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Beyond: Two Souls: An Enemy’s Stand

Here’s a question that won’t make anyone’s bile well up in their throat: how much do you like David Cage and his company, Quantic Dream? I never really had a problem with him, at least originally.  But then I tried the Beyon...



That's right. I'm fucking glad. That shit costs $600.00 big ones. You know what that means? WE WON'T HAVE THE INDUSTRY FOCUSED ON IT SO SOON. Unlike the latest gimmick (motion controls), it's freaking expensive to get VR so the install ba...


Robots + Boobs = PROFIT?

Remember Medabots? Yes? No? Maybe? For those of you who either didn't have a childhood, are old, or who had childhoods that didn't involve discovering the glory of robotic beetles and middle aged Japanese men being able to appear from seem...


Rebuttal: Gaming doesn't need Safe Spaces

[This isn't meant to be in any way meant to attack, bash or talk shit about Jed. This is meant as a legitimate rebuttal to the points that were brought up in his recent article and to address why people might be as riled up as they are.] W...


So I Got a 3DS

So, I got a Nintendo New 3DS, just last week. I know that I'm a bit behind the eight ball in regards to picking up a 3DS, but it's been a long time coming. It feels like it's been almost a year since my boyfriend and I were wandering around...


It Begins With You & Me!

Video games are in a weird place right now, it seems. Weirder still, however, is the place the video game community seems to be in. It's apparently a place where you can't speak your mind about a subject without making sure to belittle and ...


Deadly Camp Solid

There’s a moment during the first few hours of Deadly Premonition that has always stuck with me. After a particularly long day, Special Agent Francis York Morgan rises at the crack of dawn in the Great Deer Yard Hotel. He’s ready to wo...


Forever Alone?

After playing the Rainbow Six: Siege beta for a few hours, I'm not quite convinced that Ubisoft's decision to axe a single-player campaign was the best choice. This has nothing to do with my own preference for campaigns, mind you, just tha...


First Impressions: Platformines

Interesting concept, crashes right out of the gate Platformines is terrible. No, you could stop reading now if you wanted. I'll explain my position, but that's the summary of it. A randomly generated 2d-platforming shooter, the focus of th...


Fallout 4 and the great video game equalizer

I’ve never cared much for the modern iteration of Fallout. I love the classic entries, and enjoyed both Fallout 3 and New Vegas for what they were, but have never understood the Fallout fervor that Bethesda’s recent entries have...


Survival Horror, RPG's, Fall Weather and Yoga Pants

  Sometimes I get to urge to play certain games during certain seasons. There's no logical explanation for this, nor is there some deep seeded reason for why my brain decides this is a good idea but for me certain seasons make the atmo...


No Notion of Good or Bad

I’m one of those strange and possibly terrible people who thinks that The Simpsons is still funny.  In my defense, I don’t think it’s laugh-out-loud or roll-on-the-floor funny, but for me the show has never been that...


Looking back at Kamen Rider Drive

The saddest time of the year is upon us once more. It is a time of goodbyes. It is a time of fresh starts. It is a time of change, a time where we must let go to what we have loved for so long as we welcome in strange, new changes into our ...


SOMA Fucked Up My World-View.

Frictional Games' SOMA was just released this week. I was intending to do a review of it, but after the deluge of professional critics and their day-early copies beat me to the punch, I won't. Instead I will talk about something that has be...



Electric Reaper

Green Man Gaming has a 22% discount voucher for DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition: its JRPG22




At work today, the hospital sent out an email stating that Covid vaccines could start being distributed as early as next Supplies will be very limited at first and well be following CDC guidelines on who gets them This is very good






Why do I keep playing Cultist Simulator? I never know what Im doing, I never seem to make any real




#Cursedmas An ode to Mike


Fischl sketch for today, trying out a dynamic pose, might continue this


I started a new twitch The Real Hudless I attempt to beat some of my favorite games with no HUD at First up on the chopping block, Sekiro NG +2, Dishonored, and maybe


Sadly I am only Gold rank so no cloaks to show but getting updates of the game before anyone else has huge Puzzelnite is puzzle game similar to puzzle Try it out in the google play store and apple app store

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So it turns out that the Taiko RPGs are out on the eshop today! I had no


I hit soft-pity in Genshin Impact and got my first Surprise, its a baby Diluc! I was hoping for Keching, but I guess you have to love your kids Now begins the farming to raise him to an They grow up (not) so


Won the contest for Prodeus (big thanks to Mike!) and Im both happy and Happy that I got it because it feels really good and so far its more satisfying than DOOME was for And mad because I hit the end of the EA content and I WANT MOREEEEEE


The rumors were This just came Sorry to all of you waiting for Cyberpunk next This sucks


My spotify I like to listen to comedy music when I fall It leads to some interesting dreams where I can hear the music When Im awake, I listen to video game I dont listen to my own music, because I have mp3s for


Today, I finally closed the ring of 3,000 steps in one Extra cool is that I did them consecutively rather than in Also marks 6 days in a row where I walked at least one Now, I’m gonna see how I take to cutting sugary

Virtua Kazama

Embrace the Lets try not to embrace the other L on tonights session of Super Mario 35!


Good news, already got my COVID test back and I am negative for right Then about 10 minutes later I got a text saying that another person had it and was last in work on not a matter of if, its a matter of when for me I




Amazing #Stripmas


There should be a hidden Mario game in Mario 3D

Cloudman Sam

Does anyone have any advice on what to do with a dusty basement room with terrible ventilation and a dust problem that is impossible to remove?


I reject modernity, JoJo!


Its My most played Spotify song of 2020 is Faith by The Also my most listened


Alright M-M-Morty *belllccchh* I-I know its your birthday and all, but Im going Going to need you to take your Council opinion and, and stick it WAYYYY up your Like WAYYYY up there Morty, its the only way! (Happy birthday you beautiful man)




Current Status:

Whispering Willow

I suppose in the FFXIV update a corpse should be left well I might finally be able to have something that approaches a Lady Marie of the Astral Clock Tower


Sakuna gives you some rice, a dirt field, and some tools and is like ok, its summer, you know what to No I dont game, no I


Holy shit holy Apparently, I can make some SERIOUS bank off this sealed copy of Limited Run Games LE of Jak & Daxter that I was accidentally sent (already had one)! I knew keeping it sealed would be a perfect break-glass


I did I listened to the first episode of Critical See you in 12 years, I


Im fully Team #Cursedmas, but today, the world actually was #blessed by the birth of the one and only Happy Birthday my




On the third day of #Stripmas,


#Cursedmas NSFL


Decided to replay the DOOM level I got softlocked in and continue with the Finally at the next Onward we




#Blessedmas #CurrentStatus


Dont let the poster fool ya! These are from the original game! Cheers!


Really wasnt expecting much but Asscreed Valhalla has been a real Ubijank and bugs galore, sure, but the game thats there under the french crust is a lot of 45 hours in and still no signs of burning


How Im


Ha! Dont lie to your wife son!


Wut?Litrealtly downloaded the ps app only yesterday and get greeted with this message already


Gonna be doing some old fashioned Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer tomorrow with some Dtoid peeps around 7pm If you want to join in hit me up on steam or Steam ID Frostberry Discord


Best Buy has charged me for the


How long is it going to take until we have stable supply of next-gen consoles? :/

Voltaic Owl

Heh, night But why is it pink? These people have had nothing but cabbage to eat for at least a