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My E3 Predictions - How wrong was I?

OK, so just before E3 I made a series of predictions about what would/might/wouldn't happen. Let's go back and see how far off base I was. Things that were definitely going to happen Sony announces PSP Go - Hardly needed a rocket scien...


FSA EP 12: E3 Wrap up (NSFW)

Featuring journalist Darryn King from The Vine this episode covers the same stuff every single other podcast has been over this week. E3 is over and the best, the worst and the weirest are discussed. Matt rages over Natal, Geoff shows off h...


The Gamer Connection

Warning: This is a GAME R SRIOUS BIZNISS post :D (originally posted on my personal blog Super Nintendoll) There's plenty of commotion after this year's E3. Nintendo disappointed (again), Sony busted out some big titles, and Microsoft conc...


My E3 favorites

This years E3 was an especially good one, Microsofts media conference was especially exciting with a great deal of really exciting looking games announced, Sonys conference was good though not quite as exciting as Microsofts, and Nint...


Regarding E3: Naia's Adventure at E3, Day 2

Hello Robot friends! Day 2 started a little sooner than day 1 since there were no conferences. Since I spent yesterday in the West Hall, I spent today in the South Hall. It was busy, and almost as packed in the convention center as yeste...


Regarding E3: Naia's Adventure at E3, Day 1

E3 has been filled with some interesting news so far. I spent a good deal of my first day staring off into space with a "dear in the headlights" face. i devoted the day to one of the halls and tried to play as many games as I could, whil...



Lets face it. Were all pumped about Bioshock 2. Why, because Bioshock was awesome and we want more. My apprehension is that the developers don't realize what we need more of. Bioshock didnt succeed for its gameplay alone. The story telli...


The Good Old Days

This week, Dtoid descends on E3 with an army of bloggers, video editors, photographers and readers, ready to dissect the gaming event of the year form head to toe. But the whole thing started off with a guy in a T-shirt and metal robot he...


Durga AI's E3 09 Wishlist

I've noticed recently, along with the many game websites, there's a lot of DTOID bloggers doing E3 predictions. Of course some of these predictions are mental to me, PS3 Slim? I really don't see it happening but what's wrong with wishful t...


E3 Prognostications

E3 is upon us once again, and it appears to be starting to revert back to what it once was. It's probably the oddest time for that to happen, given the current economic state, but there's not much we can really do about that. However, the...


Things that may or may not happen at E3

Hey, welcome to a blog full of E3 predictions. In no way are these predictions based on anything other than my own fevered imagination and questionable powers of reasoning. And with that, let's start with... Things that will definitely hap...


Secret Counter :O Shit.

There's an event here called Temporada de Patos, big tournament thing with a bunch of different games. They do this event every six months, so I figured I'd browse around the website. And oh shit, what do I find, apparently there's some w...


E3 Revelations and Predictions: Y0j1mb0 Edition

My fellow Forumer and all around tequila drinking studdette Riot Monster has recently created a wonderful series of E3 predictions that can be seen right here. Having perused through these I came to the conclusion that while they are inf...


Pendelton Has A Wonderful Time at Wonderfest '09

Holy shit I can rhyme. This past weekend, in the lovely city of Louisville, KY, I attended my first sci-fi movie convention, a little event called Wonderfest. Earlier this year, my parents decided we should go on another family trip, sinc...


Will Wright on Game Design and Web 2.0

So I found an interesting video from FORA.tv depicting Will Wright talking about how game design and Web 2.0 are intersecting (see the end of the post). Basically he touches on how he believes that most people are narcissistic by nature and...




Every time theres a new trailer for Oddworld, theres a surprising amount of pushback to the fact that the game exists, and its


I cleaned up the inside of my ps2 Especially the lens and now it can read my ps1 games and dvds again! Except for my copy of FFVII I believe its too scratched up to be Tekken 2+3 works wonders though!


