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I want to play Far Cry 6 and that upcoming Mario x Rabbids game but Im also so done supporting Ubisoft, especially since they treat their fans like Is buying used still supporting them and not taking a strong enough stance? Have a great weekend!

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Monster Boy & the Cursed Kingdom (Switch) -Hyper Light Drifter (Switch) -Resident Evil 2(PS4) -MHR (Switch)

Anonymous 20

Got a few hours into Legends Arceus so far, and its pretty damn good so I find myself appreciating the smaller Faster pace of play, being able to choose between items and pokemon without menus, Accessibility so far is appreciated


After playing it for seven hours and having a pretty great time, I can conclude that Pokemon Legends is a pretty good game, great


Pokemon Legends Arceus is giving me serious Nobody Saves the World Constantly popping notifications of tasks Im completing is so

Boxed Swine

They should make a video sharing social media platform for people to pick fights and call it


Current status


I was in the blueberry mood so have another ultradork :P


Lets play a whats in the box? its way more comfortable than a kitchen chair which Ive been using)

Czar Kazem

presented without comment


Tonight is for the drinking and


Bidoof? More like Big Oof, am I right?


Whelp, looks like the new Genshin Impact outfits may have been just the first wave of They have now removed Ningguangs shoulder blades from her event costume for all I really hope its just a bug, but I am doubtful at this


I imagine actors who work on long running series must get attached to the characters they What happens then if an actor doesnt the direction of their Can they be like No, Ive played John for 15 seasons and he would NOT say that

Whispering Willow

On the left: Something Im never Its too Pokémon Legends will be opened


Man, The Eternals is Like Justice League


Current status; heading home from work on the bus and chilling to this


Wait, we have a forum? Does anyone use it?

Whispering Willow

Okay, I found my PS results for First part is a lie, I dont have a Clearly I did not get all the Nier Replicant endings The C2077 hours were before and after the patches and eventually accepting it didnt


Point: I feel very left out of the hype around Pokemon Legends, Horizon 2, and Elden Counterpoint: this is an excellent time to finally catch up on my backlog 😅


The first 3 episodes of this are out today! You really should watch

Anthony Marzano

After Disco Elysium rocked my world, Ive been in a bit of a slump, listing from game to game trying to find a similar Others who have gone through this suggested a video game ass video game, so Ive fallen back into The Its such a


Beat 30min!!!

Dr Mel

Finished the latest season of Non-Spoiler comment: So many tense phone calls!


I recently learned of this game, Edge of Apparently the physical release is exclusive to Which is I think maybe theyre publishing it like they did Song of the Deep, but Looks interesting


Got a bunch of beer, a bunch of food, generator is full and ready and Switch is Bring on the blizzard!


Watched The Worst Person In The World due to how good its reviews have Truly a thought provoking story, and a good movie to discuss


I bought a new beanie and its really Current status:


Guess I’m getting Pokémon on


Bumping my orks up to 1000 points, realized I still needed another nob for tomorrow morning, so Whipped this guy up last night and finished over lunch


Arceus in hand, Im noticing a distinct lack of online on the back of the I kept away from most reviews for spoiler reasons, but is there an online mode? Zoinks, on my way home to find


Arceus is definitely a step in the right direction in just about every It started in a way I didnt expect, so Im even interested in the story for once! The changes to the battle system alone are worth the price of entry


I beat the first Danganronpa game this On the whole, very good Any of yall ever play it? What did you think of it? Also, who is best girl? (there is a correct answer)


Travel through Time 1: Northern Lights (2021) on 128K ZX Spectrum looks far more impressive than the racing games I played on my 8-bit as a

Silver the 3rd

Ive stepped off the drawing grind, but Im on the phone today and belted this out


I have no idea when my copy of Pokémon is It just says “ready for Seems like this game already sold two million based on how long it’s taking to send out They must be shipping a huge number of them at

Anonymous 20

I was today years old when I learned that apparently Gamestop can deliver same day via doordash for no additonal charge? Got Arceus today, when everyone else was gonna take two weeks! Awesome!


Going live RIGHT NOW with Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Will be streaming for a few hours before I gotta do Adult Things later today

Robo Panda Z

Dealing with some brand new major family medical drama, so while Im waiting for news from the hospital, I decided to delve into Vampire First game - Got to level 15 (I dont know if this is good or Spinny bible shields are


BENGALS LURKING IN KANSAS CITY: smoked burnt ends, beef patty, Cincinnati “2-way” chili, crispy jalapeño caps, Kansas City BBQ sauce + Texas toast Its a bukake of flavor!


Astros Playroom is some masterclass video They better do more with this


This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend Have a great weekend Dtoid!


Playing through The Medium on XSX and really liking it so Maybe it’s the European vibes I always gel Playing on game pass but I think if I bought it for $30 I’d still feel good about

Chris Moyse

Hey friends, I hope that youre having a fine day thus far, one that will kick your weekend into Be sure to make time for yourself and find the small like Baikens Be kind to yourself, and me, and Love you x


Idk if it worked fully yet but I have uncharted 4 from ps+ and bought lost legacy digital ages The upgraded collection only showed a $10 price point for me - so maybe success?? Bump: I def for it for $10 across the board, nice!


So, uh, Disco Elysium: I dont really know that you can be terrible at this game, but I feel like Im being exactly Every quest feels like it ends in failure, leaving me lost, and progression feels Bit of a life simulator, then?