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Good Things In Bad Games - Borderlands

The best part about the internet is that I have always found it to be a place that people can freely express their opinions and engage in conversation with others quickly and civilly. We can all thank Al Gore for this unique ability, f...


What I'd Like to See In Silent Hill

Ah, Silent Hill, it's a series that at once calls to my heart and pushes me away. My personal experience with the series is very limited, having only played through Silent Hill 2 a couple times and that was quite a ways after release. ...


'Souls: "Guts Mode" in Dark Souls II

It’s my “Month of ‘Souls” and I’ve nearly finished my playthrough of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin; the current-gen remaster of From Software’s sequel, with altered enemy and item placemen...


Final Thoughts on Resident Evil:Revelations 2

~Prologue~I was listening to an interview with comic book writer Scott Snyder, currently helming Batman, better known for putting an emphasis on horror into his stories— underline horror with a big fat red pen! The interesti...


You Don't Want a New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Well, it looks like The Birdman hasn’t retired his digital skateboard quite yet. Recently, the gaming world was abuzz with rumors and speculations regarding the kind of, sort ofconfirmed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, chomping a...


Nintendoid FNF 05/01 - Slinking in the shadows

There were big shake ups this past week. I finally became G ranked, slayed some elder dragons for their parts like a turbocharged Native American, and made a really cool pair of knives that do both ice damage and explode. What? Th...


My 5 Favorite Games Within Games

Mini games within video games can be the small portion of a game that can make or break the games success. Many of the most popular games of all time have games within them in which you can boost your score or even be awarded an extra ...


The Shit Box: A Shitty State of Affairs

Greetings all, it's been a while since I've done one of these. I've been meaning to let things settle with the redesign process, and wasn't intending to make an entry for another week. This isn't an angry summary like usual, I'm just h...


Cblog recap of 04/29/15 and PSEUDO-QALAMARI-ISMS

http://i763.photobucket.com/albums/xx276/l6t4g1/striderisms.jpg Last week, in addition to letting Riobux take a day from me, Destructoid went through a massive visual overhaul with the expected hanky-jank bugs and glitches. Stuff like ...


I (inadvertently) stole one of my favorite games

I spent most of the PlayStation 1 era obsessed with Japanese role-playing games. I blame Final Fantasy VII, mostly, since it was the first game I ever bought with my own money, causing it to become the standard by which all other games...


Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

DLC gouging? Studio closings? Needless controversy? Community quarrels? Suicides (seriously, RIP)?! Also, no Kanji?!  Can you believe it? Video games aren't always happy. As great as they can be, the industry surro...


How to not treat your employees

I was done blogging until today. Everytime I even thought about blogging, I got a painful reality check injection, telling me I should work on my thesis instead, you know, the thing that probably will define my future? Yeah, up until n...


Weekly Top 5: Mario Games (Platforming)

It's been a couple weeks since I've actually posted one of my weekly top 5 blogs. I do sincerely apologize. It was the first time since I started doing them that I didn't post one, which began last summer. I had a pretty good streak go...


WHAT'S KONAMI'S FUTURE? An UnPro Speculation

  I wasn't planning to do a vlog of this, but I had a few thoughts not mentioned elsewhere....Plus one of my lights went out. GO TOWARDS MY CHANNEL TO SEE THE LIGHT! Or at least some happier videos.https://www.youtube.com/user/jo...



I know I know that is the killer question that everyone has been debating over! Especially with all this CRAZY news going on with Konami. But this is the biggest and most important issue that you all should be concerned with ;) I do n...


Cblog of 4/25/15 - Yes, just the one.

http://i.imgur.com/EQvAXeu.jpghttp://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/2/25438-291011-363jpg-620x.jpg Well, maybe it's because we're in the middle of transition, but yesterday's blog count was very small. I mean, the only one who posted a b...




Just finished Cuphead with my Took us I dont know how many months since our near-day one purchase, but at last we made it :)


Bloodborne is now finished! Gehrman and the Moon Presence have been I only got four and a half hours of sleep and Im exhausted now, but it was worth it!

Barry Kelly

The gambling regulator called on providers of video games with loot boxes to make sure that their offering complies with Dutch it would be taking enforcement action against all violators of the gaming law from June 20, 2018


Speaking of vinyl soundtracks, Im super pissed I missed The Witcher 3 last Why the hell was that a limited release!? I wanted Deus Ex Human Revolution too, but I think that was only a first


The Metal Gear Survive Konami shouldve given

Electric Reaper

Whoever designed the weekly class schedule of my current English class is a fucking They have high point value assignments due early or middle of the week instead of at the last day, and low point value assignments appear all over the


My favorite podcast at the moment is Who Charted, so this made me


The golden dragon is cool

Dennis Carden

Heres a quick PSA: the upcoming Aggretsuko anime will be up on Netflix in a couple of Its about a red panda who belts out death metal tracks at a karaoke bar to vent her frustrations with her shitty job and Need I say more?


