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Developer Diary: Persona Live action trailer pt.1

Hey Guys, So after slaving my way through 4 years of art school I decided for my graduating project I wanted to do something really awesome, challenging, and fun. I have recently finished playing through Persona 4 and have become inspired ...


Japan's newest fad (NVGR)

Always on the CUTTING edge of culture, Japan has a new commericial about the new fad that will sweep the world. Word is it that it is already present here in the state with little teens. I hear that SEGA is looking making it a video game ...


Why so musing?

Gear of war, Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3. What do these games have in common? A bleak outlook on life, a gritty feel and humor . What happens when you play a game that’s a complete downer? Generally, you might stop playing. Serious games ...


Adventureland "Arcade" scene

It's the summer of 1987 and James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), a recent college graduate, is looking for a job. He finds it at a local amusement park and learns it's the perfect course to prepare him for the real world. He also finds love w...


THE Best explanation of StarWars (by a girl!)

**EPIC video alert!** A certain female saw parts of the Original Star Wars Trilogy and says she can sum it all up. What happens has to be seen since it is pure amazement and made of lots of WIN! I laugh everytime I watch it...oh Hans. Ha...


To PUSH or not to push?

Extended Scene Seemingly out of no where comes a movie about special powers that isn't tied to a comic book. Only power they have is telekinesis and psychic mumbo jumbo. When I first saw it, it seemed like a second take on Jumper, minus t...


"Iron Man doesn't care about black people"

Woah there! Playing the Necros card there right? Well awhile ago Terrence Howard was pulled from the Iron Man sequel, mostly because of how much he was being payed for being a co-star (at best), but now another brother is being left off t...


NEW Akira movie video leaked!

If you didn't know, there is a live-action movie of Akira being made by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is obviously going to be the best, most amazing spectacule ever in the whole wide world...compared to death. Although it could be just as bad. ...


Harvey Dent isn't dead? LAYM!

First he is alive, then he is dead Then he is alive then dead. How long will this go on. Btw, he is alive? I would say ftw, but I think it is ftl in the long run. But this time Aaron Eckhart has some new words to spill... Of course thi...


Hiphop + Video Games = Pretty ok-ish

DJ I-dee -- The Right Feat. Some annoying woman who ruins the end of the song I reckon even if you don't like hiphop it's worth watching at least for the GTA segment. My mate Tim sent me this a while back and I just looked at the past D...



Last evening, a movie poster for the new Transformers movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen appeared. And it speaks volumes. Well at least I hope it speaks that much. But it is just a teaser poster and probably not going to mean a mu...


The biggest Little Big Planet level ever!

Every few weeks I make my rounds to various movie related sites, looking for updates on current productions, new trailers for upcoming movies, etc. There hasn't been a whole lot to watch lately, however while looking at Apple's site I n...


Fake? Ghostbusters 3 site sets me up for a fall

Oh how I’ve dreamt of a Ghostbusters 3… I’ll be picking up the new Ghostbusters game for sure. But the movie is what I'm really waiting for. So, First we got word some writers from “The Office” were penning Ghostbusters 3, then Bill Mur...


Horrible movie gets a Sequel: Descent 2

It might be known that Descent: Part 2 is being made and making its way to the theaters this summer. They already have some images of a chick covered in blood. Also creatures, since whoever is making is dumb enough to show you the entire cr...


DragonLOL [NVGR]

Is it me or is this shit like, Dragonball meets twilight? Why is goku some random douche bag with a faux-hawk? huh? AND WHY The FUCK IS HE SO OLD?.... why in the world is he fighting high school kids huh? This is some serious bullshit...


Uwe Boll and the Videogame Movie Debate

Several years ago for no particular reason I decided to attempt the task of emailing the infamous videogame movie director Uwe Boll. I will not say how I did this for fear of causing an upheveal of hate mail toward the man but I will say...


A Year In Review (Movies) NVGR

Surprisingly this year has been great for movies and video games. Here's a few movies that I got a chance to check out. This movie is based off of a book by Stephenie Meyer (which i haven't read) and like most of its predecessors it see...


The 1st Annual Amazees! (Movies)

Welcome, everyone, to the first annual Amazees! What are the Amazees!, you ask? Well, I love awards shows, making lists, and talking about things I love, so I decided to combine them all and celebrate the stuff that made me happy this past...


Judge Dredd: The Movie...again

Some may call the original a travesty, others may call it good action, but whatever your feelings on it are, it is gone. Say goodbye Mr. Stallone and hello to the new Judge Dredd made for the big screen. Comic publishers Rebellion Develo...




