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Yue chan

34 weeks down! It’s finally Thanksgiving break! I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful holiday!! ❤️❤️


Asking the important

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I got a package big one! Whats in it? Find out below! (Warning: Only a 50% chance of it being spaghetti!)

Virtua Kazama

I have no idea where the Tasmanian Sword is Oh well, lets find it on tonights session of Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap!


Well thats Astros Playroom 100% I think my favourite texture to walk on was either the water floats or

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

The G4 Reunion Special is tonight at Not sure what to expect, but Im interested! 4 hours left!


Anyone here see Ocean Waves? Ive wanted to see it since I was a kid but it was impossible to I thought by now I wouldnt like it that much because eh, high school anime shit, but it was the music was sooo It was wonderful


Me and Spider-Cat, just kickn it!


Comcast is introducing data caps in the northeast starting Just in time for consoles with limited storage so you have to delete and redownload games all the :/

Cloudman Sam

I need a webcam to record a 20 min Having trouble Am open to suggestions FIRE AWAY!


Depression got me like


I can confirm that FrostyFlakes is devilishly handsome and very


I can confirm that The Actual Charlton Heston is devilishly handsome and very


I will edit this triple post and now claim that everyones waifus but mine are SHHHHHIIIIIT!!


Sorry did a triple post!


Looks like my roommates co-worker might have Hell be finding out what her test results are on If shes positive, then me and my 2 roomies will get Fingers crossed!

Electric Reaper

I seriously wonder why my cats make so much effort to run outside, only to demand to get back into the garage an hour or so


Negative on Back to Covid land I still have something going on but we know its not COVID and I have patients that need taken care of Dinner and then my 12 hour shift then school and sleep

Silver the 3rd

Sometimes I just like to have a palate cleanse with a game


Brushed and wiped down a Still dirty af, bit pretty af Ollie has been by her side all Good lil


At the risk of giving Soulbow an aneurysm, I have to confess, I recently bought an XBONE copy of


Im on Only the finest Oh no


Christmas present


You ever get your friends into something and then you realize you hate Damn I cant stand Ready Player One, and now theres a sequel Im going to be hearing lol


I think all Americans have some solidarity in that we all see ourselves in Stormy Were all just waiting for the President to finish so we can get some goddamned

Sam van der Meer

So I know its Secret Santa, but I did some sleuthing (and checked that he was cool with being revealed as a Very Good Dude) and need to thank Jetter Mars for an insane haul of This is above and beyond, and I think deserves special


Wait, Megaman and Bass isnt in Legacy Collection what?


User Whore of Babylon shared this in the comments and I feel like all of you deserve such joy in your




Discord disabled my account for Harassment or Cyberbullying which is Ive posted plenty of lewd and naughty things on there but banned for fucking this? What a crock of


It was an open secret that Project M died to secure Melees competitive future but seeing the stories come out about just how screwed over the PM community was by Twitch and Nintendo freaking sucks, All for a company that refuses to support




Had a good 5 hours on WoW until Draenor died, why do I play on this server


My kids are now hooked on Spelunky 2 and are discussing strategy while Im working Im so

Uncle Arena Fighter

Last nights Twitch Rivals tournament was Marvel


Anytime got recommendations on gaming chairs? It sucks there is no way to try them out easily, even


Black Ops Cold War is a weird

Jetter Mars

Well, my new position is somewhat like what I thought it would Got really hectic at one point with huge and heavy packages coming down the line and having to remove them as fast as Got really backed up and surrounded by Got


Interesting Turns out game development is like, really


Floki and Freyja are so sweet when theyre not trying to tear the house down :P


Jokes aside about my last QP, I am juggling Smash games with my youngest brothers and Project M is the one we come back to the most/are happiest Main thing is that theres no character that we end up going This Im not having


Current Status:


Clopening (a closing shift followed by an opening shift) My next 2 shifts are kinda like that so I might be out of it by Wednesday night/Thursday Fun-fun-fun! Tis the


Oops, I wrote another controversial 🤭


The first Boerboel was bred in South Africa in the These Mastiff-like dogs protect and guard the early Dutch settlers and their


Shadowbringers might be my favorite single player Final Fantasy game in quite a long time, considering they allow you to play with NPCs for the story Takes alot of the pressure off and lets me fully enjoy the plot without feeling rushed

Voltaic Owl

Finally got around to starting Celeste, finished chapter Fun game, but I can already tell that I’m not going to be able to 100% this Kind of nice to get that out of the way early


Super Smash Melee led to the creation of Project M, and thus is undeniably, objectively the second best game in the

Whispering Willow

Persona fans claiming Neo TWEWY is a rip-off are gonna lose their minds when they hear about Shin Megami