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Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Promotional Trailer

A whole lot of new information has been released today about the "Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces" album. There's a video you can watch on YouTube, which talks about how I met Sakimoto and got the project started, plus some insight into th...


Bear's Favorite Playstation Network games:

10. Everyday shooter What is it? : a classic shooter in which the enemy hits produce sounds that complete each levels soundtrack. Why it rocks? : It's very hard, testing your reflexes and ability to shoot and avoid being touched. Your...


Demon's Souls for n00bs: the Tower Knight

Almost a year ago, I got and tried playing Demon's Souls. A couple weeks later, I reluctantly moved it from my "now playing" list to my "on hold" list, since I got stuck. The game is punishingly difficult, yes, but I'm slowly beginning to d...


Free PSN Game errors running rampant

Its totally your fault, Playstation, you should have allocated more bandwidth. It seems the sudden rush of people clamoring for their free PSN titles has caused more problems for Sony. When I went to download my free copy of inFamous (wh...


The PSN Outage, a PR facepalm

In light of the recent announcement that the PSN outage has reverted back to �Indefinite Status�, one can�t help but feel sorry for Sony. Unlike the Red Ring of Death for Microsoft, this was not Sony�s fault. They are the victim of a mali...


[EXCLUSIVE] What Really Happened To The PSN

My fellow D-Toiders, it is time that I've shared with you some super secret, exclusive insider info that I have received surrounding the PSN info leak. Long story short, it was Sony who screwed up so massively that they're writing it off as...


PSN: It's downfall and effect on Gamers.

Last Wednesday, PSN went down. Rather, someone/s hacked Sony and Sony panicked, pulled their services, and began working around the clock to find out how bad it was. When they couldn't find out exactly, they hired a firm whom also helped ...


PSN Outage, Old School Gamer

It's been almost a week since PSN went into a blaze of stinking hacker shit. Some gamers are easily affected by this since a majority of their time is spent on multiplayer. Being an old school gamer I am not much affected by the outage. I...


What the PSN Leak has potentially cost

Alright, so out of curiosity I decided to sit down and figure out just how much this PSN leak has potentially cost us. The figures I'm going to be reporting at the end are going to rely on certain assumptions which I will outline, and to ...


"SuckerPunching" the 360?! *Confirmed*

Surfing the web today. Found a website with a great image. Jabbing Microsoft by SONY in the famous Console Wars. Is the company SuckerPunch, making the game Infamous 2 for SONY releasing on June 6th. You may know of it, as it is flying u...


What, seriously?

"The rest of the Fortune article has Jack going on about how great 3D is. In their products. He doesn't say anything about the glasses-free 3D in the 3DS." The 3DS is a great product and I applaud Nintendo for their investment and what the...


100 hours in; Demons Souls

First off, a huge shout out to one Trev "Elzicho" Treverson(Because that's your full name), for getting me back into this game a while back, and helping me a ton with all my dumb questions. You rock! Demons souls, in every way, is a cult...


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Worth the Hype

When Final Fantasy XIII was first announced in United States, at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) there was a ambivalent attitude with some of the reviewers with the game's story and linearity compared to previous games in the ...


Ico + Shadow of the Colossus Collection Release Date?

For sometime now we have seen a "Spring 2011" tentative release date for Ico + Shadow of the Colossus Collection. however i attempted to narrow down exactly when these revamped classics would come out and my heart sunk. amazon and ign list ...


So I heard Dead Space 2 was a thing...

From the moment I heard about Dead Space I was in love with the concept. My father indoctrinated me into the world of science fiction when I was a young child. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doom, Larry Niven and Robert Heinlein novels�I was expos...


Killzone 3 - Epic Fail.

So, after all the hype and the epic review (Including here) I thought, Why not get a copy right away, the multiplayer in KZ2 was wicked, and this should be better. Ever since getting the game a few days ago I have not been able to connect t...


Gran Turismo 5 Is Here

Finally the Moment we have all been waiting for, the moment we have all been waiting for ever since we got a PS3. It'sGRAN TURISMO 5. This amazing game not only is the most realistic driving simulator, but is also now in every country ...


Mortal Kombat getting banned in Australia!

I've been royally pissed over the weekend ever since learning that The new Mortal Kombat was denied classification in Australia and banned. http://au.xbox360.ign.com/articles/115/1152075p1.html If there's only one game I can play this year...


Hands On: Playstation Move Heroes Demo

Welcome to my very first D-Toid Blog post ever! If anything's off or just plain crap, call me out on it and I'll either fix it asap or send you a picture of me flipping you off. (choice decided by coin flip) As an ESTEEMED Playstation Re...




Good vibes to everyone out Shits stressful af, for all of No need to add to it, or soak in Be a force of positivity, bc we dont know which of us is close to the thing that snaps or breaks


Quick reminder that Phil Collins is the


So I finished RE5 and begun my journey into controversial Ive only played the first chapter I kinda like it? Is there something wrong with me? Why do I love Leon Reedus?? Guys???


