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Drunkcast Episode 17 is recording tomorrow!

Hey kiddos, how are you doing this fine Friday afternoon? It's cold as fuck here in Texas, so this weekend we will be drinking to warm our bones. Well, actually we were going to drink anyways, but that is getting into sea man ticks. It ...


Drunkcast Episode 17 not recording tonight!

Hey guys, Coon here. There is a lot of things the Drunkcast crew will be doing tonight. Eating leftover turkey. Watching football. Having to deal with family members we can't stand. And not recording Drunkcast. Yes, it is my unfortunate d...


So This Arrived Today [NVGR]

Not bad. Can't go wrong for $15 really. Thing is: I have absolutely no recollection of ordering one. After seeing it I sent through the regular motions of assuming one of you creepy people had sent it to me, but seen decided that was si...


Hey Destructoid, Happy Thxgiving.

Hey Destructoid, it's been a while hasn't it? how's it going? How've you been? How's the kids? How's the raging case of butt herpes? Still mad at me for boning your smoking hot wife last Kwanzaa? It's all cool, I reckon' Anyway, after re...


Drunkcast Episode 16: Booty Got Swag

Bueno! Noches, Drunkcast esta la Knives! Es muy guapo. Como bien! Tambien, show notes. Gracias! 0:59 - Welcome Kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives! 2:29 - Conor the scorekeeper 3:31 - What everyone's up to 14:57 - What we're drinking 18:56 - Yakety ...


Drunkcast Episode 16 records tomorrow!

Go to sleep Knives! I'm gonna be real with y'all, I'm really running out of ways to say "Hey guys, how ya doin, we're recording Drunkcast again, we need your questions and our guest is_____." I mean shit, on top of recording the world's b...


Drunkcast Episode 15: Chillaxin

So, if you've looked at a calendar today, you might have noticed that today is Monday. And you know what that means don't you? Another episode of Drunkcast! You might be saying to yourself, saying to me, "But Coon, last week's Drunkcast w...


Drunkcast Episode 15 records tonight!

Hey folks, this is Drunkcast, today is Saturday, so that means we are recording another one of our world famous episodes tonight. Tonight's guest is Rickey Story, sometimes known as StoryR, He will join us to get smash-hammered and talk a...


Drunkcast Episode 14: Punch A Pundit

Hello folks, how have you been? Drunkcast is back, with our first true episode in our new time slot. Our very special guest was WalkYourPath, and he imparted on us his wisdom about cblogging, videogames, and skin care. We talked about new...


Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

I�ve always known about Dtoid�s existence, my first real taste being an episode of HAWP on Gamertrailers. Originally I thought it was an internet show about this wacky young couple who loved videogames. I then came to the shocking realizati...


Drunkcast Episode 14 records tomorrow!

Hey guys and gals, how ya doin? Well, I know I said that Drunkcast was going to start recording on Fridays, but I lied. I'm a liar. It's what I do. Instead, we are going to start recording on Saturdays! And I know some of you take a hiatu...


Drunkcast Episode 13: Animal Noises

Hey guys, how ya been? We�re back after our week off, with a new episode of Drunkcast just for you. And you. And you. But not you. Just kidding, especially for you. Amazingly we managed to break the streak of BelligerenceCast we�ve had th...




Drunkcast Episode 12: Brought To You By JOOSE!

Hey guys, how's it goin? Well, here's the newest Drunkcast. It's, um...yeah. We definitely put the drunk in Drunkcast this episode. Gandysampras was nice enough to join us from over the pound and 6 time zones, just so we could call him a...


Choose Your Weapon!!!!

Granted it�s only 1:20am. But like gamers, bloggers and anyone connected to the web. I feel I need my fix. I find myself favouring traditional coffee recently. Nothing of any surprise as this most delicious substance used to be my choic...


Beer in Hell

I had better go see I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. I only have two more years to enjoy raucous, twenty-something comedies before I am no longer a raucous twenty-something.


Epic 8-Bit Art: The Death of Mario

The Destructoid Artisans Group is going to be going through some changes over the next month. Sort of under new management, the group has decided to add some new features along side our monthly contest and one of those features will be the...




