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Disposable Rumours: Playstation NGP renamed as 'Vita'

Have you heard this? The SONY PlayStation NGP (Next Generations Platform/Portable) is now called 'Vita'. Now lets be honest, whatever this new portable dream machine is, it isn't a PSP 2. PSP has seen four alterations to it's primary for...


Scoring/combos in Reaper

Score adds up depending on how man souls you collect and how many combos you make. Souls can be collected like Mario coins and add into the score. Health/summons can also be added to your score. The score system is used for leaderboards. Ea...


Reaper bosses and music

So I talked previously in my other posts about well the summons. Now I'm going to say that in the game there will be 6 summons, and well 8 bosses, 6 of those bosses once defeated can be used as summons. Here is one of the bosses in the ...


Summons in Reaper

So I never told people about the Summons in Reaper, so here is a bit about them. As you will see there is different categories where some are more powerful against others. For each boss you defeat, you get a new summon. While summoning, ...


Reaper animations

Since like I said last night I didn't want to well reveal Reaper in video form until at least a month. But here are more animations of the bad guys, so you know what to expect.


The Next-Generation PSP

The Next-Generation PSP Sony has finally unveiled their next generation portable gaming device. Codenamed “NGP” which stands for Next Generation Portable, this handheld gaming behemoth sports a plethora of new features that really set i...


Hype: The 3rd Birthday (aka Parasite Eve 3)

If you are bored while you are reading this review, go ahead and listen to this song, as it is apparantly going to be the headlining song in the game (fast forward the first 20 seconds, as they are silent for whatever unholy reason): ...


I found my PSP at long last!

Between the site upgrade/mishaps/downgrade and being productive (or something) - oh yeah, and forgetting my password on Dtoid (cause I'm a noob), I haven't had much of a chance to post on here as of late. I suppose that should change, rig...


Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles 3 (Shortblog)

I've been neglecting my copy of Valkyria Chronicles 2. I picked it up and was then distracted by my backlog, which is why I hate having a backlog. But I think I'm back in the mood now, thanks to the demo of Valkyria Chronicles 3, availa...


Tons of new codes for PSP2 OH MAH GAWD!1!!!1

First I have to say Im talking of Phantasy Star Portable2, that new PSP (The hanheld console) game, and if you play it you must know about the Visophone codes, and Sega released tons of new codes including collabs of many animes like To lov...


Dissidia: Final Fantasy Sequel Confirmed

Shounen Jump confirmed that Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy is on the way to the PSP. This makes me happy for two reasons; first being that the original Dissidia was a very good game (ignore Sterling’s review, he basically seemed angry i...


I'll be damned.

First things first, let me quote myself from a while back: "Oh Atlus, why do you hate Europe? [...] They make a good killing with their games as far as I know, so setting up a foreign branch is not an impossibile tasks. They could make ...


Get Your Game On.

Ever since I first saw the terrible Marcus ads for the PSP at E3 I have wanted to make a Yu-Gi-Oh GX themed parody and now I finally have. IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-DUEL.


Take my PSP... please.

Why is the PSP the Rodney Dangerfield of handheld consoles? It gets no respect from anyone. I'm not one to sit and go on and on about how fucking awesome the PSP is, to each his own, but I've really enjoyed my PSP and it's aggravating...


Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP) preview

2010/08/31 [PSP] [1] [2] Valkyria Chronicles II Valkyria Chronicles II is the direct sequel to Valkyria Chronicles for PS3. While the BLITZ combat system remains intact, the developers have made some significant changes elsewhere to s...


Section 8 Quick Impressions

Tuesday I alerted fellow DToiders that Section 8, a highly Tribes looking game, was on sale for $14.99 on PSN. Perhaps motivated by the potential for fellow dtoids to orbital drop on, I purchased and decided to play some while it was still...


Monster Hunter Freedom: The curse and the blessing

The Curse Two years ago come this august, I was given a PSP for my birthday and shortly after that I obtained a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom 2. If I had known at that time how much I would like the game I might have thought twice abou...




I finished Super Mario 64 This time I played the levels I liked the least first to get them out of the way for the 70 stars, then payed the ones I liked to get all the

Brad Majors

Floki has seen some shit! Such horror! Happy Monday all!