Have a great day!



Electric Reaper

She is Too many people these days have skin of dryer lint 1 atom What too many people have done with cancel culture is no better than what the likes of EA have done with

Soulbow eh

We sold Buckle 😎

Inquisitive Raven



What video game had the worst Japanese-to-America localization and why is it Donkey Konga 2?


Oh snap! Tiesto is coming back to Chicago 🥳😍 you know Im there ❤️

Just Aaron

Just bought the first 2 Deus Ex games on GoG for Also bought a Legacy of Kain game for less than a Random complaint: I wish these games or stores would mention controller I got my pc in my living room plugged into my

Mike Sounders

Saw Doan’s Island on the big Needless to say, I am happy :)

Inquisitive Raven

Neon White (Steam) is going for $15 at Gamebillet:


Never a dull day at danger One week to

Ricky Namara

Okay, NOW I wanna roll for Cyno!

The Mars In The Mirror

I have the strangest craving for curly fries right


Fucking cracks me up, that this Such a great celebration of mass child cinematic It was my first gutting at a movie, I think I was 6? So happy to have this figure




So, for those across the pond in the UK: Is it normal for pedestrians to swarm paddy wagons in anger as theyre brought into the jail or courthouse? Seen this featured quite a bit in the true crime Ive

Virtua Kazama

Tonight on Fortune Roulette: Before the Treasure Trove happened, lets DIG into the true beginning of Shovel Knights Its time to play Shovel Knight Dig!


Current status


After hundreds of Turf War matches, Im convinced Splatoon 3 has some kind of hidden catch up mechanic for losing Its the only thing that explains some of the last minute Also, someone should take this ink stamp away from

Anthony Marzano

Caught up with Andor in a Liking it a lot more than I thought I Picture very much


Oh, and I was super happy that back on my vacations I was able to get back at learning gamedev stuff, was learning how to do stuff in Godot, then September 1st a new set released on Magic Arena and I was back at my draft addiction (cool set though)

Nic Rowen

Its been about 1 million years since I posted I dont even know if anyone remembers me but I was a Cblogger turned staffer back in the Tweeted a bit about the place today


Started playing Severed on my 3DS today and apparently it is very, very good? The art direction is




Stache season is Douchey lines are

sp testure

Seeing things like this in my inbox makes a little part of my soul I miss the simpler No game content cut to make it into No live service, no patching for two years afterwards, and no God damn free-to-play Get off my lawn!!


BoneLab the VR game is out today it a kinda sequel to dont know if we have much VR PC players here but Bonelab looks pretty neat maybe with a lot of mod support aswell as its it was revealed and launched in a week


As it is written, as it shall


I really want Calisto Protocol to be good but it kinda looks like off-brand Dead Space with the crouching animation and crafting of Last of Also bread because this is what we are now and Ive submitted to the wheat of the

Mike Sounders

I am fairly certain Ubisoft just spoiled the big bad of the Mario and Rabbids game in the new trailer lmao


Stadia collapsing is funny and a great win for consumers--but its also worth pointing out that it must have been a super-massive To rather refund everyone for everything (hardware and software) than keep the service running? Shit!


Finally got the Turrican Collectors Edition for Switch, 25 months after

Whispering Willow

I could never trust something like Stadia, especially after Google dropped Google Play Music for the utter trash that is YouTube Like, other services just stuff your MP3s into a hidden Easy to YTM encrypts and binds them to the


Welp, it took a month but my resident evil retread is Did most of the mainline stuff including all the cgi No spin offs, 0(hate it) or 7 and my final conclusion is jesus fucking christ this may be the dumbest series ever


Fatback fried rice with shaved Before this was jamon iberico char Im in heaven

Mike Sounders



Well stadia is least they are giving refunds, the three people will be chuffed

Inquisitive Raven

Cute Also Im pretty sure this is the first time Ive seen Ed




All the hype for Cult of the Lamb just straight up


dont bring up assassins Creed, dont bring up assassins In all reality, the Freemason hall is gorgeous, and the guide verified that the handshake my grandpa taught me was legit


Edit: some cooler people than me put their info in the comments below and you should add them as friends on Discord! Feel free to contact me via Discord at any time as well, heres my


This is the actual pic used on Amazon for Heartland


Any Dtoiders still playing Warframe on the PS4(or PS5 I A couple friends and I started a few weeks ago and were looking for a chill clan to


I updated my backlog to include every ROM I also have on my hard Whoops


Was going to write a post talking shit about the bread Thought Id do it just to get a rise out of you all


Thought Id take a longer break from Into the Breach to play other things, but Ive been sucked back Its so good, I might even try it on hard mode?