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I made a Board Game + Contest

As this post goes live, I have spent the past 2 months buried in Sketchbook Pro, 8 hours cutting tiles, Countless many hours nervously pouring my soul into a project that will follow me to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this week. T...


RPG of the Year - 2006

Holy shit damn, what a huge year! 57 games! And yes, there was a Sega Genesis game released this year. This is also one of those awkward years where a lot of developers were jumping to the new systems while other ones were still very uns...


RPG of the Year - 2005

Now, at first glance, this seems like a huge year. After all, there are 50 games! This was certainly a strong year for RPGs in that there were a LOT, but not so much in terms of quality. I'm confident in my top 5, but the runner ups...oh...


It's been a while

School and life has kept me from posting, but not from lurking over the past year or so. I am in the last stretch of my college education, and it's taken an interesting turn. One of my summer classes is a course on post modernism on the scr...


RPG of the Year - 2004

You think last year was a big year? Ha ha ha! This year, there are 49 games! Madness! Let's do this thang! #5 - Fable (Xbox) Let's get the obvious out of the way. Yes, it's very short. No, it didn't quite live up to everything Mol...


RPG of the Year - 2003

This is a HUGE year. There are 45 games! This is also the first year we're seeing a mobile game on the list. While you'd think this would make it hard for me to choose, just a simple glance at this list and I can already tell what's what...


TOP 7 Obscure games that ROCK.

Hello everyone. This is my first post. My information is right there on the right so, let's cut to the chase. I've been thinking for a while about what to write first, and as much as I have a few ideas for posts I really wanna write next, t...


RexwolfTrivia is back!

Hey, it's been a while since I've posted trivia, hasn't it? (The answer is yes.) Anyway, the battle for the blog is back, and let's go over the rules, shall we? First to answer wins a point. Google is allowed. First to five gets to send ...


RPG of the Year - 2002

This was a surprisingly dry year, at least compared to last year. There are only 18 games this time and sadly, not all of them are great. Let's hop into it! #5 - Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind (PC) ...I am not a fan of this game. And ye...


Old School Games: Dragon Warrior III

On the internet I've found that I'm not the only guy who likes Dragon Warrior, which we now know by their original title Dragon Quest. I'm resistant of that title change, which occasionally annoys many fans of the series. One of my discu...


Can game mechanics spoil us?

I have been playing the Final Fantasy IV Complete on the journey to and from work the last couple of weeks. I have been struck by this screen appearing every time I start and particularly the game noting that "Game progress will not b...


RPG of the Year - 2001

Back by popular demand that I just happened to find under the sofa, I present yet another GoTY article! This was a tough year. I mean, REALLY tough. It's bad when you've played half the games on the list and LOVED them. Yeah, THAT bad. ...


Dark Void Zero is friggin' hard!

I've been playing Dark Void Zero lately. I managed to find a use for my PS3 controller and mapped the buttons to keys on my keyboard so I could use it to play DVZ but gadzooks is it difficult! I've played it for 3 hours collectively and I s...
 is now live!

That's right everyone the website is now live and has all our videos embedded from youtube. Within the next few weeks Ericd will be tinkering around with it (and probably breaking it). For those of you who haven't seen Retro ...


NES controller phone case

I should've taken a picture of this years ago. This is actually the second one I've made. The first one fell out of my pocket as I rode my bike to work. I went looking for it. I found it had been crushed by an automobile. This phone is ...


Conkers Bad Fur Day (10 years latter)

Rare, or Rareware, the developer that created Conkers Bad Fur Day was in this trend of creating these incredibly vibrant adventure games. All of which were successful. Rare continued the trend of making these kinds of colourful adventure ...


Best System Evar: GAMEBOY COLOR.

If there were ever a sentence that I never thought I'd say, it would be the title of this article. I mean it! I'm a console gamer at heart. I've loved my Playstation since it took over my life at age 7, and my love for the console game w...


Brushing the Dust Off of Old Adventures

Original Post at Experience Points There just isn't anything quite like pulling an old game out from your collection and loading it up for the first time in years. The familiar sights and sounds from yesteryear tickle your senses and half...


Have you seen these Super Mario Bros. candy tins???

Maybe you have, but I just wanted to take some cool pictures :-) I did a double take when I saw these at the checkout in Bed, Bath & Beyond of all places. At first glance I thought they were cheap knockoffs-- but they are actually really...


Dear gaming gods: Please resurrect me!

I was always fond of the PC and console gaming heyday of my youth. I remember yearning for those constant chills and thrills, knowing that certain characters and games were going to stick with me for a long time to come... if not forever....


Forgotten Gems: North & South

This image just screams "historical accuracy." Back in the NES days I didn't have my own system so all of my gaming was done at other, luckier kids' houses. Since my friends didn't want to sit there for hours while I played "The Legend o...




I just upvoted a comment that was made over a year Am I Upvotebot? Im, so

Electric Reaper

Is the phrase the closer to the bone, the sweeter is the meat meant to be taken literally? Would this mean that concentration of blood sugar is densest where the muscle (of pork, chicken, or beef) touches the bone?


Dtoid Which giant pizza chain restaurant do you prefer?


