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OCT 2015: Uncharted Month (+Recap)

As you may or may not know, this year I have been trying to theme each month of videogame playing, so far covering series such as Zelda, 'Souls, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Metal Gear and now it's time for another new topic. Since most other ne...


#Cyberviolence #Eggplants

I started out typing up some big, clearly satirical rant about how two brave white women of wealth and privilidge went up infront of the UN and said, completely seriously, that Disagreement = Harassment and that being subjected to disagree...


Egotisms #2 - My Fresher's Week

Welcome to the post-fresher’s week write up, in which I will beguile you with stories of my first week at uni in the hope that you give a damn. If you missed Egotisms #1 – it’s here. Let’s get started. (And I’...


RAE - Timeline

G'day guys, hope you are having a great week. Now this is more of a personal blog. I thought it was about time I told you the full story about the beginning and end of RAE on IGN and the transition from IGN to Destructoid. In 2009, I was pl...


Nostalgia, Minecraft and Art

In the long, long ago – 3 years to be precise – I developed a new hobby. The art of minecraft builds. In the space of a year I placed tens of thousands of blocks by hand, and hundreds of thousands more by WorldEdit. As the need...


Undertale: The Case for Heart

I will be discussing minor spoilers about this game in the blog below. I would rather you skip reading it then ruin the experience. Please, play this game. If you have played it, discuss with me. This weekend, I bought a game called Underta...


Steps of Subversion: Halo 2 and Sons of Liberty...

It takes a certain genius in crafting a great video game narrative. You have to account for player agency, pacing, stylistic decisions that bring in narrative focus that could take away gameplay options, and ensure that your protagonist is ...


EGX 2015 - What will I Play?

EGX 2015 is very big in the UK. We're straved as a gaming society of any events that celebrate gaming and tantilise future releases. That's why I'm going this year as a press member to choose which games I want to cover. I'm spoiled for ch...


It's Hard For Me To Write These Days

Consider this my hasty and incredibly pretentious introduction to Destructoid blogs. I’m not the best writer out there, but I’m at least able to put my thoughts onto the table in a well-organized manner, thank you very much. And...


resolution...sort of

Earlier today I was told that the GUYS that broke into my house have been caught. They had the Ipad jerk offs ID and it took them to one of their houses. Inside the house they found a few other people a bunch of stolen property. While they ...


Super Smash Flash 2 is the thing

Super Smash Flash 2 is another great concept game created by McLeod Gaming, found at Furg.net. Intended for PC and not for profit, to register and play the game is free. It has everyone [and everything] from Yoshi to Pikachu. To play you ha...


Megaman Movie (mix of excited and terrified)

As history has shown, movie adaptations of games can be, em agonizingly painful. titles like Alone In The Dark and Doom (The Rock did make it a little epic for a while) are only a few examples. When i hear he words "Megaman Movie" i would s...


A Free Plague Courtesy of Yacht Club Games

I was a latecomer to Shovel Knight. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a good reason. In fact, I’m not sure if I would have purchased the game last week had it not been for the sudden and horrific realization that I nee...


The Sega Incident

Included in the above video is footage we captured of the Sega Vs Nintendo panel from this year’s Pax East with Al Nilsen, former Marketing Director for Sega of America. This panel ran from 9:30pm to 11:30pm on Friday, which came aft...


RAE - The Return to Dtoid

After a long wait due to education commitments, I am proud to announce that RAE is back after a couple of months hiatus. Guys, these last two months have actually been two of the roughest months of my life, and I was very close to announcin...


Retro Terror for the Future

It was about 2:00 am in the morning and I heard someone or something that sounded like a wounded satanic gorilla; at least that’s what I imagined the cursed primate would sound like if it were roaming around Mars. I felt like I was ei...



Czar Kazem

October 20th & Yesterday my girlfriend requested we watch Corpse Bride, and today we watched One night of charming fun, one night of violent


As much as people may rag on Dread for its difficulty, I wish more was at stake during the EMMI sections, like a Hollow Knight type thing where you lose a bunch of shit you collected if you get As it is now, theres nothing to lose by being caugh

Raster Scanline

Of course Im out of command Amazon will deliver more These really are striking in person

CaimDark Reloaded

Halfway through Beyond The Dark Portal, the nostalgia had worn off and the simplicity and repetitiveness of the gameplay was wearing thin, so I moved on to Warcraft 3 after reading up on the Reforged nonsense, I cant really support


Bloodborne in the style of a Cartoon Network show?


fuck it why not


Just came in


Doing an off-the-cuff stream with Chivalry 2! I think Spooktober is over after the fantastic SOMA, so Ill be getting into more variety games!