Willys Wonderland is a movie about a quiet man with perfect work

Anthony Marzano

Me when I see all this love for MGS, five years after the series


Goddamn Im so stupid in love with my

sp testure

God bless 🇨🇦


This is a pretty awesome story about Mario Kart


Following Tonys illustrious example Ive been playing through Metal Gear Rising again on PC and I forgot just how damn good it The combats satisfying, the characters memorable, and it has just the right amount of cheese for both MGS and


I just found out that in Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection, you can leave a level and come back and play it later instead of doing it all at I spent almost two hours beating a

Yue chan

Got my next Trilogy to read ❤️❤️


Still skeptical about aspects of Halo Infinite, but I must say I admire their commitment to player feedback regarding the art Halo looks NORMAL again!


New gen has just kinda reinforced my decision to just build a new rig (mostly) and stay away from consoles for the foreseeable future that arent nintendo


What I got from the State of Play coverage is, I should just stop waiting on FF7Remixed and download ReMako already (or maybe the new FF7 mod thing Ive heard about)

Shut Up Ace

Miriam is a butt! Wandersong Come tell me to shut up!

Uncle Arena Fighter

I cant believe Square Enix *actually* announced a second Final Fantasy 7 Real life beat memes to the


Whats your idea of a perfect game?


Got some dead rising vibes


Sony continually showing disinterest in developing Japanese Meanwhile the thing that got most buzz at their showing today was jrpg


Did xbox live shit themselves? Cant seem to log in


I havent laughed this hard in


Ive been looking at collectible card video games because I want a game with busywork, and I assume its cheaper than collecting cards in real


*Passive aggressively gestures at 505, Nintendo, and Capcom*


The best part of the Sony Direct was learning that with Crash 4 on PS5 I can “really feel the


Its nice to have some release dates for things, but Sony, next time, just wait an extra month or so until you can give us more substantial stuff to go along with the fluffy shit as well

Whispering Willow

Im no I like my materia where it is, thank you very


is my TV meant to be 4K or what

Dan Roemer

Shit post

Jetter Mars

Yknow I think Sony missed a good opportunity to call State Of Play Playstation It wouldve been nice to see the concept


Yikes! The Series X is like a brick when Microsoft live goes It wont even let me watch cartoons on Disney+


With that Yuffie episode in FF7R, is that extended lore? Or are they making things up? I havent played the


Square remaking FF7 again with all the compilation titles on Ever The crazy

Virtua Kazama

We only have one month left to enjoy this game before its gone Its time to play more Super Mario 35!

Chris Bradshaw

after 16 years of waiting, if beyond good and evil 2 turns to shit, Kena will


I am glad we are finally getting a video game based on the Oldboy/Daredevil Hallway Fight


At least the one new thing they announced during that pointless stream was a cool kung-fu game Id like to


On the plus side Kena remains one of my most anticipated future Wonderful


Dont call a meeting if you have nothing to


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the Yuffie episode not being purchasable for the PS4 version of FF7 Remake makes me :(


Welp, that was incredibly Thanks Sony xD


Damn, Im super excited for that Ff7 Im so glad 60fps is starting to become the norm, at least for Also, the bridge of spirits game looks so amazing


Oh for fudge sake

Punished Nietzsche

Alright, i got Persona 5 Now, my most important question about it does have anything spoilery about Persona 5 Royal? because ive only played regular Persona i forgot how much i liked the battle music for Persona 1 on PSP!


Whos ready for that Elden Ring info blowout?


New Gizzard album out today, the follow up to Its pretty cool


Two packages in one I didnt want to post them into the same post, as it diminished how much I appreciate these But heres this one, from Thanks so much for finding this for me, buddy! Ive still not been able to find it myself locally


Is Sony Japan dying a surprise? Werent there last 2 in house games Kanck 1 and 2?


Apparently Sony is shutting down most of its Japan game More in the


Aww I was looking forward to watching the Sony stream with you all, but the day has been very tough at work! Goodnight/evening/whatever everyone!


I hope we get to finally see this when the TV show releases next year