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Freezepop and I w/pics....NVGR?

Freezepop, huzzah. As I tye this, you will have to excuse any typos or misspellings, as I am quite hung over. They were super cool. I ended up chatting with them about music games, drinks and etc. We closed the bar down. I got some signed s...


What to do with those decaying pumpkins...

This is actually entirely clever! If I still got pumpkins, I'd definitely have to make this happen. Heck, I almost feel like doing it cause of November but...that would be a lot of work. And really, who doesn't like zombies? Check out th...


Nintendo 64 OLD SCHOOL for sale!

]hey guys! yeah old school Nintendo for sale! as much as i LOVE the old 64's this one i need to get rid of :( Its in perfect condition, just minor scratches though being over ten years old that wouldn't be surprising. It comes with two con...


Update: I can't wait to finish HSC!

As most aussies will know, from New South Wales anyway.. that the HSC exams are currently going on. As for non-aussies it's much the same as SAT's or whatever final highschool exam you take before leaping into university and etc. This is...


Why I love Destructoid (Short blog)

I'm relatively new, only been here about 3-4 months or something like that and a lurker before then, but in those 3-4 months I've felt so accepted straight away. And last night just sealed the deal for me. For those unaware, it was a day t...


Rock out with Dtoiders in Sydney

Well my little robot koalas, I have finally settled back into the groove of things here in this lovely country and as promised it is that time. Rock Band will be hitting our shelves November 7th as well as Guitar Hero World Tour November 1...


SingSterling was the best 12 hours ever!

I bring you video of my favorite song that was karaoke'd during the SingSterling marathon! I was there the whole 12 hours in support and I want to personally thank Jim Sterling for going through it. I've done long marathons of singing, bu...


DtoidNY's Centralia Trip

Do you want to see pictures of Centralia? You know, the town that was the the basis for the Silent Hill movie, with underground burning coal fires? Well too bad, because my camera didn't have any batteries for the first half of the trip. Ho...


Destructoid invades the Claire House Rockfest 2008

(Picture: Not me, but my friend who became knackered after about 2 hours. So why not cheer him up with some Destructoid?) So it's no Download Festival and it's a few days late but I did go to this festival and I did wear the Low Tech Helm...


So yeah, I forgot I was away for a month...

I was about 50 foot from here but close enough The short version of the story is this. I was flying out to Singapore with my father for a couple of weeks for the F1 race, the bad thing was I wrote my car off a couple of days before hand (...


World of Warcraft is Full of Cylons

Originally posted on VGD Sister Site, Heatwaves & Gamma Rays I�ve been on a Battlestar binge lately, but the reference is perfect. When a Cylon dies their conciousness is downloaded into a reproduction facility and transferred to a new bo...


Update: I got my PS3, now what to do? :P

So I just finished setting my PS3, and I must admit that I'm a sucker for good looking things, even if you say it was inferior, it looks great! all black and shiny.. It matches with my sound system and LCD hehe. >_<" I've been tryi...


ATTN: CNY Dtoiders

Freezepop in Ithaca NY. I will be getting green room access, here is to harrasing and generally filling the band with malaise. Posting pictures after the show. Hopefully will be getting my music games autographed.


Palin Porn: Confirmed! NVGR. NSFW text

This just in: Larry Flynt recently put an add out on Craig's List looking for an adult film actress who could also act as a decent look-alike to Wasilla's "finest": Sarah Palin. It looks like Larry found his girl, and there will be at least...


An Energy Drink That's Not Safe For Work?

I'm warning you right now, this post is going to be laden with words that you know make you blush when you say them, let alone someone else. The word in question? "Pussy". There, I said it. Now that the formalities are out of the way.. ca...


Tales from the Ticket Prize Counter

Ginnybear and Company in the Asheville Mall is probably one of the weirdest, tiniest arcades I've been to in recent memory. It's essentially half weapons store/half arcade hang out. This has the potential of being the most awesome place on...


Blender 2.48 Released!

For those who don't know what Blender is, it is an incredible free 3d modeler/animator/game maker. According to the official website, the new features to 2.48 include: Realtime GLSL Materials Bullet update + softbodys Game l...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: Charms

I have returned to bring you the joy of more crafty-ness! :P This time I've been working on making some charms. Each of these are hand sculpted, hand painted and sealed. They come with a phone strap, but you can use them for whatever type...



I'm loving this article from the Daily Star... "ENGLAND wonderboy Theo Walcott owes his Three Lions success to footie computer games. Skipper John Terry, 27, revealed the youngster only hit the back of the net for his country after h...



Those familiar with Woot are probably veterans to their worthless cheap electronics. This piece of 1970s future tech may interest you, or it may very well make you laugh your ass off. For a measly $99.99 you can experience the future the ...


