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My Pax Swag: Have at it

Press play or click on the image to get me started. Prepare to have your mind blown! I know what you're thinking, "Oh gawd another post about PAX and swag I can't have." But this blog is a different showing for swag. I wanted a unique way...


Watch me play Savage Moon!

Very few people knew of its existance but when I heard that this game would be at PAX, I knew I had to track it down. That's what I did with Hoygeit by my side, we tracked it down on the end of the Resistance 2 demos. Imagine Tabletop De...


Small Thanks To Everyone

I’m really tired, still dealing with postpax sadness and with a ton of school stuff to catch up with, yet I feel that saying thanks to all of you, even in a short manner, is something way more important. I’ve read some of the blogs t...


The Power of PAX Compells You

Well as you all know I am so very excellent at all this so I am totally not completely forgetting what all I was gonna say so maybe if I just post the pic with some of my shwag my mind will untangle itself enough for me to actually write. ...


PAX 08: Prelude to a Recap

[Image courtesy Tactix] Yes, as you may know by now, PAX was last weekend, and about half of Destructoid showed up. The end result was something that can only be described as pure fucking win that made PAX 08 greater than any NARP that ha...


Left 4 Dead Hands-on Impressions

Several of my first blog posts will be about the games I played at PAX with an overall wrap- up at the end. I found this to be the easiest way to get the blog rolling. Also note, these will be slightly gimped versions of their originals....


PAX 08: Part 2 - Because my memory failed me

Ok, so I'm not for sure how I forgot about this in my other post because it took my entire plane trip home to do, but I quickly doodled everyone who was in the giant Dtoid group picture! If you don't seem very distinguishable I apologize ...



OK, so first of all, I have to say: whatever cooties you guys gave me at PAX are really doing a number of my body. But ... it was totally worth it! I'm kicking myself in the ass for not hugging/kissing each and every one of you guys -- the...


Yarr time to win some booty

Alright all you survey dogs, listen up! I have two [2] Pirates of the Burning Sea two-week trial codes and they can be yours if'en you can prove you have it in ye to sail the seven seas. All ye have to do is show your pirate colors(that's...


euroNARP photo-recap (NSFW)

Since this is my first week as the new teamleader of Toyota Europe Data Center Operations, I've got to go to bed on time... but since I don't wanna keep some people waiting for the pics they want... They say a picture says more then a th...


PAX: The 4am Wrap Up



PAX 08: The Greatest Weekend of My Life

WARNING: This blog is definitely graphic heavy. :D Alright, so like a lot of you I just had the best weekend of my entire life. It was the first time I'd gotten to meet so many of you fellow Dtoiders that I've been wanting to meet for so...


I Game, Therefore I Am: PAX edition

Hey all! Today has been one of the hardest days in recent history. I am suffering what I like to call PAX withdrawal. As many of you might be aware of, this weekend was PAX 2008. And, as was mentioned on the front page already, WELL OVE...


Enforcers at PAX make an 8 year old cry

Yesterday at the main stage for Rock band free play I was hanging out solo, finding people to get onstage with. I met up with this guy and girl, Emily and Steven, and we played with another guy one round, then told a guy that wanted to sing...


PAX 08: What I brought home

PAX is like my Mecca (not my Macca, who is also amazing), and I turn to the northwest three times a day to pray to the benevolent geek gods that I shall survive another year to make the pilgrimage back. And, as would be expected, I wind u...


PAX 08 Day 1

After some rest, I did my regular duties, then set out. To find a huge line awaiting us all, and it would last until 1pm. In the meantime, the masses would have a few mini-games of "pass the balloon" until some unfortunately "ended" the gam...


Friends Forever!

So... I just got home from the redwood bar in Seattle, the city in which I dwell, and I can say that D-TOID has one big happy family. People from all over gathered together- Arms in arms, hands in hands, and well- Hair to tongue for some. I...


Kryptinite's Journey to PAX 2008: Part 1

[video]101578:251[/video] Since I love to give back to the awesome community we have here, I decided to try and "vlog" all the excitement I will run into this weekend. I put this video together really quick so forgive the rough feel it mi...


Reminder: Free Pokémon at PAX!

I'll be busy most of tomorrow packing and doing last minute trip preparations. Before I leave though, I wanted to make sure and remind those people who are planning on attending the Penny Arcade Expo to bring their DS's (as though you d...


5 things to do if you're not at PAX

Well it may seem like the whole of the Dtoid Army is amassing to invade PAX 2008 but there are some of us who can't get to PAX, whether because we're from different parts of the world, we don't have any money or we're too young to be raped...


PAX Attendees - Come with me to the museum

Last year, while wandering around the city on the night before PAX, we decided to go and have a look at the Space Needle. Little did I realize that, directly beneath it's towering form, lies the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. An...


Would anyone like to buy my PAX pass?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am in possession of an extra 3 Day pass for PAX. If there's anybody who's going to attend the con but hasn't purchased a pass yet, I can save you a little time standing in line. I'm sure I can sell it to...



