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Robo Panda Z

The other day I rewatched 1933s The Invisible Man, and while completely bloodless, its surprisingly brutal for the Hes like, I need an antidote, but also to MURDER and goes around strangling people, bashing heads in, and derailing

Matt I Guess

Seeing a game that looks like it was tailor-made for you show up as available for purchase right now! only for it to be an early access game with only 1/3 of the planned content and a year and a half away from the estimated launch is a punch in the


I had signed up for the beta, and thought theyd let me know via I never received one, so I thought I wasnt Found the invite in my dashboard messages today, oh well, at least I dont have long to


Jeopardy update: After 12 games and 11 wins, my friend Jonathan has been However, he will be back for the Tournament of Champions next season!

Chris Moyse

This film never had an official dvd realease, and wasn’t even on VHS in What can I say? I’m a man who can make things happen…


Current Status: Wimmy Wham Wham Wozzle!


Give me your nu-metal deep cuts and favorite Im going on a deep, deep, nostalgic bender for music i started discovering in 98-99 and then abandoned in Gimme your best/worst, i probably listened to it I recommend Kittie!


One night HUDless check my insta as well for fine art and video games @upinsmokeproductions


When Extracting Lidocaine from Anal Lubricant comes up on your Youtube

Raster Scanline

Just watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and its a They knew the original is a nearly perfect horror film and so it goes full comedy The result is the best black comedy Ive ever Highly


Really liking the new Angel Still kept appropriately Might eventually kind of miss the original BDSM


When someone insults me, I come up with a mnemonic to remember Its how I diss-associate


Often an hellscape, but it has its

CaimDark Reloaded

I held the legion back in Warcraft 3s RoC final mission at the Orc I remember barely holding on at the final base last couple times I played Perhaps old age has made me less bad at strategy games for a trek through the Frozen


Its been a long time coming due to staggered pay, but I finally got my first proper paycheck! I could theoretically buy a PS5 with I wont, because I have a move to prepare for and fighting people for toys is tiring, but its empowering nonetheless


Disintegration Status:


Currently retranslating my original translation of Ape Escape Big Mission, or should I say its proper name: Ape Escape: Curious Big Finally found a good onomatopoeia dictionary for


I refuse to believe Super Mario Odyssey turns 4


Ooof N64 games on Switch are looking And Mario Kart 64 still, still, requests a memory pack for ghost data - meaning no ghost data on the Nintendo, just what are you


Northern Caverns -Area- (2021) - 4th track (out of hopefully 100) for Magic Coins I also wrote the 2nd track as well which is on my youtube Im writing them in the order I feel I also have help from a friend :)


Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker was on CathodeTVs stream last night (and Susan Tyrrell (RIP) is a wild


Does anyone do the daily crosswords on here? I started competing with some co-workers a couple weeks ago and now its a highlight to my mornings!


All kinds of ASMR out there, it #Cursedmas


Finished Doom 2 Some levels in these 90s Dooms have strange design, I guess they were just being experimental? A lot of fun anyway, can see why theyre

Raster Scanline

Finally getting around to watching Extreme Ghostbusters and its way better than I Its shockingly dark and really leans into the grotesque and body horror for its Also theres a cenobite


Hey I have a key to give away in the comments for One Finger Death Punch I got that fighting humble bundle, I just already own One Finger Death Punch

Whispering Willow

RE: UbiSoft and play


so PS5 havers are yall doing much on there or what

Boxed Swine

Guess I can post this video about food or

The Whore of Babylon

Uuuuuh almost all of my coworkers called in this morning and I have no tasks to do so I guess I play No More Heroes III while hungover? Sounds like a Man one of them had a family member die this


Played some commander last First game had a guy try way too hard, and cast dragonstorm for 7 on turn 5 (and still Second game was just a really fun typically I need

Mike Sounders

Its so Oh so


The only 2 you need homie #StayHydrated


Fiendly reminder that the always brilliant and joyful games of Amantia Design have a new game out this week on pc and Switch and it looks like its shaping up to be their most good dreams and fuzzy feelings fuel Happy Game is a day 1 buy from me!


There are achievements in the Master Chief Collection for speedrunning each Halo game on the highest difficulty in less than Meanwhile, heres the emails Ubisoft apparently sends you for not playing enough Far Cry lmao


This looks far more haphazard than any of their past remakes, with visuals that somehow looks worse than what they pulled off on the Apparently, the Platinum content isnt even included? Thisll be the first mainline Pokémon game I


Can anyone comment on N64 emulation on Switch? Right now on Twitter I see nothing but bad so far, between non-rebindable controls and apparently being rendered worse than Wii?


Hearing the new Guardians of the Galaxy game is fairly comic accurate makes me hope they show off the fact that Drax is a world-class sax player at some

Silver the 3rd

So now that dread is performing well in sales beyond the launch window, does this mean a fire emblem style renaissance where we get way to many metroid games back to back?


Made a mini sketchbook and did some fantasy art titled is this for me? Instagram @upinsmokeproductions and check my twitch for Hudless game play of Sekiro and Doom Eternal on Nightmare at really appreciate


To see my students get so happy and grateful after nailing their English exams means everything to Look teacher, who didnt have many corrections? This is the best kind of payment they can give


Nintendo: Aw yeah, our sweet new Expansion Pack drops At 12:01am Eastern? Nintendo: No, 9:45pm those special controllers, theyll arrive on the 25th too? Nintendo: Theyll ship then but take 9 business days!


Returnal finally has a suspend I had the benefit of playing after they fixed most I experienced one run-breaking bug in my whole time, but this is great for new players - RUNS ARE LONG! Link in


For those hunting a PS5, if youre a Pro member at Gamestop, theyre going on sale at 11 ET Give it a shot, its how I got mine!

Inquisitive Raven

Drew two of those VTuber people: Bae and Fauna! Shes cheering her up after a very spooky Phasmophobia collab last Im pretty happy with how their details came Now with Timelapse Below BUMP!!


Gamepass on sale for $1, so now I can try out Back 4 Nice!


Returnal just added a suspend game So a quick save that deletes itself when you load it Thats personally all I needed from