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Over & Under: Bomberman Hero

Over and Under is a series where I highlight my favorite video game soundtracks that are overlooked or underrated. In this installment, I’ll be looking at the one-of-a-kind soundtrack of Bomberman Hero. The s...


From the Makers of Bomberman Live...

Fresh from the supple, delicate lips of my dear, dear Surfer Girl, comes this piece of old news that is new news to me. (And I've scoured Dtoid from top to delicious bottom and I've found no mention of this beautiful game.) Surfer Girl ri...


MAGFest 6: Dtoid Suite Time in the making

You want in on the "Suite" Time? Who doesn't? Of course if you want in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, o...


MAGFest Suite/Sweet!...are you in?

Well are you? You should be. Of course in order to be in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, or whatever, th...


Dtoid Birthday Song CONTEST! Do it...

This is for you guys, the community. What's the point in this? This song will be featured on this Dtoid Radio along with people's birthdays! Dtoid Radio is broadcasted courtesy of our very own BlueWolf72 and is aired 24/7. Every thursday n...


Mario Paint is not dead yet...it LIVES!

I found a bunch (not all) of videos made in Mario Paint of songs. Some are video game themes, some are other songs. See if you can figure out what they are without CHEATING! Now, without further adieu...or is it adue? I think it addue? Hmm...


Dtoid Birthday Song CONTEST!

This is for you, the community, by the community and other community phrases. What's the point in this? This song will be featured on Dtoid Radio along with people's birthdays! Dtoid Radio is broadcasted courtesy of our very own BlueWolf72...


Smash Update: A rehash for your ears

The dojo has reecently been putting out some very excellent updates. With the new levels to new game moe and characters, it was pretty nice. That is why I can't falt them too much for this entry. You can't have nothing but gold all the time...


WTF is a Tesla Coil? Screw it, it plays Mario...

Now, this video appeared on the front page of YouTube, so many of you have probably already seen it. For those of you who passed it over because nobody knows what in the Sam Hill a Tesla Coil is, prepare to be amazed. These gentlemen put ...


Destructoid Music Library

It's time to join together and make the biggest destructoid music library! Head off to anywhere.fm and log in with user: destructoid and pass: dtoid and upload your music. Why? Well we have PAX coming up and while we are in the hotel roo...


Metroid Metal is here to melt your faces!

A lot of Nintendo games have soundtracks that are memorable. I bet you can still remember a tune for Mega Man 2 and of course Super Mario Bros. This fact alone has inspired many artists to throw down with their music skills and rock out. Fr...


Destructoid Rebirth Lays Siege To Free Time

I know I'm not only one thinking this Destructoid.com has just become the Free Time Black Hole that nobody needs but everyone wants. There is now a place you can go not only to partake in intelligent dialogue on topics such as video games...



Yue chan

How is your day going?? I hope it is better than mine right


Going kind of Thinking of another tattoo just to blow cash, do something drastic, and feel pain for a few hours


I fucked it I had so many of the same types of Boons that Aphrodite and Dionysus gave me a Duo Boon (radical), had only 65 health by Elysium but gained health back with each Attack and I died all because of a -4 HP per Attack Chaos Fuck!


More PS5 save transfer


Heres that Of course the thumbnail is my dead


I dont want another Call of Cthulhu game, I just want a game in a creepy seaside fishing It doesnt even have to be an action game, give me Harvest Moon in


It be like that in the future


Decided to at least try Genshin Its free, and I dont have much else to play But uh, about those servers guys?

Electric Reaper

Not even biting comedy and satire can make what happened at the debate last night What a massive shitshow that debate


Ah, my favorite time of year

Anthony Marzano

Wonder how Tim Sweeney feels about Yakuza 0 talking about


A very proud TMNT


Well, my nights booked


PSA: It has literally never been more important for you to get a flu shot than it is right We cannot afford to have hospitals filled with both influenza patients AND covid Please, please, please go get a flu shot as soon as you

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

The next DLC character for Smash will be revealed tomorrow! Sounds like itll just be their trailer and some comments from

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Nintendo has stayed their hand on canceling Jump Rope Now if only theyd do that for Super Mario 3D

Mike Sounders

Everytime a boss battle happens in Ori, this keeps playing in my head Maybe its because Im doing sick heavy launcher into an air




Breathing has been getting harder and harder over the last few days and now I Just dont know if I finally got sick or if Im having anxiety issues hahahaha help


I think Tony Hawk would be great in Heroes of the


Watched The Social Dilemma last night and am having an existential crisis 😂 Maybe I won’t buy any new consoles? And I might actually uninstall Hades bc I feel legit addicted to playing That doc really made me feel like shit but also it’s needed


Americans, I usually laugh at yall but Im genuinely


Started Child of Light the other day and have burned through a huge chunk of it so far (at This game is so damn great! Ubisoft, why you no make more UbiArt games!?


Can I have my PS5 yet?


Describe any Destructoid memeber in three words or For example Bateman: The Backlog Machine Soulbow:Shill shill machine Wes:Sexy Sexy Sexy Limo:Bad opinon machine

Dennis Carden

Hey, Yes, You, the cute person reading this You owe it to yourself to take it easy for a bit Do something fun, unwind, maybe watch Nichijou or play something Shits fucked right now, so try to take care of yourself~


Just finished watching the debate what at a loss for words at this absolute disgrace for political

Dennis Carden

This just arrived! Its on yellow and light blue vinyl <3


Got them post-scotch cornbread

Silver the 3rd

I did not miss hearing trump debate

Electric Reaper

Enjoy the fuzzy


Its coming


I hope this never gets shut


I have returned from my slumber, I come bearing a gif, and yes, thats Nigel Marven

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Palate Cleanser for you guys watching the thing with the people who are mad


My last passenger in Spiritfarer and the current task is to leave them alone for 6 Not sure if this is intended as a metaphor or I just left the worst one for lol


Hilarious, they are talking aftermath of the They said guess what this debate United It brought right wing and left wing parties together because the debate and both candidates are fucking America is finally united!


Been playing the new Mafia remake and its pretty good Gameplay is a bit basic but love the The old one is so outdated that I cant really go back to Current Status:

Voltaic Owl

Good I’ve seen teenage girls have more civil discussions than

Electric Reaper

Private prison companies, tax prep companies, and digital rights management companies are all parasitic organizations that only cause harm to society and deserve to go bankrupt, defunct, and disappear


Challenged myself to draw a muscular character today, definitely a weak point of mine as are


Had to share the funnies, a friend sent this to I give you Bully McGuire VS


I would rather Cyberpunk get another delay than the devs go through Crunch is


Ghost of Tsushima on sale


Me too, Elevator, me

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

About an hour or so into making an IKEA drawer, and Ive accomplished this


Still crazy to think that Disneys film properties only make up about 16% of their revenue each Its a fact I heard two years ago, forgot and then remember every month or


Pillars of Eternity is so good but the balancing is so bad