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Why JACK is how he is...

One night I did some research. More specifically, research on JACK to try to determine why he loathes Nintendo. I came across the usual ... pictures of furries, anti-Nintendo posts, emails to Bungie creator about how he dreams about him (no...


3 Year Warranty Extension for 360

That extension saved me!The warranty was extended July 5th my 360 bursts into flames July 7th. The extension is great but you know what would've been better? Making it work right the first time! I need Xbox 360 just like I need Coke*. 2 wee...



Anonymous 20

I was today years old when I learned that apparently Gamestop can deliver same day via doordash for no additonal charge? Got Arceus today, when everyone else was gonna take two weeks! Awesome!


Going live RIGHT NOW with Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Will be streaming for a few hours before I gotta do Adult Things later today

Robo Panda Z

Dealing with some brand new major family medical drama, so while Im waiting for news from the hospital, I decided to delve into Vampire First game - Got to level 15 (I dont know if this is good or Spinny bible shields are


BENGALS LURKING IN KANSAS CITY: smoked burnt ends, beef patty, Cincinnati “2-way” chili, crispy jalapeño caps, Kansas City BBQ sauce + Texas toast Its a bukake of flavor!


Astros Playroom is some masterclass video They better do more with this


This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend Have a great weekend Dtoid!


Playing through The Medium on XSX and really liking it so Maybe it’s the European vibes I always gel Playing on game pass but I think if I bought it for $30 I’d still feel good about


Things have been tough My girlfriend is still struggling with losing her dad, and she hasnt had any time or space for me at Since we were in such early stages, Im worried that she wont want to get back together at Send good

Chris Moyse

Hey friends, I hope that youre having a fine day thus far, one that will kick your weekend into Be sure to make time for yourself and find the small like Baikens Be kind to yourself, and me, and Love you x


Idk if it worked fully yet but I have uncharted 4 from ps+ and bought lost legacy digital ages The upgraded collection only showed a $10 price point for me - so maybe success?? Bump: I def for it for $10 across the board, nice!


So, uh, Disco Elysium: I dont really know that you can be terrible at this game, but I feel like Im being exactly Every quest feels like it ends in failure, leaving me lost, and progression feels Bit of a life simulator, then?



Silver the 3rd

Shameless single bump for exposure and If anyone wants to grind ranks with me my xbl is solubletulip45


Who tf is eating this? WHO?!? You deserve to be shamed if its




Current status


Have a great day! Also, anyone play those Infinity Engine Switch ports? Theyre on sale for €10 a bundle and I think I owe it to myself to at least have Planescape on my


I fell off the fence Ive been on all


Even the worst season of Justified is still pretty damn Just started season 4 and remembered that its built around the most ridiculous coincidence of all Still fun as hell, though


Quick question for any LA locals or people who have stayed As a foreigner, how is Ayres Hotel Anaheim? If its not good, would you have any recommendations of hotels for someone looking to go to Disneyland in LA (September)


Whoever put honest to god sudoku in Mass Effect Andromeda should be


Anyone else feeling listless in their gaming while waiting for Elden Ring? Trying not to get invested deeply into any big games, so dug back into Nuclear Throne, and got an achievement I had been hunting for a Now to check out Vampire

Punished Nietzsche

nothing like watching my national team getting eliminated from the FIFA world cup by freaking ARGENTINA!


I wonder what the percentage of smokers who dont curse


Yeah, totally, this is a fair


Also, Birthday Stream with DS2 in a bit! It will be no different than any other stream, but Ill call it Something Fancy and drink water


Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I took a long nap so I didnt get to you all personally, but just know this community means more to me than I ever thought Im glad I found you all


Describe for me the perfect way to eat Im in a never ending search for the perfect ration of cheese, protein, veggies, whatever


Stopped at Gamestop today on a whim and lookie what I Was even on sale forv50 bucks! I had to sell Soul Nomad for ps2 years ago so Im crazy happy I have a physical copy

Virtua Kazama

We havent done a Mario Kart stream in a while, not to mention that the Mario Kart series turn 30 this Either way, lets play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Mike Sounders

I did not realize this game was Xbox exclusive and that makes me nervous given the recent AB


Gamestop has the physical Deluxe Edition of In Sound Mind (PS5) on sale for This was my GOTY for It was criminally overlooked and deserves more Consider this an Ask Me Anything (About In Sound Mind) post, if you need

Whispering Willow

Been watching Star Trek Voyager and Im reminded even its worst episodes are still meme-worthy while the worst of Star Wars is just Threshold turned Janeway and Paris into space lizards and they made Your move, Book of Boba Fett!

Anthony Marzano

How do you solve the issue of sweaty meta builds popping up post turn 10? Just win on Turn 10,


Can we designate Matthew Budget Baker Mercer as the new Troy Baker? Like, have it in writing and everything?


Fucking had a great run in Vampire Been in a constant state of anxiety since last night, due to an MRI that took 40min, and I had to be double Im a bit That was my Finally unwinding now Lets start the story:


Monster Hunter-style? I With Certain Affinity REAL SHIT


I finished Detroit: Become I am very unsatisfied with the ending I


Persona 5 Strikers That is


Get motivated


Current mood


Watching my likes on OKCupid go Sounds about Also wrote a blog on Cyberpunk that you can read with your eyes if you


So, hot take: Rainbow Six: Extraction is fun! I could see its loop getting stale fast, but I’m all for a tough PVE co-op game with Siege characters to spice things Also, because I know the Boxman cometh:


This pandemic has really fucked up online Best Buy used to offer free release day delivery, now they only offer to ship new games by release I remember the good old says when my copy of Splatoon 2 arrived a day


PSA: Daemon X Machina and the prototype dlc are free on Epic until next


Briley Witch Chronicles (2021) is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the I dont know how many others of this type there have ever been on


Apartment Adventures Day 22: I got myself this kooky coffee table at Good furniture is so