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Cblogs of 04/22/15 + Salesman Pitch

Good afternoon! I'm Riobux! You may know me from silly comments I smirk at on news postings, pretentious articles where I do things like analyse review scores (which that time led to my boss messaging me asking why I was opening ...


Captivating games. An Inazuma Eleven story.

[Just for the record, I've never written something like this before, but I read a couple recently, and I felt like I would enjoy giving it a shot. So any constructive critism could be useful, incase I do another one of these in th...


Next-Gen is Finally Here!

Next-generation gaming has official begun! With the launch of Mortal Kombat X, we finally have a game that was completely impossible to run on Xbox 360 and PS..... Wow; I couldn't even finish that sentence before noticing MKX on last-...


Bayonetta 2 is secretly brilliant.

In the first fifteen seconds of the game, you’re treated to a slow-motion shot of Bayonetta that -- of course -- pans straight down to her crotch.  Barely a minute later, you’re commandeering and piloting an angelic m...


Star Ocean Series Retrospective

In recent celebration of the announcement of Star Ocean 5, i thought it would be appropriate to do a retrospective of the series. As such i'm going to return to using Google images again because i just don't give a damn anymore, if it ...


The Character of Maps in Video Games

Earlier this week I was watching the Final Bosman on Gametrailers and for this week he was talking about Bloodborne. He brought up three things that he really liked about the game and one of them was the lack of a map. That one little...


The Best Job in the World�

Imagine a job where you get paid millions of dollars in salary, receive millions of dollars in stock options, and receive absurd bonuses, just for doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Now, imagine a job where you get all of wh...


Do We Need Final Fantasy Anymore?

But first, a preliminary question: how relevant is Final Fantasy Type-0? I admit I haven’t been looking around all that much to gauge responses, but my guess -- or maybe fear -- is that people have chosen to ignore Type-0 becaus...


Cblogs of 04/13/15 + Love Live-isms!

http://i1353.photobucket.com/albums/q678/luna-sy/Moondays_zps9efbe344.png Fast caps for this Monday! Some things can be more fun when done with a friend. Watching anime because you found out that said friend has been doing that with so...


Daydreaming: Bushido Blade Meets Dark Souls

I spend a lot of time in school not really paying attention. The majority of my academic week is focused on workshops and critiques, generally giving me a lot of time to space out and think about anything other than whatever bad prose ...


A Mighty Good Time

It's time. Well, almost time. After months of updates, what feels like an eternity of teases and new developments, and the projected release period for Mighty No. 9 is... actually already here! Initially estimated to release in Spring ...


Pok� Rank: Companion Characters

Hope everything has been going well for everyone! I've been working hard on a big video project I have in mind with the small amount of free time I have when I'm not working or playing softball. Today I thought I would entertain a list...


Is CD Project RED Just Showing Off?

Is The Witcher witching up an overzealous gaming brew or are they just showing off? The most recent trailer released for the game spends five minutes extolling all the things they jammed into this game. The Withcer 3: Wild Hunt stand...


I have no furniture and I must write.

I've been going stir crazy today, sitting in a near empty apartment, waiting for a group of movers to arrive and unload furniture. I can't wait. I just want a place to sit down. The internet and cable finally got set up yesterday, so ...


(NVGR) An AMA with Mike Martin/PhilKenSebben

http://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/3/35931-290264-Phil2jpg-620x.jpg Hello everyone. I was just down in my home and saw a complaint that struck a chord with me. It was one I had myself, back when my name was filled with 3's and my shit...


The Value of Localization

Hey there everyone, I've just recently started blogging and writing about this passion of mine, and I'd like to share it with you all. So let's start by exploring a game I played recently which presents us something I’d...


Cblogs of 04/06/15 + Savant-isms!

http://i1353.photobucket.com/albums/q678/luna-sy/Moondays_zps9efbe344.png Sometimes, I'll use these recaps to post "leftover" blogs, stuff that may be partly unfinished or not up to par, but I want/need to share anyway. Likely, these ...




Hey guys, so Im back with another edition of my monthly (?) feature, Games That Time This time its about that one time Sega reskined a Puyo Puyo game and made it technically a Sonic game (link in the


The community has gotten lazy with hearting posts There, I said it


Nothing breaks immersion in a game like when youre kicking a bosss ass and the game decides that you were, in fact, the one getting your ass


I found some PhilKenSebben-scented


Having replayed Vagrant Story not only re-sparked that gaming instinct within me, but also got me interested into the Ivalice Such an excellence this game Final Fantasy XII is


Im at my sister looking after my nephews this week and were watching some kid show where the hosts voice is driving me How do parents stand this all the time!?


