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Dreamcast News Round-Up

I really hope that title made you do a double take. YES. NEWS.. First off, bullet hell shooter game developer NG:DEV sold out of the batch of Fast Striker they sent to Play-Asia. They won't release how many units they sent to them, but t...


FPS of the Year - 1999

And here we are...all the way to 1999. It's been a long road, but it's finally come to an end. Aliens versus Predator Goddamn, could it be any faster? Well, so far it reminds me of what was done in the newest AvP, which is kinda cool....


RexwolfTrivia: It's been a while...

Sorry about the absence of trivia lately; I've been busy. I've been busy. I'm going to keep this short, because there's a RandomWolf I'm working on that'll be up by today or tomorrow. Law and (Not-so)HandsomeBeast each have one point! D...


The FMV Gumshoe

While I hate to admit it, over the years I have realised that I lack any real skill when it comes to adventure games. I don't solve problems, I usually make them and then run away from the inevitable fire and potential dismemberment. But th...


Nostalgia-Goggles: 'Pocahontas'

My video game beginnings were humble. I didn't get off to the most "hardcore" start. My foray into the gaming world began not with Duke Nukem 3D or Final Fantasy VI, but with Pocahontas for the Sega Genesis. When the game came out in 199...


Too Young to Appreciate Final Fantasy?

Out of the twenty-six years I've been on this planet, I have been gaming for about twenty-two of them, and I still cannot stomach an entire playthrough of the first Final Fantasy game. I know, I know! No one's more disappointed about that...


Freeware Tiberian Sun; or, as I call it, ULTIMATE WIN

Today, I learned possibly the happiest bit of gaming news I've heard in a long while: Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, as well as the expansion Firestorm, were released as freeware by EA. Over a year ago, in fact; to promote the 4th Comman...


Rex, PI Episode 3: A change of Scenery

Hey, look! It's Rex, PI! It's taken me far too long to release this, but it's not the only Episode three that people have been waiting for... Since it's been so long, you can catch the previous episodes in this nifty little hidden blog! Al...


The Legend of Zelda: A Reminiscence

The Legend of Zelda: A Reminiscence For the past twenty-five years, The Legend of Zelda has captivated many a gamer with its green-clad hero, golden triangles, ocarinas, talking boats, and chatty fairies. It�s a series that defined the a...


Famous Seamus' Classic Gaming Nook: Batman

Welcome to the inaugural post of my inaugural blog, The Classic Gaming Nook. I thought about using the term �retro,� but decided against it because I�m not a twat. This blog will consist of all things from the 8 and 16 bit era of gaming. ...


Dingoo A320: Retro Gaming Handheld

(Note: In this post, I will discuss the Dingoo A320's stock hardware and emulators. In an upcoming post, I will discuss the optional custom firmware, Dingux, that really makes the Dingoo shine.) I'll just go ahead and disclaim this post: I...


FPS of the Year - 1998

This one's a pretty easy year, actually. Sure, there were some good games this year, but also a bunch of really shitty ones. I think we'll all agree on #1, but the other great ones this year definitely deserve your interest. Let's go! B...


FPS of the Year - 1997

This is yet another big year that houses some of my all-time favorite FPSs. And that is exactly why though it was obvious what my #1 is for this year, it was heartbreaking to not be able to do the same for so many other great titles. ANYW...


Why Call of Duty is a Negative Influence

Why Call of Duty is a Negative Influence There used to be a point in the past where any new videogame was a wonder to behold. We lived in a time where the industry was infantile and big name companies like Bungie, Valve, and Bioware were j...


The Zelda Theme in Cumbia Version

Hi Dtoid community,here's a new track celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Legend Of Zelda",this time in cumbia version (a very popular music style here in M�xico) Enjoy and share! Please follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.c...


"Revisitation Rights"- Nightmare Creatures

�Revisitation Rights� is a segment dedicated to the discussion of remakes. In my eyes, a remake (unlike a reimagining) should literally �re-make� an idea that may have been previously flawed, or improve on what might have been lacking; in ...


FPS of the Year - 1996

...Fucking hell. I was worried this might happen. Okay, as a general disclaimer, there are some serious BIG games this year...many of which would normally be #1, no problem. I'm confident in my #1, however, especially as it's my favorite...


How I Made Money Off of Pokemon in the 7th Grade

I think people here would really appreciate this. I made money off of Pokemon cards twice in middle school. Both were similar yet different and both times, I made money off of my classmates. When I was in 7th grade I had a bunch of Pokem...


RexwolfTrivia is *GASP* on time!

It is a beautiful morning here in Rex-Land, and I thought that it might be a good idea to bring all of you swell fellas some trivia! I know that it hasn't been on time lately, but there have been legitimate reasons for that, and I'm just t...




