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OCT 2015: Uncharted Month (+Recap)

As you may or may not know, this year I have been trying to theme each month of videogame playing, so far covering series such as Zelda, 'Souls, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Metal Gear and now it's time for another new topic. Since most other ne...


#Cyberviolence #Eggplants

I started out typing up some big, clearly satirical rant about how two brave white women of wealth and privilidge went up infront of the UN and said, completely seriously, that Disagreement = Harassment and that being subjected to disagree...


Egotisms #2 - My Fresher's Week

Welcome to the post-fresher’s week write up, in which I will beguile you with stories of my first week at uni in the hope that you give a damn. If you missed Egotisms #1 – it’s here. Let’s get started. (And I’...


RAE - Timeline

G'day guys, hope you are having a great week. Now this is more of a personal blog. I thought it was about time I told you the full story about the beginning and end of RAE on IGN and the transition from IGN to Destructoid. In 2009, I was pl...


Nostalgia, Minecraft and Art

In the long, long ago – 3 years to be precise – I developed a new hobby. The art of minecraft builds. In the space of a year I placed tens of thousands of blocks by hand, and hundreds of thousands more by WorldEdit. As the need...


Undertale: The Case for Heart

I will be discussing minor spoilers about this game in the blog below. I would rather you skip reading it then ruin the experience. Please, play this game. If you have played it, discuss with me. This weekend, I bought a game called Underta...


Steps of Subversion: Halo 2 and Sons of Liberty...

It takes a certain genius in crafting a great video game narrative. You have to account for player agency, pacing, stylistic decisions that bring in narrative focus that could take away gameplay options, and ensure that your protagonist is ...


EGX 2015 - What will I Play?

EGX 2015 is very big in the UK. We're straved as a gaming society of any events that celebrate gaming and tantilise future releases. That's why I'm going this year as a press member to choose which games I want to cover. I'm spoiled for ch...


It's Hard For Me To Write These Days

Consider this my hasty and incredibly pretentious introduction to Destructoid blogs. I’m not the best writer out there, but I’m at least able to put my thoughts onto the table in a well-organized manner, thank you very much. And...


resolution...sort of

Earlier today I was told that the GUYS that broke into my house have been caught. They had the Ipad jerk offs ID and it took them to one of their houses. Inside the house they found a few other people a bunch of stolen property. While they ...


Super Smash Flash 2 is the thing

Super Smash Flash 2 is another great concept game created by McLeod Gaming, found at Furg.net. Intended for PC and not for profit, to register and play the game is free. It has everyone [and everything] from Yoshi to Pikachu. To play you ha...


Megaman Movie (mix of excited and terrified)

As history has shown, movie adaptations of games can be, em agonizingly painful. titles like Alone In The Dark and Doom (The Rock did make it a little epic for a while) are only a few examples. When i hear he words "Megaman Movie" i would s...


A Free Plague Courtesy of Yacht Club Games

I was a latecomer to Shovel Knight. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a good reason. In fact, I’m not sure if I would have purchased the game last week had it not been for the sudden and horrific realization that I nee...


The Sega Incident

Included in the above video is footage we captured of the Sega Vs Nintendo panel from this year’s Pax East with Al Nilsen, former Marketing Director for Sega of America. This panel ran from 9:30pm to 11:30pm on Friday, which came aft...


RAE - The Return to Dtoid

After a long wait due to education commitments, I am proud to announce that RAE is back after a couple of months hiatus. Guys, these last two months have actually been two of the roughest months of my life, and I was very close to announcin...


Retro Terror for the Future

It was about 2:00 am in the morning and I heard someone or something that sounded like a wounded satanic gorilla; at least that’s what I imagined the cursed primate would sound like if it were roaming around Mars. I felt like I was ei...




Giant Vampire Lady


D&D Excited! Even though I wont get to use my sweet hand painted


Now that Rabbid Bowser seems to be a thing, how long until Rabbid Bowsette? My money is on approximately 2


That Taiko switch game is down to $10 on the it has ever been so far I it up myself,$50 seemed crazy pricey but $10 seems more reasonable even if it has a mountain of paid dlc songs dlc song I care of is Undertale one


Nintendo said fuck it and leaked a game Ubisoft was totally planning on revealing later today,


Stopped playing Metroid: Fusion because it is Am playing Bowsers Inside Story now which is just Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow also seems to be a good Any recommendations for DS and GBA?


