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Mike Sounders

Saw an interesting take on twitter: We keep arguing about how MS would handle the games in order to recover But since this is Fox/Warner buyout tier money, its unlikely to just be Theres more than likely a multi-media approach


Pretty sad to see a bunch of people say Deathloop only won awards because it was wokeor because the main characters werent Not at Destructoid but I dont even use social media and still see it said a What a bunch of fucking


Every once in a while my brain recalls this meme and I smile and


Got further on a 5th attempted playthrough of Psychonauts than ever before, but after a few hours in Im sending it to the not-for-me I dig the early-00s Nick aesthetics but nothing else hits for me (plus emulation on PS4 is Pic

Whispering Willow

Leave me to my evil and sexy


Have a blessed day!






I am incredibly surprised to find that Im not really having a good time with Metroid The EMMI sections are just unfun, and Im not sure Im going to keep going on this


I finished my second run through It was pretty nice not worrying about Next up Im gonna try I dont really know what to expect


Apparently the new Ghost album, Impera, is out march Got a single out


Just watched Harrison Ford’s The Fugitive for the first time and I officially miss the


I need this game on modern


I dont want to finish Cyberpunk 2077 because if I do it means I have to stop playing


Pleasantly surprised to hear them today on my Knew who it was once the vocals Diggin #musictoid | Muse - WONT STAND DOWN

Tomas Immortal

The Surge review is gonna Yes, Im that remember Brink?


Little bot was a fun Frustrating at times, due to how small some pieces are, but tweezers to the More in depth than building an SD Plastic is solid Took a lot of stress to get some pieces to snap, no breaking

CaimDark Reloaded

I love how videogame characters believe the best way to punish a cruel killer is to sentence him/her to cruelly kill people for all


Im pretty closeish to finishing up Not sure what to fully think of, for the stuff I likw about it or find it does pretty well it then does a good bit I think its worth a try and is impressive for a indie game but it can be pretty rough imo


I decided to do something crazy and up my sex Stay


I learned how pendulum summoning worked when that was brand new, but that was probably 5 or 6 years Curious if this is easy to get into at

Spiders For Sale

There is one very noteworthy exception: the drums are being played by an automaton! They previously must have had it hidden in some corner of the You assume the mechanical nature of its being might help in keeping the


Whats in the wait, I think I did that wrong? I dont normally go for collectors editions, but Huntdown is rad! The white around the side is done on purpose apparently, but it makes it look damaged Just poor design, I


Alphadeus song for me dropped and its Seriously, well done! Its legendary but Thank you so


Very encouraging when your favorite pr0n artist (and a talented musician in their own right) says you have a good ear for


Apartment Adventures Day 14: I finished sorting the half of my game collection that I brought with Not much use for my PSP&PS4 games right now, so these will have to Im effectively done collecting unless I get an NTSC More pics below!


Hey Dtoid, my third book is Look at that chonky Look at that absolute You want Link in the

Whispering Willow

Two episodes into The Book of Boba Second episode was a bit better than the crap first episode, but Boba seems to not know a lot of things he probably should and thats a

Spiders For Sale

All of the musical instruments are gathered around Yenot: the man who – apart from his large size - previously seemed entirely inconspicuous and equipped with the regular number of limbs, is playing four of them at the same time using six arms!


PS2s Road Trip Adventure is a chill ass game


I think the most catastrophic company Microsoft could buy would be


I am become death, the destroyer of


Playing Steins;Gate Its really Current Status:

CaimDark Reloaded

Anyone here has used an Xbox controller on PC with the USB adapter and sound from the controller headphone? I just got an adapter to get better input response and audio from the controller when my gf is sleeping,


Looks like a good time for Sony to show off PSVR2, their own subscription cloud offering, enhanced BC for PS1-4 on PS5 Anything besides more PS4s *Sony Announces MS GamePass on PS4* Touche Sony,


What are your favourite early access games? They can be games in early access now or not any Also what is a early access game you really liked but seems to have just got abandoned/turned into abandonedware

Mike Sounders

I hate this, I hate this so much

Whispering Willow

Playing Horizon Pretty sure PS4 Pro Performance Mode is for faces in cutscenes and not much

Anthony Marzano

Its been half a day and Im still laughing at

Spiders For Sale

Something about the music seems strange to you: it can only be Myszshu and Yenot making it, yet you can distinctly hear many more than two different You walk to the back of the wagon and open the door to


Dodged a bullet with the PS1Digital and Seems new updates are gonna need a board revision, which mean rebuying and Glad I didnt get one, so thank you Universe you saved me loads of


My wife surprised me with 2 new tshirts They are now my favorite tshirts that Im going to wear until theyre Other pic in


Gaspard Ulliel (37) aka Midnight Man in the upcoming Moon Knight series has




Guys Im in tears I just applied for what would be my dream job but I feel like Ive been sabotaged by the people who were supposed to be helping me get employment Im screaming internally HELP


Whats the oldest DToid memes you remember?


Good morning!


We seriously need to retire the So its better than A link between Worlds? Please! I beg you! And while we are at it: I can see John Cena and so can you!

Lord Spencer

Check out my list of the Top 10 Games I Played in 2021 here in I would love to hear your thoughts about the ones you recognize from the list, or questions about the ones you


I will happily be waiting to unlock bill gates as a playable character in the next doom Will be awesome to finally play as a modern day