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My E3 Predictions - How wrong was I?

OK, so just before E3 I made a series of predictions about what would/might/wouldn't happen. Let's go back and see how far off base I was. Things that were definitely going to happen Sony announces PSP Go - Hardly needed a rocket scien...


FSA EP 12: E3 Wrap up (NSFW)

Featuring journalist Darryn King from The Vine this episode covers the same stuff every single other podcast has been over this week. E3 is over and the best, the worst and the weirest are discussed. Matt rages over Natal, Geoff shows off h...


The Gamer Connection

Warning: This is a GAME R SRIOUS BIZNISS post :D (originally posted on my personal blog Super Nintendoll) There's plenty of commotion after this year's E3. Nintendo disappointed (again), Sony busted out some big titles, and Microsoft conc...


My E3 favorites

This year’s E3 was an especially good one, Microsoft’s media conference was especially exciting with a great deal of really exciting looking games announced, Sony’s conference was good though not quite as exciting as Microsoft’s, and Nint...


Regarding E3: Naia's Adventure at E3, Day 2

Hello Robot friends! Day 2 started a little sooner than day 1 since there were no conferences. Since I spent yesterday in the West Hall, I spent today in the South Hall. It was busy, and almost as packed in the convention center as yeste...


Regarding E3: Naia's Adventure at E3, Day 1

E3 has been filled with some interesting news so far. I spent a good deal of my first day staring off into space with a "dear in the headlights" face. i devoted the day to one of the halls and tried to play as many games as I could, whil...



Let’s face it. We’re all pumped about Bioshock 2. Why, because Bioshock was awesome and we want more. My apprehension is that the developers don't realize what we need more of. Bioshock didn’t succeed for its gameplay alone. The story telli...


The Good Old Days

This week, Dtoid descends on E3 with an army of bloggers, video editors, photographers and readers, ready to dissect the gaming event of the year form head to toe. But the whole thing started off with a guy in a T-shirt and metal robot he...


Durga AI's E3 09 Wishlist

I've noticed recently, along with the many game websites, there's a lot of DTOID bloggers doing E3 predictions. Of course some of these predictions are mental to me, PS3 Slim? I really don't see it happening but what's wrong with wishful t...


E3 Prognostications

E3 is upon us once again, and it appears to be starting to revert back to what it once was. It's probably the oddest time for that to happen, given the current economic state, but there's not much we can really do about that. However, the...


Things that may or may not happen at E3

Hey, welcome to a blog full of E3 predictions. In no way are these predictions based on anything other than my own fevered imagination and questionable powers of reasoning. And with that, let's start with... Things that will definitely hap...


Secret Counter :O Shit.

There's an event here called Temporada de Patos, big tournament thing with a bunch of different games. They do this event every six months, so I figured I'd browse around the website. And oh shit, what do I find, apparently there's some w...


E3 Revelations and Predictions: Y0j1mb0 Edition

My fellow Forumer and all around tequila drinking studdette Riot Monster has recently created a wonderful series of E3 predictions that can be seen right here. Having perused through these I came to the conclusion that while they are inf...


Pendelton Has A Wonderful Time at Wonderfest '09

Holy shit I can rhyme. This past weekend, in the lovely city of Louisville, KY, I attended my first sci-fi movie convention, a little event called Wonderfest. Earlier this year, my parents decided we should go on another family trip, sinc...


Will Wright on Game Design and Web 2.0

So I found an interesting video from FORA.tv depicting Will Wright talking about how game design and Web 2.0 are intersecting (see the end of the post). Basically he touches on how he believes that most people are narcissistic by nature and...





Fivefinger Delta

Has anyone in the next 12 hours got Turnip prices above 105? My last chance on my island stands at 56 and has been around that all

Chris Moyse

Yo, just a heads up that I bought the COVID bundle and will be dropping keys on my Twitter over the weekend, Im pretty much not gonna get to almost any of these games, so theyll be going up there, FCFS Hope you all have a lovely weekend x


I have seven villagers in my town and I hate five of It certainly doesnt help that theyre all starting to repeat dialogue at me like Nintendo are pushing a gun into the back of their head telling them to Act


Have a great weekend everybody!


