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Humble Bundle is has a new bundle that includes Video Pro X11 and VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum--are either of these good? And are they better, worse, or just as good as the free Lightworks or DaVinci? Link in the comments


If you double 69, do you just do a 360? That is my philosophical contribution, please ponder and return with your


I am the goddamn tragic hero in every round of Tip I always dive into uncertainty, reveal the path for everyone else, fall at the end and get But who remembers MY name!? Who tells MY story!?

Dangus Taargus

It sucks having family you love and old friends youd like to kinda lightly keep up with, but then they


It either takes me a week an half or a year and a half to beat a No in But I finally finished Soldier of Fortune II and it was alright, first one is the better of the two out of 3


Been on an animated kick and just finished Voltron and Voltron didnt click, but really enjoyed the first 3 seasons of Only issue is last two were a slog, with the last being super Also, not enough Swift Up Next:


Downloaded a bunch of shite I’m interested in testing out on my XB1X and am officially all in with this over my PS4 (sans Sony’s Love the fast startup and UI as well as, of course, Game The UI is also leagues better than the


I too am the Prince of the Land of Fife


Just played Valiant Such a good experience, and maybe the best educational game Ive ever I really hope UbiArt Framework makes a comeback someday, this + ChildofLight + Rayman are audiovisual

Voltaic Owl

Man, the story mode of Mario Tennis Aces doesnt screw Still completed it, anyway!


Gonna tell my kids this was PSO2 (taken during the surprise concert which this game has???)


This doesnt bode I hope other publishers and debs dont take inspiration from


This heatwave has forced me to lie awake for almost three days Current status in the UK:


Current Status:


Day 3 of no Battery bank and Switch is nice so I can play some Getting a lawn chair on lunch break so I can read outside

A Luigi Fanatic

Im simple I just need a place to stay, food to eat, some video games and not to be disturbed while I poop


This is the games very first dialogue option, and it really gets straight to the


uh oh


Happy hump day everyone! Have some nice hamsters in the comments!


Downloading that there Ratchet and Clank Collection on After that will be Sly, then God of Its a real shame the Jak collection is so Ah Excited to play them Wipeout and all this is good


I forgot to post this yesterday, but happy 25th (US) birthday to the greatest game of all time

Sweaty Dungus

My landlord is selling the property and the new owner decided to barge into my unit unannounced while I was taking a massive morning So that’s how I got to introduce myself to my new feudal He absolutely hates to see


Man, I am so bummed by Horizon on I can already tell its a great game, Aloy is a wonderful character, and theres some Dutch national pride involved here, but since Friday I havent been able to play it for more than 5 - 20 minutes before


PSA: Theres about hours left to get the amazing Humanoids graphic novel bundle on Humble including the best sci-fi GN of all time, The Ive burned through nearly everything in this bundle already and cant speak highly enough of its


In a weird Spent the last few months on big games, but cant get a feel for what to play I went from FF7R > Outer Wilds > TLoU2 & am not sure if Im ready for another huge Debating Uncharted 4, Ghost of Tshushima, Horizon, or (cotd)

Jetter Mars

It looks like the Ikaruga physical edition in the West will be the same as the Japan Model kit and Very

Sam van der Meer

Why are the Cool Things so Who is in charge of pricing Cool


How extensive do you think FF7R-II is going to be? Pessimist me thinks its going to be Episode Kalm, but optimist me thinks itll end after the Junon Freighter JENOVA


Today its been exactly 15 years since my first date with Mrs I was a 22 year old immature child and look at me now, Im a 37 years old immature child!!!

Anthony Marzano

I just tried to play Siege at 7:00 AM and its most definitely not a game to play just after waking You folks got any day off or Saturday morning games that you enjoy before youre fully awake?

Chris Bradshaw

alright im done


Im late to Heres my favorite shoes ever! Good ole Mary These babies are at least 20 years old and still going


So my friend in the Murricas sent me a box of assorted A lot of it was apparently breakfast but I dunno about that one What Im really into now though is Chex This shit is good

Dennis Carden

Heya! Were currently collecting feedback and ideas for an upcoming Destructoid Let us know what you think! <3


So this xCloud thing on a mobile phone actually works pretty Played some Reach just now and it streams smoothly at the correct resolution and Only issue is, predictably, input lag which kind of makes it unplayable :P


I did the new dungeon for ff14 and I am now high enough Ilvl to do the trial and the I think Ill save the raid for tomorrow cause that leadup to the trial is so hype!


Have a great day! Bonus kinda NSFW meme in the


Rewrite - DYH - Launch Trailer Awesome new interactive game that changes every time you play!


Welp guess I have a new job now


Always Blue is

Mike Sounders



New Great excuse to rewatch one of my favorite shows!


Beat Halo After years of Halo 2 being the last Halo game I played, I was happy to finally try it That being said, I definitely think its the weakest of the Specially the ending and conclusion of Ah well, after this I got ODST/Reach


Between working in the mornings, watching movies, and playing my days have gone It has been quite overwhelming and while I sometimes want to relax I get bored easily during the At least all this has helped me vent and let go a lot of


Okay, so the newest Nier raid in FFXIV is Theres even bullet Hell section that reminded me of Ikaruga


Im back on that dumb ork shit again Only temporarily because I still have a big ogre vehicle I gotta