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Metroid: Black Sheep of Nintendo

Jigga say wha? One of the Big N's top franchises is considered a black sheep? Uh huh! The title, Metroid, seems to have been created inspite of Miyamoto, not along with his vision. The thought process probably went like this, "He is doing ...


God Told Me I Suck So I Started A Blog.

The internets box said that God thinks I suck! LOL! That's so funny I'm making a blog post about it! I'm a barely-legal moderately hot chick so please leave me lots of comments about what you'd like to do to me with your penis. Also,...


take it for what u wiill

if you have a wii and mp3(metroid prime 3} then send me your wii number. don't know if you heard but thers a cool game called www.streetfighteronline.com and it's online check it out. Web link


My Baby's got Cancer, SAMUS NO!

Click here for full-sized version Oh that is funny and sad at the same time! My poor baby... If you couldn't tell from the image, this comic is from AwkwardZombie.com. It is a funny little web comic that has 47 updates under it's belt. O...


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption -- COMPLETE --

Yes, I just completed it! Well about an hour ago cause I was on the phone with Ron. Here was my finishing stats: Percentage: 89% Time: 16:32 Around that much...) Missiles: 210 Energy Tanks: ALL I don't know what else to list. I unlocked H...


Little MP3:C facts...multiple endings and how

Just a little update, not sure how far I am into it now but a little over an hour ago i was 69% into it (12 hours) and now i have what seems like all power-ups, all but ONE energy tank and 160 missicles and that is 75% of the pick ups. It t...


Metroid Metal is here to melt your faces!

A lot of Nintendo games have soundtracks that are memorable. I bet you can still remember a tune for Mega Man 2 and of course Super Mario Bros. This fact alone has inspired many artists to throw down with their music skills and rock out. Fr...



Lord Spencer

Looks like I will be forced to drop Hyper Light For the life of me, I just cant consistently perform the multi-dash, and this is apparently a common complaint on the If I cant play the game properly, then I wont play it at all


Current Status:


I think theres some kind of new Pokeemans game out Looks interesting even to me (whos not into the Anyhoo, have a great day all!


Fromsoft have apparently taken all Dark Souls PVP servers offline due to an exploit that allows hackers to do bad stuff to your Rumours that it could affect Elden Ring as The Rat King wont be pleased that I cant serve


Im pumped for Elden Ring as much as anyone else, but know what I thinks a dark horse? Stranger of Its the Nioh team doing Final Id put money down that it starts a but 2 years later, were calling it a Just like Nioh


And thats my GameCubes disc drive out and replaced with the GC Works great


😌 Id begun to think I had lost the touch, the quality of players online has definitely improved since launch haha


#striptoid again


And thats Luigis Mansion 2 Had a great time with my favorite Nintendo This has been my first replay in 2022, and the following games are the PSP God of War ones and Final Fantasy




2010-2015 was such a good era for Progressive House Somehow missed this banger from Gets the energy Damn, now I feel like going #musictoid | Lana Del Rey, Cedric Gervais - Young & Beautiful remix


NSFW chuckle in comments


#striptoid trendy


Went to krates and keys last Show was ok but too heavy on trap I met a pretty rave girl and we Turnt up with the bros and learned you definitely shouldnt take large ammounts of molly on an empty stomach 😳😂😁


Pretty lit Hi dtoid!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Voice of Cards = fun


Anyone else having the issue where they go to click on disqus notifications bubble and it takes them to the disqus home page instead of opening the little message thingy?



Spiders For Sale

The audience cheers ecstatically, showering the stage with Both Shasha and the furry animals stand hand-in-paw next to each other, bowing and basking in the Then, the two creatures disappear in the wagon and Myszshu steps back


One of those


This is the type of thing you see in anime and think it cant possibly be real, but of course it

CaimDark Reloaded

I highly, highly recommend anyone playing The Witcher 3 on PC, especially on a second playthrough, to mod Dont be intimidated, the nexusmods software does all the work for you, its quick, painless, and so very worth

Boxed Swine

I got my booster shot Please leave a comment about what a hero I Extra

Anonymous 20

The Dota show on Netflix is actually pretty freaking Another great video game adaptation of an IP I know nothing about! I might like it more than Arcane tbh? The shows got a ton of personality






Need soundbar setup help 😬 details in comments and any help massively appreciated! Bump: success!!! Didn’t want passthru on new systems but Switch is no biggie, so I’ve got switch > bar > tv, bar > eArc, and consoles direct and IT WORKS! Thanks!!


well just as i was enjoying Dark Souls 2 this week, the servers got shut down today to address an RCE capable of running malicious code from out outside actor, and apparently it took someone being hacked on livestream for BandaiBamco to address it


Thats Mini Rogue cleared for the first time, and in a


First game completed Dragon Quest XI S


Yesterday we played our 16th and final session of our D&D It was the first campaign I ever AMA!


new blog up! just an album of my recent, jolly coop times in

Silver the 3rd

If youre a fan of so called boomer shooters with the flexibility of metroidvanias, I heavily suggest checking out Despite being in early access (theres a free demo, and I didnt even see an option to buy it) it is very fun (if not still jank)

Dangus Taargus

I never got to post about the Microsoft stuff - heres my new custom Series Christening it with the Chapter 9 Celeste DLC that I never got around At the timed color blocks section (3/4 Anyone here finish this thing?


So, ummm, I think Im gonna start paying attention to how much zinc is in my


I wrote like 5000 articles on I love Jordan and I talk almost I email Niero about Oasis the band, as it relates to dive bars in I DM Chris about Bill Me and Moysie talk but not nearly as often as I


There is a Digital operation of maximum importance; the Initiation of a New When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in



Just Aaron

Best boss fight in Nioh 2: Blue ice guy with the I can fight a boss a hundred times and not remember what their name That fight is like a dance and is probably my He`s like the best parts of a human fight mixed with the best of


Played more of Unsighted and really impressed with the game dont really have much issues with time mechanic for everybody before they die soon is pretty on Gamepass to say liking this a bit more than Hyper Light Drifter




I have once again started a fresh playthrough of Nioh I always dread the third boss (the snake Guess those days are behind Took it down in about a minute, never even got Goddamn I love this game


Just finished watching Encanto with my Was a cute movie, really liked it a


Co workers, amirite?


After 7 more hours of Dark Souls 2, I dunno if its worth continuing :/ It feels sluggish in the worst ways, cheap in its deaths and enemy placements, and it really is the worst DS game, easily

Sweaty Dungus

Boomerang X on Switch offers no way to invert gyro and stick independently and now my fucked up brain can’t process it, huge loss for the accessibility in gaming movement