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Hi, Niero.

I have no problems, becoming a huge member. The only problem I see, Is I do not like reocurring memebership until cacelled. Fix that, and i will gladly give uyou my money.I hate being forced to cancel and We all know How hard it is to ...


There's nothing I can say.

You had one of the first social/interactive/chill streaming channels that jumped from to at its formation, and was a cornerstone to Twitch's early development aside from esports content. You had one of the widest vari...


Dtoid Sucks Now

Yep, it's another one of those blogs. An old-timer is ranting and raving about things changing and people moving on, blah blah blah. I started coming to Destructoid 6 years ago. That's a long time for anything, let alone staying a loyal ...


Why I love Destructoid.

With the Introduction of HUGE, I thought it would be a good time to maybe start doing one of these here community blog things. What better place to get started other then why I personally love Destructoid.  For me a HUGE percentage of  my ...




Nuke em till they glow, then shoot em in the


Is it considered cannibalism if a Cop eats a Maple Bacon Donut?


So my switch decided to not


#TFW youve been on a date, but she hasnt responded to your messages in a Its pretty disheartening, I tell you :(


So according to DigitalFoundry, Dark Souls 3 cant hit 1080p/60fps on PS4 Pro, hovering usually around 45-50, with drops to mid 30s during heavy Why does the PS4 Pro exist again? Even equivalent PC GPUs get solid 60fps at


string foo = Pity;


So after talking with a few people whove gotten their hands on the new Bravely Default mobile game, Im cautiously Apparently the setup and monetization is fair and vaguely Fire Emblem-y in how you acquire weapons and Fingers


Just started Life is I really like it so Cant wait to see where the story


I should mention, the matchmaking in Splatoon 2 was blazing fast for me (less than a minute) and I only had a connection issue in 1/10 matches but I was using a wired

Spiders For Sale

Replaying Salt & Sanctuary and thinking about your


Is there a way to search qposts for Switch friend codes?


Everyones now talking about the Splatoon 2 test Thats not Breath of the Wild has gone unmentioned for a whole half an hour!


I can sum up Splatoon 2 like this: literally Splatoon but with new They could have just done a port but decided to give us new maps, weapons, customizations, etc It doesnt play any differently at all except for there not being a


Played about 7 matches, all in handheld mode and it worked better than I couldve New weapons and specials are cool aswell, though I wish the touchscreen was used in some


Ok Dual guns got me, a roll move is pretty useful as well as the Also I didnt have any problem with the connection, every matches are playable and I didnt noticed any frame drop, lagging, error, or


I got in 9 games and never dropped No communication issues like the I love the new I love the map Its done in such a way youll all have your special up once you meet in the I miss the map pad jump so much


I found it difficult to win with the Splat Theyre super fun, but they have short range and the super isnt the You really have to get in close and personal and most seasoned players sidestep and dodge in squid form even without


Well i didnt get to finish any match past 20 All of them cut connections for Oh well, maybe tonight will be


Plans to reintroduce rhinos into Uses African


Anyone worried that chargers were overpowered with their ability to charge and hide now, dont Anytime theyre charging a shot and are standing up, they glow now with a big shining light that sticks out across half the


My best run I went 13-3 All the weapons definitely feel


So thats the first Splatoon Test Fire First impressions are The Splat Dualies and their curling bomb are great Seem like the new The map is a bit confusing though, and the game is not great on the Joycon Way too


Happy Friday


Kevin Sorbo must be jazzed that Andromeda is a part of the science fiction conversation once


Feels great, but honestly almost a quarter step back in a few Stages arent blowing me away, map is worse, color scheme feels a tad Its more Splatoon, and its worth But it honestly may not surpass part 1 New weapons are


Finally remembered to post #CatGirlFriday


So many ppl are trying to play this game that each match ive played in has dropped Whoo, we may have to wait until later for it to be Its super full


I love the new special the Roller Its


First match done and I officially love the new dual wield splatters!


Finally Friday! Enjoy


Lol Holy We just got bodied by 3


I cant connect to a game in spla2oon nor can I even just fuck around in the tutorial second to get used to the controls, so that Also why is it only specific hours and not just the whole weekend?


Happy Power Rangers Day! Whats the best Power Rangers video game to rule them all? I really want to buy that new one on Playstation Store that got shitty reviews but theres no way Im paying full price for


Horizon Zero Dawn finished and Incredible game, so much better than I could have Gravity Rush 2 DLC completed as It was Too short, some poor design and story was weird but fun But finally, I can start this:


Global testfiiiiiiiire!


Oh good Nioh has a pause GAME


Rolling an ancient Sheika ball into a #Darksiders2

Kaleido Ruby

Treehouse is playing Splats with the people that have a front-row if youre at work or dont have a Switch, feel free to watch when it goes live here in a


Really good video explaining anime/manga character design aesthetics to idiots who only see race in Seriously this guy knows his shit!


Lets do this


For anybody who cant participate in the Splatoon 2 test fire, Nintendo will be live streaming Treehouse playing on their YouTube channel during the first


T-Minus 10


T-Minus 20


My wife is spending most of the weekend with her mother, sister, and best That means Im going to get lost in some Mass Effect Have I mentioned I love the game?


#CatgirlFriday Am I doing it right?


Its that time again, hm?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Good news everyone: I got a real interview for that job I applied for a while back! I havent been given the schedule yet, but Im hoping to pick Wednesday to go so I can get Im getting close!


When your parents are furries

Ein on Shrooms

Butterface Catgirl