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Metroid: Black Sheep of Nintendo

Jigga say wha? One of the Big N's top franchises is considered a black sheep? Uh huh! The title, Metroid, seems to have been created inspite of Miyamoto, not along with his vision. The thought process probably went like this, "He is doing ...


Zelda DS - A Retraction

I hereby retract all previous statements of naysayeth against the upcomming Zelda DS game. I have obtained a copy of the game in, what one of my close acquaintences would say, "Moonspeak". After playing it a little while and getting a gr...


Destructoid Rebirth Lays Siege To Free Time

I know I'm not only one thinking this Destructoid.com has just become the Free Time Black Hole that nobody needs but everyone wants. There is now a place you can go not only to partake in intelligent dialogue on topics such as video games...




Speaking of sort-of exclusive Switch games, I recommend the Horberg trilogy which is now on Gunman Clive HD collection, Mechstermination Force and Super Punch Just 2-3 bucks each and lots of retro-inspired over-the-top stupid


Taglish will never not amaze me


I wonder if the possible future loss of CoD means Sony will bring Killzone


Laser Squad, one of the two European 8-bit micro franchises I know to have lived on (albeit under a different Elite is the


That vampire survivors thing is worth every cent of the 2 euros and change I spent


We deserved better 😔


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CaimDark Reloaded

Finished the Rerun of all the Witchers after a million hours! Nilfgaard civilized the North, Geralt bought Vivaldis bank after amassing 60k orens and lived happily ever after with Yennefer, Ciri saved the world, everybody is happy (but not


Im so happy that Pokemon Legends is coming out in a couple Not just because it looks pretty fun, but because the fandom can finally SHUT UP ABOUT ITS GRAPHICS!

Punished Nietzsche

Every game store in my country is breaking the release date of Pokemon And to make it worse, I WANT IT! damn pokemon, i swear i will never play one again unless they shake the gameplay, and this seems like it Not by much, but


New Album ANTHEMS has been 15 Free to This is a long blog about I have not forgotten the 10 people that showed interest (but didnt send over info BUMP


Vintage faith music album covers are a treasure trove of awkward


Well, Pokemon Legends reviews are out, and theyre actually good! I honestly didnt expect it, but Im very pleasantly


Canada & Stay safe this weekend! I havent seen anyone mention this but were about to get Florida might see mid 20s weather, I cant imagine Get some handwarmers and gas up your


What a world to live in! Im racking my brain trying to choose which evil monster to give my money to: Walmart or Amazon? Just trying to buy a cheap coffee maker for my office with my corporate credit card, its not even my money!


A few days ago a stranger randomly flirted with Yesterday a woman was undressing me with her eyes in Guess I am hot About time short fat dudes get their


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The Actual Charlton Heston

Happy Humpday from your generous, hirsute lover, And also from this fellow I found out in the wild, who shot me a thumbs up out of his car window when he saw me snapping this What can you do? You thumbs-up that son of a bitch right


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Watched Underwater last night and it was surprisingly good and a fresh Definitely the “show, don’t tell” variety which really Go in totally blind if Do recommend and it’s a tight 94ish


I want to do something stupid/romantic for someone but need some help - does anyone here live in Australia?


Last night I could finally spend the time to beat God of War Chains of Olympus on its original I had played it before on PS3 but since then I wanted to play it on the Besides from some graphical hiccups, the old formula plays

Silver the 3rd

Next youll tell me you lost money with nfts

Chris Moyse

It aint going well, I dont know what to do or where to


Have a day!


Dammit, I fucking like This stupid, very cute, very very simple


I learned how to make vinyl car decals so now Im going to try my hand at full color I drew this up in Illustrator and I think Ill slap it upside down on my rear Ill post pics when Im


Martian Panic (nFusion Interactive/Funbox Media, 2010) is a low-budget on-rails lightgun I dont like the sound my Wii Us drive makes when playing #WiiWednesdays

Dr Mel

I feel like I cant enjoy Carlin or Norm McDonald despite liking their work because of the absolute diaper fire atmosphere that surrounds their Kinda ruins the

Anthony Marzano

You can give a duck a


Revisiting Halo 4 on the MCC really makes me appreciate how Halo Infinites campaign ended The levels in 4 are super cramped and the Promethean Knights suck so hard on Legendary, good lord

Cygnus Rush 961

Since everyone is bringing screenshots from their stashes, heres one of #ScreenshotStash:


Just fyi! I didnt know this was getting a demo, so excited to see what this team pulled off

Ricky Namara

Post a news headline from a fictional Ill start: So Captain America Crashed Through Your House: 15 Steps on What To Do Post An Avengers Battle (Youll Never Believe #4)


Continuing my Justified I swear Neal McDonough just immediately elevates anything hes


Todays repair come from This 3DS was said to have a faulty d-pad, well cross button according to the Turns out it was the Circle Works great now and put in the US motherboard Gonna maybe sell this one to recoup repair


Got an oldie for The rogue trader artificer Paint looks a little rough but thats the curse of yellow :T onto the next 30-40 year old piece of lead in my collection


This should not work, but like Witcher 3 and DOOM, when devs put in the effort, not only can it work, but work incredibly Its been on sale for $30 and I had some Amazon credit, so I gave it a Its an amazing port! Super impressed with it!


Like this idiot is ever going to save the #TheBadMassEffect


Compiling all my best screenshots for my 2021 wrap-up blog and rediscovered this little The character creator in Death Road to Canada is, Id say, sufficient

Dangus Taargus

Ive been rolling my eyes at the never gonna stop using Windows 7 crowd for years, but here we are and Ive gotten very comfy with 10 and the updater is finally pushing 11 on I truly want to upgrade, because Im an obsessive updater

Anonymous 20

That new Overwatch Mercy costume, God Damn!!!! Consistently the best designed character in the game

Dr Mel

Ran through Eternal Darkness and it is indeed still a fun little Its aged oddly well, which is to say it was kinda hokey when it was new and still And the rough patches are still rough (the ending sections), but the formula is still


At the risk of spamming my channel too much, Ill let you know that this is the week we beat Dark Souls 2, so come hang out periodically and set your notifications on! After changing up my build, it feels A LOT better


Hotline Miami is so much easier on Switch than it was on a keyboard, aiming is a lot

Virtua Kazama

need Thats it, thats the Anyway, its time for more New Pokémon Snap!




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CaimDark Reloaded

Witcher 3 spoilers in the