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Got some sea food, as is my friday My favorite local breakfast dine has branched out into some lunch Look at the size of this clam strip! Its incredibly


I hadnt realized this game was already Seems like a good


Paranormal Phallictivity


The world map is just about done! I might tweak it by the end of the jam (in exactly a week), but right now Im focusing on the obstacles and wrapping up the


Do you, YOU, feel like I do?


Breaking #musictoid news: Kieszas new album is out and it Its very


And my first step into the Trails series is TitS (snicker) was one of the very best JPRGs Ive played to date :) And the localization was incredibly well done! Gonna take a breather before jumping to to part 2, but look forward to when I do!


Currently pretending I’m a Superman


My older brother got a Razer Kishi for Xbox Game Pass streaming and let me try it out with my Samsung Galaxy Its a Controls are responsive and its far more convenient and comfy than Gonna have to grab one for


Stole this from Instagram who stole it from 9gag who stole it from who

Jinx 01

I decided to make my girlfriend a PC - the core is older parts I already had, but I got a new kb/mouse & Shes decorating everything, including the monitor, controller, & case (the sides are off for Sailor Moon Video tour when were done!

Chris Moyse

Not gonna lie, I could be doing But were all in a weeeird old world right I know that yall got a handle on Keep being good to yourself, and those around you, and have a rad, relaxing Love Be the Best x

Jinx 01

Dtoid is the best gaming community around but I wish there was a little more PC and hardware (PC & console) related I have to go to places like WCCFTech for that stuff and they arent nearly as nice and have some alt-right creeps

Florida Man

The greeter was


Holy Shit!!! Holy Shit!!! New music from Bungle!!! Old school thrash as fuck! Xeo, you need to listen to this :)

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to sptesture! Hope you have a happy and rad weekend, buddy :)


A sneak peek into the mind of a


This looks Anyone have any opinions on it?


Sorry Polygon, they beat you to it


So that live action Avatar: The Last Airbender is going to be a trash Cant say Im Never thought it should have been a thing in the first Just watch the fucking


Happy birthday, sp gesture! May you have a perfect day, whether it’s lazily lounging around all day, or dressing up as Pac-Man and eating a trail of marshmallows and pills around the house!


Mmm Im not feeling the new protags of Infinity Especially when their first acts are murder and


Im sorry, what?


Just gotta say, Thanks Brett, for posting about Forza Horizon 3 being soon delisted, but now on I never got around to buying the game, but I always really wanted I bought, basically, everything yesterday for just over Hot wheels dlc is fire

Pixie The Fairy

On But made sure my old look got a new job as my retainer (NPC that does fetchquests and sells your Faeona will watch over my house

Dr Mel

Youd all see way more comment upvotes from me if there wasnt this dumb glitch on disqus that stops it working when you try to do it through your


Have I just gamed on my PC too much? I finally got Links Awakening on Switch and the frame pacing is I simultaneously love my Switch and am constantly disappointed by


Without spoiling anything, the MSQ for was The FFXIV dev team keep finding new ways to raise the bar and I love them for


The platinum points rewards from Nintendo are so worthless that its rather insulting when Nintendo gives you platinum


More raging naked orcs coming through!


I keep watchin this pot and it keeps not boilin


Pinnochio makes a very good sissy


jump jump trampoline, fly to where you want to be! jump jump trampoline, fly to where you want to be! jump jump trampoline, fly to where you want to be!

Patrick Hancock

Yall think Im so handsome, so come watch me and my friends discuss/review Control! Spoilers,

The yeast within

Excuse me, but how do I post images in a blog using mobile?


Fallout New Vegas or Morrowind?


Finally did up a few rounds of Fall Guys and, unsurprisingly, had a fair amount of fun!


Ah, ashen


I have internet and power Reunited and it feels so

Virtua Kazama

which controller to use for tonights Fall Guys stream? Watch and find its the Xbox One Anyway, lets play some Fall Guys on PC!


I got my final Jaw Surgery the other Recovering at home with my jaw wired shut and Please send me happy

Czar Kazem

Great news, dtoid - its pumpkin beer season!


Rumors swirling about Bloodbone on PS5 and PC this Would you double dip for the 60fps 4K goodness?

Yue chan

Back at work now so really struggling to find time to write but Ghost of Tsushima = RFG (really fucking good - Hope to find time to do a write-up at some point! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ πŸ‘» πŸ’― What did everyone else think?


Damn this almost looks

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Today has My Mom is disappointed in me, someone called out at work and were swamped with customers, and Im just plain Ill be house and pet sitting for a friend starting tomorrow, so I hope that week away