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SOMA Fucked Up My World-View.

Frictional Games' SOMA was just released this week. I was intending to do a review of it, but after the deluge of professional critics and their day-early copies beat me to the punch, I won't. Instead I will talk about something that has be...


A Case to be Made for Until Dawn

So when people see how high up Until Dawn is on my list of "Games of the Year" I get the feeling they will react the same way they did to the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion and just exclaim: "What the fuck?" Now, I'm going to take t...


Wanna Bet? Fall 2015 Edition

The fall 2015 gaming season is upon us. Madden has come, and the floodgates are soon to open. It's the season of crying wallets and calling in to work sick, because you just want to play a game all damn day. I've picked out 15 of this year...


Metal Gear Solid V - A Change in Priorities

After putting around 90 hours into the latest (and presumably last) Metal Gear Solid, I finally reached its conclusion and am now prepared to ramble to you in an article filled with spoilers! You have been warned. As many of you know by no...


So MGSV...What happened?

Obviously this is going to be spoiler heavy so if you have not finished MGSV up to mission 50 and want to be clean for when you go into it stop now and press the back button. Do not go past the image from the best game in the series. For ...


Lego Dimensions and a Growing Price Problem

Rising prices of collectable games is not a new phenomenon. We see it all the time with franchises such as Pokemon creating such a buzz from everything they produce that it has a high starting price and can really hold its value over t...


Caster's Trap: A commentary

RPGmaker horror done right, wrong, right, wrong, wrong and right again So Caster's Trap makes me want to dropkick a dingo. RPGmaker in its multiple incarnations presents a tookit for the aspiring game developer, a toolkit that is simultane...


MGS V: Our Story

There are going to be MASSIVE spoilers in this blog. If you have not finished Metal Gear Solid V or are only part way through it, come back when you beat it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Lots of discussion has been going on since the release of M...


Does Metroid really need an expanded universe?

Next year will see the release of the hotly anticipated Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the long awaited sequel to the critically and commercially successful Metroid: Other M (haven’t played it myself). However, instead of following ...


Fire Emblem Fates Impressions

Since enough time has past between the Japanese release and there's some time before the english release I would like to give my impressions on the game for presentation and gameplay since I only understand some characters (but what I've se...


MGSV Makes Me Love Games Again

The buzz around MGSV since it's release two weeks ago has been staggering. Every site I go to has some sort of Metal Gear related piece prominently featured. Even now people keep finding and sharing little tidbits of information about the ...


MGS V: TPP Sequel

MGS V: The pantom pain being released exactly only two weeks ago has been climbing the ranks rapidly with great reviews from fans, gaming websites such as IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot and many others. The game has an amazing gameplay that has capt...


Games need an easier easy mode

The gradual progression and (re)emergence of narrative in games, particularly in adventure games through the likes of Telltale productions, got me thinking about difficulty and easy modes and how this might be a significant barrier to entry...


A Convoluted Analysis for a Convoluted Series.

This is going to be a little unpolished, but bear with me, I want to get it down while I have it in my head. I want to talk about Quiet. I know it's been a hot topic for people and seems to just cause fights but, as I sit here I have been m...


We've Been Outraged Over Amiibo for the Wrong Reason

It's that time again. A new wave of amiibo is here (and long gone) and every time this happens I'm reminded how much I love collecting the characters from Nintendo's history. They're like real life Smash trophies! But I'm also reminded how...


Let's Talk About Questing for 2000 Words

The word ‘quest’ has a lot of connotations. In the world of RPGs, it is the idea of some grand adventure to achieve some goal, in which the journey is just as important as the ending, if not more so. There is something intrinsi...



Electric Reaper

The only mine launcher I think Ive ever liked in a video game was the one used in Hawken, though that was really just a big grenade Mine dispensers like in Xenoraptor or Space Pirates and Zombies just dont really do it for


I was bored and this took 50

A Luigi Fanatic

This must be the work of Fred Fuchs


Crossed The Boys off my list of shows to check This was a lot of fun to watch, and was a really interesting take on the superhero

Dusk Actual

This flavor right here is pretty delicious

Voltaic Owl

Finally beat Panel de Pons puzzle mode! Only took me 19

Electric Reaper

Someone decided to take the lizard person conspiracy theory and use it to make a comedy manga


Welp, thats Shantae and the seven not giga mermaids Overall, pretty good Arts great, gameplay has been improved from last time a lot and the soundtracks Also monstergirls galore which is always a plus in my


damn time I come to you desperately wanting a chicken sandwich youre always out of But then I go home and am constantly greeted with commercials telling me to go eat a Popeyes chicken Why you do dis to me?


