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Why difficulty scaling rarely works

As gaming has evolved over the years, games have seemingly gotten easier. A lot of players complained about how the difficulty of the NES days were gone for good. Some developers decided to keep the spirit of difficulty alive, but most inve...


Remember The Heroes

This Memorial Day, I'd like to take a moment from your busy schedules of drinking, barbecuing, and catching up on game backlogs on your day off to acknowledge the real meaning of this holiday. Let us honor the sacrifice of those who have go...


Mafia II...Unfairness

The Mafia is cool. From "Omerta" in the Old Country to the Street Wars in America, The Underground Legacy of the Mafia is one that inhabits the corners of the mind. A society based on loyalty, honour and family, yet also on violence, lies, ...


Rant: CheapAssGamer.com

I am sorry for posting twice in one day. I won't post again today or tomorrow, I swear. But I had to get this off my chest while it was still fresh. That's what she said. I first got on to CheapAssGamer.com back in April of 2009. I thought...


When did I become my dad?

That I am writing this is an indicator that I have nothing better to do. The objective worth of that statement has no bearing on how wildly its connotation can vary, which is to say that it is both meaningless and polarizing. Neither of t...


Bad Things On The Horizon - The New Ace Combat

The new Ace Combat: Assault Horizon game has been bumming me out. Ever since the very first peeks we've had of the game its been clear that they are taking this new instalment in a very different direction from the rest of the series. OK...


How to save Zelda from itself.

I thought I'd write this opinion piece as a reply to Jim Sterling's article "The Question: Does The Legend of Zelda need an overhaul?" There are a lot of things I personally want from a Zelda game: fully orchestrated music and full voice...


Great Videogame Music - Heavenly Sword

Originally this was meant to be a list of great videogame scores, but when I realized I had gone well over two thousand words with it, I decided to do this in shorter segments. HEAVENLY SWORD was criticized for its short length and the com...


I Don't Want to be a Games Journalist

I'm happy just being a gamer. Let me start by saying that I'm not going to get into a debate about the term "Games Journalist", because that isn't relevant here; you know what I'm talking about. What I seek to do is to describe why being a ...


REmake: A love story

The Resident Evil series and I have had an interesting relationship through the years. It's been a long love affair, nine years in fact.The year was 2002; On a whim I had decided to pick up a copy of the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil 1, ...


Ode to The Claw

My first successful quest in Monster Hunter was with "The Claw." But let's go back a bit further. My friend had told me about this cool game on the PSP that contained swords and monsters and quests, with amazing graphics to boot. And I ...


Fistfights in the Conservatory

I�m just going to keep punching you in the face until I win. Failing that, you�re going to get shot in the stomach. It�s nothing personal, that�s just how we do things around here. Okay, we can talk a little first, maybe even negotiate a pe...


CONSCIOUSTOID #1: Orbb, Mynx, and Angel

Greetings fellow Dtoiders! I come bearing Conscioustoid, a series I�ll be trying to keep up with about a lesser known use for video games; academic research. As a graduate student in neuroscience, I have to read many, many journal articles...


Final Fatigation: Conceding Franchise Burnout

According to my Gamefly queue, I was shipped Dissidia: Final Fantasy nearly a month ago. I only got around to popping it into my PSP last night, so clearly, I was just dying to play it. I was even more excited when I got through the tutoria...


My Unexpectedly Negative Opinion of L.A. NOIRE

L.A. NOIRE has done something I thought impossible: it has made me look back at the time I've spent with HEAVY RAIN and miss it. Because regardless of David Cage's pretensions of being a filmmaker and his hard-on for himself, HEAVY RAIN wa...


Streamtoid - Getting Started

I want to apologize for getting this blog up a few days later than I original said. I have been trying to balance work, socializing, and organizing my ideas to present to all of you. Anyway, let's begin brainstorming over ideas for Stream...


It all started with a Break and Enter...

There was no such thing as "pc graphics". The computer was a black screen and you could input text. It was a wonderful invention that made my work day so much easier. No longer did I have to use carbon paper to make a copy of a document ...


Things I don't want to see @ E3

So, there a lot of things people want to see @ E3. Here's some worrying trends I would love to not see in the next fiscal year: Final Fantasy VII Remake Burn this idea with fire. Seeing the quality of Final Fantasy products Square has b...


Dear Nintendo, It's Not You. It's Me.

Nintendo, we�ve grown apart for quite a while. It�s time to move on now. There are a lot of people that really like you. You have a lot to offer. But let�s not fool ourselves any longer. We just aren�t for each other. You have given me gr...



Jetter Mars

Happy Birthday Heston!


Seymour is an alright dude, I Thanks I got Bangaio and LbW at my local, he sent the


Charlton Hestons birthday, you Youve all been had!


