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Xbox Live is Down cause...

If you wanted to play online like I did, you will notice you can't. There is a reason for this. There is...Xbox Live is down because it is currently undergoing an impromptu(?) update to do who knows what to who knows how. That or your Gamer...



As we all know, Mr. Destructoid is a playable character or costume on Bomberman Live on Xbox Live Arcade as of today. Read abouts it here. What you might not know is the the lameness, BS, stupidness, or whatever else you want to call it t...


Xbox 360 number 2 & 3 done, on to number 4!

Yep, you read that right, number 4. Oh and to make matters worse, I got my first 360 in the beginning of JUNE. That is 3 whole months to go through three 360's. But to be fair, two of them lasted me until last week. What about number three?...


World War 360

World War 360 is exactly my experience and how I feel with the Xbox 360 system. When wars do appear the initial feeling is...do I really want to get into another battle? It could make life easier and more prosperous. Do I really need ano...


Space World is back! Well, sort of...

After E3 died and was resurrected as a press-only convention, the public wondered where they would go. Many other conventions like PAX have since picked up the torch, but there was one convention in particular that sought to bring back the ...


Once again Microsoft sucks at hardware!

About two days ago I posted a story about how my Wireless Adapter stopped working. I even used their pretty little picture! Many people said it was about to croak. Well not completely true cause I got it working. How? By plugging it into o...


E3 Keynotes Vote the Winner

So who's Top Dog Microsoft, Nintendo, or was it Sony? I thought the Microsoft Keynote displayed a lack of understanding from the executives as to whom their audience was. Couple that with a painful to watch Rock Band demo, a leaked demo...




This kid had a legendary


The first three survivors painted for After a test game with the kids, theyve been asking every day to play more!


Final Fantasy is a music genre now!


jolyne my beloved

Spiders For Sale

You had assumed that it was the night sky that kept the room in darkness but as you reach the window you find that while it is indeed opened, there is something blocking it from You push against it with your After a moment it starts


I dont have any #cursedmas, only


Just a couple more days to go to leave suggestions on games for me to cover as part of my Games That Time Forgot series! Link to original Qpost in the


The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace is delicious pop art junk


Best games to play with no sound, go


I was in the mood for something bad, Amazon came to the Unfortunately this was Cool poster


Gameplay moments like this are why I find joy in Halos multiplayer and have been coming back to it since the original Halo Combat Evolved 20 years

sp testure

I am really enjoying Rebel Galaxy Strong Wing Commander Privateer and Freelancer Well done for a Indy I am also sadden to hear that the developer has stopped working on the game because of toxic fan Damn entitled cry


Tonight @ 7PM Meet me in the Bring your cleanest revolver; were hunting monsties


we get drunk on tuesdays and play warzone Im pretty bad at the game, but this is my crowning achievement


Were never getting Titanfall

Spiders For Sale

Further exploring the room can wait! Desperately, you rush to the You are sure that whatever it is you will see outside of it will answer more of your questions than this cold, stuffy place And most importantly, you long for fresh air!


No more subtlety for Fire Emblem Heroes, I

Virtua Kazama

Virtua Fighter Month is officially here! Heres a little fun fact: Virtua Fighter 4 played a huge part in the development process in Dead or Alive 3! Ill explain more on tonights stream!


I feel like there are more ads than actual content space these On PC site, I count: 1 banner, 4 side-ads, 1 repeating/uncloseable/reopening footer ad, 2 side page ads, 1 auto-playing ad video within the content This shit is

Inquisitive Raven

Ill probably be putting up my updated Commission Prices here Moneys not catastrophically-tight, but a lot of upcoming expenses will certainly get me there! My art styles been changing up a bit lately, but I can still do the older BUMP!

Queen of Philosophy

Thank you, Gustavo, for this masterpiece (the whole score is a masterpiece, really, but this song has earned a place in my heart 💚)

Soulbow eh

Can anyone explain to me why its so socially acceptable Essentially brag about speeding? Oh remember that time so and so drove and we were gripping the seats the whole time? Yeah lol that was Its gross and I dislike


Happy 1st of whatever the hell this is!


Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it!

Virtua Kazama

Virtua Fighter Month is BACK once again! Heres a lineup for the blogs that Ill be putting out on D-Toid!

Spiders For Sale

A few feet in front of you, to your left you spot something that immediately lifts your spirit immensely: right next to a desk that is almost entirely buried under trash there is a big The first one you’ve seen in this And it is open!




So, @Flanx , heres December again, I promised to check how you doing, after that qpost last Tell us, hows life treating you?

Jetter Mars

I offer you all this! (Dont lose I had to fight some pompous guy in a chariot and his pet horse or whatever to get it)

Chris Moyse

I reviewed Solar Ash and had to pick from like 80 screengrabs I So easy to take a lovely




Wait, this PS Plus version of Godfall is basically a demo? I hate to break it to ya Gearbox, but anyone who was going to pay money for that game has already done so


I can feel it in the Its #Stripmas

Spiders For Sale

Piles of torn books, furniture, boxes, crates and various broken jars with unidentifiable substances pouring out of them, staining the wooden Most prominently perhaps, though: gears, screws; metal and wooden automaton parts - their cradle?




So, finally catching up on Daredevil season 3 for Heard nothing but good things, which is a relief after how Defenders single handedly killed all my interest in the Netflix Marvel

Mike Sounders

Secret santa names were auto drawn last night! A PSA if you joined late and a couple other reminders in the comments!


Won by my last bullet on what should have been my last


Sidenote: I started watching Jojos Bizarre Adventure last night and Im surprised how much Im actually into


Was able to snag an Xbox Series I already bought a cooling tower that doubles as a controller charger What other accessories should I pick up for it?

Spiders For Sale

You hold the lamp in front of you to be able to see what it is that is piling up everywhere in the big room but, even so it is difficult to clearly make Right in front of the door is a huge pile of trash, explaining why it was so difficult to open it


Bro, once again, my crew at work humbled Had a falling out with a person i thought was solid and despite his best efforts the crew told him where to stick it and thqt they recognize a real Sad about Debo but happy af they know whats up 💯


Got to see The French Dispatch in the cinema today and I really enjoyed Though it felt like Wes Anderson was trying too hard to be Wes Worth watching but The Life Acquatic or Moonrise Kingdom it is Great return to the cinema though!

Dangus Taargus

I probably shouldnt have but I figured if I finish HZD relatively soonish I should have something new and exciting in the pipeline so Psychonauts 2 has been GOT! Theres always that last minute Steam sale game! Convince me I did the right


Deep Rock Galactic is finally releasing on PS4/PS5 in Ive missed it since my SOs laptop broke, but now that its coming to playstation we can finally play together Highly recommend it to anyone that needs a new co-op game to play


Im going to go on record and say that Game Pass is the best thing to happen to gaming since the analog


It doesnt feel like almost a year since I last watched


Could be one of them midget slave houses Ive been hearing so much