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PAX 2010: The Gameworks Across the Street

Posted by: Ryan Instead of doing one huge PAX Cblog, I'm gonna try to write one smaller post every day for maybe an entire week, if I can. And I didn't take many pictures, so bear with me. Dammit, why didn't anyone tell me that Taiko...


Experience PAX 2010 Vicariously Through SteezyXL

Last week I prepared for PAX. Over the weekend, I went to PAX. Now I'll share a bit of what I saw there. It was a blast, but I unfortunately didn't get much time to meet up with Dtoiders, because the Geometry Wars 2 tournament overlapped wi...


PAX 2010: The Weekend of John Solgrim

So. PAX Prime. What a waste of time. Literally the worst four days of my entire life - nothing at all exciting happened, I spent way too much money on garbage, Seattle is a terrible city, and now I'm really sick and stuck in bed. I regr...


My PAX experience: The Destructoid Edition.

Hey Dtoiders. It's been a while since I've posted blogs on Destructoid. I could've been lazy and copy and pasted what I had posted on my Wordpress blog, but I really didn't want to be shunned by community users for just doing a bunch of c...


Preview: Dead Rising 2

While a number of Dtoid UK members are off enjoying PAX and playing Duke Nukem Forever, Capcom UK held a small event at the Empire Casino in Leicester Square, London to showcase Dead Rising 2. Those of us who remained in Blighty made sure t...


Si Vis Ludos Para PAX

Roughly, it means, "if you seek games, prepare for PAX." It's a corruption of the ancient adage, si vis pacem para bellum ("if you seek peace, prepare for war"). Anyway, I'm gearing up for this weekend's PAX fun, so I need to get prepared. ...


PAX Day Zero

Cutting to the chase. After a 7 am beer at LAX, I arrive in Seattle at 11 am. WOOOO first thing, drop off luggage and head to the Sheraton for my press pass. My first one ever! Head to Red Lion for Dtoid meet up before heading to the...


The used games pie

The past few months a lot has been said about the second hand market of games. Some publishers are trying to get a piece of the pie in whatever evil way they can. The games industry is seriously the first and so far the only industry where ...


The Winners of my Prom-test!

So as you all better know I had a contest to take someone to PAX. If you want to join that you are much too late. It is now my solemn duty to present the winners. I want you all to imagine I'm doing this like Leia at the end of Star Wars. ...


FIFA 11 Hands-on

As some of the Dtoid UK guys know, I'm one of the team over at Footy-Boots.com, and as part of that, yesterday I was invited to the ever-impressive Emirates Stadium for some hands on time with the that latest in the FIFA dynasty, and some Q...


Adopt A Black Child for PAX

Ok, ok. I'm only half black and I'm technically an adult now, but still, how could you deny the cuteness of little leprechaun-looking me! WARNING!: The last picture at the bottom of this blog is a little NSFW. Just a little heads-up. So...


Adopt Xzyliac for PAX Please

So last year I gave this a shot and no one adopted me. Probably because I was new and no one cared. Then at PAX East I gave this a shot and no one adopted me. Probably because it's the East coast and if moving to Texas has shown me anythi...


[Otakon 2010] Unannounced Capcom game? [UPDATE]

Label this under rumor but I ran into Chris Bevins, the voice actor for Dhalsim in SFIV and Super SFIV, at Otakon on Saturday. He hinted at a quote "unannounced" Capcom game. He specifically said it is NOT the previously announced Capcom/Na...


Adopt an Avatar: How Handy can make your PAX better.

So PAX is coming up, and in an attempt to subside the murderous jealousy I feel at the prospect of not being able to go I have decided to present you, dear Dtoider, the opportunity of a lifetime. That�s right! For the low low price of FREE ...




Living ship,


So first boss of Nioh Has some big Dark Souls ninja I love Also this man just pulled out a cat like a Should I be scared?


Happy Belated Birthday to both Bateman and Hope you both had a Groovy


One day, were going to get a survival/crafting game, set in the Warhammer 40k universe, at the end of the Golden Age of The Eye of Terror is born, youre stranded on an alien world, and you only have an STC databank and your will to


Been a while since the last update, moving along nicely on the I think down to only 6 remaining from Indomitus, but they are mostly characters models at this point, and will take a bit longer

Damien Quicksilver

Okay you hip youngsters, explain cold brew coffee to


Drinking St Bernardus ABT 12 and playing Bloodstained: Good


Looks like current state of Back 4 Blood is always online even for single Oh well, based on Redfall, Siege: Extraction, and some other games, looks like 4 player co-op modes are making a comeback, so maybe one of them will do it


Am Is Jack N Coke 👍👍

Destructoids Very Own Ein

For the love of god how do I level up in Simons Quest??


