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Can't Stop Starting Over

I've concluded recently that I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to RPGs. I find myself starting a game up, playing several hours, and then starting over with a new character or slightly modified version of the previous one.  ...



Punished Nietzsche

The original Phantasy Star got a new improved translation from a lovely team of SMS Its been a long time since i played it, and quite honestly i never played the OG version, but this seems like the best way to do


People acting Xenoblade not having a significant bump in resolution means it looks no different got me like

Mike Sounders

Well it appears we have skipped past spring and straight into 30 degrees Celsius weather where I


New dragon quest spin off console game announced, with an anime, mobile game, and arcade game based on the same Square Enix full burst on


Ms Fortune sketch!

Sam van der Meer

PSA: Retro Crush is a pretty new, totally free streaming service that holds older anime (80s/90s) and Im super into Watched Space Adventure Cobra yesterday--GORGEOUS They have Appleseed! And Lupin! And Otomos Memories!


With the State of Play happening later today for a certain Naughty Dog game, I just want to be clear, if you go on Qtoid to share your thoughts about any of it, please please leave it in the I cannot stress this


How I would like to be outdoors right


Happy Birthday Lokhe!!! Have a terrific day!!!!


Who wouldve thought that launching PSO2 exclusively on the MSoft store for PC would cause problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ First it downloaded the Japanese client, now I cant download/install the Great first impression MSoft!

Mike Sounders

When you cant sleep at 4AM


Video game acting still has not gotten better than


Startopia is back ?? Dunno why i never heard of it till now, dunno if any of the original developers are making it


I made a gif from Little witch in the woods because its been my favorite thing since I saw it yesterday


I finally got one of my grumpy villagers to leave, so I spent the morning cycling through Nook Miles islands to find a better And then one of my very first encounters was Rodney of all Noped the fuck out; he can stay on a deserted


No good deed goes donated money yesterday, today I woke up with a bad headache, painkillers took time to kick in and Im not going to get todays work done <-- the implied causality is of course wrong, but humans are


Phantasy star online 2 later Damn, right when Im about to beat shadowbringers

Chris Moyse

MK Aftermaths story is *utterly* The writers have lost all sense of fun, fantasy and All they know is misery and Such a A poor mans Still, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is having a great fkn time, and Sindel too gorgeous <3


I seriously have no attention span as an I miss being able to plug into a game for hours and immerse myself, now adult responsibilities at all hours make it extremely But seeing posts here and online gives me hope that I can do it again

Fivefinger Delta

Happy birthday


Hey you wonderful computer savvy people, I need a hand My laptop keeps freezing when using Google Meet and presenting a I cant use other programs because this is for More details in Thanks in advance!!!!


I don’t normally draw human like figures because they are freaking hard to draw (that’s why the hands are circles and the feet are triangles) BUT, I drew some emo Time Cultist today which is Pixel art awe yeah!

Shut Up Ace

tfw you buy Pokemon Heartgold and it turns out to be a fake cartridge that crashes at certain

Dusk Actual

Been playing a lot of Plunder in Lots of fun! You can still place top 10 in the mode even if you’re teamed with dickbag random If anyone is down to play, lemme know!!

sp testure

Well I wanted to download Phantasy Star Online 2 for tomorrow but I keep getting youll need the Internet for this error code I tried a few online Solutions but no Anybody have any suggestions?


Had a glitch playing Days Gone preventing me from leaving a bunker because it wouldnt let me climb the So I started playing The Forest Its pretty good so far! Found a boat I can use as a base near the plane crash site!


Wish this was on the I never made it past zone My adult brain would crush this


Good morning all! Enjoy your day!


Beat Final Fantasy 7 Felt like going

Electric Reaper

If The Final Destination had any moral of the story it would be one or either of these: dont skip on maintenance, and be careful where you leave Or just that death is a

Czar Kazem

Middle school me is so excited right now

Voltaic Owl

Friendly reminder that those free SNK games are now available via Twitch Includes KoF 2000 and 2002, Samurai Shodown II, Blazing Star, Pulstar, Art of Fighting 2, and Fatal Fury


Was loving Minecraft Dungeons on my Switch until I ran into the infinite loading How

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

My Switch Pro Controller came in early! Just need to charge it up and Im ready to


Kind of in a gaming slump I think I might just be Hardly anything I own seems appealing, so I keep just grinding in WoW, because I find it I need something to fill the Considered Maneater or even the SR3


Has anyone played TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children? I know its a big ask, but I would love an official DToid review as the game looks like it could be pretty


The new Seinfeld special Guess its meant for a different For a guy that celebrates the art of joke telling, I do believe time has moved What else is new on tv? I need to finish my 3rd session of the Sonic


Anyone play Tabletop Simulator on Steam? A board game buddy and I just picked it Lots of fun and so many We played Spirits of the Wild, an excellent 2 player set building


So I got the Turbo GrafX 16 mini I know some of this is preaching to the choir kinda duh stuff, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in the First thing first, I think its pretty great! Just like the Nintendo and Genesis, its cute and tiny


Shadowbringers keeps giving me the highest of highs! First, that virtue fight was amazing and Thancred, bro, youre

Czar Kazem

some truly grimy shit for a late night #arbitrarymetaltuesday


How does one go even further beyond in Jstris? Feels like I hit a plateau and going even faster is beyond my mortal


PSO2 for PC wont even have its download up for another four Its like theyre making every possible mistake for its


I was today years old when I discovered that the GBA SP doesnt have a headphone Nintendo was ahead of its


Solid Pop Love the breakdowns after the chorus, the piano #musictoid | Lennon Stella - Fear Of Being Alone


Swamp-ass season came Would have really liked to be back at the office with some AC by

Voltaic Owl

So yeah, Gravity Falls is pretty Just started watching it a few days


Under an emergency proclamation, the governor declared that casinos, outdoor amphitheaters, amusement parks, bowling alleys, arcades, race tracks, skating rinks and outdoor playgrounds can reopen June Well GG, Iowa, welcome to die


This could be an interesting AMA for the Syphon Filter fans around Im following Rahdo because he has great boardgame content (recommendation!) but hes a (former) videogame developer that worked on the PSone trilogy of Syphon


And next up for review *drumroll* Hades! Thanks this time to RiffRaff for the After that I think its going to be Odin Sphere, which I havent played any of yet but am liking the look of, thans to Exber for that