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Fuzunga Presents: The BOOTY Awards 2015, part 2

And now for the final part of the BOOTY Awards, with 99% less humor! Here, I've named my favorite games from 2015, as well as the game that disappointed the most. Plus, predictions for 2016 and a recap of my predictions from last year....


Fuzunga Presents: The BOOTY Awards 2015, part 1

Since this is my first year posting the BOOTY Awards on Destructoid, I think an introduction is in order. Each year, I pick the Best Offerings Of The Year in a variety of categories. First are visual awards, then auditory, then genre, and f...




Thats This fight is


Ilhan Omar said poggers and showed off her pc gamer Also hbomberguy getting in late, making some great jokes, and immediately murdering a congresswoman was a power

Ricky Namara

I feel so represented right now, and Im not even a

Electric Reaper

Steam codes for the Halo 4 PC flight are being sent We are nearing the final


Eyebrows! If you couldve seen them in action, youd have come to the same conclusion! Uhg, I wish I had a gif, the picture doesnt do these big caterpillars justice!


Im not doing daily drawings anymore, but I figured Id shared the last few I did! For this one, I just wanted to draw Mélodie and Rose like on one of these soundtrack covers where they look fancy and :)


Welp I officially got a new computer, amd it hasnt blue screen I can now play bannerlords with impunity! Also I now must unlearn my data hoarding habits and just download and play one game at a Current Status:


Someone remind my to buy 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim at some point in the


Todays prompt was for a Warlock/Witch AU for an OC, so just dressed this one up as


Hypothetically if one were to dip one’s toes into gunpla, what would be some suggestions for starter kits? I don’t want to paint, have a decent attention to detail, but don’t want to spend 200 hours or $900 on one Pat wants a new hobby! 😂


Sneaking around stealth killing is the real star of Splinter Cell: Conviction, the fail state is having to play a mediocre cover

Sweaty Dungus

Tuesday night joy con Finally, a real D-pad befitting of these kingly handsome hunk Welp, time to go grease these puppies

Lynx Amali

Oh Woolies going full ham on the GG Hes


Yoooo, King Gizzard released the stems for their new track, Im downloading and making a mix of that one ASAP


AOC is on twitch and has over 300,000 A fun diversion from this


I dont always watch Twitch, but when I do my girl AOC is playing Among Us with folks like Disguised


Damn, look at this old-ass picture I found! They were going to update the UI so I took this to always remember the good


I finished Chrono Lovely game, I actually liked it better than Chrono Trigger which was already


With legacy back compat dead (probably?) I did a PS Now trial to play some old PS3 games I Heavy compression aside, the input latency is noticeably Idk if Stadia or xCloud is any better, but Id never play a game this way unless I had

Electric Reaper

New Wave Wednesday


If Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh die on the same day, I’ll go back to


I am actually streaming FF7! Pretty much a blind


Time for Round 3 of Big Meaty Screamy Boy: The Join us for Resident Evil 3 Remake as Prins descends into the body (I know the image is RE 1 I like it)


Does anyone on Dtoid play Melee on slippi?

Virtua Kazama

*gasps* Theres Odyssey in my Captain Toad! Its time to play the bonus content of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, starting with the Super Mario Odyssey-themed levels!


Happy spook month! To celebrate, I switched to a most terrifying


Played the first couple hours of Amnesia: Very good first Quite different from the first but still quite Love the art The story definitely has me very intrigued and I cant wait to see where it Pic unrelated

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I made spaghett! It wasnt shipped to me, Thread of my process/madness below!



The Actual Charlton Heston

Footjobs: a very specific fetish or the cheapest, most effective way to get your heels and arches done? Or dont; just know that one is definitely And the bottom of my feet glisten like the placid, dignified waters of Lake


I would happily rewatch Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies, but this time directed by Edgar Throw here other director swaps, fan-casting is my favorite sport!

Whispering Willow

Completed my Crownsguard Recollection and Woeborn Long way to go across a few more XIV updates but the steps so far have been

Voltaic Owl

If Tohsaka is going to post a Calvin & Hobbes collection, so will I! Either I or my grandfather are first owners of all of them except #TimeToFeelOldTuesday


Made a somewhat obnoxious D&D puzzle Im sure my players will loathe, but from a logic point of view I kind of love

sp testure

Risk of Rain 2 update is out today for PS4! There is much killing to be


Covid cases are on the rise again here,the hospital I work at is not handling it well, I foresee interesting times ahead of


Out of curiosity, when youre doing something that allows your mind to wander, what do you think about? Personally I basically create and tell myself stories pretty much all the


Does anyone remember the Nintendo Wii?

Gus TT Showbiz

I tried picking up Fallen Order again after I stopped playing for a As the ever wise Gandalf once said: I have no memory of this




Hey, I got a free pen! Now I can finally start on that novel Ive been putting off all these years!


Doom Eternals first expansion is out Pretty hyped for Also, getting new glasses on


Streaming Gregory Horror One of my favorite ps2 games!


Any of yall remember the PS2?


I missed Caturday, and was gutted when I found Making up for it here is my lovely