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Perfect Imperfection

Do you think you're perfect? So perfect you can call yourself Perfect, with a capital P? Are you Perfection Incarnate?Ooookay, that's a pretty pretentious way to start off, so let's back up. In all seriousness, while I'm sure some people m...


FanimeCon Recap Part 2

I know this is like 3 month's late but as some of you know I've been dealing with some shit so I'm sure you'll forgive me. Anyways, last blog I showed off the amazing art that I picked up this year at Fanimecon, so this blog I'm going to ta...


An ode to Chao.

For Destructoid, I use the Dark Chao as my avatar, for the simple fact that I like the Chao. I used to play the hell out of the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, to the point where I would replay the Sonic/Shadow levels over and ov...


Poetry Dump Part 1 - Death, Pistols, and Shotguns

Before I dropped off writing for a while I decided to dabble in a little poetry. The first piece is something I actually wrote for school, and is a piece I'm rather proud of. The other two are pieces I just wrote and currently have no opini...


Old School: Almost Leaving Video Games

On a recent episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, a question for the cast was if they ever walked away from video games, if any of them had ever stopped playing video games for an extended period of time. I thought I’d give...


Discussing: Falling Behind The Next Generation

Last week, it was announced that Mortal Kombat X for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was cancelled. After months of delays, last gen owners won’t be able to play the latest Mortal Kombat game. I was disappointed by this news as I&rsqu...


the amiibocalypse: PART Ω

It was bright. Bright, white landscape stretched out as far as the eye could see. Occasionally, a giant would pass, dressed in the bright and colorful garb of their people. A marvel to behold, but not a threat to those of smaller size, goin...


Digging through the lies - Shovel Knight

Is there a difference between American and British Shovels? Maybe. But they didn't localise the game properly in that case so my point still stands. Shovel Knight has clearly lied to us all. If we watch trailers of this “acclaimed&rd...


The breast kinds of reviews!

Ahead of its US release at the hands of XSEED, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson has released in Europe, and naturally, some reviews are starting to make their way onto the internet. For those of you who have been hiding under rocks for the pas...


Come on! Ride her! Ride that pretty ol' corpse!

In the name of not pandering to the evil mainstream and fighting the advent of the site's recently acquired popularity contest nature, I am going to assert all of my nonexistent power over all of the nothing I have authority over and use it...


(NVGR) Not So Fun Facts About Being Homeless

http://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/3/35931-307909-HMSTjpg-620x.jpg 1: You can shit anywhere. That wall? Do it. That person's car? Go right ahead! That baby stroller, that the mom isn't paying attention to? Don't mind if I doo doo. It's you...


Music Notes: Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen

  When I review albums, I like to find a central theme that it's trying to communicate. "Emotion" by Carly Rae Japsen has two modes, so to speak. One is "I love you, you love me, so let's dance and mess around", the other is "I cheris...


What's in a Character: Agent 47

There were some inaccuracies with my original post. I've rectified the information so that the plotlines are correct. Thanks goes to Rudorlf for pointing them out to me in a polite manner. With yet another bomb of a video game mov...


Why List Articles are Usually Terrible

You know what it’s like, you go onto a games news website expecting to read about Fallout 4 or what shirt Phil Spencer is wearing under his jacket today - but instead you get a load of pointless list articles in an attempt to seem &l...


Can we fix Pokémon Events?

Ah, yes, Pokémon. The franchise that is today much as it was when I was just a lad. Weaken monster. Capture monster. Enslave monster. Become champion of monster enslavement and warfare. Truly, a franchise made just for the children. ...


My Gaming Landscape [August 10th, 2015]

Welcome to the new Gaming Landscape! In the past, I used these blog posts not just to talk about the games I’ve been playing but to chronicle and keep track of what I had been playing. However, that has become constraining as sometim...


Look what I found in a second hand shop in Poland.

If you go to secondhand clothes shops you know that most of the stuff there either comes from old people or people who had lost their weight and needed a complete wardrobe change. The best clothes are usually the ones that have already been...


Zetta Reviews: Dragonball Z: Resurrection "F"

Wait, what? A movie review? Is that kind of thing kosher for a video game website? Well, there's only one way to find out, so let's find out right now... Today, on DRRRRRAAAAAGONNN BAAALLLLLLLLL ZEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Dragonball Z: Resurrection...





Chris Moyse

Im so In absolutely every single I might be off next week, so theres But right now I can barely Im olllld and


Yesterday I went into four stores that all had a Switch to sell, walked to the salesperson, said to them Hi, Id like to buy a-this and then proceeded to point at the nearest Needless to say, folks were gasping at the adulting that went on


I think Streets of Rage 4 is going in my top 10 games of all The Survival Mode alone is It hits nostalgia just Plays Im having trouble finding any problems with Um, its not on the Genesis, so doesnt sound as dope?


