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Sony has a new target for world domination?

Sony is having an uphill battle with fighting Nintendo and Microsoft in this video game war. But who says they have to fight them to win? What if there was another company they could fight and end up winning? Since Sony is a multi-facet com...


Space World is back! Well, sort of...

After E3 died and was resurrected as a press-only convention, the public wondered where they would go. Many other conventions like PAX have since picked up the torch, but there was one convention in particular that sought to bring back the ...


Army of Two Release Date Announced

Electronic Arts cooperation (and shooting!) simulator Army of Two will be released for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 on November 15, 2007. Army of Two's gameplay focuses on two-man missions, two-man strategies, two-man tactics and a two-man adv...


E3 Keynotes Vote the Winner

So who's Top Dog Microsoft, Nintendo, or was it Sony? I thought the Microsoft Keynote displayed a lack of understanding from the executives as to whom their audience was. Couple that with a painful to watch Rock Band demo, a leaked demo...


Talking Dinosaurs Discuss Company Fanboyism

Direct Link in case the image is broken. I'm a huge fan of Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics, and felt the urge to share this recent one with you. There's plenty more video game related comics in the archives, your best bet is to search for ...


We're spying on you SOE!

PC Gamer Magazine's latest issue reports on a new MMORPG by SOE, (Sony Online Entertainment) maker of games such as Everquest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Planetside. The new game, dubbed The Agency utilizes the new Unreal 3 and will be ...




Between Leviathan and Arrebato, two I werent into, but Ill be damned if theyre not shooting them off rapid fire this I barely got time to piss between movies!


Finally, after 4 hours on my second attempt, the battle system in Xenoblade has clicked


So, Robo Panda and Lily inspired me to make this very stupid thing I just

Chris Moyse

Seeing as Vadicta is having a movie marathon, I got the confidence to give you a heads up on a short video I made commentating over a few movie Its a warm up to an incoming Link in comments cos content


Just finished Dread after 16 hours and Man what a great Metroid game! I could definitely see some things in it been done differently but overall I would say it’s probably one of my favorite off them


Obvious meme is Enjoy your day!

The Whore of Babylon

Ive basically heard nobody on this site talking about it, but Im sure some of you liked it No Straight Roads was totally my hidden gem for If you havent tried it give it a The music and culture are Check out the jpop boss


Alone in the Dark was nuts!


Second movie was Blood Diner! Wild crazy and cool!

Czar Kazem

October We diggin deep (not so

Robo Panda Z

Coincidence? Yes Torch, tell us more about your communist speedrunning ways!


When you get Morrowind working on your phone and now you can get attacked by Cliff Racers on the go:


You might not be able to tell from my terrible picture, but first up was REC! Thrilling as always, and apparently this was the first time it was shown in a US Cool!


Fun fact: Hocus Pocus 2 is being filmed about 5 minutes from my Its been fun watching the sets get built everyday when I drive to and from Ill try and grab some


Saw The HU Amazing show

Mike Sounders

Beat Aria of Sorrow, true Great game, runs laps around the other two GBA Castlevania games


Is it too early for #cursedmas


This better be the after credits scene




So I go to bed at a reasonable time after skipping a night of sleeping to try and reset my sleep Asleep by Body wakes me at Why you do this


Heading out Got my drip

Ricky Namara

Didnt know Rob Liefeld is doing manga these


oh wait a second, i have gamepass on Ill just just play B4B with that instead

Whispering Willow

Finished Metroid Definitely my GotY so far and among the finest in the Also I totally see what they did there in the final boss

Anthony Marzano

Got to play Dune Imperium with Bass and Frosty What an absolute blast of a game it is and Im still riding the high of politicking to a A perfect lead-in to the movie coming out this


Ran through Dread again on Hard Wish this wouldve been available from the start but its not like I wasnt enjoying a second Awesome

Chris Moyse

Sometimes I’m talking at length and thinking ‘Shit I’m making some really good points’, then I hear it back and oh no my voice I sound like a soulless, charisma


Does back 4 blood still require an online connection to play? If so, im still gonna pass on

Whispering Willow

My Switch OLED is finally moving out of FedEx in At least I know it exists for sure!

Anonymous 20

Just finished my playthrough of Metroid Dread!!! Wow, what a What a game! A week ago, all I was hoping for was a solid game in the Now, I think this is a legit GOTY contender!!


Me: I wonder when the 4th season of Young Justice is ever going to come out? DC:

sp testure

Look at that silly little


Well this took me

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Dude , played some fallout 76 with a buddy cause it was on psnow and jfc thst game is a broken piece of shit, we were playing at like 8 frames per second #catturday


So my ex girlfriend decided to come back to her drawing by entering this competition of showing love to capybara (cavy) a very famous animal here in South Her come back shows up and this take on Sora is really




#caturday any excuse for her to

Raster Scanline

I got a box from Wonder what it could


So is the Prince of Persia remake just dead,

Dangus Taargus

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is Much better than the original, but also not Also it gets points for being the first game in a very long time to crash my gfx drivers and corrupt them entirely! Def skipping Cartel, so Gunslinger next


My best score in that rhythm game is no longer for a very bad song but for a very good


Still no gameplay, so will just continue to hope Rocksteady can pull this


Happy #dogurday from Maine Edit: picture no load


Waifu Uncovered has got a sequel on the Praise be to the holy


Aww yeah, now thats a half-decent Wasted a lot of time making some wrong turns, but Im getting


Some pro-ass Metroid Dread tips in thr comments (low level spoilers)


Added this big boy to the




#Caturday has Gizmo sleeping in productivity