Are these memes out of vogue yet? Either way, good morning! Have a great day and great week!


Well, actually


Happy Monday fellow cave


I got the classic Castlevania collection since I never seriously played anything before So is 2 a skip, or is it somewhat salvageable with a guide or



Anonymous 20

#adtoid this is what its like browsing dtoid on mobile =(


Arbitrarily Fancy Metal


Have a great day all!

Dangus Taargus

200% and all that furniture plus the good I realized what it is about the soundtrack to HoD that I like - it uses the GBC chip to save on processing speed! Ive always had a soft spot for the GB/C Just Aria left


Everywhere I I see his


Played a decent bit of Eastward now and quiet enjoyed would warn people that the game is like 70% cutscenes 30% dont mind that actualy because I was always unimpressed with the gameplay they showed and was hoping it has a heavy story focu

Kevin Mersereau

Still whittling my way through Sion Sono’s Tonight was Himizu, and it did not Whole movie is rad, but the closing scene just works absurdly well, and I can’t get it outta my

Anthony Marzano

Continued digging into the Criterion Channels NYC feature tonight with the weird as hell God Told Me Theres something so wonderful about how realistically all these 70s horror films presented themselves, despite a ludicrous Love it!


Almost had a scare as a Capture 3DS I had bought at some point had Luma 3DS installed on it, and they never listed that, so when I updated it I thought I bricked the


Yo, link me to all the cool Dracula merch you motherfuckers can The cheaper the better!


Art by Zal-Cryptid


TIL that Australia once lost a war against some big, dumb


Alright so my current thoughts on Infinite: game is very pretty, sounds amazing, weapons feel great, feels and looks like Halo where it counts, but the aiming in this game is Controller has limited-to-no aim assist, and M+KB still feels wrong


So Yokus island express is so charming Thank you to that one staff member that was championing this game some time Nabbed it on the estoppel for


Steam schedule for this week! Were gonna play some gooduns! Come over to get spooked or baby me while I run from zombies and/or myself!


Ive found an unexpected joy in Smashy Road: Wanted Tons of stuff to unlock, the procedurally-generated open worlds are fairly competent, but, most of all, you get to drive pupper van from Dumb & Dumber!


Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus That which I adore from the original NES classic is well implemented into Great combat, tough battles requiring precise reflexes, and creative Too bad the camera doesnt Otherwise, a good hack & slash

Chris Moyse

Sure, I’ve watched a lot of movies, but I’ve never watched ABBA: The Movie


Halo Infinite has a grappling hook and I love These previews have been Swooping in with a grappling hook and then slamming the gravity hammer for two kills was just the best power fantasy Ive had since kill streaks with a titan in Titanfall 2


Dadao Status:


Dead Cells was just a little too


Im so glad I can finally bury my Overwatch 2

Dr Mel

Back on my Valheim Its been the perfecf amount of time between sessions, so Im really digging it all over And the additions are very


Got my little controller accessory in the mail Now I can use whatever controller I want on my PS4, already tried it with my wired 360 controller and it works great! Just plug and play!




I like this Mustve been hard to


I am highly suspicious of the lack of any mention of Sable from Dangus and Sam in qtoid lately or at I think it is out by now and on Gamepass


No, Mr Bond, I expect you to roll armor

Inquisitive Raven

Finally finished NEO TWEWY! A very worthy sequel with a lot of Now to go pig hunting!!

Chris Bradshaw

The final FF7 Remake dlc where you fight Sephiroth, Donkey Kong and Michael Jordan


Entering the phase in my life where im watching old italian horror films


All done on the new warboss, and very pleased with how the conversion turned Didnt care so much for the original two handed What can I say? I like the look of power


Netflix plans on making a Witcher spinoff for Give your pitches, but at this point, nothing is off the


Visiting my sister for our golden birthday (its in two days), so have a late #caturday

Dangus Taargus

That was fun! Fuck the battle arena Got all the DSS cards too! (thanks rewind!) While I dont normally achievement hunt, this and the last CV collection give me the Although Id have to play this again in magician mode for the last


TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY OF THE NEW DTOID DRAWS! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main Details in


My dad gets so miserable and moody when I dont visit him for a while but when I do all we do is watch movies in This man just likes me in the same room, hes an odd


Forgot why greyhound is Bus is going to be two hours late to take me an hour Could have gotten a ride from my host but decided to make things easy


Arrived in the States safely the other Happy to see my favorite old boy Pumpkin (18 years The sweetest and most affectionate kitty Ive ever #Caturday bonus pupper in comments


Welp I turned on Animal Crossing after 6 months as my villagers told It was kind of nice to go back and see my town again and looking forward to seeing what Brewster will bring in this


Was not aware that Mike Flanagan had a new show I know what Im doing