Boxman usually posts these fun Metroid Dread and Castlevania Advance Collection for For how it turned out, please see 1/3 of indie games released in the last

Matt I Guess

Does anyone else ever listen to music from the period or genre the game is set in while they play? Like 1920s music for BioShock or The Sinking City, 80s for Blood Dragon, classic Western themes for Red Dead, I asked and apparently nobody else


First playthrough of doom eternal DLC on Nightmare with no crosshairs or


Current Status:

Just Aaron

Finally got around to making a front page

Virtua Kazama

SORAS IN SMASH! Now that I got that out of the way, lets have some fun with the latest character in Smash, shall we? Going live with Smash Ultimate!


Here take Don’t go on a empty


New cursed item for the collection

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Hi I found a quick and easy way to make a few See you in a few #squidtoid

Raster Scanline

Which survival horror game should I play for spooky month? Itll be my first time for all but Fatal Frame which I got as a teen and dont remember at all except for something about


Best Buys got single fan RTX 3060s available to order at Definitely a mark-up, but not as bad as buying Im very



Anonymous 20

Can someone recommend a good ad blocker? Ive had There are too many ads that outright disable my ability to browse the site, click links or leave comments, if theyre not obscuring the page I dont want to, but enough is

Sweaty Dungus

Here are my choices for my Halloween Please help me Visage, Kholat, Resident Evil 0, Daymare 1998, Lamentaum and Lone Full disclosure Ive started Lamentaum but havent beaten it, and Lone Survivor Ive restarted multiple BUMP


Sweet was wondering for a while lately when this game was going to come out on Switch

Mike Sounders

One last trailer one Monday and then release date next Wednesday/Thursday for Super Robot Wars Going to be one of the longest weeks in a while

The Whore of Babylon

At the risk of sounding like a chode I actually liked the Uncharted trailer? Theyre doing a very young Nate and Sully so the casting makes sense to Didnt think Id say that as a massive fan of the


Got a new video finished! Im starting a new journey, one thatll take me through all the Paper Mario I really want to talk about the bad ones, but I may as well go through the good ones first


Pretty bummed the regional hide and seek qualifiers were canceled Seems a lot of stuff is getting pushed back At least in this case, its just that good contestants were hard to


This is a very interesting Classification, and the inherently human need for it, is just so

CaimDark Reloaded

The issue where I could comment on qposts but not the frontpage had been fixed, then Do I have to follow the same steps again?


The last four days at work I watched the Scream Loved them all except for the third which I only liked very How high are our hopes regarding the next one?


Surprising no one, the Uncharted movie looks

Gentleman Beast

I saw pumpkin spice moonshine at the liquor store last It was right next to the egg nog


For anyone who follows Titans, season 3 ended Watching the new episodes as they were released prompted me to subscribe to HBOmax, and it was worth Marvel or not, this is a good drama show involving super heroes with neat character


Happy Dune Day! Go watch it!




Surprised my younger bro with this fine piece of art for his

Punished Nietzsche

Finally i have a free day to i mean slack off and watch youtube until dinner Good Morning Dtoid!


The maker of the two GoNNER games put out a monster-collecting Metroidvania and it looks so damn good! Maybe get it? Also, GoNNER is very underappreciated! Redownloaded that one to relive my early Switch


Someone on here a few months ago reminded me that 3D Dot Game Heroes has no digital release and now the hurt wont


Current status:


I seem to be stuck in a loop on I keep going to bed thinking Im done, I cant survive the Endurance Mode, glad I uninstalled it then waking the next day thinking But what if I tried this, I need to install it


So apparently a digital version of Persona 5 Royal for PC and Switchs been included with the best in show prize pack for Atlus-o-weenie Atlus says its a typo but hey, dreaming doesnt cost a thing!

CaimDark Reloaded

Reason 193848 why pre-orders are bad, actively encourage developers to butcher beloved franchises and should be avoided like the


Don’t post my little dudes much, but here’s some Skinny Puppy fans for Ave Dominus Nox!


The Mass Effect Trilogy would have been greatly improved with a Groovy character You cant change my

Ricky Namara

I hate that title so much because it could have been a punchier, much catchier The Chronicles of Zorro


Welp my Extra Life event is Gonna be doing it on November 9th at 12:00 pm Im even giving away a Nintendo Switch too in a Not the OLED one, because those are being scalped currently and Im not made of money!