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We've Been Outraged Over Amiibo for the Wrong Reason

It's that time again. A new wave of amiibo is here (and long gone) and every time this happens I'm reminded how much I love collecting the characters from Nintendo's history. They're like real life Smash trophies! But I'm also reminded how...


Let's Talk About Questing for 2000 Words

The word ‘quest’ has a lot of connotations. In the world of RPGs, it is the idea of some grand adventure to achieve some goal, in which the journey is just as important as the ending, if not more so. There is something intrinsi...


I should have never looked back

Last year I had to give up on League of Legends, it was a fun game while it lasted but in the last two seasons I played the game simply was being tailored in way that was hurting item diversity in order to try to help character diversity. ...


Games Workshop Can Fuck Right Off

Years back, I got into Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 in a pretty big way. Games Workshop's seminal wargames had fun little models and entertaining if not very coherent world building. On the Fantasy side I played the Ogre Kingdoms all the...


Toren Review For Playstation 4, PS4

The Intro: Toren is a curious creation. At once, it’s a musing on life, existence and everything in between while being an entertaining, if occasionally confusing gaming experience. Toren is a very philosophical endeavor, and the way...


The Most Memorable Moments from PAX 2015

Behold! My most memorable moments from my trip to PAX 2015! I actually stayed for a week, but I focused mostly on PAX-related stuff for this list. Except for a special surprise at the end... The [email protected] event Microsoft held an indie game e...


Gaming Gripes: A Not So Open World

Aren't open world games just the greatest ever? You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, ah dat freedom! amiritegaiz?!  I suppose in theory open world games are great. The problem is that they're rarely executed perfectly, a...


Industry Bull (Augment your shit!)

Square Enix have done a very stupid thing and I hope that they are bring punished for it. For those of you who don't know,  Square Enix announced a new pre-order program called Augment Your Preorder. In short, it's kickstarter rewards,...


What Game Maker Would You Go on Vacation With?

Summer is winding down. Soon, we will be heading back to school, half-day Friday’s at the office will be ending, and there will be a nip in the air as autumn approaches.  Of course, if you live in the southern hemisphere, summer ...


Fran Bow Finale: Itward-ex-Machina

Thus we embark upon the end of all things Devouring Fran Bow Another Bite of Fran Bow Fran Bow, Digesting Fran Bow, Assimilating Fran Bow, Born Again Again Picking up right where we left off, the complex threads of Fran Bow's realit...


What would you like to see a speed run of?

I've been resently taking more of a look at speedruns recently, and even the idea of it is mind boggling to me. a player who spent their time memorizing and calculating every aspect of a game to effectively beat it at record time. From Mega...


Sifting through the cacophony

This is a long one, probably the longest blog I've ever bloged. It's not Zeta levels long (not a bad thing) but it's long so please bear with me.  We’ll I think it’s time for another 2am blog writing session as this has bee...


Fran Bow, Assimilating

Asleep on a pillow of fantasy, beset by the bedbugs of horror Fran Bow and Mr. Midnight's predicament grows stranger and stranger, wriggling away from the influence of Alice in Wonderland and snuggling up to The Neverending Story. Before w...


Fran Bow, Digesting

How things have changed! Awake in a house madder still than those before, dabbling in magics gratefully lost to time, Fran Bow edges closer to the fusion point of her twin realities. When last we left our delightful heroine, we stood ankle...


9 Worlds that Should be in Kingdom Hearts

1. Star Wars  2. Frozen  3. Suite Life of Zack and Cody  4. Attack on Titan ...Nah, I'm just kiddin'.     I was in middle school when the first Kingdom Hearts game was announced. It merged Disney with Final Fantasy...


Holding Out for a Respawn: Death in Video Games

I was around the age of 11 or 12 when I had my first serious experience with the concept of death and dying. That's not to say that I hadn't thought of it before; I was lucky that my parents weren't the type to hide the concept from me. Gr...


Looking Back: Xenosaga Ep. 1

The Xenosaga trilogy was a formative experience in my life. I have fond memories of playing the games in my heady pre-teen years, that magical time when I was far less cynical about the world. For years I held it up as a masterpiece, in my...


the amiibocalypse: PART FOUR!

LAST TIME, ON STUFF NO ONE CARES ABOUT... ... AND NOW, ON WITH THE SHOW! We've gone through industry giants, indies, and everything in-between. And we've added amiibo to all of it.Or... well... some of it, anyway.So now we're going to make...



