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Cheat Codes Ep. 83: Shut Up

Web columnist and game dev Brian White (TAY, Current Digital) joins us this week to go over his latest piece about playing HALO for the first time. He helps us out as we dissect blanket positivity in gaming criticism and we t...


On the next PStoid: Meanderbot!

Our guest as seen in widescreen PStoid is going to be doing its first episode of 2016 this weekend. We will be joined by none other than Meanderbot who over the years has contributed a heck of a lot to this community, too much to link ...




My schedule for the next 2 weeks is basically studying/assignments, eating, work and sleeping broken up with some Netrunner and SWITCH! Really need to learn how to focus on


My schedule for the next 2 weeks is basically studying/assignments, eating, work and sleeping broken up with some Netrunner and SWITCH! Really need to learn how to focus on


I really enjoyed Shadow of Mordor and Im excited for the It felt amazing wandering around slaughtering orcs by And you can complain about the lore, but its no worse than the Hobbit


Okay, so I made about five Lets Play Im sitting here with a USB microphone and an Elgato capture card for $250+ in my shopping Be honest with me: should I invest into this? Remember, I have no income, so thats a huge amount :P


Finally got to sit down, and finish DOOM! Man, that was as good as I was hoping it would be

Nathan D

New isnt great unless its made so, an established isnt bad unless its poorly


Walked home in the rain to find the road in Power So Im soaking wet with no hot water or heating in the The in my fridge is gonna die


My wallet when I eventually have to pay for all these games I

Jed Whitaker

Introducing Embargo Breakers, a podcast all about totally really breaking embargos for WINK With Laura Kate Dale, Myles Cox (sort of), Gabe Carey, and


Bill Paxton Game over, man

Dangus Taargus

I just watched Drive again with I think it might be my favorite I mean I dont care for declaring anything my be-all-end-all when theres so much out there, but holy shit the film speaks to Please see it if you


Ended up getting nervous and scared and not going, that and having a shower made me feel extra Ill try tomorrow I hope and hope that I wont get scared and feel extra useless


Yesterday night was nice, went out to dinner for our anniversary, got some pie after, and then she suggested we top it off with some beer pong, where I got my ass kicked because I got I feel so lucky right Edit:sorry for sideways pic

Electric Reaper

Shortly after Tom Perez became DNC Chair, he named Keith Ellison for Deputy Chair, and then agitated Thats a pretty good first day on the job for

able to think

I think its important we educate ourselves because not enough people know what the queers are doing to the


One more trophy need before I can platinum I never thought I would get hooked by this game this The game gave off a resemble feeling to soulborne at the beginning, after that Nioh keep shining in its own Great work, Team


Playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD with the new cutscenes added with English voice acting (for the first time) where a new actress is voicing a character alongside the old one is like something out of the uncanney


Wait, I think I did this


How slacker millenials is Night in the Woods? I hear all this praise, but Im an older fella and feel like I would actively dislike the Plus I hate


Holy shit it seems like Totalrecall34 and moviereviewrsports are the same My whole life has been a

Rad Party God

Im in the mood to replay the entire Dead Space Im almost done with DS1 and man, a ton of details I missed the first time, theres even a bit of foreshadowing with some events in Havent finished DS1 since it came out and its still great!


This game looks


Current relationship Twin Peaks fans???


Time to play I had been neglecting it, since I was still in the middle of Didnt help that I had the NITW PS4 theme in the background the entire

Bobbety F

Footage of my time with Nathan Drake has finally been released:-)


Judge Wapner passed away I spent many sick days at home as a child watching him hand out justice on THE PEOPLES


Im taking the day off, Friday, to hunt down a If anyone in SoCal has any connections that they want to share, let me know ;D


You ever agree to be part of a project but feel like its going to be hugely unsuccessful and dont know how to best tell the rest of the group?


10 hearts saved to the wolf amiibo boi! I think thats good enough for hearts for botw I dont wanna burn myself out of Zelda come Im excited!


Have a chill sunday, Vicetone, Two Friends - Bright Side Remix


Getting the nerve to go out and ask for job applications, that and the fact its still cold out and I have to But mostly nervous about going into places and asking for That is how you do it


Its the twenty-third day of advent, 5 more sleeps till


Killing stealth suits, fun time for everyone!

Virtua Kazama

I started a new series called The Quest to GIT


Yooooo I managed to pull the two Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War characters! Super happy about Would anyone be interested in a Fire Emblem blog going over the entire series?


Going to a Game of Thrones music concert thing Im going to wear this and hope my wife doesnt realize until its too


I am trying to beat Dragon Quest VII in under the average time that is listed on which has the average time at about 71

Dr Mel

All I know is yesterday it was nice and warm, and then the sky got angry and now its cold

Pixie The Fairy

My body is currently having its official spring allergy First came the chills and exhaustion, amplifying the joint pain I had already built up from Saturday brought the sneezing fits and endless runny Sunday its calming

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Since my room is the furthest in the house away from the modem my download rate is Its taken a while to get my digital games downloaded to the PS4, but once they did finish theyve been totally worth it! This is cool!


Chicken Bacon Leek Pot My wife said, this is my new favorite This is all I want for my And


Well I think the true sign of how good Slayaway camp is, is the fact 8 hours in Ive only looked up 1 puzzle solution and that was more me being dim and missing an obvious move you can do rather than the puzzle being complex to an unfair


I think my party might not be too happy with me right now with all the power leveling I have been doing 184248 EXP ready to go at the nice and fancy hotel with the 2X Level 58-68 and the first time they got to sleep in 10 Im Insane!

Spiders For Sale

I hope you all have a relaxing


Feeling better today after sleeping it Thanks to the peeps who left comments I appreciate the This is usually the case when Im feeling shitty, I just need to go to bed &


Game over man, Game

Czar Kazem

Caught John Wick Chapter 2 last night and really enjoyed it, which is great because action movies have always been really hit or miss for Love that ridiculous criminal super


Finished Unravel Had some frustrating moments, but overall a really fantastic Absolutely gorgeous, and really

the navi is a lie

Super sad to hear about Bill One of my favorite Ill be having a double feature of Terminator and