It was really fun reading all the posts from my last QPost! You guys never cease to be awesome :)


Realtek audio problems yet I dont know what is with these ASUS X570 Prime Pro boards but I just cant seem to use my front or back I/O port audio jacks and its


Returnal Log: Well, that “30 min run” sure turned into an Beat 2nd boss after several tries, blitzed around biome 3 and it’s sure Making steady progress with some bs runs in Think I’ll try to explore biome 1


Im having second thoughts about She has a fundamental issue that all of her pyro has ICD (all good pyro units have at least one attack that ignores If they dont change it she will be the weakest 5-star next to


Finished up this butcher, who will be my Never actually played a game of AoS, but signed up for a campaign through some local(ish) Its open to newbies, so Im pretty excited to get some games in and learn along the


I pushed through into Heavensward in FFXIV last Immediately unlocked Dark Knight and began my trial by fire in learning how to tank while leveling my newly acquired Dark Its been a helluva journey so I love this game!


I ordered Black Future 88 for my hours later, realized it has an 18 minute time Too late to Heres hoping that it doesnt ruin the game for me, but


Watching Nic Cage’s Snake Eyes for the first time, had some wings from a new local place (1/2 Korean bbq, 1/2 bbq honey mustard) - doing pretty Way too much food again 😂😂😂 but that’s lunch


Everyone always asks cum tribute when, but never cum tribute how?


Ah, its game show off hour :P got this in today!

Jordan Devore

Its been a minute, but we wanted to bring back Bloggers The August prompt is heartwarming gaming Link below!


Apparently Im collecting 3DS games At least the stuff I can get for a decent

Anonymous 20

My latest Not too bad


Had a day of training for my custodial It went pretty smoothly


Packing up my library and found some fun I’ll post them here and

Anthony Marzano

Lol, Soviet medics in Hell Let Loose simply tap you on the chest to revive For context the other factions have


Going to stream some more FF1 remaster, with better fonts!


Current stratus:

Soulbow eh

Shipping got delayed by a day but finally got the small computer desk to replace the TV stand I had been It makes my console gaming area much more comfortable for long sessions than before when I was scrunched up behind a too-short TV


You know what would make Microsoft Flight Simulator better? So get You fly to a body of You land on the Stop your plane so that its just floating Then you Microsoft Fishing Give it to me you

Virtua Kazama

I think I have a Metroidvania Lets continue more with Axiom Verge!


I just saw a couple of episodes of Jellystone on HBO It isnt perfect, and some characters are boring, but it still got a chuckle out of 8/10, it was better than


Just beat The Wonderful game for the most A beautifully put together cyberpunk world with some incredibly fun The biggest thing holding it back for me was the out of nowhere difficulty

Sweaty Dungus

PSA: Animal Crossing Switch Dock refurb available on Nintendo Does not include AC I am not a work here I am Buy now and receive 69 dunglepoints on your next qpost


Saw the game shown a few times but dimissed it for having a boring art style imo but the game seems kinda much a top down zelda game but the combat is twin stick said about how its violent but bar the blood effects seems tame real


I was watching people fly around the maps in Halo Infinite with the grappling hook and thought about how much fun Doom Eternal multiplayer could have

Cygnus Rush 961

Things have been going well at the museum that I volunteer at, especially with proper protocols to prevent COVID-19 from spreading Heres one of the Alfa Romeos on display:


10/10 Good The US has a big history of taking in foreign translators and their families after wars It kills me to know were not quite doing enough to evacuate those in (That parade aww)

Ricky Namara

New game? Finish the sentence: Youve watched too much porn Starting things off: Youve watched too much porn if the words Dont come inside made you giggle like a


Important information


Dracula now refuses to deal me my Please send


Yeah replacement orc to replace the one with the broken Also the paints and brushes all arrived


PSA: Easy (untested) change to make FF1 Pixel Remaster fonts look Replace and by copying and renaming the YMMV, but this is how it looks after I changed


Pokémon Stadium might just be that game which Id love to replay every now and The announcers charisma is a joy to listen


First impulse buy in a loooong Aesthetically pleasing to me and love the ergonomics on


It hit me that the Blood Gems in Bloodborne is just the Materia system from FF7, only grindier, more obfuscated and all-around For shame, From Soft, ripping off an equipment system isnt


Battlefield V for PC on Leave a comment if you grab


Pretty much got to the end of Everhood now,would give it a 7/10 same as Zoey gave it and I had the same issues she had with bar the annoying and overused random visual effects in battles the battles were pretty fun and the music was pretty


Got my second Also have the week off, so time to catch up on the backlog as I use the it hasnt been 14 days yet excuse to still not go


You ever think back to older posts and realize you used to be kind of insufferable online? Or is that just me? 😬