#Caturday another bum moved


Grit my teeth through level 4 of I really, really wish playing it didnt feel like wasting time, but it


Also mermaid friend! Unfortunately shes quite tricky to take good picture of, but its a great model that turned out Designed by Chen Xiao


As a kid, I was always excited whenever video games turned up in But nothing caught my attention like these Fox Kids Its impressive how good they look for the They even display some game design despite being


Had to take a little bit of a break due to everything happening at once, but things are definitely looking My new article is getting underway, were progressing on getting me a teaching contract, and I just got my first vaxx this morning!


So I guess I did a

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana(Switch) -Hollow Knight (Switch) -Persona 5 Royal (PS4)


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - All Sex Scenes (42:12)


Have a great weekend all!


After binging The Boys, Ive got an E3 wish that will never come I want an EA Maxis Sims-style game where you manage Balancing ego and You dont create them, you just handle the hand youre


When you find that first optional rift, that shit right there is It loads from one level to the next Its


So, landing in Vegas, the first thing I see is a giant Konami I GOT SO then immediately, completely

Whispering Willow

Went out to the Edward McKays on the way home from Found a copy of FFT A2 there and brought it There was a copy of Pokémon Conquest for $120 and Pokémon Soul Silver was like This is why I just do SMT


I dont think I will ever get used to load times essentially no longer


Some of the implications of Loki got me Ill put some spoilery thoughts in the comments of this


I helped an elderly lady in my hood w/ her PC & she sent me home w/ some cooked bacon, That Russian lady brought me baby carrots for Teddy and a bag of dark cherries for Another lady brought Teddy All within a week!


Finally found the reason I wasnt able to do the Disqus Had to change the website to English, Here we go!

Yrahcaz But Snowy

So Griftlands is pretty fucking good I would almost say its better than Slay the Spire in terms of card


Playing through Spider-Man: Miles Morales makes me wonder if perhaps its too easy to hack into things in


Im well past the half-way point in A Rift Apart, and after screwing around with the settings, I absolutely see no reason to play it in any performance mode but Performance That should have been the default, as its pretty much

Soulbow eh

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 might be my favorite Warriors game Even with limited knowledge of the Its tighttt, big

Jetter Mars



Happy Friday everyone


Really underrated development of the Industrial Revolution: the creation of Dtoid


Had my first vaccine dose Was fully expecting heavy side effects but nope, just a sore My body is being good to me for


Got my first shot today

Punished Nietzsche

Oh nice, not even 24 hours with Strive on PC and the whole Season 1 of DLC characters have been Kinda nice to see my main possibly coming back, but the list seems pretty Names in the


Damn, Loki was pretty fucking good! Probably Owen Wilsons best role since The Royal I like the direction theyre taking!


Last day for the Palestinian Aid bundle on itch Edit: Celeste, Towerfall, Baba is You, and Minit are in the bundle now!

Electric Reaper

If these batteries become practical on a large scale, that could be rather As good as lithium ion batteries are, they do have multiple We REALLY need better battery


Spoiler Alert: I fucking loved My basic ass needed more Also, Wunmi Mosaku is now my


Finished moving!* * Not my home, but the whole school where I Holy hell, didnt think we/Id finish in When Rift Apart arrives in the mail, Im going to lack the strength to pick it Im in charge of supplies, to make it worse,


I know that Ratchet and Clank lost its edge in the humor department over the years, but I’m not seeing the complaints about the writing in this one, at least when compared to the ps4 remake/movie tie in That game was just crickets and


I clicked on this super fast


Double post but they have announced Rune Factory 5 will arive west in early Bummed to see it not out this year but hopefuly the delay means they are actualy trying to have the translation/localization as best as it could be and not


Bit random to do this now and considering it is coming to consoles now I imagine it isnt free guess its neat news for the fans if there is still fans for the game


This weeks TGIF is up over in the community blogs! Queen once again handled it for me this Come jump in and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend plans!

Mike Sounders

Ah Julys gonna be a good Hathaway should be releasing July 1 on netflix, replacement discs with the right version of Gundam SEED have been shipped, Getter Arc starts airing, and SRW 30th anniversary stream Yes


Now that we have that Vampire The Masquerade Battle Royale game when are we going to get a Yakuza Battle Royal game to finish off the games that people never wanted battle royal games

Jetter Mars

At my moms place for my youngest nephews birthday and helping her setup! She made Mario cookies too!


Its Netflixs Castlevania getting a spinoff that will star Richter Belmont and Maria Link in


my brain isnt in a place to understand humour at the moment im sorry