If youve never read Way of the House Husband, please


Ill never understand the people who take Pokemon trades so I legitimately got into an argument with someone saying that Pokemon GO is inflating the value of shinies thanks to HOME


Had a dream the other night that I was trying to open a locked door, and all of the keys became tiny space ships


The new mountain dew baja blast flavors are pretty Definitely like the coconut one more, but both are a win!!! Stocking up next grocery trip 🤘🤘


This is good lets get all of the bad rolls out of the Also no idea why my pictures come out sideways on here

Inquisitive Raven

Dogsat for some friends I doodled him!

Virtua Kazama

Tonight on Fortune Roulette: We start off with a demo for a game that Ill be playing on stream in the future, which is Blaster Master Zero 3!


I just found the actual flight my friend was on, from Detroit to Tampa, in Flight Simulator and flew along side My mind has been thoroughly


I do not understand the battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles at all


I do not understand the battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles at all


If there is one thing Mooncrash has taught me, its that Im my own greatest The Typhon do not But now its been mastered and completed so Im free to reclaim those 40 GBs of precious SSD storage in preparation for Elden


Happy Birthday, May you get to go down on that special


Teddy and my friends Shih Tzu, Mao, on a Hot but not too Dogs got worn out


What!? Did I miss Pats birthday????


Happy Birthday, Bateman! I dont know why you keep asking for this every year, but who am I to say no on your special day!


Happy birthday May your suits always be pressed and ready to look :3


New job is pretty hectic, but thats my Really loving it so far, and the people are all Not a fan of being the new I like to be an But they put me on the phones and had me dispatch for a while and I impressed, so thats

Whispering Willow

Im trolling Fathers and Mothers Day I will give them decks of playing cards and stick a gift card in

Chris Moyse

Sorry this is late, I hope you had a great birthday and that you have an awesome I found this shit you sprinkle on your fucking Its definitely weak but I have a feeling if we do enough of it, well be


About 3 quarters of the way or so through the main story of Yakuza 4 and got to say I think do pretty much prefer Yakuza 3 to all the stuff 4 does better then 3 its still full of so many tedious boring parts and rushed story do like it but


Man Ive been just jumping from game to game I dont really feel like beating them, I just wanna Sorry re8, itll be a

Punished Nietzsche

So, a new Lord of the Rings movie is An ANIME LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE!


If Nintendo wants Metroid Dread to sell, all they have to do is describe it as a


I got new shoes a few days Because of this, life is Delete

Ricky Namara

Looking at a list of movies released in theaters today, and, anybody else get tired with The Mundane-type of movie titles? You know, those two words titles that starts The and ends with a mundane object? The Sicilian, The Lie, The

sp testure

Anybody who grew up in the 90s should appreciate I also had a Zelda one but I gave it to a Just thought Id


Well, the Euro 2021 matches are messing with my sleep enough that I got a moment of sleep paralysis after my nap


Well, kidney stones attack again plus a cold which needs to be taken care off right The doctor said 15 days off so I guess Ill be using this time to catch on games, movies and TV

Virtua Kazama

When it comes to people backseat gaming on Twitch, its okay if Im playing a fighting game because Im trying to learn a But if someone tries to backseat while Im playing a game for the first time, it ruins the essence of a blind


Hey if that Switch update fucked up your ability to download games/updates you might wanna try Mine got screwed but is suddenly working fully No idea


The core gameplay of Battle For The Grid is a ton of and the story mode sucks a Might do a blog for the first time in like a year just to express my thoughts on this

Whispering Willow

Dangerous variant on the


YO YO YO! If you havent started your entry in Dtoid Draws, you should get on that soon! The theme this time around is your dream Comments 4 details

CJ Andriessen

Flashback to EGLX where I met these handsome

Punished Nietzsche

Guilty Gear Strive is pretty fun, except when you get a ranking update, go to a higher floor and have to deal with Gorilla/Unga Bunga May or Janky-ass Hitbox Otherwise, im digging




Ive been considering doing a Weezer cover EP (much like my Metallica one), so Im going down a list of possible songs, reading some comments on YT about said The fans are Apparently, this and Buddy Holly are 10,000 worlds


Current Status


When you cheat and steal your way to fortune and a ladys heart, but arrogance and cruelty result in your disfigurement and fall back into