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Steam Controller Impressions: Ups and Downs

Not too long ago, I got my hands on the new Steam controller. I have read a lot of different press on the device, so I thought I would give my two cents on how I think it feels: tl;dr: just like PC gaming, if you can tolerate the customiz...




I know things are kind of a shitshow all around, but here is some cute fluff to hopefully help you smile a bit


Any amount is too much, but frankly I have seen waaaay too much Among Us rule 34 style I need to take a break from the


I just started watching Critical Role (100+ episodes of 3 - 4 hours each, what could go wrong?), and goddamn Matt Mercer is The carnival that starts at 2:08:08?


Been doing some Among Us fan art on post it The marketing team behind this and Fall Guys is Dig the ability to interpret this game in a ton of different ways and will do a full sci-fi painting here Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


I woke up early to go to the gym but there was a tropical type storm going on so I said fuck it and went back to sleep only to wake up to Caribbean type The fuck you doing up there, weatherman?


The most important information from the NieR stream


Today really Reading gaming discussions is my escape


Theyre still airing, but Combat looked pretty decent


This is canon straight from the I love it!!!


Some new Nier info


I really wish I could hit the fast forward button on this


Today marks my 5th anniversary since I got a My very first handheld and one that has a game for Thank you for all the good times, Nintendo


AAAAAAAH I need time to play some No Mans Sky, new update looks AMAZING, but I also wanna play more Zendikar Rising limited on Arena, help :l


The ff14 channel didnt drop anything new but this limit break video is very Spoilers for shadowbringers music so


Glad I didnt splurge on the Mario collection because, in my head, I assumed the collection would have been better than the emulators out

Electric Reaper

There are some games I backed that I wished I invested more money Some games I wished I never backed, and some games I wished I did Fuck Mighty A lot of the Internet thinks its mediocre, but I just hate


You do that much You go


So apparently those NVME drives for the Xbox Series X are up for preorder and holy crap are they $219 for a 1 TB


Beat Wasteland A very good game imo, and I still think its probably gonna end up as my Gonna chew on


$571, that’s how much the digital PS5 is That is actually cheaper than the €499 MSRP though


Current Status:


Alright, its time for the great Who wins in a fight between Doomguy and Master Chief? (yes, I believe there is a correct answer) Edit: the answer is Chief carries 2 Doomguy has Math says Doomguy


And thats Jak 3 Really not a fan after all this It tries to wrap up too much and the plot just sort of Liked Sly 3


Kant wait to wake Fake, FML


Rayman has been on my mind after Michel Ancel left the games industry this Theres something special and heartfelt about the core I hope Ubisoft can preserve that if Rayman


That flow inhibitor on the vodka bottle sure is optimistic, now isnt Ill say when, And Im Or Also, I just need 1 more average viewer to start monetizing


I might not have managed to get the Mario pins, but I did snag these!

Ricky Namara

Why was Persona 5 such a massive hit? Because it predicted Trumps rule at


When I wake up every morning and I havent transformed into Ryan


My eight year old told me last night she plans to work in a As an executioner, and she’d have a pet jaguar, so the deaths would be quick and 🤔


Among Us is as good as youve heard and we should do a Friday Night Its free on mobile with only a brief ad at the end of a


I wish I could erase the game SOMA from my Every so often I remember the story of SOMA and get really depressed for hours I bet The Last of Us II is less


Can these stoopid next gen things launch so I can buy a PS4 already???


About 5 weeks old, and spoiled as Refuses solid


Walked in looking for a Gravecrawler for my Grimgrin commander deck, came out


If you tried to snag a Collectors edition of Monster Hunter Rise but saw it sold out on GameStop and Best buy, try checking out Capcoms online


Not the best version of the card, but delightfully Also, as a curiosity, when you play with WASD controls, what key is your pointer finger on? Mine is always F, because home


I hope I can bang a flumph

Spiders For Sale

I really do not care for the Tales of games but Tales of Berseria at 4 Money is Thats how they get you, I


Had an interview, thought I did well, but looks like Im not getting a second Frustrated and sad right now, but at least food and video games can temporarily cure


Happy Birthday, oh Clawful Raven whom just so happens to be Inquisitive!


Playing Mario As someone who didnt get into the Wii consoles, I think I hate these motion controls! Surfing, golfing, I just die a million Also mario can end up just as confused as me when I hold a direction and go in


Rumor spreading that Assassins Creed Valhalla will be on GamePass on release Thats the only title I wanted/needed for next-gen this I will be a very happy H if thats the


New feature for folks that hate waiting for games to Feature is available NOW Just went to Xbox app and every game I tried (5) were available to Be aware Im in the preview

Chris Bradshaw

them discounts

Chris Bradshaw

Crystar looks weeb as hell, but can anyone let me know if this game is a hidden gen?

Cloudman Sam

So how many of those confused xbox sales do you think ended with a scalper flooded with Xbox Ones that they might have a hard time reselling?


Happy birthday Inquisitive Ravenclaw! I hope you enjoy that big in Japan sale!


Ayy my copy of Mario All-stars came in earlier than I expected, but Im not going to play it until my next videos script is So I guess thatll just sit on my desk and taunt me until I stop