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Does the Rise of the Tomb Raider Deserve Hype?

Long time no see C-Blogs. So there's another fancy new Tomb Raider game coming out and I keep seeing people trying to hype the game up. So, I decided to go back and play the first rebooted title to see if the hype is even warranted. It's be...




So I go to bed at a reasonable time after skipping a night of sleeping to try and reset my sleep Asleep by Body wakes me at Why you do this


Heading out Got my drip

Ricky Namara

Didnt know Rob Liefeld is doing manga these


oh wait a second, i have gamepass on Ill just just play B4B with that instead

Whispering Willow

Finished Metroid Definitely my GotY so far and among the finest in the Also I totally see what they did there in the final boss

Anthony Marzano

Got to play Dune Imperium with Bass and Frosty What an absolute blast of a game it is and Im still riding the high of politicking to a A perfect lead-in to the movie coming out this


Ran through Dread again on Hard Wish this wouldve been available from the start but its not like I wasnt enjoying a second Awesome

Chris Moyse

Sometimes I’m talking at length and thinking ‘Shit I’m making some really good points’, then I hear it back and oh no my voice I sound like a soulless, charisma


Does back 4 blood still require an online connection to play? If so, im still gonna pass on

Whispering Willow

My Switch OLED is finally moving out of FedEx in At least I know it exists for sure!

Anonymous 20

Just finished my playthrough of Metroid Dread!!! Wow, what a What a game! A week ago, all I was hoping for was a solid game in the Now, I think this is a legit GOTY contender!!


Me: I wonder when the 4th season of Young Justice is ever going to come out? DC:

sp testure

Look at that silly little


Well this took me

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Dude , played some fallout 76 with a buddy cause it was on psnow and jfc thst game is a broken piece of shit, we were playing at like 8 frames per second #catturday


So my ex girlfriend decided to come back to her drawing by entering this competition of showing love to capybara (cavy) a very famous animal here in South Her come back shows up and this take on Sora is really




#caturday any excuse for her to

Raster Scanline

I got a box from Wonder what it could


So is the Prince of Persia remake just dead,

Dangus Taargus

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is Much better than the original, but also not Also it gets points for being the first game in a very long time to crash my gfx drivers and corrupt them entirely! Def skipping Cartel, so Gunslinger next


My best score in that rhythm game is no longer for a very bad song but for a very good


Still no gameplay, so will just continue to hope Rocksteady can pull this


Happy #dogurday from Maine Edit: picture no load


Waifu Uncovered has got a sequel on the Praise be to the holy


Aww yeah, now thats a half-decent Wasted a lot of time making some wrong turns, but Im getting


Some pro-ass Metroid Dread tips in thr comments (low level spoilers)


Added this big boy to the




#Caturday has Gizmo sleeping in productivity


#caturday My sisters new




#Caturday baby


Its time to hang dong, or kick rocks, and Im not wearing




Gonna post a twitter link in the comments showing my closest call with am so


I think Ive had enough Metroid for a while


Not much of a FPS guy but played a hour and a bit of Severed Steel last night and man the game feels so great to Shame it is so short at 2 to 3 hours for €25 but I can see myself replaying it 2 or 3 times and trying out user created levels

Anonymous 20

Gotta gush about a spoiler Dread moment in the


Have the best weekend!

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Octopath Traveler(Switch) -Hollow Knight (Switch) -Hitman (PS4&5) -MH Rise (Switch)




With the help of my friend I was able to make this logo for the next charity Its gonna be a bunch of randomizers with each $50 mark being reached unlocking another All for Extra Life this

Czar Kazem

October Annihilation is the best cosmic horror movie out Also: this in 4k HDR, on a nice OLED TV? May be the most gorgeous movie Ive ever

Cygnus Rush 961

Decided to pull the trigger and get a GB Ive just had enough of the way Nintendo has been handling their retro library of games across multiple systems, their slow drip-feed of games is On top of that the price is taking the fucking piss!


This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Queen took care of it for me this Come jump in and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend Have a great weekend Dtoid!


After finishing the shitshow that was Halloween Kills, I’m washing it down with The My god what a perfect


Why isnt there a video game based on Rivers, Roads, and Rails?


Just finished Halloween Not a good At Cool kills 10/10