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What I'd Like to See In Silent Hill

Ah, Silent Hill, it's a series that at once calls to my heart and pushes me away. My personal experience with the series is very limited, having only played through Silent Hill 2 a couple times and that was quite a ways after release. ...


How to not treat your employees

I was done blogging until today. Everytime I even thought about blogging, I got a painful reality check injection, telling me I should work on my thesis instead, you know, the thing that probably will define my future? Yeah, up until n...



I know I know that is the killer question that everyone has been debating over! Especially with all this CRAZY news going on with Konami. But this is the biggest and most important issue that you all should be concerned with ;) I do n...




So this I bought one for myself and one as a present for my I need your help with them Ill post in the comments since its too

Terry 309

This is why I dont trust professional critics:

Kaleido Ruby

I summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimate




Ok so I did a google search for cats that dont shed too much hair and I found out about Bengal kittens so I googled for some for adoption and I found the cutest little thing Ive seen in my life, my heart hurts I want her shes so cute Im dying


Damn, Jimquisition is already Gotta finish work

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Anyone know why sometimes dtoid will suddenly make some of your posts vanish from history? I click on my blogs and it says I have 46 but only shows links to 33 and the ones missing should be near the middle of the


The more I hear about Neir Automata the better it Its like the reverse of spoilers I mean Ill just say one of the mechanics in the comments to this Q-post that just wow


I wish getting a job in rl was as easy as it is invideo game, whats that you need something done? Ok Ill do it, and look I just made 5k doing something I have no training for what so Like so many FFXV


Berserk just keeps getting They saved the full weight of attacks I wanted until he gets the Dragon Slayer, which makes sense And you get the whole story of the series, told fairly Its copied from the movies, but still compelling!


I bought my first Wario should also be coming in the mail today or I also went ahead and pre-ordered the archer Link Is this how it starts? Am I going to catch the dreaded Amiibo fever?


One thing Im going to miss from the Wii U is dual screen After playing Wind Waker HD again fairly recently, and remembering how great the inventory management was, Im not looking forward to going back to the standard pause menu on the


Niohs Way of the Strong in a nutshell: Remember when you were afraid at the beginning? Pepperidge Farms


Got some surgery coming up on Wish me Im curious what theyll


And the Game of the Year Awards goes La La Land!


Just beat What an ending, I even shed a From start to finish Ive felt like Ive actually had a Havent felt like that in quite some

Jed Whitaker

Guess whos back?

Electric Reaper

John Oliver is always on

Czar Kazem

Heres a random request, Im a sad person who loves sad Type O Negative is my favorite band, I love The Smiths and Neutral Milk Hotel, as I get into indie shit like Elvis You got any sad music recs for me?

Electric Reaper

Someone made a dress with hot rod flames on I didnt think such a thing actually existed, but apparently it does, and its frikking awesome!


Working on another Lets Play! Im trying to edit about an hour worth of gameplay and cutscenes into a 15 minute I verified my account so I can upload longer ones, but because I respect YOUR time, Im trying to condense the fuck out out of it! :P


From alt-right to alt-light and all the sexual pathology and confused 15yo ideology of self-hate Its Chapo, everyone!

able to think

Its finally time to go to bed! Ive been up for 39 hours straight due to my work schedule and I am ready to Night


Berserk is not a great But the story and characters still resonate enough to make it fun for When you watch large chunks of the movies in between the stages, then get thrown into a stage based off the hundred man slayer episode, its fun


So that there Hollow Knight is pretty damn good, eh? Some of the most intriguing characters, writing, and world Ive seen in a That art style is fucking gorgeous as Creepy and lovely at the same

Chris Bradshaw

New blog coming soon

Jed Whitaker

This is important

Rad Party God

My wisdom tooth still Tomorrow first thing Im going to the dentist, the pain is driving me crazy!

Matt Damon


Electric Reaper

The Fire with Fire movie was pretty It was kinda slow for a while, and then some Nazis Some of the kills looked a bit too improbable, and it could have used less

Jinx 01

The weird shit you find at Drug


Ive seen one or two people get analytical about their experiences with LOST and why it succeeded/failed as a TV show recently and Id like to hear peoples impressions of The Office post-Season It way Like, at times, tremendously


I beat Mega Man Legends 2 at last! Yay! That Homing Missile did its trick for just wish the actual missile could get Mega Man off Elysium in Legends 3, but Crapcom got pissy and cancelled angry

Electric Reaper

So, why is Saints Row the Third so disliked on Dtoid?


Played 8 hours of Stardew Valley Still not convinced its

Spiders For Sale

Broke off a fingernail almost halfway Feels so


Ive been on a roll this entire weekend with Twilight Princess that i didnt notice that ive played close to 18 hrs of it over the past few All that time spent for some heart

Hypno Coffin

I love the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm Both sides get so into it, offering faction related banter during the Go home GI, youre not wanted here! Gets chanted whenever the NLF win a


Because Im a good dad, I always cut the crust off my daughters Because Im a fatty fatty I butter that bitch right to edge and eat the discarded crust by the


Fighting a Cant take 2 days off this SWITCHMAS!!!

Load of Bollocks

Im working on a C-blog for next Its going to be my first attempt at doing something with a little more humor than my other blogs, so any feedback I can get would be sincerely

Virtua Kazama

Learning El Blaze in

Electric Reaper

Just what the HELL was Nintendo thinking with the original Gamecube controller? This thing looks so weird compared to the SNES, PS1, or Xbox


I got a little on the splurge side this We have our state tax return pending for Monday, so I got some stuff weve been wanting (plus a little I know Ill get crap for the Fallout stuff, but I love it and youre not the boss of me!


Since I wont be playing Breath of the Wild for quite some time due to lack of both a Wii U and Switch, I decided to finally give Twilight Princess a So far, its Ocarina of Time but better, though I dont care for the wolf bits too much

Czar Kazem

Hitting a production of Sweeney Its


Home alone log #2: it was dangerous to go alone, so I took gf with And today we made carrot cake!


Somethings up with my computers It first offset my display to the Then it goes Turn back on for vertical red lines on my And now i have Any thoughts? Is it my drivers or my display?


So Malika and I are going to play the crap out of Snipperclips this Oh the drunken