I like the idea that the Sephiroth that appears in other games is the exact same Sephiroth travelling to different dimensions to torment Cloud


BULLDOGS OF HELL: bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed wild mushrooms, blue cheese, pesto mayo + balsamic Drake Relays! That means stay inside for the weekend, crazy drunks will be Also, check out my charity stream blog! May 1st! FF6!


So Im seeing the current PSN sale has CoD BLOPS Cold War at Im intrigued but the price point seems iffy for Any takers? Id mostly play SP and maybe dabble a bit in mp or zombies, but nothing


Lindsay Ellis got She talks about it Most of the video is her going through the list of her past sins that the Twitter Mob has collated and apologizes for each of I cant even imagine what it must feel

Inquisitive Raven

Genshin Impact Direct in T-55 minutes!




I didnt realize it until I started to update my ps3 games,but beware of games that need to download free addons from the store on top of the evil revelations 2 asked me to redeem and download some kind of raid mode package


Finally deleted my I regret


I relate hard to this #striptoid


Preorder secured! Super excited to see the Republic Commando love from LRG!


With the Sonypocalypse approaching, I decided to round out my collection before prices Ive already played the PSP GoW games, but not in And I cant think of a more fitting game to play to say goodbye to the PS3 than

Chris Moyse

Hey folks, dont eat too fast or youll get My tip to lead yall into the weekend, which I hope is happy, restful, and reflux Be sure to take time to do something you love, and rest when you Have fun and see yall around, love u x

Inquisitive Raven

New Genshin Impact trailer! Lots of new stuff, including what looks to be a home base that you can edit Also, I think I saw a Prophunt mode in here! A Direct is supposedly coming in two hours, but the videos not up





Fivefinger Delta

Current status


I wonder if theres a physical edition of


I took my niece out to see


I really want to grab the Fallout board game, as its on sale for $40 right now (Amazon), but gonna swing by Wally World in the morning and grab Marvel United ($30, exclusive Heard its a blast, and I can rope the boy into it easier than

Chris Moyse

I was AFK for a chunk of yesterday, but Happy Belated Birth to Neronium, thanks for all you bring to the community, hope you have a good year ahead,


You ever drink a litre of orange juice for fun?


The Ace Combat series has some of my favorite sound tracks to help me It helps make what Im doing seem like the most important thing in the Pop on a track and suddenly finishing taxes seems like it is of the utmost


$600 stimulus arrived in my bank account


Thanks for all the birthday wishes Today was


HEY DTOID, I turned year older or younger I dunno, so I do my yearly thing: the Ask Me Anything Have a great day otherwise mates!


Reggie still be trolling about Mother 3 post Gotta love

Chris Bradshaw

this would be a smart move for but the old man in me is bothered by the prospect ff7, tomb raider, kingdom hearts exclusive to xbox? heresy; this is a playstation


Ive done and started skateboarding Taking it easy just remwring how to ollie and shuv it, and some freestyle stuff like Outta shape tho, I can only last like 20 mins but its getting easier each time

Inquisitive Raven

Did a Chainsaw Man/Ace Attorney thing today -- Power would fit right in with the eccentric witnesses in the series, right?

Boxed Swine

Oh, I get why its called Shin His (Her?) weakness is his (her?) shins!


Oooh, what came in the mail?


I found the last one, too, but not in time before someone Still, I had


Mission accomplished! Feel free to check out some ramblings in the or not! Just happy to have created something after a few weeks of


Im a little on the old end of 90s kids, but thought this was


So Ive also been hearing yesterdays ps5 update fixes the super loud disk spin it does every once in a Ive been on my system most of the day and havent noticed it? Could It be 2 for 2? Im not allowed to be this

Ricky Namara

The only time thoughts and prayers ever actually achieved


Coming back to pop-punk, this one has some great catchy Really love the section around #musictoid | Knuckle Puck - Into The Blue


Download Days Fun bike section, seems Get off Press R3 for survival Screen goes greyscale and footprints Delete Days


After reading @Seymour blog of their games beaten during the first quarter of 2021, I remember I hadnt blog about mine since last My thoughts on these 15 games are up in my


This game looks


My coworkers can be pretty amusing Id be able to write a Community x The Office type show based on true stories at the elementary school I work Never a dull day Next week, students finally return, if their families chose

Cloudman Sam

Happy Birthday Neron! I dont have much to say except enjoy today!


Well Damn, Premium Edition Looks like I will be coming


Ooh Ive been waiting for this one!


Happy Birthday to That


Another day where I have failed at getting a vaccine appointment or a Need to equip some luck


the scariest thing in that RE stream was RE4 being locked to Fuck man, thats too spooky for


Oh man I’m gonna spend all of those demo ogling Lady For research