Cadorna would get it!


Ive seen over a dozen Hyrule Warriors ads on YouTube this Just because I got HW and HWL (with the compass clock even) and all the DLC for both, it doesnt mean Im getting HW on Really!


Time for a new game of Civ Theres a lot that I like about it, but its still pretty rough around the edges and gives off an air of having a confused At least its better than Beyond Salvageable,


Phoenix Command is the only grognardy military simulator RPG where your damage scores can go into JRPG


Legitimately impressed with Carpenter He’s actually playing his songs Like, not hitting play, but actually performing them on So


Legitimately impressed with Carpenter He’s actually playing his songs Like, not hitting play, but actually performing them on So


Welp I messed up when changing my Twitch The a in streams didnt go through so now Im stuck with Neronium Livestrems for 6 Curse my


Saw a guy in a Bálor Club Yelled out ‘Bálor Club!’ And he came over and gave me the too Good to see wrestling fans in public!


WQT (Im living on the edge: 20 min until Thursday where I live)! Is there a game that you cherished as a kid but you find bad now that youre grown-up?


God of War is coming out and this song is all I can think


There’s a girl here wearing a jean jacket that says ‘your waifu is trash’


Latest entry of COTW is coming up in a few moments, and contrary to this It is time to sleep for -Tree


Rico will be streaming some Stardew Valley for the next couple hours for anyone Nice relaxed stream with a hint of Whats that? You said Rico posted the same message? Why, he and nobody showed! Get in there, you ingrates!

Rico the Penguin

Ill be streaming some Stardew Valley for the next couple hours for anyone Nice relaxed stream with a hint of murder:

Colonial bong264

May I say, ork painters have my Checker patterns are a bitch! Just gotta do a little clean up on the grass and this outrider is


Morpho, if youre out there, this ones for

Drew Stuart

Shadow of the Colossus is in the mail, on its way to my So excited for this! I havent bought a new game in a while and Im starved for an


I found a great article on Eurogamer about the story of Vault 11 in the Mojave Wasteland, one of the most fucked up experiments Vault-Tec ever came up It also interviews Eric Fenstermaker, the designer of Vault 11 and about human Link--->


The Xbox One X backwards compatibility is just astounding, not to mention being able to play 4K Are there very many Xbox Dtoiders? That machine is impressive, Ill say Maybe a black friday deal? Ive never even used an Xbox


Its so rad that I can grind for resources casually in BotW whilst watching Spongebob picture-in-picture style! (and, yes, grinding for resources is definitely something you need to do in Master Mode; holy shit this is tough)


Well I ended up getting Yakuza The essence of art edition is sick! They feature so many different artists rendition of the Ill still probably buy God of War on day


What if the sales of Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered actually hurt the Sales of Shenmue 3?


Did you know what if you unplug your console when the game is saving, your stats will be maxed out? Works in most of the games! #Fact


Omg!!! This is a thing of beauty! Look at the detail in this Ahhh!


Haha, GameInformer gave Metal Gear Survive a 6 and Kirby Switch a Man that magazine is



Gus TT Showbiz

I saw this guy walking into court, and he was carrying a large 10 minutes later he came out, it was a

The InFamous TMF

The one downside to one of my favorite franchises, Yakuza, becoming mainstream is that now I’m worried about Guess I better hurry up and play the NB4 (Insert Random Character) dies lol


Carpenter Brut tonight in PDX!


Theres a new patch for Ni No Kuni Could this be that so needed difficulty patch?


Does anyone here have an opinion on Elder Scrolls Online? Im tempted to get it since a few of my co-workers play it but it got such negative response at launch that I never bothered keeping up with Is it better now? And what edition do I buy if I do?


#NintendoSwitch #LetsGetPhysical 🎮


Had to go to the doctor today for a super sore Ended up having a fever of 102, but dont have Strep, Mono, or While I was there my girlfriend dropped off lots of ice cream though, so that made my


Another test sew out for a new Star Wars I want a few different ones for my shop for May the

Chris Hovermale

Everyones excited about God of War/Yakuza 6 and Im just looking at my backlog thinking about whether I should add them onto Id rather play the new GoW than any of the others, but Yakuza I should get into one of the older ones first I


Now, I have properly begun to take on BotWs Master Mode! And, my Reading about Master Mode and actually experiencing Master Mode are two veeeeery different I cant believe how much harder it is! THERE ARE LYNELS ON THE GREAT

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Frankly, I dont know why we didnt just shut down Twitter after Oct 26th There will never be tweet that tops this and weve proven that social media has only gotten worse since


I have no idea what さっぱり happened


Was the Dungeon Master for my brother, nephews and daughters Story got heavy at the end with someone having to sacrifice and some tears were It was a pretty great little Highlight was the village drunk, a half-orc with a stroke

Rico the Penguin

Yall motherfuckers were blogging about Dragons and nobody told ya boi?! Breath of Fire 3 is my life Im coming in hot and heavy with something soon >: