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Robbing Kirby of his Greatest Asset

Kirby has become defined by his ability to copy his foes powers. But what is he without them? They add variety to the gameplay and help differentiate each title. Rideable pets modify abilities in Dream Land 2, Super Star has multiple skills...




Ah, ashen


I have internet and power Reunited and it feels so

Virtua Kazama

which controller to use for tonights Fall Guys stream? Watch and find its the Xbox One Anyway, lets play some Fall Guys on PC!


I got my final Jaw Surgery the other Recovering at home with my jaw wired shut and Please send me happy

Czar Kazem

Great news, dtoid - its pumpkin beer season!


Rumors swirling about Bloodbone on PS5 and PC this Would you double dip for the 60fps 4K goodness?

Yue chan

Back at work now so really struggling to find time to write but Ghost of Tsushima = RFG (really fucking good - Hope to find time to do a write-up at some point! 🇯🇵 👻 💯 What did everyone else think?


Damn this almost looks

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Today has My Mom is disappointed in me, someone called out at work and were swamped with customers, and Im just plain Ill be house and pet sitting for a friend starting tomorrow, so I hope that week away


Ok new content has been The new Nier Raid is so fun, and the last msq boss made me squeal in excitement super One of the duties was so hype that itd make Torch, specifically,


I forget who posted this here but thank It’s even more beautiful in Also, fun fact: this is the first Pokémon related thing I’ve ever


Who out there has seen Ip Man 4: The Finale? I had a blast, but will put possible spoilers in the Also, Donnie Yen does not


Hum, I just booted up Ghost of Tsushima and it did something nice with its main I appreciated


Look who I folded! Shes real origami, out of one Design and tutorial by

Florida Man

A crime of passion?


Did someone say #thrashmetalthursday ?? Do we have any Gizzard Headz in here??


Deadline coming up and about everythings A convenient reason to stay 12h at the office to avoid Also, the current status:


Its that magical day again! Happy #thrashmetalthursday! Today Ive got a classic thrash metal band when they got a new singer to make a comeback and come out Age couldnt slow these fellas


Curly Ya or nay?


Current Status:


I found my new low in hidden object Simple puzzles that are ridiculously easy to cheese and puzzles I skip because either the controls are broken or somehow ridiculously


Watching victory gundam, since its one of the last things animated in UC A lot of people, including the series creator, have rough things to say about it episodes in and I really like it? Expected it to shit the bed


Korra is hitting Netflix which is great because I love it and its good show anyways could we please get the game back thanks

Electric Reaper

Quake 2 is free on the launcher for a


I think people would be less mad about Control if the messaging was less Buying PS4 Ultimate Edition gets you the PS5 version free eventually and more Preordering the PS5 Ultimate Edition gets you the PS4 version free


Here is Beyonce dancing to Kirby music to get your day on the right


I am obsessed with this album, probably my favorite of Ferreira doesnt have nearly enough eyes on him, what an amazing poet


Remedy & 505 can fuck right off with Will not be buying Control Ultimate Edition or any product from either developer or publisher in the Strongly encourage everyone to take a line in the sand approach w/ these next gen double dip upgrades


Man, I hope we get another Sly some


Fuck, Im such a Kojima


Ghosts are just what happens when you accidentally see a time Spotting them fucks up the timeline and they get wiped from existence, making them appear translucent and


question for all you Soulsborne diehards: what are souls? Like, is it ever explained as to what makes them a type of currency or why some creatures give you souls as items while others just give you souls as like generic currency?

Jetter Mars

I got an interview tomorrow for a UPS driver job! WOOHOO! :D

Jetter Mars

I got an interview tomorrow for a UPS driver job! WOOHOO! :D


Job might be ending sooner than I Still havent heard back from anyone yet

Gus TT Showbiz

Zombie and I made it to the semi finals of So You Think You Can Stream competition! Semis start the 17th of August!


For this weeks Dating Adzuken, I go back to magic school in Iris School of And then things just go all kinds of


Chose the Spider-Man DLC as my palate 3-6 hours total, perfect size & Spideys gameplay is Boy did I forget ALL the controls and bumbled through webbing and Made me lean away from returning to Ultimate Alliance 3

Queen of Philosophy

Hideo Kojima released six years ago! Wow, time flies! Its still one of my favourite horror games! I remember the first time I played it I had to take a good distance from the TV, which of course didnt make it any less terrifying :D


Just a tip for those who are playing Metro 2033 Redux or Metro Last Light Redux on Dont turn on Physx in the game For me it makes the game crash every time it trys to Others say it game them crashes while


Dont give me hope I want the Scott Pilgrim game so (taken from Edgar Wrights Instagram page as he celebrates Scott Pilgrim Versus the Worlds ten year