This just in: brioche bread makes great French :D




Just had an asshole encounter at a Was looking at paints and daydreaming over minis, and this guy starts asking me about what Warhammer Im Tell him Im new to it all, but have been playing the video games since the (pic unrelated) cont


Current Status:


Ive always had fanfic stories bouncing in my Ive never felt compelled to write Lately Ive been encouraged to do so as an outlet for mental But I wonder, is there really any therapeutic benefit to writing things Ill never share?


This is the face of a spoiled, grumpy, girl who is upset that she couldnt have any of my Swiss


Apparently, were about to see a lot more of these out in the Sony says theyve taken the necessary steps to secure the parts needed to ship another 12 million units before the end of the fiscal year, March Good luck to Link in

Chris Moyse

Over the years so much has come and gone from my homestead - hardware and software - but these are pried my cold, dead hands deals :)


Just heard of this game now, called The Nameless very old DS Square Enix Japan Horror seems to be basicaly like The Ring but with a haunted DS game then a haunted weird,shame that the Switch seems to not get horror exclusive game

Jetter Mars

Ever watch a commercial and it just sticks with you?


Well look at that, a blog! And it only took (looks at phone) 8 months for me to get around to writing a GOTY blog for last year! And its been more than a year since my last one! Hurray! Read it if you want, or dont!


Don’t they know, thanks to games I learned how to do donuts, drive bys and jump Stupid commercial

Inquisitive Raven

A commission for Matt of Lotte Jansson from Little Witch Nice and simple, but I really like how it you wanna see a timelapse for it, feel free to check out my Patreon: More to come soon!

Inquisitive Raven

Beat from Jet Set Radio is coming to Ball And he collects little spray cans instead of NICE!


Welp I guess Im buying the new Thousand Sons codex this weekend so I can use my daemons box in Might get some marines


Was thumbing through FB and found this to be an funny, random Have a great day all!


Important Information 2


Any word on the release date of Disco Elysium for Switch/Xbox? I remember a vague Q3 2021 but Im itching to play it and I really dont want to get it on Switch if Im gonna portable or series S for better Also I desperately need this


Media doesnt need If you dont enjoy the thing you are consuming, then Fuck I love things that I wouldnt expect you to spend 20 hours getting Love what you love and let me love that you love


Zero Lenny (most known for his meme runs) actually released a pretty insightful video about why Dark Souls 2 isnt as good as the rest of the


Neronium give everything up to be a drummer with me and my band and youll get more pussy than


Alright, no one earned extra


Remember that time when King stole that indie developers game and then tied up the courts with all the money they made from said game, so that indie dev wrote an open letter to King? Aint irony grand? Fuck King, fuck Blizzard, and fuck


I need this Love these models he did, as Neeeeed that pink

Soulbow eh

Say hey to the newest addition to the Were thinking of going with


Really groovy, funky song right Upbeat enough to be a pop song along with hip-hop #musictoid | Terry Presume - Act Up


I still maintain that this is the best Pokemon


NU BRAIK, UM ODENS (solve my anagram, ya fools)


Finished Cris Tales, and Im definitely going to make a video on Its been a long time since Ive played a game that so much right while simultaneously doing so much


Tonight’s Pat brought to you by - Outback wings (damn I forgot how good they are), chicken tenders, and salad for


Just finished up a Grey Knight Terminator Ive had lying around for a


Another gem from the Found this at a garage sale in a bag with a men’s magazine from the 50’s where all the girls looked like pinup I cherish


I really was not pleased with the performance of Kingdom Hearts 3 on I eventually got it on sale for PS4 after getting a I still wasnt happy with it, However, I am really happy with the PC version!


Just got in a huge fight with my family cause my sister is irresponsible and I suddenly have to take care of her Could use some cheering up right now so Ill make this a kitten


Pup approved! Home gym is slowly coming Love having a bag to hit on now! Used to have one years back as a kid and its one hell of a work out and stress Have a mat and some dumbbells Next up is finding a good affordable


Just a quickie for Wanted to try out some of my vallejo off


If that Hot Wheels game turns out pants I will be all kinds of

Inquisitive Raven

New art tomorrow! If you wanna see it early, as well as a timelapse, feel free to check out my Patreon:


Consider this a If you play NES games on the Switch, make a Japanese Nintendo account, go download the NES/Famicom thing, login to your own account and click You can now play the superior disc system versions (aka


Whang made a video for this About damn time, amirite?

Punished Nietzsche

Damn, the last character for Street Fighter V seems to be a glimpse into SF Future, meaning Hes ok, better than freaking Decapre was for

Jordan Devore

New episode,