A Bloodborne 2 boss waiting to happen


Upcoming direct


Happy Birthday Inquisitive a groovy

The Whore of Babylon

Me: playing Deathloop while reading all the comments complaining about the 10/10 scores because of mediocre AI and black Also me: playing one of the best most creative AAA games this year that isnt afraid to be comedic and

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to Dtoid veteran/regular Inquisitive Ravenclaw! Thanks for sticking by us for so long and for sharing all your cool art! Have a wicked year!


My current status, quite literally:


Im quite excited for Undernauts, not that Ill have time to play another huge dungeon crawler (and Im sure itll be both huge and slow), but the box art is absolutely great! Its just a crazy collage of cool looking art lol


Almost done with my Sonic Colors Review Hope it does better than my last review, since that got low views when compared to other


Have a great day all!


Finally, my bad luck pays off! I managed to get my Xingqiu to C6 without ruining my pity by getting (I also got my Rosaria to C5 even though I dont have much use for her right Seriously, other than Kokomi the banner is actually


Hades: I finally fucking did it, first clear! Using the gauntlets and a heap of help from ol Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena and Wouldnt have thought to mix it up w/ so many gods but the RNG worked in my favor, one KO & everything melted in 25

Cygnus Rush 961

Things are a bit borked on my end, cant post on

Cygnus Rush 961

Things are a bit borked on my end, cant comment on the frontpage


I think I officially beat Im not That was a really fun trip and I think Im ready for oxenfree


Current status:


2 1: FFX is just as good as I 2: Anyone who accuses FFXIII of being too linear doesn’t remember X’s structure


Hard to think and move Not sure what to do for dinner later, any suggestions? UPDATE: Had pork and bean with rice for Migraine went away after the sun went down and a rain storm Feel way Thanks you guys!


Deathloop log: making steady progress uncovering things, lots of really cool stuff happening almost every play Got some awesome Invaded people a few times, which is super Need to get better tho 😂


Current Status:


A classic




Sink (2021) - Third song written for the upcoming album CHIPS Full title is Sink or Swim and has nothing to do with kitchen sinks :p






Bucket list destination that will never be I guess I have to count the virtual times from the Yakuza Close enough?


edited Bumped


Final Fantasy 9s final boss and ending are great and if you still think otherwise you need to grow up


just completed my first HUDless, no crosshair run of DOOM Eternal on


FF1 Pixel Remaster has been updated to have better Huzzah!

Virtua Kazama

Progress so far: 276 Power Moons, and this next Kingdom were about to go to usually makes me Its time to go to the Luncheon Kingdom in tonights session of Super Mario Odyssey!


BA-by, Kratos, doh doh


In honor of Dark Souls 10th I have done the one thing I havent done in the last Roll a mage Years of muscle memory screwing me over is how that


Kids were playing Mario Kart, and the joycon was acting I didnt get a chance to troubleshoot it Its a launch system, so I preemptively order a drift repair kit only to discover motion controls had been turned on the whole

Virtua Kazama

You know what? I decided on my next game to stream for I almost DREADed the fact that I couldnt think of my next


Everything I read about Ready Player One makes it sound like it should have gotten the same level of derision and scrutiny Twilight did when it came out, for largely the same


Another Nintendo direct, another update without a new Mario

Matt I Guess

Admittedly I have a good few problems with Death Stranding, but the OST is not one of Probably one of the best game soundtracks I’ve ever


Its a Wacky Wednesday!




The first five! First time using this spray varnish, and it has dulled the red a bit more than I like, so will need to experiment a bit with


I saw this on Twitter and couldnt not share it


Star Wars Visions is a lot of Especially cause it has characters that just know the


Tonight @ 7:30PM ET is our second horror game of the season: No one lives under the No, I dont know what to expect, and yes you should come see what happens in this short, one-shot indie game


Episode 1 of Visions should be a Either animated or live Really hope they go back to that

Whispering Willow

Got my first crafter, Culinarian, to 80 in It has been a journey in helping moogles and dwarves build things, winning a cook-off, making a father overcome his racism and also saving orphanages and strip I just wanted to be


I got this book delivered exactly on the 10 year anniversary for Dark Happy Birthday Dark Souls!