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Why difficulty scaling rarely works

As gaming has evolved over the years, games have seemingly gotten easier. A lot of players complained about how the difficulty of the NES days were gone for good. Some developers decided to keep the spirit of difficulty alive, but most inve...


Remember The Heroes

This Memorial Day, I'd like to take a moment from your busy schedules of drinking, barbecuing, and catching up on game backlogs on your day off to acknowledge the real meaning of this holiday. Let us honor the sacrifice of those who have go...


Mafia II...Unfairness

The Mafia is cool. From "Omerta" in the Old Country to the Street Wars in America, The Underground Legacy of the Mafia is one that inhabits the corners of the mind. A society based on loyalty, honour and family, yet also on violence, lies, ...


Rant: CheapAssGamer.com

I am sorry for posting twice in one day. I won't post again today or tomorrow, I swear. But I had to get this off my chest while it was still fresh. That's what she said. I first got on to CheapAssGamer.com back in April of 2009. I thought...


When did I become my dad?

That I am writing this is an indicator that I have nothing better to do. The objective worth of that statement has no bearing on how wildly its connotation can vary, which is to say that it is both meaningless and polarizing. Neither of t...


Bad Things On The Horizon - The New Ace Combat

The new Ace Combat: Assault Horizon game has been bumming me out. Ever since the very first peeks we've had of the game its been clear that they are taking this new instalment in a very different direction from the rest of the series. OK...


How to save Zelda from itself.

I thought I'd write this opinion piece as a reply to Jim Sterling's article "The Question: Does The Legend of Zelda need an overhaul?" There are a lot of things I personally want from a Zelda game: fully orchestrated music and full voice...


Great Videogame Music - Heavenly Sword

Originally this was meant to be a list of great videogame scores, but when I realized I had gone well over two thousand words with it, I decided to do this in shorter segments. HEAVENLY SWORD was criticized for its short length and the com...


I Don't Want to be a Games Journalist

I'm happy just being a gamer. Let me start by saying that I'm not going to get into a debate about the term "Games Journalist", because that isn't relevant here; you know what I'm talking about. What I seek to do is to describe why being a ...


REmake: A love story

The Resident Evil series and I have had an interesting relationship through the years. It's been a long love affair, nine years in fact.The year was 2002; On a whim I had decided to pick up a copy of the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil 1, ...


Ode to The Claw

My first successful quest in Monster Hunter was with "The Claw." But let's go back a bit further. My friend had told me about this cool game on the PSP that contained swords and monsters and quests, with amazing graphics to boot. And I ...


Fistfights in the Conservatory

Im just going to keep punching you in the face until I win. Failing that, youre going to get shot in the stomach. Its nothing personal, thats just how we do things around here. Okay, we can talk a little first, maybe even negotiate a pe...


CONSCIOUSTOID #1: Orbb, Mynx, and Angel

Greetings fellow Dtoiders! I come bearing Conscioustoid, a series Ill be trying to keep up with about a lesser known use for video games; academic research. As a graduate student in neuroscience, I have to read many, many journal articles...


Final Fatigation: Conceding Franchise Burnout

According to my Gamefly queue, I was shipped Dissidia: Final Fantasy nearly a month ago. I only got around to popping it into my PSP last night, so clearly, I was just dying to play it. I was even more excited when I got through the tutoria...


My Unexpectedly Negative Opinion of L.A. NOIRE

L.A. NOIRE has done something I thought impossible: it has made me look back at the time I've spent with HEAVY RAIN and miss it. Because regardless of David Cage's pretensions of being a filmmaker and his hard-on for himself, HEAVY RAIN wa...


Streamtoid - Getting Started

I want to apologize for getting this blog up a few days later than I original said. I have been trying to balance work, socializing, and organizing my ideas to present to all of you. Anyway, let's begin brainstorming over ideas for Stream...


It all started with a Break and Enter...

There was no such thing as "pc graphics". The computer was a black screen and you could input text. It was a wonderful invention that made my work day so much easier. No longer did I have to use carbon paper to make a copy of a document ...


Things I don't want to see @ E3

So, there a lot of things people want to see @ E3. Here's some worrying trends I would love to not see in the next fiscal year: Final Fantasy VII Remake Burn this idea with fire. Seeing the quality of Final Fantasy products Square has b...


Dear Nintendo, It's Not You. It's Me.

Nintendo, weve grown apart for quite a while. Its time to move on now. There are a lot of people that really like you. You have a lot to offer. But lets not fool ourselves any longer. We just arent for each other. You have given me gr...