I own a pc Just a shitty little thing that can run retro stuff and Doom Mostly, the harddrive is full of kids Secretary


Come on gang, were making Gunplas!


Part 3 of Baki is out on Netflix guys!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

If anyone wants a gold-screen wall DIY recipe in Animal Crossing, Henrys making them Dodo Code is NDCH1


I laughed because I misread a can of Lima beans as Ligma balls and I couldnt explain why, I didnt want to lose my place in society


Current Status:


My Dad died 5 years ago I wasnt told about it until the following I think this is the last time Im going to go out of my way to think about Im considering changing my last name, but I should 23-and-me myself


I know its probably not in question here, but I feel like its important to state ones stance with this rather than having it simply implied : #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽


And 2 hours just flew by with Clubhouse Outstanding first impression and now I kinda understand Hanafuda! I think I have my next Time for sleep


Man, my PS4 controller is always almost out of battery charge, if you know what I


Its my Fuck the Fuck Lets all hold hands and dance and laugh and sing That is my only Wear whatever the fuck you All with kind hearts are

Dangus Taargus

I can join the Deadly Premonition cult I liked it for what it Hated playing Loved the fact that it exists, and am happy to have experienced but I NEVER want to play it Cant wait to see where they go with 2 though!


Made me chortle


All I want is a goddamn Oh Henry! bar that isnt glued to its wrapper and swimming in a pool of caramel, why is this such a chore for you, Nestle?

Virtua Kazama

Grab your H2O because its time to take it to Ripto once and for all in Spyro Reignited Trilogy!


#wholesometoid And I was wondering why he was being such a dick!

Czar Kazem

So last night I FINALLY started Twin Watched the pilot and the first two episodes and oh BOY is this the bullshit I need in my


Should you ever lose hope, should you ever be too weak to stand, remember that you are not alone - Philemon, Persona have written my review of Persona Q2 New Cinema

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, it finally happened - my part-time job called me back in, more or Deets

Cloudman Sam

So anyone feeling that Summer Heat yet?


First donation drawing and a second in the


Really cool article on Pokemon Draft May be something to scratch my sports


I grew up on Sonic Adventure 2 but never played the first, until now because I bought it on Super Super


I bought so many socks and underwear


To people interested in the flaming hot jam, have you all started experimenting with game engines? Im almost certainly going with Pico-8, its really Just have to mind my sprite sizes!

Pixie The Fairy

Just because we dont have E3 this year doesnt mean we cant have E3 202X predictions by tarot card and a special Its been a while, but Im ready to give it another Leave your questions in this Ill bump this though (Bump #1)


Picked up Slay the Spire after Monster Train hype got me, but I dont really play on my PC so I figured that would do well I won! For the first time! Ive never even come close Did they tune the difficulty down?


damn in a video slump on Tried to make this blog I will be posting today a video, it just didnt work Also played Sonic 3D in 2D rom Not bad


Too stupid #striptoid


Cant wait to forget about politics and watch some cool robots fighting! :) No but seriously yay Gundam! lol


Was this already a thing or not? Anyways, thanks for the idea, Boxman: #wholesometoid


I cant tell if I dislike the long days more than the long nights here, and I dont even live further to the north of Whitehorse (Im ignoring longitudes Hats off for those who do live further


Happy birthday Michformer!!! Youre an awesome fucking dude, and I hope its a good


June 4th is a momentous In 2017, I finished my internships and began playing Persona In 2018, GameInformer ceased user blogs and I took a break from In 2019, Persona Q2 was released and player two demo showed In 2020, Im growing up


Heres some wholesomeness for your I miss Bongo


Maybe odd Saw Hitman 2 on the us psn with its dlc is I have the trial verison of Hitmam 2 downloaded fully with all of Hitman 1 on This is for a europe If I buy the $2₩ US Hitman 2 do I still need to download everything again