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Beyond: Two Souls: An Enemy’s Stand

Here’s a question that won’t make anyone’s bile well up in their throat: how much do you like David Cage and his company, Quantic Dream? I never really had a problem with him, at least originally.  But then I tried the Beyon...



That's right. I'm fucking glad. That shit costs $600.00 big ones. You know what that means? WE WON'T HAVE THE INDUSTRY FOCUSED ON IT SO SOON. Unlike the latest gimmick (motion controls), it's freaking expensive to get VR so the install ba...


Robots + Boobs = PROFIT?

Remember Medabots? Yes? No? Maybe? For those of you who either didn't have a childhood, are old, or who had childhoods that didn't involve discovering the glory of robotic beetles and middle aged Japanese men being able to appear from seem...


Rebuttal: Gaming doesn't need Safe Spaces

[This isn't meant to be in any way meant to attack, bash or talk shit about Jed. This is meant as a legitimate rebuttal to the points that were brought up in his recent article and to address why people might be as riled up as they are.] W...


So I Got a 3DS

So, I got a Nintendo New 3DS, just last week. I know that I'm a bit behind the eight ball in regards to picking up a 3DS, but it's been a long time coming. It feels like it's been almost a year since my boyfriend and I were wandering around...


It Begins With You & Me!

Video games are in a weird place right now, it seems. Weirder still, however, is the place the video game community seems to be in. It's apparently a place where you can't speak your mind about a subject without making sure to belittle and ...


Deadly Camp Solid

There’s a moment during the first few hours of Deadly Premonition that has always stuck with me. After a particularly long day, Special Agent Francis York Morgan rises at the crack of dawn in the Great Deer Yard Hotel. He’s ready to wo...


Forever Alone?

After playing the Rainbow Six: Siege beta for a few hours, I'm not quite convinced that Ubisoft's decision to axe a single-player campaign was the best choice. This has nothing to do with my own preference for campaigns, mind you, just tha...


First Impressions: Platformines

Interesting concept, crashes right out of the gate Platformines is terrible. No, you could stop reading now if you wanted. I'll explain my position, but that's the summary of it. A randomly generated 2d-platforming shooter, the focus of th...


Fallout 4 and the great video game equalizer

I’ve never cared much for the modern iteration of Fallout. I love the classic entries, and enjoyed both Fallout 3 and New Vegas for what they were, but have never understood the Fallout fervor that Bethesda’s recent entries have...


Survival Horror, RPG's, Fall Weather and Yoga Pants

  Sometimes I get to urge to play certain games during certain seasons. There's no logical explanation for this, nor is there some deep seeded reason for why my brain decides this is a good idea but for me certain seasons make the atmo...


No Notion of Good or Bad

I’m one of those strange and possibly terrible people who thinks that The Simpsons is still funny.  In my defense, I don’t think it’s laugh-out-loud or roll-on-the-floor funny, but for me the show has never been that...


Looking back at Kamen Rider Drive

The saddest time of the year is upon us once more. It is a time of goodbyes. It is a time of fresh starts. It is a time of change, a time where we must let go to what we have loved for so long as we welcome in strange, new changes into our ...


SOMA Fucked Up My World-View.

Frictional Games' SOMA was just released this week. I was intending to do a review of it, but after the deluge of professional critics and their day-early copies beat me to the punch, I won't. Instead I will talk about something that has be...




Went on a bit of a spending spree, but honestly it wasnt too bad 😅 Now on to the hacking process


Nothing like colored metallics and white to satisfy my inner Did the termagaunts as a pallete cleanser before my next


Im all about Aimee Garcia, Fillion, Oswalt, Iron Hamm, Third Eye All about


I dont use my phone enough to warrant a home screen image




Instead of posting my lock screen (which requires step Im too lazy to take), Ill post a couple neat wallpapers Ive used in the


Showing off my lock screen because Ace Combat fucking rules


Yes, this is my I took a picture of a blank piece of


Did the first world/chapter/boss of Grindstone and its a great game but man it has so many it would have between 40-60 at most but with its updates seems it has 230 levels or like it might be way too prefera leanergame


Lock screen, albeit the uncropped


Can no longer claim I dont make money from Just got my first So I am Heres my lock


My lock Im a Magic


Friend in NG is on standby as of tonight, incase of Not 2 days ago, but AFTER the good thing I think tht if stuff went down, they wnted it to look bad bc no NG And TX wants the perception to be like theyre still


My lock Cool static


Got my second COVID shot, which means now I have 5G everywhere! #BigChungusIsAlwaysWatchingJustLikeTheGovernment

Virtua Kazama

Before we begin tonights session of New Super Luckys we need to talk about Virtua Fighter eSport, AKA Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown!


Shocking, Im


Posted again cuz I wanted to show off my


Late to the party, heres my homescreen background, lockscreen is a random picture from huawei every time

Kevin Mersereau

I made this my lock screen about two years ago, the day I got my phone, and I don’t think I’ll ever change

Dr Mel

Very Its been either this or a black screen since my first I get sick of looking at anything that isnt a simple pattern or design very

Soulbow eh

Im so fucking I never change my lock


I keep it simple


I just changed my lock screen in anticipation of animated, but Im too lazy to convert it to a gif small enough to let me post


Reject Become




Oh and heres my current lock




This is my current lock screen The home screen is just a boring green one that came with the


Yessss, Best Buy just charged my CC for the Nier Now all I gotta do is wait till

Dangus Taargus

My current lockscreen is this fantastic Pathologic 2 artwork by


Wallpaper Home screen in the


Shocking, I

Mike Sounders

Copying Hypno and doing a standalone, partly because disqus isn’t showing it in the original


Longing Log Day 8: Lost my pickax the other day trying to break the impenetrable Thankfully, I was able to enlarge my cave by a ton before it They did warn At least I only have a few days left until the next area


My wallpaper at the moment is Wish I could remember where I found the image, because it is one incredible piece of fan


Took care of fussy Boy all night, so no Lauren worked two doubles in a row so she needed it Then I spent all day vetting info for my clearance w Boy in Got fingerprints done, and I come home to a 12 pack sampler from my favorite


Standalone post because sure why not

The Whore of Babylon

I got a different one for my home screen in the


Wallpaper status: wife and my oldest (6yo) baby kitty


Are we sharing device screens? I don’t see a “blank”-toid so I’m a little lost but, okay! Let’s do it!

Chris Moyse

I rotate my wallpaper every month or so, here’s the current

Sweaty Dungus

For all my Bloodborne heads (literally everyone on this website)


Heres my home If you swipe left you can see Ren


Mines just this: