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Over & Under: Bomberman Hero

Over and Under is a series where I highlight my favorite video game soundtracks that are overlooked or underrated. In this installment, I’ll be looking at the one-of-a-kind soundtrack of Bomberman Hero. The s...


From the Makers of Bomberman Live...

Fresh from the supple, delicate lips of my dear, dear Surfer Girl, comes this piece of old news that is new news to me. (And I've scoured Dtoid from top to delicious bottom and I've found no mention of this beautiful game.) Surfer Girl ri...


MAGFest 6: Dtoid Suite Time in the making

You want in on the "Suite" Time? Who doesn't? Of course if you want in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, o...


MAGFest Suite/Sweet!...are you in?

Well are you? You should be. Of course in order to be in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, or whatever, th...


Dtoid Birthday Song CONTEST! Do it...

This is for you guys, the community. What's the point in this? This song will be featured on this Dtoid Radio along with people's birthdays! Dtoid Radio is broadcasted courtesy of our very own BlueWolf72 and is aired 24/7. Every thursday n...


Mario Paint is not dead yet...it LIVES!

I found a bunch (not all) of videos made in Mario Paint of songs. Some are video game themes, some are other songs. See if you can figure out what they are without CHEATING! Now, without further adieu...or is it adue? I think it addue? Hmm...


Dtoid Birthday Song CONTEST!

This is for you, the community, by the community and other community phrases. What's the point in this? This song will be featured on Dtoid Radio along with people's birthdays! Dtoid Radio is broadcasted courtesy of our very own BlueWolf72...


Smash Update: A rehash for your ears

The dojo has reecently been putting out some very excellent updates. With the new levels to new game moe and characters, it was pretty nice. That is why I can't falt them too much for this entry. You can't have nothing but gold all the time...


WTF is a Tesla Coil? Screw it, it plays Mario...

Now, this video appeared on the front page of YouTube, so many of you have probably already seen it. For those of you who passed it over because nobody knows what in the Sam Hill a Tesla Coil is, prepare to be amazed. These gentlemen put ...


Destructoid Music Library

It's time to join together and make the biggest destructoid music library! Head off to anywhere.fm and log in with user: destructoid and pass: dtoid and upload your music. Why? Well we have PAX coming up and while we are in the hotel roo...


Metroid Metal is here to melt your faces!

A lot of Nintendo games have soundtracks that are memorable. I bet you can still remember a tune for Mega Man 2 and of course Super Mario Bros. This fact alone has inspired many artists to throw down with their music skills and rock out. Fr...


Destructoid Rebirth Lays Siege To Free Time

I know I'm not only one thinking this Destructoid.com has just become the Free Time Black Hole that nobody needs but everyone wants. There is now a place you can go not only to partake in intelligent dialogue on topics such as video games...



Anonymous 20

Apparently, I like shooting stuff


Looking at peoples PSN stuff had me remembering my own PSN days, which only lasted as long as the Look at this I was soooo


So anyway, Frank Sinatra is canon to Strangers of

Chris Moyse

I like the




Had my Covid booster The 5g connection feels a lot more


New Album ANTHEMS has been 15 Free to This is a long blog about I have not forgotten the 10 people that showed interest (but did not send over info Take care


Have a great day!!!! Bonus meme in the comments!


Update on the 3DS: the inner camera is fine, out cameras tend to freeze the Research indicates that is the wifi Also, changed the blue shell to something


I just had a mind-blowing realization while in the shower that unfortunately only Genshin Impact players will Dionas Cryo Damage ascension stat isnt a meme anymore now that Shenhe More in


I forgot to do Now Deep Rock Galactic would likely be number 3, but oh Im surprised I played D2 more than Returnal,


It’d be stupid of me not to take advantage of this, right? I didn’t even sign up!

Dangus Taargus

A couple years late, but I just finished the extra chapter in Whats that? 3243 deaths? It was So do I go for that final hidden berry? DO I?


Watched Mamoru Hosodas Im not really into anime but this director convinced me into Japanese animated films with Summer Wars and Wolf Children, and while his new movie started slow, that second half did Loved the innocent


Rest in peace to my little kitty Ive had quite a few cats but none as cool or lovable as


Finally got around to this Conway album I Opening track starts with a And I am racking my fucking brain tryna figure out what it is cause I KNOW I know Looked it up and Needed to Reply if you recognize it lol


So we could eventually get Shadow of the Collosus on PC right?


If i had a ps5, id probably have a thingy with Demons Souls as the Maybe that alternate timeline version of me bought a ps5 instead of a new pc in 2020 like i I hope hes enjoying it and Demons Souls

Silver the 3rd

There are roughly 3760 hours in the year you arent at work or sleeping (assuming you work 2040 hours and get about 8 hours of sleep a night) I spent just under 1/3 of that on playstation


Whatever, Im going live with Dark Souls 2 in a GOSH, TINA!

Anthony Marzano

Every damn

Zoey Handley

Do you know why I dont play my PS4 as much as my other consoles? The controller battery I have one favourite controller, and I dont want to switch it out


Whats in

Just Aaron



Bought this 3DS XL for Turned on and instantly turned off with a popping Now it is alive Replaced the top screen and now it Hasnt been updated since 2014 either


Inquiring minds want to know


It’s getting real boring hiding under my bed to avoid PokéMonster Hunter Four more days…


what if I painted some of that warhammer stuff I bought years ago

Virtua Kazama

Were still stuck in Sotenbori and a bounty was placed on Kiryus head by the Omi Its time for another session of Yakuza Kiwami 2!


Heard its pretty chilly up Lemme help out with that!


I too have a box, the contents of which are unknown but to one other Dtoid Forsooth! What may occupy this tawny colored tomb?


A box? But, whats in it?


Saw that The Show is my damn near nightly wind down Nioh 2 is severely understated since the majority of my time with it is on


How do you become a Pokemon master if more Pokemon just keeps showing up?


I finally escaped the fiefdom of Xfinity in my area to the newcomer Metronet! I havent fully tested it yet, but Im paying less money for Gig speed internet and no data Bliss


And Returnal keeps growing!


Not a whole lot, but a whole lot of Its About :P

Mike Sounders

Wrapup finally worked! Not bad for game that I started end of late Also if I played Super Robot Wars 30 on console instead of PC, itd be 2nd with 100+


Current Status:

Spiders For Sale

He energetically expresses his gratitude, somehow making his mask spin, which elicits some further exclamations of When he takes it off, it transforms into an ordinary wooden bowl, which he uses to collect contributions from the


Damn closest Ive ever Those busses are

Punished Nietzsche

Elden Ring has gone gold! just one month to be stomped around and mauled by giant


You did it, You made me reinstall Chrome on my


If you haven’t, I highly recommend y’all check out Alphadeus’ new He’s writing themes for community members and it’s I’ve had them on repeat while I work and I can’t stop


Not sure if this is new or if I missed an earlier announcement, but apparently theres an upgrade path for the Uncharted PS5 Xbox style Smart Delivery would have been preferable, but this is better than Sonys full double dips, at least


I suppose with the ActiBlizz acquisition theres even less chance for a backup Mechwarrior series to make a