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April Fools: Not "nerd"--"node."

No sentence better exemplifies how I felt about Raiden the first time I played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. After the sinking of the tanker, which is one of the best opening chapters in gaming history, I was waiting with antic...


From Sofware with Love: The Tower

I bought my PS3 in 2009, after saving up for it for months. It came bundled with Metal Gear Solid IV, and as soon i finished wiping my tears for Big Boss and Snake, i decided it was time to move on to another game, and that game was De...


From Software With Love: Re-releases and Remasters

This month sees the release of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin edition on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; an updated version of the game running in a high definition 1080p resolution (with increased textures), 60fps frame ...


From Software With Love: Find a happy place...

The ‘Souls games can be unrelenting, brutal and dark; true tests of mental willpower, emotional fortitude and grim resolve. Whilst playing, the majority of the time you’ll likely be inching your way through labyrinthine du...


REVIEW: Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (WiiU)

Despite my claims in a previous review, this month I was simply not done with Zelda, and even though I tried to put it down, once you get stuck into the rhythmic solving of puzzles and spelunking of temples nothing else quite scratche...


REVIEW: Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)

Taking a brief departure from the official canon of The Legend of Zelda, and uncharacteristically taking a risk with one of its most prestigious intellectual properties, in 2014 Nintendo released Hyrule Warriors on the WiiU. I'm reall...


MAJORA MARCH: The Most Disturbing Man in the Moon

Majora’s Mask ostensibly has a central antagonist, that of the titular mask and its influence over the poor innocent Skull Kid, and supposedly it’s because of this masked villain that you’re gathering power over the ...


Majora March: Lend Me Your Ears

Majora March is all about celebrating the minutiae of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in wake of its recent remaster on the Nintendo 3DS. Playing the game with a fresh coat of paint has the cogs in my giant clock tower of a h...


Bloggers Wanted: Majora March

[This month’s Bloggers Wanted comes from Preposterous Whitey and is all about weird masks and videogame conspiracy theories!] In the wake of the recent re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS,...


My Nine

I must apologize if this video is too artistic and somewhat creepy, here is another video if you need to cleanse your ears. To be honest I was not looking forward to this post. There is simply more than Nine people on the site tha...


The Nine Best Dtoiders Ever

I am not the easiest person to get to know. I'm a quiet guy raised by quiet people and I'm 75% deaf to boot. It's not the sort of life that produces the gregarious, amiable type. Being friends with me usually requires people who are co...


Happy Anniversary Dtoid: The Magnificent Nine

I've only just celebrated my one year anniversary here at Destructoid; I officially signed up in February 2014 after lurking for a couple of years in awe of the GIF bombs in the front page articles comments' sections. It's been good so...


I Love Shadow of the Colossus!

[This is an essay I wrote a while ago for my college work. It wasn't for a formal assignment, but instead just a practice piece that we were allowed to pick any topic for. So I decided to gush about SotC. I've been sitting on it for ag...


Band of Bloggers: Journey into Peril!

I bet you're wondering why that's an image from the old fallout games? For this month's Band of Bloggers assignment -- dedicated to one of my favorite gaming franchises of ever, Fallout -- I ahead of time asked Scholarly Gamer, one of...


Important Tips to Win at Sport Betting

Although a large number of people across the globe enjoy a flutter, but many understand as much as necessary about what they are doing to win at sports betting such as soccer betting in the long term. In betting, it is all about getti...


The Gift of Gaming: BIONIC ARM!

A great gift to me is something that qualifies the phrase, "the gift that keeps on giving." And what better gift is there that has more to give then what it initially offers then a good old fashioned fighting game? 2008 sounds so rece...


The Gift of Gaming: Influences on my sleeve

My name is Nick and I've been playing games my entire life. In this here blog, I'd like to share what games I consider to be influential on who I am today and probably impacted you too. First up, Sim City. Sim City brought me into adu...


Giving Thanks: Sega Genesis Collection

Initially I had scrapped an entirely different Giving Thanks post because I got to the point when there had to be a decision made about what could be included and what could not and instead the post got junked. Which sucked because I w...


Fangs for the Memories: Slender

It was surprisingly difficult to choose a top horror game, or horror moment. The first that came to mind was ‘of course, Fatal Frame!’. The game is generally very eerie; the ambience is effective; of a breeze drifting throu...


Giving Thanks: The Miiverse

Though touted as one of the greater evolutions in gaming, I’ve never been a huge proponent of online gaming. Indulging in a game’s world and story is a personal experience for me. The voices and actions of other players, pa...


