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Hey, I actually managed to keep myself on track for two whole months! And I was able to play a bunch of games too!


How and why?


Holy shit this


And thats how Pyra and Mythra got into


This is just the happiest dang ol I love Wind Waker so much


Finally beat Persona 5 Royal! Only took like 140 hours Mostly loved the Easily the most stylish JRPGs Ive ever played and I had a blast with it from start to Other then Hes still a


If there ever is a Mandalorian video


Im playig Metro Last Light on Ranger Hardcore diffculity with the mode that makes it more like 2033 and wow people are right this game drowns you in Had more gold bullets by the time I got to the first/secon station then I ever had in all of 2033


Gamestop (italy) will put some ps5s on sale only for powerup subscribers this will try to get in but expectations are Wish me luck I guess!Update:unsurprisingly,it let me add it to the cart only to find out it was already sold

Anthony Marzano

Bless Torch for sharing this with

CaimDark Reloaded

Most games were mildly curious about and buy dirt cheap on Steam sales are either never played at all or quickly forgotten after a quick Occasionally, we hit the jackpot, like I did with I cant stop playing So thrilling!


They kept fighting, because they believed they could overcome Isnt that right, Kainé!?


I finally made through a normal session of Death Road to Canada! Now that Im a citizen, time to go buy some


The place I work is closing in I dont even know what to


Never heard of the game before somebody here mentioned it in a indietoid qtoid but seems that Alwa Legacys game is pretty cheap on fanatical Kinda tempted by it but no clue if it is actualy good or not


Maybe I wouldnt be so intimidated by Cities: Skylines if I tried building a small one main street town first and slowly expanding once its functioning instead of trying to build a big city all at


My hoodie from Nintendo Japan arrived and it looks even better than it did in the

Major Toms Coffee Cup

On act 3 of dragon quest 11s and holy fuck this game is I hope they dont go back to random encounters on the world map


Also also also go play Risk of Rain 2 #indietoid


Secret Circus Cats (2021) - For Conundrum and Bass I wanted to see if I could combine video game music, drum and bass, and circus type music :p My 40th birthday is coming up on the Looking forward to it? I


It looks like the Sinking City has been pulled from Steam

sp testure

I consider myself lucky that I live in a city with a couple of independent Video game stores still kicking I scored the fancy FF12 strategy in near perfect Should come in handy for my Zodiac Age run in the near Cept the job


Valheims pretty comfy


Im continually amazed at how good Persona 5 Strikers Blasphemous to say, but in some ways Im actually enjoying it more than Persona 5

Dr Mel

Alright, time for some good NES This ones from Vice Project

Sweaty Dungus

Support Cruelty Squad on Steam, the nightmarish and visually abrasive organ-harvesting fps about how capitalism David Jaffe hates it!


Despite no word on a PC release, recent news has me in the mood for Apparently, though, the Switch port of a 24 year old game is prone to constant crashing, and Ive experienced 2 in 30 HOW CAN YOU FUCK UP A PS1 PORT??!!!!?!?!!


My dog is an

Yue chan

Look at this cute boy that Juice and I have made 🥰😏😊


Bunker Punks, a lovely little roguelite Feels Available on Steam #Indietoid


Accepting girlfriend applications, boyfriend applications will be open as soon as my dad dies (I dont want to miss out on my inheritance)


Not #indietoid, but the ps5 version released today, and I specifically waited, so I could play this This game is FANTASTIC!!! The SSD really helps speed the game along, and i absolutely love that developers are offering 60 fps Great game!!


Today I learned that Nintendo owned the Banjo-Kazooie IP, but sold it back to Rare in exchange for the Donkey Kong characters they had created so Microsoft wouldnt own


Our first post here is about Vigor a fun game that started on the Xbox and moved to the Hope you guys love what we had to say about


Sproggiwood is another fantastic semi-traditional roguelike, available on Steam, GOG, and Its even on sale on Steam for right now! Originally discovered it on GOG, but shoot, Ill double dip since Ive got #Indietoid


Since were still doing #Indietoid, Ill drop a couple more N++ and Football, Tactics, and Glory


A mix of HoMM3 and Xcom was all I needed to Fort Triumph is a great little game, that got nowhere near enough On #Indietoid


You people are a bunch of Where would I start if I wanted to get into Kamen Rider?


From the makers of DoomRL: Jupiter Leaves this But is more than worth your dollars Steam and


The Pathless, the game that no one seems to be fussed about but I absolutely loved and just vanished And its on PS5 (which is a pretty bare market at the Go buy it #indietoid


I dont think Ive ever wanted a game to be good more than I have R-Type Final

Virtua Kazama

YOULL NEVER GUESS WHERE THE LAST PIECE OF HEART WAS LOCATED! Its time for more cleanup on tonights session of Links Awakening! (God, that felt like


I cant believe I didnt think of this earlier for #indietoid (especially since I literally just beat it two days ago) but seriously, play Aer: Memories of Its worth it for the excellent flying mechanics


lol but the game was fun as Im


One of the best traditional (coffee break style) roguelikes out, Alchemic Dungeons DX is on Switch and #Indietoid Wish Switch had Its this and Quest of Not enough traditional, let alone coffee break style ones on the


So Switch eShop now has Robotech: The Macross Sage HD Store description says, revitalizes the GBA retro I think Ill


I am a fan of Salt


#Indietoid shameless self promo - mech design for my upcoming This is just the rough form and still needs work


I hope this feature survives all the way through If nothing else, its a middle finger to