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Cheat Codes Ep. 83: Shut Up

Web columnist and game dev Brian White (TAY, Current Digital) joins us this week to go over his latest piece about playing HALO for the first time. He helps us out as we dissect blanket positivity in gaming criticism and we t...


On the next PStoid: Meanderbot!

Our guest as seen in widescreen PStoid is going to be doing its first episode of 2016 this weekend. We will be joined by none other than Meanderbot who over the years has contributed a heck of a lot to this community, too much to link ...




It is now


So has enough time passed that we can finally admit that Bioshock Infinite was a dull, derivative, shooter with a garbage plot?

the navi is a lie

Me yesterday: ok all you did today was play Tomorrow well be at 12:30 PM: ok we woke up pretty Still time to be productive Me right now: just played more now were rewatching dunkeys


RANT-WEEK DAY-6: If you have collectibles in your game make a summary screen that shows exactly what Ive Dont just do a 51/52 number The Sexy Brutale, Im looking at


What is your favorite phrase thatll youll never get to use properly? Mine is spectral

Lux Interior

So whats the easiest way to post primitive guitar recordings that I record on my phone? Do I have to upload them to YouTube? Ive written a few inspired by my favorite classic RPGs and would like to share :)

Gundy Nepbane

#Confessiontoid I keep Grand Kingdom installed on my PS4 so I can just sit at the title screen and listen to the


Do people still make AMVs anymore? How am I supposed to be in a rock band without a DBZ/naruto/bleach fight scene edited around my music? I would pay


Witcher 3 is now my first ever platinum 718h 24m across 3 save files, from 5/19/15 to I have enough to fill 3 blog Lets see if I can write those up this A grand postmortem to my favorite


Today I finally start playing Breath of the Stayed home last night and beat Horizon and it was so friggin 75 hours! But yeah, my Wii U is going to be getting a lot of love in the next month or BotW, Captain Toad, and revisit


Trying not to get drunk before best friends wedding starts versus being surrounded by booze before best friends wedding starts


batman vs darthvader


Hey, my bands new ep it totally up and completely free to listen and download along with the previous I play bass, and if you look moody progressive rock and big ole instrumental build ups at the end, thats what we do at:


Damn playdeads INSIDE is Not sure it beats Limbo or not, but it definitely is a worthwhile spiritual

Bukkake Waffles

Ah shit, Happy Belated Birthday to I hope I didnt miss the

Rad Party God

This tickled my nostalgia button REAL


Persona 5 is a masterclass of JRPG story Im sure it overstays its welcome in the last hours as some reviews state, but Im constantly being turned on my head in what to expect from dungeons, bosses, character reveals,


I am unreasonably excited for this Also loving the choice of voice actor for Not a choice I would have thought of, but a good pick Also just great to have someone who actually understands Harleys character at the





Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I just finished another Mecha Commission! This time its for a Mech that can take body parts of other Mechs to use as its think it came out well! : Bump!

Rad Party God

The Saints Row series are elegible for GOG Connect, meaning that if you already own them on Steam, you can unlock them on GOG for Its always nice to have an extra DRM Free copy of my games, even if I dont end up using them at all :P


And that boss was a head-on crash with a stonewall in Has-Been 49h in, completion I thought I was doing mostly well, until I got to Herald of Gales, and the only spells I had he wasnt immune against were Still loving the


All of the Mario Kart 8 previews Ive seen so far make it seem as if its going to be really hard for the cops to win Renegade I wonder if well see tweaks somewhere down the line; maybe making the cops faster, or adjusting the button

Ray Porreca

Happy Sunday, I hope everyones getting day-drunk and having a good time today


Tryna get up in that shadow realm, mind if I put you faced down?


Erin Moran (Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days) died at the young age of Link in

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Huzzah! Ive just been accepted into a zine for the first time! Its for Trails in the Sky/Trails of Cold I already have a few ideas of what Ill Wish me luck!


Trying to format my spare hdd to Fat32 for my PS3 upgrade has been quite a I just cant get it My other options are (1) Just install the new hdd and re-download and install everything (fuck) or (2) Forget the whole damn thing (details


Hope this comes as good But theres definitely a new Community Interview going up on Sorry for the lengthy Hope youll be happy to ch-ch-check it out!


The other day I was watching a tortoise compilation at like It was then I wondered what am I doing with my But then I saw tortoise get stuck trying to go over a ladder and laughed like an Thanks


#Occamstoid2017 Late Happy Birthday to our resident resplendent Black I hope your birthday was more Matrix and less Matrix


Man, Persona 5 is great but I wish I could swap part members mid-battle *Starts the Star Confidant* I could have done this a dozen hours


Im somewhat disappointed, by not at all surprised, that Im not the first person to come up with the idea of Lady

Silver Luso

Happy English speaking day you english speakers, heres some quick facts

Double Monocles

Good morning What are you all playing today?

Pixie The Fairy

Marvel seems to misunderstand DCs success with its last DC refocused the old, popular heroes and placed new or underutilized heroes in headlining Marvel Legacy displaces new heroes with old to pander to readers too old to care or keep

Terry 309

Well I finally gave in and got Nier Automata on I got it from PS store so I paid more than I should have paid for it but fuck it, I cant use my PC so I might as well treat myself to a new game instead and I dont want to wait for a physical


While were giving Wonder Boy some love, I just wrapped up a 2nd playthrough and I love it even The animations, art style and soundtrack are great, and the world is so beautiful to look Cant recommend this game


Finally, Persona 5 OST now available on The price even more higher than I expected but I grab it


I found a thing in Wonder Boy that feels like a cheat yet also feels like a natural progression of skills youd get in the game, and now Im Pressing Jump + Up + Attack switches characters on the fly; was I supposed to know about this?


Woo! All shields, armors and swords including the Gallic Some of those Unknown levels for the Charm Stones are seriously fucking annoying!

Papa Niero

I used to work with this dude that would blast Robin daily, and To this day it cracks me up


Scaramouch said what we were all What an awesome episode though with all the

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Long day at con + going to see a AotW Monday instead of Onto good Check out who I met and Silicon Valley Comic Con today! Its wrong how beautiful she is at 67 (68 next month

Pixie The Fairy

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