rubber and other sorts of synthetic materials.


Your holiday top 5?

With Christmas around the corner, I was wondering what you guys would pick as your top 5 games to receive this holiday season. Stick with games released recently, or games that will be releasing just around the corner. What would you love t...


Wedge ordered the P4 Social Link Expansion Pack for my birthday/christmassy-thing, right after he found out I preorded Persona 4. Everything is pretty cool in it-- especially the shirt. Though it's really, really big for an allegedly "XL". ...


Custom Halo 3 Pink Master Chief. + Cave Story?

Before I get started, yes, I totally bit this picture template from Jin Saotome. I figure it works, it looks good, so I ran with it. In the future, I probably won't use this set up, but for now, it'll do. After finishing him (her) all up...


Genki-Jam thank you post

Thank you to the man who has blessed us with a thousande movies and blessed me with some awesome birthday presents! Some kickass Sabritones, WHICH ARE FUCKING TASTY! and of course the mighty moustached moustache from Ninjatown DS! I ...


WCC Rearview mirror fuzzies are back!

Portal fanatics/obsesses, get to the Valve store cause those Weighted Companion Cube Fuzzies that hang from your rearview mirror are back on the site. And who cares if hanging stuff from there may be illegal where you live...just say GLaD...



After many months of sweat, blood, tears, nails, lumber, and some really good drywall and carpet installers, the Media Room/Basement/Office has been completed!!! The brains of the system...receiver, and gaming central. A slightly broade...


Pendelton's Perler Creations

Hey, all. I just realized it's been a while since I showed off some Perler pieces I've been working on/finished. Since I love showing off my work, here's the best of what I've done recently: This I did for a contest on the Bead Sprite For...


HD Revolution?

So for my first post on the C-Blogs, I'm going to kick off in not-so-classic style by announcing - I've just bought a kick arse HDTV. OK, that's a little ostentatious, but I'm more than a bit proud, since it's the first really shiny bran...


mega man 9 soundtrack spotted

http://games.blog.nl/wii/2008/09/13/mega-man-9-soundtrack-is-uit-inclusief-ge-llustreerde-boss-galery to much awsome :) cd is including tracks from the game and also commentaries from the rockman 9 team. http://img366.imageshack.us/img...


The greatest LEGO creation ever: L4D

Yeah, that's right. Epicness has struck last week and has left a profound impact on my mind. It is simply one of the most amazing things you will ever see, ever. More amazing then a puppy and duckling getting along. Sorry, but this is true....



After returning home from a long hard day of learning nothing in class (I was tested on my ability to create WordArt in Microsoft Word in my first class and did a report on the differences between a Wii Remote and a light gun in the other...




Theres Then theres making your cat pancakes too,


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Also Im turning this into a #cursedmas Pic in


Happy birthday to the sexiest Seymour on Dtoid! Have a great day!


If your poem doesnt include Kill-Prick, Dildoe or Thus was I rookd of twelve substantial fucks, its automatically Medieval literature taught me


Im shocked they havent tried making a fortnite cartoon


Youre in trouble for aging!!! Thats We all do I love you Rarely a week goes by where I dont think of that vid you made It pushes me From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a lovely day, n get all the Happy


Happy Birthday Seymour! Today I learned that apparently you have your own birthday


Monty pyhton life of brain good

Czar Kazem

Set up a new monitor today and Im so happy with how clean my desk finally Waiting until I move out to actually get a proper, comfortable desk, but things are working for


Man Osc, this dude is really something Love all his shit Ive

Electric Reaper

Of the worlds top 10 weapon seller countries, 7 of them are definitely That is

Boxed Swine

Hey, We know that money is tight and spirits are low because of So the government is proud to announce that we will be accepting Butts this next tax Well pull up in one of our discrete vans and take a piece of your


Man I really like Worthikids animations and


Am Is


Found some cool Sheik concept art online for HW, did a sketch on


if your not paying for the are the product! Thats the realist, yet scariest quote Ive heard in a sure many of you have already seen the Social Dilemma by now, but Im old I dont have a Twitter or Facebook