Giving Thanks: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

...My Pa (Grandfather) passed away 13 years ago today. November 16th, 2001. His wife Nana passed away earlier this year after a long fight against Alzheimer's. I was 10 when he passed away... not really concerned with anything more tha...




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Have a great day! #Blessedmas


Good morning guys! Todays #morningcovers is a great excuse to post some wonderful Mega Drive music!


Well, Double post but happy belated bday to Vesalius also! Sorry I missed it bud! Hope it was a good


A big, belated happy birthday to Meanderbot! An amazing artist who has given so much to this community, and a damn fine person to boot! Hope it was a good one buddy! Thank you for all youve done and do! (This hangs on my wall


Metroid dread progress update: I believe I have all the upgrades so Im going back to get all the collectables before the final Just got a really tough one in Burenia that Im proud of


I made it to lvl 87 in The plot is getting sooo thick Jaw has dropped many So

Raster Scanline

This is easily the best long form Ocarina of Time review Ive Helps that its hilarious and reminds me of the old Plinket Star Wars


Relevant to our


No Way Home and Across the Spider-Verse are going to be sick!

Anonymous 20

My Black Friday haul finally arrived! Not too bad if I may say so, and its nice to see some sub $30 Switch Also picked up Katana Zero on a sale as Plenty to play, nowhere near enough Lol

Anonymous 20

Finished my Platinum run of Guardians of the Galaxy, and my sub 4-hour Hard run of Metroid Two excellent titles that rank among my favorites this year, that honestly took me by Both were a ton of


on twatter credit yi_ya_yi_ya_yo_


Making Christmas?

Dr Mel

Took a random plunge on a $15 dollar JRPG on Steam called Xanadu Its a re-release from an NGage game (lol) and I actually enjoy Its a looty, grindy Controller support is a little wonky, but it works well


Spent all day today watching Jojo Golden Wind and playing Xenoblade Time well


Thank you Secret Santa! I love :3


Current status:


Finally ready to go to the goddamn moon


According to Tom Warren of the Verge, Game Pass on PC will soon let you know how a game will perform on your PC with messages like, Should play great on this PC or if youre not so fortunate:


In the end, not too Id guess the fan-assist in the oven helped in getting the surface (I attempted to follow the Cupcake Jemma


I did I beat Rise of the Tomb Raider AND enjoyed A shame about the recycled plot, but it sure did explode things good and let me platform as they fell


Halo clearly needed another year in the 1+ mo before more playlists are 6 mo before campaign coop and 9+ mo before Forge is No ETA on fixing server desync Even something as simple as post-match scoreboards are

Raster Scanline

My #SecretSanta struck (although they arent so secret as The Whore of Babylon put their name on it)


Met an old friend while getting pizza for Luckily I had a coin in my wallet!


Blessedmas 5: Season of the Blessed


I know what I post isnt everyones cup of tea but my god, it could be worse




This is the true mega villain of Yoshi P has been playing the long game for this Major spoilers up to Endwalker, only those that caught up should


If Netflix ever makes a Great Ace Attorney live action series they totally need to get Ruth from Ozark to play Gina Who else would you cast in an Ace Attorney series? (Any game, be mindful of big spoilers :) )

Inquisitive Raven

Outlines and base colors! This is really coming together now


Note to self: when a video says an easy-looking step is the most difficult one -- dont trust (Trying to make puff pastry dough, this time for pasteis de nata, is still something I cant


Last night I witnessed a large argument in-game about whether or not Endwalker is a boring heap of shit and it made me realise that with all the promotion material I think a lot were expecting to be on the moon within the first 30


Good morning!

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Is there a way to check how many hours youve played on your switch games past the first 20 games on your profile?


Went 3-3 on Arena Open day Not even close to getting to day 2, but went a lot better than I was expecting!

Anthony Marzano

I cant believe 343 would set up Halo for failure like


Dog Report Item: The Original Starlord in game band in Guardians is pretty dope yo!


So damn About to go play a round of golf at the nicest course in northeast I’ve been wanting to play here ever since I took it back up last year


Twenty days

Chris Moyse

Hope youre all having a fine weekend so I wasted yesterday poorly, but I can still turn today Have a good one, whatever youre up


Good morning guys! I know Im partial to this era of covers but I mean, just look at One of my - Akuma jō Dracula XX (Castlevania: Dracula X) #morningcovers


Oh Its all coming


Have a relaxing Sunday all!


Whoever chose the photo for the article deserves some kind of


Today has been awful, to the point where I fear for the Hopefully things get better


I was here for 3 minutes before it kicked me off and I was back to 1600


Alright, I Show me your favorite Vtubers who arent Nyanners (whom I already


FF14 Endwalkers new escort quests really need to make the NPCs follow you as long as you are in line of sight