Cblogs of 10/14/08 + Pendeltonisms

Hello, ladies and gents. My name’s Pendelton, and I’ll be your recapper for tonight and every Tuesday night…FOREVER. This is my first stab at recaps, and, boy, what a day we had! Chad Concelmo takes his shirt off, Mega Man is created ...




Happy Birthday Soulbow! Dank related to Gajs unrelated


Castlevania Advance remasteres are neat but what about all of us that never got a DS? I still dont know what Eccelsia means


titans quest free on steam

Chris Moyse

Its the weekend, friends! I hope that youre all doing ok, and that the next couple of days are happy and peaceful Were always here if you want to hang Find moments for yourself, and embrace You deserve some Love yall x


Happy Birthday Soulbow! You one of the real Dank


Somehow I dont think hes endemic to the


Have a pleasant Friday!

The Whore of Babylon

Look guys Im sorry but I fucking loved One of my favorites movies of the year up there with Roadrunner, The Green Knight, and Eva + Its so rare to get a horror movie like that with that budget and made me so

The Whore of Babylon

Look guys Im sorry but I fucking loved One of my favorites movies of the year up there with Roadrunner, The Green Knight, and Eva + Its so rare to get a horror movie like that with that budget and made me so




Well thats This happens when I try to open articles from the rss feed using the greader app on Its not 100% consistent, sometimes they open just fine


Sir Clive Sinclair has died (aged Kim Justices video on him from 5 years ago:


Finally, R5 That was probably the most effort it ever took to get a free weapon thus The fishing is kind of relaxing, but man it takes way too much of

Inquisitive Raven

When you want a really, really cool figure, but it costs as much as a Nintendo


Life is Strange: True Colors was a really good Wasnt sure how Id feel about it when it was first revealed as I wasnt sold on the empathy power but they pulled it off really Good story and interesting Would

Soulbow eh

Oh shit its not my Was just a MY


I swear to God, Tales of Arise, if your subtitles don’t learn the difference between “you’re” and “your,” I’m gonna lose my shit


Bust deez rhymes with your


Watched One part made me laugh so hard I scared the

Soulbow eh

#Truthtoid except turn that 6 into a 9


Deathloop log: thoughts in Maybe mild spoilers depending on

Anthony Marzano

Current status:

Whispering Willow

Marvels What really had a problem with dead Most have been good when the focus is not on The Avengers at and the stories have actual closure, but the last two episodes just dont Thats fine for the What If comics, but not


Im sure only a couple people will care, but Razion EX is finally available for digital download on Previously it was only available if you were ready to drop, at least, It very much takes inspiration from R-Type, if thats your


Ive been playing Eastward tonight and really like Its very story heavy at first, but that seems to be letting Or at least the momentum picks Good dungeons, and its easy I can tell its probably going to be a long haul,


QOL I would like on the front page: Subheader not showing up in the article

Gentleman Beast

Yall talking about Malignant, but have you watched Nightbooks on Netflix yet? I thought it hit a nice little ya-fiction / creepypasta sweet Perfect way to kick off the Halloween

Dr Mel

Eastward, its pretty good so I basically learned about this game today as it released and have zero idea what its goals are or where its A rare position to be Had similar experience with Recompile, recently,


Im still mad that BOTW didnt have proper Its a survival game! Fishing is a necessity!


Sony needs to just steal the idea of letting you put images and videos from the PS5 to your Microsoft has a lock on that and makes it so easy to share stuff that


Ill say, the new Wario Ware is pretty poggy! Sweet Moves remains my favorite in the series, but the new ones got a nice twist to it and the Wario Cup is a great concept


Dont forget to sign up to join in the NEW Dtoid Draws! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main You have 10 DAYS LEFT! Details in

Cygnus Rush 961

Whats in the package?


There are people into Malignant enough to make rad ass art like this out of Do you all still think youre on the right side of history?


When its


So who was it who recommended Pig?


Current Status:


Thats my 2nd screamer This time I set out to experiment with colour Just blues and reds here (apart from the eyes), and a Bit too much water


Got a big ol blister on my pushin thumb, but I think it was worth

Jetter Mars

Because I know yall are thirsty


On top of Bloodborne, Im going to be doing a run of Dark Souls 3 with some buddies, and my character is Youre a beautiful man,


This works so well it RIP


I love this movie


I have finally seen the face of Game Makers (hes like 20 years younger than I imagined)


Almost 3/4 of the year has already passed us What have your favorite games been so far? What do you still have to look forward to that you think has a shot at your favorite of the year?


I have smoked far too much crack Far too


Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 is super good so