100 hour work week should make you think about the other kinds of red, dead, and


Gosh darn

Pixie The Fairy

Got Uncharted 3 done and Im now at least over halfway through 4, which has been pretty great so Lost Legacy is next because I need more

Dead Churros

Fuck This should be something to be ashamed More in the


One of my favorite groups recently announced that theyll be coming to London on tour soon, who has a PDF on how to go to concerts alone and stay mentally stable?

spooky testure

Thanks to some Sage advice form our resident Gundam boy, I passed on new Gundam Breaker and decided to get Divinity original sin 2 Definitive And I am definitely not regretting Also have some


Anybody else picking up Dark Souls on Friday?

Count Parismeow

Hunting Horn Mains represent!


Poor man’s first


Dudes would be perfect if not for those dinky AK


A while back I posted about getting a cameo in my favorite comic Go Get a Since then Ive actually made a couple of more appearances in the comic, including this one that has some readers shipping me and of the main male So

CaimDark Reloaded

My Aloy has finally bought all the purple weapons and armor and upgraded the inventory to the Can I sell all my machine parts and animal materials or am I going to need them in the DLC?


Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my empty vodka bottle!

Kevin Mersereau

Fendi recently reminded me just how much I love this song over on the site’s It’s a keeper, for


The ultimate


Chapter 2 for my CYOA Halloween story is Check it out if you You can vote for how the story will continue in the blogs Its a bit different this time, so keep that in Link in the BUMP


My friend sent me this and I felt it was pertinent to share with all you fine Sorry if its been posted

Mike Sounders

Spent a good chunk of my weekend playing The World Ends With You on Rediscovered this classic So far, money well


Getting Mario Party was a I can no longer leave my home with my switch because my siblings and nephew will get mad at me for taking the game away from My house is constantly loud, just as it was when Mario Party 4 came Life is


Found Joey Ramone at the torture museum this


thats Spider-Man And the secret photo op done as Crazy fun from beginning to Now Ill do college stuff until Soul Calibur VI comes Peace out!

Spooky Matt I Guess

I went to my PC a little while ago with the intention of playing Warframe, but due to my tiredness and the allergy medicine Im taking I got majorly distracted in a tired haze and ended up helping a buddy do IT homework for two


Today was More car upkeep/repair happened, I caught up with family, almost beat Mega Man 11 on superhero and I talked to a friend from high school and my heart rate is still high and Im still coming down because I didnt say anything

Stuudent Loan Debtus Taargus

It only took 14 years, but I finally finished Silent Hill Extremely interesting game, but Im glad Im done with the big I dont think Ill be playing anything after 4 but just for curiositys Thoughts

Mike Sounders



Welp, there it is

Dead Kaiser

Question for the Dtoid bois, does Voltron Legendary Defender stay good or does it drop in quality? I was watching it with my dad and we had finished season 4 if I remember I realize its a pretty subjective


A little bit disappointed that Promare is just a movie, but still Sawano is back too!

Electric Reaper

Wow, theres been over 10,000 images of Bowsette posted to the


Ok, I got through the incredibly long tutorial and the game is fun once it opens up soooooo add me!

Chris Moyse

What did I play Who Shot Johnny Rock? because its not as if Im already halfway through my life and need to spend time


Im really really happy right now! A dude over at the warhammer reddit found a way to get vengeance of the blood angels working on win 10! A nice little wolfenstein clone that Ill be playing until the tactics patch comes out :P

Double Monocles

Spooktober update: I finished Guacamelee, and it was I give it 10/10 I haven’t 100% it though, so I may keep playing to do that


Cider is Am


I want to restart BloodBorne for the umpteenth time for Halloween but I know that Ill reach the first boss and just get Is there a way to play with buddies? I need help to get me past that first stumbling


After the break in, weve done some security I highly recommend this Its $25, displays in Everyone should have More on this and other devices in the Bump


Ya boi got Time to find something else!

Electric Reaper

I watched The Windmill on It was a pretty decent slasher flick, and I did not expect that So, anyone know of any horror movies that take place at a nuclear power plant?


Ah my


I sat battered in billions of my own dying babies, I was Earlier I had some legal herbage Uber was soon to arrive with my Postmates had delivered my new My porn seared eyes saw the greatness I saw the

Czar Kazem

Day drinkin on a Sunday Anything better than pumpkin ale to go with pumpkin carving?


Featuring the voice of Dante from the Devil May Cry Series

Raiku Destructoids Champion

I found the message that’s bricking


I picked up Donut County on the PSN sale and its #screenshotSunday


If your soup talks to you using a Scottish accent call for help immediately!


Yo, anyone looking for one of the greatest HC-Punk albums of all time? Well, theres a code for Bad Brains 1981 debut in the Just leave a quick quip if you nabbed