Tonight, while putting my daughter to bed, she said that we should take mommy to a store tomorrow and buy her a special What store are you thinking, I asked? GameStop, answered my 5 year old

Mike Sounders

New want: A remake of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for Switch using the Star Allies

Dangus Taargus

Just got a 128gb SD card for my Switch so I can finally break free of the internal Should I get Kirby, Bayonetta 1, which Ive already played but wanted to play again, or Bayonetta 2, which I started on Wii U but never finished? I cant decide!!!


My Super Gameboy had a common audio problem where the game sound would only play at an absurdly low volume, so I tried replacing the caps, yet its still Maybe the one I bought is maybe I just impulse-bought the Japan-only :I


Been going back to a bunch of older backlog games while I wait for Far Cry 5 and A Way Maybe Ill write something soon on Witcher 3, Bloodborne, or Shovel


I got to affiliate on Twitch! Thank you so much to everyone who followed me and put up with my incessant posting!

Rico the Penguin

When Limo gets REAL friendly with

Keiichi Morisato

do you like Kingdom Come Deliverance? do you love Castles? then watch this review of the historical accuracy of a castle in the MACHICOLATIONS!!!!


Sega is making a Sonic Mania animated series for YouTube with the same team from the game! Its a continuation after Sonic gets back from the worst

Double Monocles

Down with a cold this Feeling too crappy to play anything remotely on my to play Guess Ill just lie down and watch some Netflix and play some Animal Crossing while waiting to be able to breathe again


a frustrating game :D


Hey its me playing Warframe and also limo is there to share his disgusting beautiful british Link below you fuckers! Also, as a side note-if you havent subscribed Id appreciate it as I too am trying to get to


According to Kotaku the game Omega Labyrinth Z is not getting rated (akin to being banned) in Britain, Australia, Germany, Ireland and New It is still coming stateside, which is really suprising after I read about (Its a doozy) Link


Been playing a The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening on my 3DS and remembered why I loved that game so It really doesnt get the recognition it I put together this little piano medley of some music from the Hope you guys like it!

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Random question, I have 2 binders full of pokemon cards from the Is there a better way to sell cards than through ebay?

Donley Time

Game development fun! Watch the fourth episode of our new series - The Clueless Programmer! Game Dev night with Joshua teaching game programming to


What,is this fanfiction?! Ray and Mighty playable? i love and it will be available as DLC for us owners of the base Nice!

The Actual Charlton Heston

Movie titles inspired by this deeply embarrassing childhood photo of myself that was recently unearthed from a Native American burial site; lets see what yall Im thinking, Never Been Kissed 2: The Karate And yes, I look like a young


(BUMP Hope you had a)Happy Friday! #fanartfriday

Czar Kazem

Seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Sunday, and thinking about the first time I heard them in 28 Days Might be time for a

Electric Reaper

This mod is extremely unforgiving and Not even Call of Dooky takes realism this


The Sonic twitter account just posted a super mysterious video that is obviously teasing the next racing game so I guess that is a confirmed thing


A listing for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered was spotted as a standalone release for roughly It was on the Amazon Italy I welcome this with open arms, as this is a wonderful I 100% the campaign, and below

Spiders For Sale

I dont think I have ever played a game in which you have to eat and drink to survive and it actually added anything meaningful and didnt just turn into simply having to make a few tedious additional clicks every couple of minutes after 1/3 of the


OH MY GOD! I ONLY NEED 1 OR 2 MORE! Holy smokes! Its going to happen!! The progress bar says 98%, so yeah!

Marcel Hoang

Streaming some Arena quests because sometimes less is more


Can this fucking horrible week be over Because it just keeps piling on the shit and Im getting real tired of


Im going to be doing work as an archivist and transcriber this Feels good to get work in my field, whatever it may Also I beat Final Fantasy XV a few days ago and it was real good, bad second half of the plot


too much “player 1” and not enough “prayer 1” on this web site

bong264 from distant Coorhagen

Here is some more of those illegal slovakian fallout minis I love so much :P more piccies in the




Im getting really into the show Madame Its like a caffeine free version of The West Pretty

Double Monocles

Did we ever pick a bloggers wanted prompt for this month, or did I just miss it?


My backer rewards for the Samurai Grandpa Kickstarter campaign came in Check out this sweet Okami watercolor commission I got as part of my Need to get this framed Book, t-shirt, and art print were cool More pics in

Boxed Swine

Dont be a fat-ass, be a


My Final Fantasy VI emulator has arrived!


playing with cold porcelain :D


HOLY CRAP! I only need 8 more! Im taking a break at the moment, but ill be back in a little while!


Im just so sad A little boy I follow on FB passed away yesterday unexpectedly and it has hit me so He was RIP

Nathan D

Unleash the catgirls!

Marcel Hoang

The bad news is they took my Saturday The good news is that my wife wanted to go whale watching Saturday anyways, so I’ll just use these vacation hours I’m not using to recoup my hours for the Retail blows


Been on a real health Running and lifting Eating Even trying to detox a bit, cutting coffee for green tea and drinking a lot of There’s only one unfortunate side

Mike Sounders

Bought my copy of Now for my shift to end so I can go

Electric Reaper

Catgirl Friday


So Im kinda cash strapped and Cradle of Filth is next week and most importantly, my Target didnt have the drawstring bag so no Kirby for me Maybe in 3 weeks from