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Reviewing the SNES

Among many gamers in this site, as well as gamers in general, the SNES represents gaming’s golden age. Its games regularly feature in the greatest of all time discussions, and the console itself some claim to be to the greatest as well. F...


SNES REVIEWS: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

For those reading one of my SNES review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: "While the SNES was a constant presence in my childhood, I never had a large collection of games for it. In fact, many of the games I played I sti...



Mike Sounders

Bandai Im begging ya, its been Give me some more Battle Alliance news, I shouldnt have to find out stuff from a random, non-announced update to the Steam page lol


College pretty much finished to say now unless your doing Medicence or something similar for college it really isnt worth the massive amount of crunch and stress just to get the top great to be free and get to do more of my own stuff


Thats Ive seen enough!


Its not even June and the heat is already unbearable, I dont think Im gonna make it to the autumn


Most maidenless shit Ive ever seen

Mike Sounders

Fuck hes here to laugh at me again

Chris Moyse

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start folks


All these years later Final Fantasy 15 finally made the 10 million sales they said it needed to have to be considered Reminded me of whats probably my most liked comment on


Dropped Deaths Door for being thoroughly mediocre; decided to boot up Resident Evil 8 and give it a go and boy howdy, what a blast so




Have a great day!


Just finished playing turnip boy commits tax It was cute and nice and Also Im pretty excited about fall guys coming to switch, feel like I missed out on that one


GodDAMN, The Sadness on Shudder is completely To hear that it was based on comics like Crossed is crazy, especially considering what this movie gets away Definitely not for the squeamish or those already paranoid about the

Dr Mel

What if I get all of my upvotes in one big batch when Disqus finally fixes their shit? Im gonna feel like the funniest, smartest boy on my block when that


Finally saw the Uncharted As a film adaption of the Uncharted games, it kinda As a generic adventure story about finding lost treasure fine? Like totally serviceable as a mindless action


This style can make anything 100x


Just a quick one for today, Im hesitant to do anything with my warhammer quest box but inspiration struck


I am the Elden Lord after 130 hours

Silver the 3rd

I have deactivated my Facebook, right now I dont have any social media Im active I have also lost over 40 lbs this year, and am giving up weed for the foreseeable Im sharing this more for myself than anyone else but I need a change


Currently my foray into Vanadiel (FFXI) But not bad! Its very much an updated 2003 experience, but I can see where the seeds of FFXIV Honestly, I can see myself playing this for some time for the story and It nice!


Done with my first run of Rogue Legacy Better than the first in basically every way, and fairly flexible with difficulty Would Going to mess with the NG+ stuff on and off between other


Been playing some Deaths Door after beating Little Nightmares Its cute, but definitely nothing spectacular; feels very much like so much thought went into the style that there wasnt much left for the combat and


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A NEW DTOID DRAWS! And this around, the time make your own Shin Megami Tensei Demons and/or Angels! More details in comments! BUMP FIVE DAYS LEFT


Ive been building these kits wrong this whole


Found an old avatar buried in a hard drive, so new avatar I suppose


I was just thinking how theres a sort of allure and novelty to getting niche Japanese games on Was absolutely going to get Soul Hackers 2 physically on Xbox, unti I remembered I have a Series


Ive gotta tell yall about a thing I just discovered called Dracula Details in the

Jetter Mars

By popular demand (And by popular, I mean one person requested this), another Gunstar Heroes Gif!


My favorite thing about this is that it’s real and in my

Chris Bradshaw

tbh probably one of the greatest game trailers of all STILL somehow manages to be as good as the game itself imo


Running the school library stinks when you cant actually check in or check out :/


Dont usually work weekends but HR said theyd make it worth my time, theres important deadlines they need to I said ok, why not, got debts to pay so why turn down extra money right? Well you wouldnt believe what happened (clickbait)

Ricky Namara

Random Thoughts While Pooping Star Wars Edition: if the Klingons Birds of Prey were supposed to be massive, how come they all looked so cramped during bridge scenes in The Next Generation? Any in-universe explanation for that?




I tried to rate myself on ActiBlizzs Diversity Chart and it turns out that I would be a boring character for a video game but an excellent executive at I kind of hate myself


Bravo Bravo! Seems Sony is changing their Can they hurry up and oust Ryan


I’m pretty sure Bloober Team allegedly doing a Silent Hill 2 Remake is a violation of the Geneva


Decision So I didnt get the promotion I mentioned before BUT the new maintenance manager offered me 4 bucks to come back and be I stay and hope I get moved up or grab the bag now and try later 🤔😮‍💨

Jetter Mars

Monday: The struggle is real!


HUGE NEWS! Save Room now has mouse support and a voice for the logo making it an almost perfect


Its only Monday and I already have trouble remembering there was a weekend and what I did

Lord Spencer

Check out my blog on Mega Man 2 as part of my Mega Man retrospective I put a lot of effort making this one, and hope you like the end Please provide feedback to improve it


Having a bad day? I have a cure for what ails ya!


Reason #3762 that I want to be an astronaut: there are no allergies in space




I just found out they apparently added Godzilla and King Kong to Call of Duty?!?! How the fuck did this fly that low under the radar?