Alright played a bit of ESO for the first time before my eyes started feeling tired because long I made an Argonian warden, and Im NOT going to be a

Double Monocles

Just finished Ghost of Tsushima after about 5 weeks with Its been a long time since a game genuinely impressed me and filled me with Truly something Play it if you


Its 2020 and Im downloading cookie clicker, you cant stop

A Luigi Fanatic

Copyright law lasted 28 years back when the was If that were still the case, Super Mario World, Star Wars 4-6, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Ghostbusters would all be free for people to download, share, and sell derivative works


Started playing Sekiro, man does this game have quite a learning 6 hours in and gradually getting the hang of it, taken down a couple of Hopefully there are some more weird and wonderful enemies than just


As limited as Thanksgiving may be for you this Make sure you still reach out to those you Blink of an eye, and things could Be safe Dtoid, and have a Happy


Check out what I gots for my Its in right-out-of-the-shrinkwrap condition!


He is, in fact, an entire

Chris Moyse

I might have to stop watching movies until I can learn to come away from them not ultra sad from comparing my life, goals, relationships, strength, looks, and body shape to the fictional characters that feature in their fictional

Damien Quicksilver

I dont wanna sound like a queer or nothin, but I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band!


Getting ready to get cooking on a smaller Thanksgiving than usual; which is nice Anyone else feeling Thanksgiving this year?

Destructoids Very Own Ein

That sheep sure has a purdy


Turns out that the real boss battle was SOCIETY all along!


I bought it on sale forever ago, but I think Im finally going to try out Anyone here play?


Theres a queue for getting a PS from I started 10 minutes ago and went from over and hour to between 40 and 50 Also Walmart at 9pm Good luck if you


**UPDATE - They uploaded an official vid! Just got sent back to the early 2000s with this Punk rock never sounded so I swear this guy just keeps pumping out #musictoid | KennyHoopla, Travis Barker - ESTELLA


The craziest thing about buying new games is realizing how many games I already have in my backlog that can provide me a fun time, that I never Except that backlog doesn’t have Cyberpunk yet!

Damien Quicksilver

I was thinking that Switch needs a Mario Golf and a Warioware Do me a favor and tell your uncle to pass that on to the bigwigs for me please?


Finally my new system came in the Check it out in the comments


I was checking out at the grocery store a bit ago, I saw some gum advertising free Marvels Avengers in-game item with Thats when I remembered this headline and thought,


A buddy of mine is in school for programming/computer Hes making a game for a project, and has enlisted me to make music and design sound effects for it! Ive done two songs for it, one here, and the other in the


My mom and aunt have gifted me 3 pounds of beef fajita meat from my favorite Mexican joint Lupes for my birthday (tomorrow)! I would gladly owe someone 4 figures if they found fajita meat more delicious than Guess Im in for some cheat days~

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I got another mysterious package from the


I now know the the guy in charge of QA at $13hr 40 hr week play testers 6 months I Work from home where Probably need a decent computer since youre testing PC I imagine this might be a good fit for someone


I had my mom write a Christmas card for my fiances family (who she hasnt met) and I shit you not she wrote Merry Christmas, we have the coronavirus, wishing you well!


Whats your favorite Thanksgiving appetizer, side, main meat, and dessert? Ill start: Jalapeno poppers, green bean casserole, ham, any fruit

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Me following Wario64 on twitter to try to nab a PS5 the last few days with no Also me: Having a conversation with an adult film star on twitter even though I never thought she would even reply the first wut?


Alas, poor Destined to walk the sepulchered forums of A doomed husk of a Do not cry for


I mean, just

Voltaic Owl

If you’re “expressing a dog’s anal glands”, just call it what it You’re juicing its


Oh yes! Divinity Original Sin II is on sale for What a perfect time to have recently finished an RPG and ready to start


Current Status:


Sometimes you just find something you want everyone else to see, yknow?


Bummed I missed out on this dope 2001 Mondo Clockwork Orange poster by the same artist in the