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Dear Mr. Summa: This is why we fact check.

And this is why we fact check Mr. Summa. You made your little "This is so sad, we are so sad, be sad cause we're sad" piece about Wu quitting Pax, without spending any effort to investigate, and now we see the threats were total BS ma...


Hi, Niero.

I have no problems, becoming a huge member. The only problem I see, Is I do not like reocurring memebership until cacelled. Fix that, and i will gladly give uyou my money.I hate being forced to cancel and We all know How hard it is to ...


There's nothing I can say.

You had one of the first social/interactive/chill streaming channels that jumped from Justin.tv to Twitch.tv at its formation, and was a cornerstone to Twitch's early development aside from esports content. You had one of the widest vari...



My last post was taken as an idle threat by the powers that be. It was not an idle threat. Cities WILL burn. Millions WILL die. But all of these horrors CAN be avoided if you DO WHAT I SAY Give me Podtoid within 24 hours or a...


Dtoid Sucks Now

Yep, it's another one of those blogs. An old-timer is ranting and raving about things changing and people moving on, blah blah blah. I started coming to Destructoid 6 years ago. That's a long time for anything, let alone staying a loyal ...


Why I love Destructoid.

With the Introduction of HUGE, I thought it would be a good time to maybe start doing one of these here community blog things. What better place to get started other then why I personally love Destructoid.� For me a HUGE percentage of �my ...


My problem with so called Metroid "Fans"

I have always had a very tight connection with the Metroid series ever since my dad bought me Metroid for my Nintendo Entertainment System. Over the years it got many sequels/1 remake (Metorid 2, Super Metroid, Metroid Fushion, and Zero Mi...




Its Please check a


Squid Ink pasta in honor of GM, the twin, and my brothers


Due to Oxenfree, I think I wanna try Night in the Woods Mostly because of this meme

Gus TT Showbiz

What do you call a sheep falling down a hill? A


Applied for a job online this morning, got a phone interview an hour later and now I have an in-person interview on Hopefully it works out!


Current Status


There are Delta Rune memes running around with my exact first name and Im so not used to seeing it anywhere outside my life that its kind of freaky


Happy bday GM


I look forward to seeing some of the wacky names you guys come up with

Inquisitive Raven

Decided that Ill purchase AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES when I get Not much of a Horror person, but I like a good Adventure Should I get it for PS4 or Switch? Theyre both on sale for about


okay I guess Ill try it then?

Mike Sounders

When the opening tier list goes original > Super Robot Wars > Live Action


Spaghetti express?


Happy Birthday GM! ~Got some presents for you~


Happy B-day to a fellow macro fetishist and very smart cookie, GM! Click the comments to open your slightly NSFW present!


Got my interview Its next Wednesday, so lets see if I knock it out of the park, or fizzle like a flat :D

Chris Bradshaw

Heads up 2064: Read Only Memories is free on the Epic Games Also, Siberia 1 and 2 are free on


Disqus seems to have shit the bed You know what that means!


The site is trying to tell us something, and Im afraid well never be able to


When you blew out those birthday candles today, I ask, What did you wish for GM? What did you wish for?!


Home indeed

Jordan Devore

The tech team is aware of whatever the heck just



Dangus Taargus
Cloudman Sam

Birthday wishes to you Gamemaniac! May you be blessed with large mermaids and videogame


Of the recent comedy shows Ive started watching, I think Nora from Queens is the But big shout outs to Miracle Workers and Avenue 5 for also being hilarious in my humble nobody opinion


Happy birthday Gamemaniac, may the next Doom game be more to your liking!


Me too bro


Happy Birthday Gamemaniac, you one of the real Youre my favourite khemical


Goodbye, Super Monkey Ball I have too many games lined up this year and just had to buy a $2000 washer/dryer combo (╥﹏╥) Ill be back for youuuuuuu


Happy birthday GM, hope its a good one and you get more Giga Mermaid art of some :3


Happy bday GM! May your day be filled with giant fish Bonus pic in the comments!


Gamemaniac, you make me smile on a regular basis and I hope this day is filled with smiles, laughter and a portal to the

Chris Moyse

My pal is selling of his anime and video game Most of it is gone already but I saw this neat Gundam LP and thought you’d wanna check it out (well, Torch at least) so

Inquisitive Raven

Hes a (Game) Maniac! A (Game) MAAAAANIAC!! On the floor! Its his Birthday and heres to so many more!!


I missed the memo that Survivor is back! Hell yeah! My wife and I have very different tastes in TV and movies, but that, Big Brother, and The Challenge are three we can easily agree on


GameManiac? More like GameBrainiac because hes so smart, amirite! Happy birthday!! Hope you get to share gametes with a pretty person of your


Happy birthday to you and your sister GM! I hope you guys share a great


Coffee So the gf went all out and picked us up a Nespresso Its kinda expensive but its I poked fun at her until I tried Its damn All the extra flavors are I just do a little cream and


Happy birthday GM! Have a great day cuz


Good morning!

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to the lean, mean, germ-makin machine Gamemaniac, have an awesome year, friendo :)

CaimDark Reloaded

What do you do after clearing your steam backlog? You start building another backlog,