I liked MOTU:


What hits harder: Abercrombie & Fuckface or Abercrombie & Fuckhead?


I had to get new brushes before I could proceed, but heres my first spooce Need to finish the gun and sword, apply a couple more coats, do the detail, and touch But Pretty proud of my shaky ass hands so

Matt I Guess

Was looking over EAs games in the past 10 years and was Outside their regular cash cows like Madden/Sims DLC/BF, they havent really released And aside from the Star Wars games, most of it was mid-budget games like Fe and It Take


Happy Birthday, Heston! Bring that taut ass over and lets get this jacuzzi bubblin!


So Ive played Verdun alot (bought it when it was early access), especially these past few I didnt even know the counter could go that high since I only ever routinely see like 30-60 people EVER online


Lord Heston, birthday happy to u mate now hands off my wife


Happy birthday Heston, you damn dirty


Might of uh, might of went a little nuts with the MTG: Forgotten Realms set This is half of what my store got in, Wife and I are going to host a draft for that booster


Im in it Ignore the Marvel Was making dividers and filing


Happy Birthday Actual Charleton Heston!

Electric Reaper

The plaintiff in a court case submitting a part of the their documents as a comic book is pretty funny, though Im not sure how the judge will


So heres what Ive been up to


Aw yeah, my Foo Fighters disco album came in the mail!


Merry Christmas Actual Charlton Heston! Youre the best Charlton Heston!

Inquisitive Raven

*Waits for Netflix to pay for a full season of this*


Photo taken moments before A fun disaster that is!


what is man but monke persevering


My 40 minute drive home from work last night turned into an hour and 40 minutes due to traffic and some really heavy Fun stuff lol Made it home safe though, thats what This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi!




THE BANSHEE OF CARNEGIE HALL: house made pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, brown mustard + Zombie Not weird enough for me to try, but probably still really

Dangus Taargus

Youre good people,


It took some testing (the mods only work on Windows 10), but I finally got the PC port of FF7 into decent I went with a combination of Reunion and Remako, which retranslates everything, changes the models, upscales the backgrounds and


Happy birthday, You make me smile and I’m glad to know I hope you have a good one,


Happy birthday to my not actual brother, but damn I wish he Unless it meant Id be related to Wes Anyway, I love ya Hope your day is amazing, and filled with stuff you


Happy birthday to The Actual Charlton Hope you get some

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Paging RiffRaff Italian Acid Jazz Funk from the 90s I discovered So far my favorite track is 13, starts at 1:06:25 called theme from JFK, if looking for groovies, check this out yall

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to one of the most beloved members of the good ship The Actual Charlton Thanks for being such a great pal and for giving me the excuse to post this video every Have a great weekend!

Chris Moyse

I hope the Olympics video game music medley inspires yall to a good Friday and a fantastic I have a lot of work to do but Ill find the small victories, and I hope you do Have a great one and send love this sad/cute bois way x

Wes Tacos

Today is my actual brother in laws, The Actual Charlton Heston, actual birthday, and he cant actually stop me from telling you all to wish him a happy actual


Todays the day, Daughters Lets fucking GOOOOOOO

Dr Mel

Its just a ploy to get the internet to like the olympics and forget how evil it is! The music is a ploy, wake u-- *muffled screams*


Hes out of line but hes


This is already proving to be one helluva improvement compared to the


FYI today is Creator Day on Itch wont take a cent of the money you spend on games It all goes to the creators! So if youve ever thought about buying something on itch, this is the day to do it!


That was a great love letter to some awesome Still blows my mind they’d have such great admiration in those games to allow music from them to be played during the


Just got to the Flamelurker in Demons Souls last THIS is my type of Souls boss Didnt beat him, but after figuring out I need to roll TOWARD his slams, Im gonna beat his ass when I get home today

Inquisitive Raven

Google Doodle has a retro-style Olympics videogame with an anime intro to celebrate the Its pretty cute!


Here is a list of what has played at the opening ceremony Solid Also I see they misspelled Phantasy


When your love of Dark Souls goes a bit too Plus when people ask where my money comes from I can say from


Fuck If I walked out at the Olympics and Song of the Ancients or the Monster Hunter theme started blasting theres no way I would


Amazing how much Japan thinks of video games to have tracks from all kinds of games playing for the Heard Nier, Monster Hunter, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest so Bandai and SE really showing up


Trying a new thumbnail/title tactic with some of the more novel releases on my Series that last just 1-3 For longform video series, I plan to stick to my conventional Curious that, if anything, any of this would




Been a while since I picked up the paint brush but I’ve really enjoyed working on this

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Dragon Quest theme mixed with the final fantasy these Olympic games are in