Lookie what Parismio gave to me! Such a nice Cherry blossoms are my favorite and he coincidentally gave me a cherry


Thanks for the positive vibes on my COVID-19 (negative) test results, everyone! I needed that <3

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently Those between bracket I am going to review when completed: - -Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) -Legend of Zelda: BotW (Switch) -Golf Story (Switch) -Hitman Season 1



Electric Reaper

Has anyone been trying any frozen/canned/box foods that are new to them lately? I had a couple of beef sizzlers They were good, though a bit They cooked really Also, Hunts Mesquite Molasses BBQ sauce was


I have to say, I’ve never seen my wife rage at a video game before until the Easter bunny came into She gets pissed when she fishes and catches an Easter


my gradebook for school is going to be posted back up for school, Hopefully everyone is having a great time in this quarantine around the What are you doing to keep sane at home? I’m mainly playing games a talking to friends lately


I can finally see how long my friends have been playing ACNH for (this is one of my favorite things to Congrats parismio on top playtime from my list!


#Siegegirl and my dumb

Dr Mel

So Im what I assume is about 1/3rd of the way through RE3 Quick opinions in the comments, as someone who has played and re-played the games in this series many many


So, what are we all playing or planning to play over the Ill be chipping away a few more encounters in Doom Eternal and may start up Also bought a ton of eShop games, each under

Mike Sounders


Pixie The Fairy

I just want you to know youre all to


Hell is gonna be Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


Am I late to the party?


Anyone got an extra Into The Breach key?

Anthony Marzano

Three of these are up for Bonus points if you are cool and take Exa Edit: All have been Cloudman is the cool one because they took Exa

Destructoids Very Own Ein

HELP! How do I preload FF VII Remake?? I go to the store and it wont show me I bought the deluxe

Mike Sounders



Boss just 1 shot my whole Now to sit in a 15 minute unskippable cut Sometimes old RPGs blow


Liking this band right Love how its structured from a soft intro to heavy drums and strong riffs and back to a calming (another vid in #musictoid | Joy - Acrobats

Electric Reaper

Im kinda disappointed that my cats are spending so much time sunning themselves rather than killing mice and other I havent seen my oldest cat bring in a killed vermin for far too


An orc gunner for today! Moot green which is an obnoxious green was used for this Adding it to the list of future green usuage


My test came back NEGATIVE!


You can watch a bunch of stuff on HBOs app for free right I dont watch much TV or movies unless I get the feeling ill really dig it so went straight to Its great so far!


We went outside for a short walk, and noticed these on ours and our neighbors Really lifts the




Probably getting laid off I would have liked to say that sentence without off, but thats just how the world is right


Tonight I will be live-streaming Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone (DLC), in which Geralt gets involved in a Come say hi and check it out (@9pm US EST) @omegaphattyacid on


Welp, have to age-restrict certain playthroughs on my YouTube channel Parents not being parents and YouTube getting uppity Probably gotta change my Discord server stuff :/


Watching old Metal Slug speed runs, and I felt a rare urge to make fan art


Since Hypnos posting old shops of us all, I just so happen to have a whole file of old Destructoid shit that I must now post for all to remember and secretly despise because it reveals were all actually awful all over again!

Mike Sounders

BTW One Step From Eden has a great soundtrack


I for one am NOT going to be outdone by I just bought the COVID-19 Bundle and Im giving away ALL the software! Codes in the And Shibboletho, my friend: (BUMP for the weekend folk, Ill bump a couple more times)


Woo I got Iffy! Also as much as I love Tifa and Aerith, Jessie is so fucking precious its unbelievable


There are two kinds of Steam users: Those with 100% Orange Juice at the top of their games list, and those who have it


So you cant move games to the SD card without archiving them and redownloading them? Switch is weird at


Beat the Resi 3 campaign in under 7 hours, its a solid the more action approach here really reminded me of RE5&6 Nemesis pales in comparison to X and enemies having one hit kill moves when I have full health is


If these are bothering yall, say the Bonus Winter Soldier in the

Punished Nietzsche

God bless the internet! NSFW i guess?? They are cats

Rad Party God

Oh, youre approaching me? - Marauders are absolute


About 7 hours away from 100% PROVING Siege is a good thing, once and for #SIEGEGIRL #FRIDAYNIGHT


Keep an eye on zipper while you walk away from He seems genuinely relieved that he doesnt have to put up a front anymore, thinking he can relax and take the suit