Anthony Marzano

Good morning Chris

Pixie The Fairy

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel kinda reminds me of Metroid Prime 2: Echos, if only in that the environment of the game is radically different from other Not a bad thing, but enemies are more slippery and that makes me prefer shotguns and lasers

Pixie The Fairy

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel kinda reminds me of Metroid Prime 2: Echos, if only in that the environment of the game is radically different from other Not a bad thing, but enemies are more slippery and that makes me prefer shotguns and lasers

Funkotrons Finest

Been playing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Art direction is great, provides a bit more of a challenge than I expected, but never to It has some old school design elements as well that get in the way, but Overall I really like


I just want to whenever Im feeling down, whenever shit kind of sucks, whenever Im bout to lose my goddamn I can come here and Ive never felt this kind of love from a community and it means so much to

Voltaic Owl

Only a few missions in and Spider-Man is great so Everyone talks about how great the web-swinging is, but no one warned me that this would be the most fun I’ve ever had with spectroscopy!

Mike Sounders

Ill take 20


Unlike the last one of these, I know why I made this: to make the world


OC thingey, I had no direction with this lol, just threw a bunch of random ideas


Ive started getting deep into the option items in Gundam Breaker 3 and I cannot overstate how customizable this game Its


I decided to give Doom Eternal a try because of the Steam I’m glad I did, I was a little nervous when I saw someone say it was Souls like, but I’ve really been enjoying It’s hard to compare it to Doom 2016 because they feel like different


Finally beat Great There are now two blogs out there for One is my review where I put on my what if I worked at DToid hat, and the other one is just me gushing about the stupid stuff in it that I


I dont think I will ever understand the division surrounding Last of Us


I deleted Wargroove from my I wasted all afternoon on one level I couldnt beat, I forgot about dinner, and I wasnt even having any It was like chipping away at a


Hey Im unaware of whether or not this has been shared here yet, but Im going to do it Prins, being an excellent person started a recipe swap on the Ill link it in the


TLoU 2 a mechanically and aesthetically impressive A shockingly poignant depiction of the ongoing trauma of grief, sadly hindered by clumsy attempts to manipulate the player and subvert Latest AAA victim of its own More to follow


This achieves a decade Back then I could only dream on playing Come 2020, I finally I am now decided to buy an used VITA for P4 Golden on the go, other exclusives, ports and especially:

Funkotrons Finest

Apparently a brain destroying amoeba has been found in That makes a lot of sense


Going to show my girlfriend Fargo from the very Cant wait to experience this fantastic show all over again, with Season 2 being my


Jesus fucking Christ I need something happy to play after beating


Assassins creed Valhalla gameplay has A half hour of And hey its gone as soona s I post it! Either way its out there Im sure, and people will talk about what they


At times, it feels like the best thing to do is lay down in bed and stare at the white (Video


for fucks sake where is Shadow the Hedgehog for Switch

Sweaty Dungus

perfect day to take edibles and play scrolling


Just finished Fuck that is one depressing game! Will have to do a write up about it once I’ve had time to 😩


So Im curious about different What is your game of the decade for the Horror genre? Personally for me:


Anyone else getting copious amounts of spam from the Trump campaign? I feel like its only been since hes started slipping in the So hes probably having his team create bots to think up as many email addresses to send these to as they


Took forever, but I finally finished the Ape Escape 2 review Id been working Im still not fully satisfied with it, but short of throwing out the script again its the best Ive :/


I have books in my shopette and I can craft tiny libraries - let me know if you want to come over and get


Ever wanted to listen to the author of The Paleblood Hunt and the creator of I Wanna Be The Guy talk about From Software level design? Now you The Snack Covenant sure is a magical podcast, at least when theyre not talking about werewolf


Looks like I need to buy some insulation tape for my Gamepad charging And get some third-party cables just in


Why is Nintendo so bad at making controllers these Left stick on my Pro controller is drifting down, guess Ill have to send it for Not going back to using the awful


These are fun!


Finally managed to get my stuff together enough to get back to working on my game jam Have yall made anything cool so far?


Finally got around to watching Solaris Really, really, really, really Beautiful Just constantly looks gorgeous


Silent Bomber replay: My left thumb kinda hurts after that final


As were closing out a game generation, what has been your favorite totally new IP from this gen?

Yue chan

What is the game you are most looking forward to? I personally want to hear more about BOTW 2


Pretty sure Im running on about 4 hours of


Mortal Shell feels polished and it definitely has some interesting Ultimately though I cant summon up any enthusiasm for Aesthetically it just doesnt do anything for


PSA there is an open beta for Mortal Shell on the Epic Games Store


Hopefully this cheers some of you up this morning as it always does Andy samberg is the funniest guy on tv always breaks me 😂 Connor4Real ✌️


The Smash community burned down in about 4 The FGC is in shambles after the recent scandal about All of this makes me sad and Im angry because I know so many good people in the This overshadows their passion and kindness!

Electric Reaper

Last night I had an interesting I could use It felt like a clumsy and ghostly sense of Also, a lot of people in my area shot off fireworks


Its midnight This is my first Talk to

Voltaic Owl

As I’m finally winding down with Stardew Valley, it felt appropriate to start a new game on the 4th of And what better game than the old red, white, and blue?