Rad Party God

Because we all need something silly and wholesome every now and

Shut Up Ace

I did not intend to make a 30 minute video about the boss fights of Donkey Kong Country It just kinda


Brad/Claire fanfic excerpt: *zip* Look at this big Just going to give you a quick bop bop Looks like some kinda snowglobe, dont you think *looks towards camera*


#musictoid | Alexander 23 - Dirty AF1s

Dr Mel

Other devs: My Soulslike needs to have a stamina bar, several similar weapons, covenants and a character From Soft:



Raikus Magical Holidays

Can someone explain to me why Tetris Effect is the next best thing? I’m playing it and I’m just like “ok, it’s tetris, it’s not the second coming


Happy Birthday Soulbow! Wait I mean Wait no, who am I? Who is he? Who are we? Are we not the same person? Well fuck it whatever, happy birthday!

Singapore Sling

Shout out to Zer0tonin who has one of those birthday thingmajiggies I hope you didnt go to work and if you did, the jerks brought you some


Imagine being angry that someone said fuck white supremacists

Pixie The Fairy

DMC5 is done for Heres hoping Lady and Trish do see some actual action in the


Dungeons I had a trap come to me in a dream, and I had no less than 7 ways to clue the party in to its The first guy in the room immediately set it (bump with description in comments)


Cant wait for Sekiro to be out so i can distract myself from the omnishambles that is my

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

May Zer0tonin be filled with serotonin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anthony Marzano

Happy Birthday to Zer0t0nin! May the transfer window of life be fruitful for you in the coming


Working 8:30am to 2:00pm the 9:30pm to 6:00am Why so much work lately? Because Sekiro is a $4-500 game for PS4 Pro and the game! My next break from work is going to be

Mike Sounders

Morning nerds, here’s something for the Cowboy Bebop


10 hours 36 44


Saw Perturbator live yesterday and it was amazing!! (not my video) And now Im heading into town to get Sekiro cause my Gamestop apparently broke street


Have you joined @PatBateman17s March Madness bracket challenge yet? You havent!? Lol all the cool cats have already joined and you definitely want to be included in the Succumb to peer pressure and enter! You only have a few hours

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday Zer0t0nin! Thanks for being such a regular, long-term contributor to the community, hope you have an awesome day, bud :)


Happy Birthday Zer0t0nin! Hope yoy have a good one today!


Magma Chamber (2019) - A tune using new Sega Genesis sounds my brother bought me for my I hope @bong264 sees this :p

Riff Raff

Oh boy does this got some zingers in it! Lmaooooo! Trailers edited to be SFW butt, you know, might as well say NSFW just in

Riff Raff

Happy Birthday Zer0t0nin! Youre gonna die!


So, our man Zer0t0nin levels up today! Happy birthday, mate!


I got this It was a lot of Im so proud of myself and my guild!


*Checks YT recommendations* NPC, SJW, Lef- *Clicks Not interested Not interested Not interested Not intere-*


I shouldnt be this upset that a game called Pine has a stylised spruce or a fir as its But I




Imagine it being only a day away from the release of (objectively)


Sad democracy news in the Netherlands The party of an alt-right dogwhistler (who literally retweeted a meme of himself with Pepe the Frogs face) came from nothing to become the largest party in the No actual power yet, but this


And this takes stranger and stranger forms!


Lets confuse some people who dont follow YouTuber


How many of you have ever used a ball mouse? (Not trackballs but the ones with the ball under the mouse) And how many of you have used it in the past ten years?


Starting a Starfinder game with my OG RPG crew + an Infinity sale at Miniature Market = me ordering way too many models for my painting Link in the

Pixie The Fairy

FFXIV apparently finally let me move my PS4 settings to my PC, no now I can multitask more It also means prettier screenshots with


Havent seen a single review for Chocobos Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Maybe Square Enix didnt hand out any review codes? Anyways, its a solid mystery dungeon Pretty easy to tell its an upgraded Wii game


He tried so


In the home stretch for my test models of the new Evil Sunz Overall pretty happy with the Need to work on the bases and reduce a bit of the

Sam van der Meer

If I disliked Undertale is Deltarune at all worth playing? Baby bump: Against my better judgement I started To my relief I might already like it more! Way less


Just saw Captain Cannot fathom the hate, I thought it was Oh well, more to look forward

Rad Party God

My mouse scroll wheel was getting all jumpy and jittery, I was about to open it to see how I could fix it, until I saw someone mentioning a video about a kid Blowing into the mouse scroll wheel! Im beyond flabberghasted that it worked


Someone mentioned this


I am a great magician




Anyone know how to chain a ghost? Asking for a

Patrick Hancock

@Soulbow sup

Mike Sounders