More boyz! Since 420 is month long more green is appropriate :P this one is vallejo intermediate


Limo’s opinions are Soulbow was right all Boxman loves


I would love Ring Fit Adventure for less than $100 😂😂😂


New original song, featuring my shitty voice and my first significant push for meaningful lyrical Heavily-inspired by Disturbed, so I will not rest until Soulbow has seen this! (EDIT: WHERE ARE YOU SOULBOW?)


Oh, it April again, no wonder I see so

Dangus Taargus

Zipper Bunny


I for one am NOT going to be outdone by I just bought the COVID-19 Bundle and Im giving away ALL the software! Codes in the And Shibboletho, my friend: (BUMP for the evening folk, Ill bump a couple more times throughout the week)


I pitty the foo that dont know


Day 12: She still wont look at Not even when I slap my balls with a Dick was so hard Just for I swear Im gonna fuck her till that three stooges hair look

Soulbow But Louder


Cloudman Sam



*pokes head out of G Fuel fort* I-is it safe? Is this day over? So far so


I wonder how this is going to go; my birthday will be on Bunny Day this I hope the game is able to account for I have little doubt that it will



able to think

I won a Dtoid contest! And its actually a game I was interested in Cool beans!

Cygnus Rush 961

Just a little something that Im listening to, allowing me to imagine a long road trip on my favorite


Update: We had to make the call not to see my At least we can call him daily, but the cancer is kicking his ass and we dont get to talk for This sucks so Hope everybody is staying


A long blog for a long hiatus! I present to you, Tiberium Wars With this, the C&C retrospective enters the home stretch! Only two more games to go! Next stop: Red Alert


Arbitrary non metal wednesday?



Czar Kazem

Im just so hyped to play through Persona 5 again, Gonna put in another hour of work but my heart is swelling just thinking about Not lying, I could cry right now I feel so


Only April Fools day thing that

Sam van der Meer

If you’ll indulge me: Sam in the Dragon Quest XI Casino - A Story in Five Act I -


Bruh how can supermarkets run out of eggs, just milk more chickens 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


I dressed each of my nieces in those ridiculous Easter outfits in Animal Crossing this morning for April They thought they were part of the Easter event and loved Not the reaction I was


Whelp, our state just announced were on If you live in Florida be prepared and stay RIP Florida




Randy Pitchford making sure the success of gearbox is only his success, despite being the biggest thorn in its


I regret to inform all of you that I will no longer be posting Big Chungus I feel that the meme has run its course, and that it is no longer Please #WesLikesBigChungusWednesdaysExceptNotAnymoreBecauseImNotPostingItAnymore


hope everyone’s staying safe, sane, and healthy! We’re going for a walk :D


a local business that is really putting in the work


Rejoice Rejoice! For I have won Paper Beasts and never need to leave the house ever Cheers and

Virtua Kazama

To clarify on what I said on DOA6: KT is ending the DLC support for the game, but they will continue to release balance patches and bug DOA franchise as a whole is not going seriously NEVER PULL A SONIC 06 MOVE EVER


Difficult gaming choices: Catherine FB for €20 or wait on the Switch (portable may be worth the tax for me) or finally RDR2:UE €35 (I dont like GTA games, love open world and was told Ill probably dig Update: got I need weird :)


Last night I thought Id play Civ 5 for the first time while It was, well, difficult


I updated my psns 2 step verification to my new number and also signed in with my Got the texts and Then a couple hours later it signed me out of everything and Im no longer getting texts to my Dont know how to get in

Electric Reaper

So, Catgirl Without Salad has launched on the Switch Not a

Punished Nietzsche

i hope that this new Lobby in the upcoming Guilty Gear is one of those April Fools It looks like Habbo Hotel damn it! it only need the POOLS CLOSED


Pack it up, Dragalia Lost won April


Not April fool’s:


NOT APRIL FOOLS: I just bought the Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle and have some Steam keys for people who would like Ill list available keys in the comments; comment if you want

Marcel Hoang

I did I finally did


Nihilistic prediction for the Mario 3D All-stars rumors: it will be a port of Mario All-stars, but in the NSMB


I didnt masturbate #Foolstoid


Testing this!


Happy March My monthly game journal is coming out tomorrow


I wonder if you can create waterfalls at right Something to test when the time


Before we all go on endless loops of April Fools Jokes on media sites, I want to all tell you guys today isn’t April 1st