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3 Year Warranty Extension for 360

That extension saved me!The warranty was extended July 5th my 360 bursts into flames July 7th. The extension is great but you know what would've been better? Making it work right the first time! I need Xbox 360 just like I need Coke*. 2 wee...


Old Man Murray, You Are Missed

(Sorry for bumping this, but the formatting went all screwy when someone made sneaky but not unexpected edits to my post. Being the anal retentive bastard I am, I couldn't leave it alone.) NOTE: Some of the links in this blog are NSFW. ...



I just caught over at the greatest webcomic in the world featuring a talking T-Rex that there's a new site up called LOL BOTS. It's essentially LOL CATS (awesome meme but a terrible moniker), except with robots. While cats win the adorab...




How to Sign up at PrimeXBT How to Sign up a PrimeXBT Account, Primexbt Register and Free PrimeXBT here:


I downloaded and played Dragon Quest X tonight in passable english! Im using those machine translators that translates on the Its not perfect but it works! Only put an hour in cause its late but im excited to play more!


Omega (2011): The final track of my second album From Alpha to Omega where I wrote a song for each letter of the Greek This song is meant to represent hopelessness and I share these songs because I dont want to be

Ricky Namara

Gamers: Male magicians have to be frail-looking and definitely cant throw a punch!; Heizou: Hold my sake and watch (artist: Tsukiakii)


First day of playing Elden Ring and am I killed a guy guarding a tomb, I found DK Mode dogs and birds, I fought a giant game is really


Current Status:


So, Gears of War: Judgment sucks, right? Its not just me?


Boy that last season of Fringe

sp testure

happing!! Let the maddness begin!


Before tonights playoff basketball game, the channel showed a montage of the two teams interspersed with shots of gems and all I could think of was the Chaos I HAVE NO AUDIENCE FOR THIS

Anthony Marzano

Hunt: Showdown is an immensely stressful and terrifying I think I hate it, which of course means Ill play it endlessly in an effort to best


10 Minutes Till Dawn has usurped my previous love for Vampire Survivors, and this is just a freakin demo! VS now sort of bores Ive already splurged about 10M once before, so Ill just say to play it and wishlist the full game! (comments)


Currently watching Drag Me to I didn’t know what to expect but then saw Sam Raimi at the helm and it is suitably campy as What a banger so Makes me want to rewatch Evil Dead


The Tallneck is available again on the Lego site in the UK, might be worth checking the US one as


Today was the first day we opened the library to the kids at For 6th grade once the announcement that the library was open was made it was a mad 30 students when to start I could only take 7th/8th grade lunch was easier


Lets goooooo!


Current FUCK!

Virtua Kazama

Welcome to Saturn Valley, where they have free healthcare, hot baths, and free vacancies for Also, a large literal pile of puke is taking them for slave Its time for more Earthbound!


I am playing A VN Strategy RPG in a sort of old world fantasy Currently revolting against the jerk I have good and bad thoughts, but this casual F-bomb at a little blind girl is the funniest localization choice in a

Virtua Kazama

I took an entire week of streaming off because I felt mentally exhausted over what happened last But Im back and ready to resume for


Triangle Strategy keep impressing me the more I play it, the game has very insightful commentary about radicalisation and what it takes to achieve My favourite chapter title: The Fortress That Is Faith is just so apt for Hyzante(and real life)


Updating my PS3 in 2022 is an odd These things really have been around for more than half my life by this


The new Destructoid Draws is out! Check a look! Link in the Bump!


Nostalgia is a very powerful If I wanted to get/make a retro PC, what are some considerations? I almost bought one, at an estate sale on Sunday, but: Mobo posted! Great! Hdd So I did not purchase, but I cant stop thinking about


Been replaying Stick of Truth lately, and have been waiting for the sequel to go on sale for less than $10 for two years Decided to buy it used today for that To Ubisoft: That money could have been


Does anyone around here have Forza Horizon 1 with the Rally DLC that would be willing to help me with some multiplayer achievement hunting? Would return the favour of (bump)


Im really hoping Sony pulls out PSPs Killzone Liberation, complete with online multiplayer alongside this new Plus (I brought a PSP headset for that


Personal film lit journey is on a brief hold while I rewatch (over the course of a few days) one of my favorite GG What a phenomenal game, I gotta find a sheltered someone to force to play or watch it, such a lightning in a bottle idea


It’s nice to finally have Saul back on Netflix but where the heck is Stone Ocean?!

Inquisitive Raven

So, in 2 weeks Ill be on a week-long vacation! What do people do on vacation? I dont really have travelling money - they dont pay me enough for

Sweaty Dungus

Finally getting around to some of the more “intimidating” games in my Disco Elysium ruled, but I was mostly able to coast through on vibes and the immortal science Obra Dinn is now testing my deduction skills for Current status


Unedited, Think Caius, think!

Whispering Willow

Shes mad I beat her so early, yet shes employee of the Cheer up, Meg!


Our Flag Means Death is so


Picked up Metroid Dread and its good,new to the Metroid 2D series only really played suprised that for me this game on Normal is actualy pretty to see they barely did anything new in this game and EMMI parts are ehh and very

Anonymous 20

Started Slay the Spire Had it sitting there from PsPlus a couple months back, and Im Got my first clear on my 5th run, with The It hits different in all the right ways right Cant wait to get home and do another!


So appearently there are more PS oldies coming with the launch of Sonys revamped PS Plus, and you can buy them Also theres a CRT filter, which may be good? I dont Link in


Think Raziel, think! I am You harbour the greatest portion of my gift but it is merely a What I have made, I can also destroy, cast back into the depths of the And onwards we will move, one step closer to our


Do you know what works better than laxative? Expired Work is a gamble


Elden Ring is the Game of Thrones of Dark Souls


Elden Ring is the Game of Thrones of Dark Souls


Paranoia (2019): From the album Not sure what to say about this I really like the drums Got some spooky sounds :p Im a pretty paranoid I feel like I inherited it from my If something is odd, I back


How the fuck do yall work from home? Its soooo Ive been stuck in my chair all weekend, havent been in one fight Tho there was a tense moment with Ollie over some French But seriously, hats off to you Im going


Halloween costumes and in the 80s were a I really love those old Ben Cooper


Im such a I made the plan to ask Dasia out We flirted and it was so I wrote down my number annnnd was too much of a lame to actually ask 😕😳 oh well after vacation I definitely am


Goddamn just play the conversation Horizon Forbidden Such a disconnect having to select Especially talking to A million slow ass It never ends!


The Woz is back